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Walker County Cemeteries 

  There are actually over 300 cemeteries in Walker County these are just a few. See Resources for Walker County Cemetery Books.

  (Above photo submitted by Gene Gravlee)

The Cemeteries listed below will link to inventory listing and such as those are contributed.

To contribute cemetery inventories and photos contact Walker County Coordinator.

Many thanks to our 2007 contribution by Jonah Gulledge for Day Cemetery!


Great Cemetery articles written by Walker County's own, Gene Gravlee. Thanks Gene!

Old Southern Times



Walker County, Alabama Cemeteries

Aaron/Wilson Cemetery

Alms House Cemetery

Beech Grove Cemetery

Blanton Cemetery

Blooming Grove Cemetery

Boldo Cemetery

Bonner Cemetery

Boshell Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Burton Cemetery

Burton Bend Cemetery

Busby Cemetery

Camak Cemetery

Caradine Cemetery

Chickasaw Cemetery

Coalbed Cemetery

Colburn Cemetery

Copeland Cemetery

Corinth Cemetery

Cross Roads Cemetery

Davis/White Cemetery

Davis Cemetery II

Day Cemetery

Delvecchio Cemetery

Dilworth Cemetery

Dozier Cemetery

Drummond Cemetery

Duncan Cemetery

Dutton Cemetery

Easly Cemetery

Edgil Grove Cemetery

Empire Memorial Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Fergurson Cemetery

Fern Springs Cemetery

Fike and Inman Cemetery

Files Cemetery

Ford Cemetery

Franklin Cemetery

Friendship Cemetery

Frost Cemetery

Fuller Cemetery

Gaddy Cemetery

Gaines Hill Cemetery

Gilchrist Cemetery

Goodsprings Cemetery

Grace Cemetery

Gray Cemetery

Guthrie Cemetery

Harris Cemetery

Henson-Lenoir Cemetery

High Hill Cemetery

Hurd Shoal Cemetery

Infant Hill Cemetery

Johnston Cemetery

Jones Cemetery

Keeton Cemetery


Keyhill Cemetery


Kings Cemetery (see Steadman)

Kitchens-Brown Cemetery

Lawson Cemetery

Leonard Cemetery

Liberty Grove Cemetery

Liberty Hill Cemetery

Littlevine Cemetery

Lollar Cemetery

McCormack Cemetery

McDade Cemetery

Macedonia Cemetery

Mackey-Boshell Cemetery

Manasco Cemetery

Mathais Cemetery

Mauldin Cemetery

Miller Cemetery

Moore Cemetery

Morris Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery

Mount Cedrum Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Joy Cemetery

Mount Vernon Cemetery

Mount Zion Cemetery

New Canaan Cemetery

New Carbon Hill Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery History

New Hope Cemetery

New Prospect Cemetery

New Oak Cemetery

Norris Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery

Oakman Cemetery

Old Bennett Cemetery

Old City Cemetery

Old Flatwood Cemetery

Old Union Cemetery

Palmers Cemetery

Patton Hill Cemetery

Pendley Cemetery

Philadelphia Cemetery

Phillips Cemetery

Pisgah Cemetery

Pleasant Field Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Pocahontas Cemetery

Portzer Cemetery

Prospect Cemetery

Providence Cemetery

Reid Cemetery

Romine Cemetery

Rowe Cemetery

Rutledge Cemetery

Samaria Cemetery

Saragosa Baptist Cemetery

Sardis Cemetery

Sardis Cemetery/Cordova

Scott Cemetery

Shanghai Cemetery

Shiloh Cemetery

Sims Cemetery

Sleepy Cemetery

South Lowell Cemetery

Spring Hill Cemetery

Steadman Cemetery

Stewart Cemetery

Sunset Cemetery

Swindle Cemetery

Tatum Cemetery

Tidwell Cemetery

Tingle Cemetery

Trinity Baptist Cemetery

Tubbs Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery

Union Chapel Cemetery

Walden Cemetery

Walker Memory Gardens

Williams Chapel Cemetery

Willis Cemetery

Wolf Mountain Cemetery

Woods Cemetery

Wright Cemetery



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For more information about the study of Gravestones:


Bill Tubbs Birmingham News Article of 3-1-2004 on Walker County Cemeteries