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(submitted by Willie Barton)

(The following was compiled by Hazel Dowdey and used by Willie L. Barton in 'Tracks of a Bold Doe' with Mrs. Dowdey's permission).
The Church of Christ and the Missionary Baptist Church established a 'union' church in 1887 near the present site of the Liberty Church of Christ in Boldo. Montgomery Calloway was the minister for the Church of Christ and Leroy Williams was the pastor of the Union Baptist Church. J. H. Hardin, better known as Jim Hardin, was the church clerk. Mr. Hardin split boards with a froe to cover the building. It was a small crude structure. It was said that the Church of Christ members sat on the front benches on their preaching days and the Baptist sat on the front on their preaching day.
It isn't known how many years they worshipped in one building but the church was not kept in good repair. There arose some controversy. Some time after 1901 the Church of Christ began having services in the Calloway home.
The Union Baptist Church erected a brush arbor in the field across from the Calloway house and Leroy Williams ran a revival. Berta Barton (who later became Mrs. Dan Hardin) said she attended the revival when just a child and the pastor, Leroy Williams, hauled a small organ in his wagon and Mrs. Dowdey, his daughter, played the organ for the revival.
The Baptist began to worship in a two-room house on Mr. Sam Robertson's property and in the two-room school house across from the old Robertson home which is cemetery property now. It was voted by the church to build a child building but the pastor, Leroy Williams, died September 11, 1908 and Jimmy Drummond became pastor. While the church was being built Jimmy Drummond and A. J. Huggins put up a tent and ran a revival. Mollie Haridn (later Mrs. J. W. Barton) joined the church at this time.
The building was finished in 1910. It was just a hull with no ceiling, a small flat top stove for heat, kerosene wall lamps for light, crude benches and no musical instruments.
At the first meeting in the new house, the members wanted a name for the church. Mrs. Katherine Robertson stood with one of her babies in her arms and said, 'We are going to name it Leroy Baptist Church'. All agreed. Jimmy Drummond was the first pastor of the new chruch.
The church had services once a month, every third Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday. Sometime later a new school was build alongside the church and they had church in the school while the church was finished on the inside. A pump organ was bought.
At the end of each year it was voted on to call a pastor for the coming year. Brother Sammy Gardner served the longest, which was 14 years.
They then began having preaching the first and third Sundays. The Methodists met with them on these Sundays and the Baptists met with the Methodists on the second and fourth Sundays with a joint Sunday School. When the Methodist started having their own church the Baptists started Sunday School every Sunday.
About 1945 the church called Clayton Shaw as pastor to have full-time services but to let him work at secular jobs to supplement his income. He did farm work. Wednesday night prayer meeting, Sunday night Training Union and WMU was organized. In the 1990s the church's name was changed from Leroy Baptist to First Baptist Church of Boldo.
                                                    John Murray                               
                                                    Walter Robinson                           
                                                    Covie Williams
                                                    J. W. Sticher                               
                                                    Alfred Hartley                               
                                                    Ray Davis
                                                    Truman Davis                               
                                                    Joe Webb


            LEROY BAPTIST MEMBERS WHO ALSO BECAME MINISTERS                                                                             Morris Murray                       
                                                    Jimmy Clayton                         
                                                    J. W. Drummond
                                                    Paul Hocutt


                                    PASTORS AT LEROY BAPTIST CHURCH   
                                                     Leroy Williams                       
                                                    Jimmy Drummond                           
                                                    Paul Abels
                                                    Sammy Gardner                      
                                                    Carl Stewart                                   
                                                    Jim Manasco
                                                    J. A. Hogan                           
                                                    Everett Aaron                                  
                                                    Clayton Shaw




Pleasant Grove Baptist Church of Boldo - 1895

(Submitted by Willie Barton)

Elder William Wallace Barton, along with his brother-in-law, Elder W.J. 
McCormick, was instrumental in organizing Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist 
Church in May 1895. It was located in the Boldo Community and was a wooden 
structure built in a thicket of oak trees. The name they gave their church most 
likely came from the pleasant surroundings. 
Charter members were: 
William Wallace Barton and wife, Nancy Elizabeth Harden Barton
Napoleon Bonaparte William and wife, Kissie Mitchell Williams
Alexander Gardner Williams and wife, Susan Jane Banks Williams 
Alfred Carol Barton (son of William Wallace & Nancy Barton)
Betsy Banks
Fannie Chappell 
Some early members (and the year they joined):
William Norris   1891
D. B. Lewis      1897
Martha Barton    1891
William Hubbard  1897
Malinda Parker   1898
John A. Barton   1898
Wallace Barton   1895
Margaret King    1898
Louanna Haywood  1899 
Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church joined the Mt. Zion Association in 1895 
and in 1898 hosted the 75th annual associational meeting. William Wallace 
Barton continued to serve as pastor of that church until his health failed him.
He died in 1919. His son, Alfred C. Barton, was church clerk for many, many