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Included in this web are numerous "resources". This particular page is designed to include periodicals, literature, cartography, and cultural history, as well as other reference links and information. Other resources may be found in navigating this web on the subtitles named and defined on the left column.


History    Walker County was created by an act of the Alabama legislature on December 26th,1823. It was named for U.S. Senator John Williams Walker. Walker County is located in the northwestern part of the state, and is bordered by Winston, Cullman, Blount, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Fayette, and Marion counties. (See "And Nearby"... for more information on surrounding counties) Walker County and it's 803 square miles is exceeded only by Jefferson County in coal producing. The county includes the Black Warrior River and Mulberry and Sipsey Forks. The county seat is Jasper, named for William Jasper, a hero of the American Revolution. Other towns and communities include Dora, Carbon Hill, Corona, and Cordova and Sipsey.. Fires at the courthouse in Jasper  occurred in 1865, 1877, 1886, and 1932.  For more information on John Williams Walker (click here) And for more on local Walker County history. (Look here)


The story of the Avans Indians as told by Ruth Teaford Baker

I have come home on the Lost Indian Trails.  I am Chief Eagle of the Avans Indians from Lost Spring, Jasper, Alabama.


   Books with info on Walker County--Ancestors and Descendants & History
The Annals of Northwest Alabama: A five volume set of books that deals with 9 counties of northwest Alabama---Walker, Winston, Cullman, Blount, Fayette, Franklin, Pickens, Lamar, Marion. Published from 1958 to 1987 by former Congressman Carl Elliott.  See Volume Five for...The History of Walker County by Dombhart. For more information (click here)
Dixie's Diverse Destiny: A book written by Margery Thompson Lockhart that speaks of her birthplace Beat 10, Walker County Alabama. Ms. Lockhart goes into detail about her experiences and knowledge of the families in the county.  It includes numerous photos, a Table of Contents and an Index. A very entertaining read and fascinating recollection of bygone years.  For more information (click here)
The Heritage of Walker County, Alabama  is a collection of over 800 stories about families who once lived, or who now live in Walker County. Also included are articles about churches, communities, etc. (For more information)
Volumes of Cemetery records: Here They Rest.  These records include not only the cemetery census --they also include information compiled from the records that were available at those times. Published by the Walker County Genealogical Society, Inc.. Contact: WCGS,Inc.
Walker County Probate Marriage 1877-1908, a 447 page compilation of marriages indexed by bride and groom, including various notations. Published by the Walker County Genealogical Society, Inc.. Contact: WCGS,Inc.
The Walker County Alabama Ancestral Homestead . There are a series of books, one on each Alabama county. The books are compiled from original U.S. land records as supplied by the General Land Office. The books are moisture resistant 8 " by 11" and contain an average of 4000 records. The one on Walker County contains 6,651 records of land entries. On each of 133 pages is a list of names, acres, dates, document numbers, land descriptions, section numbers, township numbers and range numbers and on the facing page of each is an area map with an over-lay locating each land entry. There is a complete name index with access numbers and order forms for ordering document copies. (For more information)

SOUTHERN HOMESPUN is an authentic collection of Southern Folklore.  It includes old expressions, home remedies, planting "by the moon," ghost stories, and  facets of southern living.  By Ruth Teaford Baker who has written about Walker County, Alabama for over 25 years.  (For more information on Southern Homespun)

BAREFOOT DREAMS is an authentic book of the 1930's in the rural South.  Ruth Romine (Teaford Baker) write of living on a farm, as the youngest of 12 children.  Transportation consisted of a wagon and two matched Mississippi mules.  Life was simple and was lived in a virtual triangle; home, school, church.The book has a section of poetry with drawings and 47 short stories of those days of "barefoot dreams." (For more information on Barefoot Dreams)

"Echoes of the Great Depression"  By Nathaniel L. Self is a keyhole view (213 pages) of the daily life of a coal-mining family struggling for ten years during the Great Depression, beginning in 1929, in and near Dora, Alabama, in eastern Walker County. For more information on "Echoes of the Great Depression"
One Hundred Years of Memories: An Oral History of Red Bay, Alabama (1888-1988)
The author, a native of Red Bay, conducted many interviews of elderly citizens of the city in the 1970's and 1980's in order to produce this 100 year history. Hundreds of photographs included, index, 576 pages. By Carl Elliott, Sr. (Of Walker County, Alabama) For more information (click here)
Walker County Alabama (Postcard History Series) Walker County's history through postcards of public buildings, businesses, churches and schools with commentary by the author. By Pat Morrison.  For more information (click here)


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