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ALGenWeb: County Index: Tuscaloosa County : Newspaper Obituary Index by Jim Ezell

Newspaper Obituary Index by Jim Ezell

Submitted by Jim Ezell © Copyright 2000 Jim Ezell All Rights Reserved

This information is not to be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any manner or form without written permission of the author
Search down the index by last name to find a person listed. Click on the person and a record will open. Each obit lists Name, Date of Obit, Source, and Comments.

The source abbreviations are TTG for Tuscaloosa Times-Gazette and WAB for West Alabama Breeze. These papers are on microfilm and can be found in the Tuscaloosa Public Library and the Hoole Special Collections at the University of Alabama, as well as the State Archives in Montgomery.

Abbott, Miss Frances

Abbott, Capt J O

Abbott, Capt J O

Abbott, Capt James O

Abbott, Capt James O

Abbott, Capt James O

Abernathy, Mrs Mary Jane

Abston, Mrs Bird

Abston, Mrs G C

Abston, Henry

Abston, Mr W R

Adams, Mr N M

Adams, Mrs N N

Adams, Mr N N

Albright, Alex V

Albright, Carrie B

Albright, Miss Carrie Brown

Albright, Mrs Orange

Allen, John P

Allen, Maria

Allen, Turner

Allison, Mary Mittie

Alston, Mrs J J

Alston, Joseph J

Alston, Mrs Louise Josephine

Altersohn, Joe

Ambrose, G

Ambrose, Mrs Lou

Anders, Mrs Dan

Anders, Mrs Lois Mecham

Anders, Lois Meacham

Anderson, Miss Dora

Anderson, Mrs Ellen Dunnaway

Anderson, Russell

Andoe, Mr J H

Andoe, Mr J H

Anguzzia, Mrs Annie

Appleyard, Mr

Appling, Dr B F

Appling, Mrs E

Appling, Elvira

Appling, Mrs M A

Appling, Varilla

Archer, Paul

Archer, Will

Archibald, Barnett

Archibald, Mrs Jane

Archibald, Scott

Arnet, Miss Mary Frances

Arnold, Bob

Arnold, Bob

Ashley, Charles

Ashley, Mrs Ella

Atkins, Sister Clarissa

Atteberry, J G

Autrey, Alex

Autrey, Gladys

Autrey, W C

Auxford, Mrs F M

Auxford, Mrs Sallie Beatty

Avery , Henry

Bagwell, Mr Elijah

Bailey, Mr Lawrence D

Baird, Thomas

Baird, Thomas

Baird, Mr Thomas

Baird, Mr Thomas

Baird, Thomas

Baker, C C

Baker, child

Baker, Mrs Emily

Baker, L P

Baker, Mr Smith

Baker , L P

Ball, James H

Ball, Mr L N

Banholzer, Mr

Banks, Luscious

Banks, Lusious

Barbarell, Sid

Barber, J H

Barbour, Mrs Lydia Switzer

Barbour, Mr Robert

Barbour, Rev T M

Barefield, Mrs Lollie Eddins

Barnes, Mr John

Barnes, Mrs John

Barnes, Miss Lula

Barnes, Miss Lula

Barnes, Oliver

Barnett, J P

Barnett, Jane E

Barnett, Joseph Pinkney

Barnett, Lou

Barnett, Miss Mary J

Barnett, Miss Mary

Barnett, Mr

Barr, Mrs J R

Barr, Mrs J R

Barr, James L

Barrenger, Mr I A

Barrenger, Mr

Barringer, Bethany

Barringer, Miss Louise

Barringer, Mattie

Barringer, T T

Bartee, Mr Charles

Barton, Mrs F H

Barton, infant

Barton, infant

Barton, Mrs Lily

Barton, Mrs M T

Barton, Mrs M V

Barton, Mrs T M

Barton, Mr W M

Barton, Mr W M

Barton, Mr W M

Barton, W S

Barton, Mr W S

Bass, Griffin

Bates, Alonzo W

Batson, Grover

Battle, Rev A J

Battle, Dr A J

Battle, Mrs Millicent B

Battle, Shelton

Battle, Maj W A

Baugh, Joel Loftwich

Baugh, Richard

Beall, W G

Bealle, Mrs Caroline E

Bealle, Mrs Caroline Martin

Bealle, Charles Eddins

Bealle, Emma Stinson

Bealle, Miss Emma

Bealle, Mr J S

Bealle, Lucy

Bealle, Miss Mattie

Bealle, Will

Bean, Edgar

Bean, Gillie

Bean, Howard

Bean, James C

Bean, Mrs Josie Eddins

Bean, Mrs Josie Eddins

Bean, Wm J

Beard, Bud

Bearden, Ida

Beatty, Mrs C C

Beatty, Mrs Rebecca Troy

Beatty, Mr William M

Beatty, Mr William

Beatty, Miss Willie

Beatty, Miss Willie

Beavers, Mr James

Beavers, Joe

Beavers, Louis

Beavers, Mrs Ruth Arnold

Bebee, Dr A M

Beck, Mr C

Beck, D P

Beck, D P

Beck, Mrs I B

Beck, Mary

Beecher, Mr Charles

Belcher, J B

Belding, Mr

Bell, Miss Celia

Bell, Guild

Bell, Mr J Guild

Bell, Mrs James

Bell, Mrs James

Bell, Mrs L R

Bell, L R

Bell, Len

Bell, Mrs Louisa

Bell, Mrs Robert K

Bell, Mr T E

Bell, Mrs Victoria

Benagh, Mrs Mary Collier

Benson, Arsula

Bernard, Mr

Berry, Mrs Carrie Farmer

Berry, Mrs Mary Darden

Berryhill, S L

Bester, Ethel

Bester, Priscilla

Bestor, Dan P

Betts, Henry

Betts, Mr William Sherman

Beville, A J

Bingham, Alonzo

Bingham, James Yancey

Bingham, Raymond McInnis

Bingham, Raymond

Bingham, Raymond

Bishop, Mitchell

Bitten, infant twins

Black, Mr Charles

Black, Daniel

Black, Mrs Fannie

Black, Maurine

Black, Sideria Slayton

Blackburn, Mary

Blackman, Mrs Walter

Blackwelder, Mrs W M

Blair, A M

Blake, infant

Blalock, Mr Jesse

Blankenship, William

Blankenship, William

Blocker, Mrs J D

Blocker, Mr J D

Boatner, Mr James

Boatner, Mr James

Boddie, Mr John

Boger, D D

Boles, infant

Boles, Mr T J

Boles, Mrs T J

Boles, Mr T J

Boles, Mrs T J

Bolonia, Martinia

Bolonia, Martinia

Bolton, Festus

Bolton, Mrs Jack

Bolton, Mary

Bolton, Mary

Bolton, Mrs Ranson

Bolton, Ranson

Bonds, Mrs R C

Bonds, Mr Richard C

Bonds, Mr Richard

Bonham, infant

Bonholzer, Andy

Bonner, Mr Ed

Boon, Edgar

Boone, Horace Taylor

Boone, Matilda H

Booth, Mrs Elizabeth Roper

Booth, Mrs Emma

Booth, infant

Booth, J R

Booth, Margaret Patrick

Booth, Thomas

Booth, Tom

Booth, Mr Tom

Borden, Mrs Etta Thomas

Borden, Mrs Etta Thomas

Boshell, Mrs A J

Bostic, Mary Thornton

Boswell, Ben

Boswell, child

Boutwell, Fellows

Bouyer, Rev William

Bowen, Johnnie Martin

Bowers, Mrs J C

Boyd, Aaron

Boyle, Robert

Bozman, Col J A

Bozman, Col J A

Bozman, Capt J A

Bozman, Capt J A

Brady, Mrs F L

Brandon, Rev F T

Braxton, Malissa

Bray, Johnnie

Brent, Pappy

Bridge, Edward L

Bridges, Mrs Evie

Bridges, Mrs Lola Eddins

Bridges, Mrs Lola

Bridges, O W

Bridges, Ollie B

Bridges, Wilber

Brindly, Mrs A R

Brittain, Mrs Matilda

Britton, Truman

Britton, Truman

Broaden, Mr

Brogden, Mrs

Brokaw, Dr A V

Brooks, Alice

Brooks, Mr

Brown, child

Brown, Mr Dan

Brown, Mrs Dora M

Brown, Miss Fannie

Brown, George

Brown, Mrs H

Brown, Henry H

Brown, Mrs J V

Brown, J Wick

Brown, Mr J Wick

Brown, Jack

Brown, James Wilson

Brown, James Wilson

Brown, Mrs Jesse

Brown, Mr John

Brown, L M

Brown, Miss Lillian

Brown, Mrs Lizzie

Brown, Mrs Minnie

Brown, Mrs Nancy

Brown, Norton

Brown, Randall R

Brown, Mrs Randel R

Brown, Miss Rebecca

Brown, Rosa

Brown, Mrs S D

Brown, Mr S D

Brown, Squire

Brown, Susan

Brown, Mr Tom

Browne, infant

Browne, Mr L D

Browne, Mary Leona

Browne, Hon N B

Bryant, Almstead J

Bryant, Armsted J

Buck, E J

Buck, Mr J S

Buck, Miss Mary Emma

Buck, Rev William C

Budd, Sam

Budd, Sam

Bunn, Miss Janie Ethel

Burdine, R D

Burke, Hon Malcolm C

Burke, Malcom C

Burke, Tom B

Burks, Mrs J P

Burks, Mr L F

Burks, Mr L F

Burks, Mr L F

Burks, Lon

Burks, Thompson

Burnett, Jerry

Burnett, Jerry

Burns, Mrs Kate

Burroughs, Arthur

Burrows, Rube

Burrows, Rube

Burton, Mattie Bealle

Bush, Mr W H

Bush , Ed

Bush , Ed

Bush , Mrs

Byrd, Mrs William Massie

Cabiness, infant

Caffey, Hill

Cahill, Miss Anna

Caldwell, Mr S Sidney

Caldwell, Dr W J

Calkins, Mrs

Calvert, Silas J

Campbell, John

Campbell, Mrs Nancy A

Campbell, Miss

Cannon, Mrs Isam

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, Mrs Mary

Carpenter, Mary

Carroway, Miss Ella May

Carson, Tom L

Carter, C M

Carter, Carl M

Carter, Carl

Carter, Mr Exam

Carter, Rev W B

Carver, Green

Carver, Green

Carver, Mrs Green

Cassidy, Patrick

Champion, Stewart

Champion, Stewart

Channel, James

Channell, Mr Gurley

Channell, Mrs H J

Channell, Houston

Channell, infant

Channell, Mrs John

Channell, Lucile

Chapman, infant

Chapman, Mr W F

Chappell, John A

Charles, Mr

child, unknown black

child, unknown black

child, unknown black

Childress, Mrs Jane

Childress, Mrs Sallie

Chism, Clarence

Chism, F M

Chism, Stella

Chism, Mrs Terrillah

Christian, Irvin

Christian, Mrs J S

Christian, John C

Christian, Julia Ann

Christian, Morris

Christian, Mrs Saidee Hester

Christian, Mrs Susan

Christian, Susie

Christian, Mrs Thomas W

Christian, Mr Thomas

Christian, Wesley

Christian, William Lewis

Christian, William

Christian, Mrs Zada

Christianberry, Mrs M R

Clanton, Mr Zollie

Clark, Mrs Eva

Clark, Jimmie

Clark, Miss Madgie

Clark, Mr Sam

Clarke, Hon R H

Clarke, Hon R H

Clarkson, Rev William T

Clayton, Mrs H D

Clayton, Gen H D

Clayton, Gen H D

Clements, Mrs A R

Clements, Mr A R

Clements, Mrs A R

Clements, Mrs A R

Clements, Mrs Alsey

Clements, child

Clements, child

Clements, Miss Elizabeth

Clements, Mrs Fleetwood

Clements, Mrs G W

Clements, infant

Clements, Mrs J P

Clements, Mrs Martha Lavinia

Clements, Mary A

Clements, Mayrtle Loice

Clements, Morgan

Clements, Col Newton N

Clements, Rush

Clements, Savannah Bealle

Clements, Mrs T C

Clements, Thomas A

Clements, Tom

Clements, W T

Clements, Mr W T

Clements, Mr W T

Clifton, C W

Clifton, Dr J M

Clifton, Robert

Cline, Andrew

Cline, Andrew

Cline, Andrew

Clinton, Mary Grace

Clinton, Mrs Mary Grace

Clinton, Mr Matthew

Clinton, Mrs Peter

Clinton, Mrs Peter

Cobb, Hezekier

Cochran, Dr W A

Cochrane, Miss Elizabeth

Cochrane, Mrs W G

Cochrane, William Gilbert

Cody, Early

Coker, Elbert

Collier, Mrs Carrie

Collier, Mrs Carrie

Collier, Mrs D A

Collier, Hon Daniel

Collier, Eugene

Collier, James S

Collier, Mrs Nancy

Collier, Mrs Nancy

Collier, William

Collins, Claudie

Collins, Helan

Collins, Rev I L

Collins, Rev Ira

Collins, Mrs J W

Collins, Owens

Collins, Pink

Collins, Pink

Colsen, F C

Colter, Mr Dennis

Combs, Sam

Comerford, Miss Dollie

Comerford, Frank

Comerford, infant

Comerford, Mrs P F M

Comerford, Mrs Sarah

Conner, Mrs Ellen

Conner, Mrs Ellen

Cook, John

Cook, John

Cooper, Cora Bell

Cooper, Mrs Emily

Cooper, M E

Cooper, Miss Maggie

Cooper, Tom

Cooper, Tom

Cooper, Tom

Cooper, Mr W K

Cooper, Mrs

Copeland, Mr W R

Copeland, Mr William R

Cork, Miss Elberta

Cork, Tessie

Cornelius, Mrs Manly

Cornelius, Marion

Cornelius, Mr Marion

Cornetet, Mrs Park Sloan

Cory, Mr J D

Cotter, Dennis

Cotter, Dennis

Cottrell, Wilbur

Countess, Mr W H

Cowan, Mrs J W

Cowan, Pearson

Cowan, Pearson

Cowden, Capt S M

Cox, Miss Addie

Cox, Miss Ida J

Cox, Mrs Willie L

Craddock, E K

Craddock, infant

Craddock, Mrs Lucy W

Craig, B H

Crawford, Mrs Martha Foster

Crenshaw, Stella Mae

Cribbs, Mr Harvey H

Crider, Sq E J

Crippin, T N

Crippin, T N

Crocker, Miss Mamie Lucille

Crocker, Mr Walter

Cronier, Mr Walter E

Croom, Wiley

Cross, Dr William C

Crowder, G F M

Crowder, G F M

Crowder, Marion

Crummie, Robert

Crumpton, Henry

Culpepper, George

Culpepper, George

Culpepper, Mr J Oscar

Culpepper, Oscar

Cummins, Mrs Lucy

Cummins, R L

Cummins, R L

Cummins, R L

Cummins, Mrs Sarah

Cunningham, Bart

Cunningham, Prof J B

Cunningham, John

Curry, Austin

Curry, J H

Curry, Mr John

Curry, Sam

Dabbs, Gladys

Dabbs, Mattie

Daffron, Joe

Daniel, Dr A B

Daniel, Mrs Ellie Bealle

Daniel, Mrs Sallie Creel

Daniel, Mrs Sallie Creel

Daniel, Susie

Daniel , Mrs K L

Daniels, Paul Cree

Daniels, Paul Cree

Dannell, Kate

Danvis, Mrs A

Darden, Miss Cherrie

Darden, Mrs Martha

Darden, Mrs S R

Darden, Willie

Dardin, Amy

Dardin, Henry

Dardin, John Allen

Dardin, John Allen

Dardin, Mrs P H

Dardin, William J

Dauser, Mr Max

Dauser, Thomas Jr

Davenport, Mrs J D

Davidson, Mr J O

Davis, Columbus

Davis, Columbus

Davis, infant

Davis, infant

Davis, Mr J Marion

Davis, Jefferson

Davis, Jefferson

Davis, Jesse

Davis, Mr L E

Davis, Mrs Lockey

Davis, Mrs Lockie

Davis, Mrs Lockie

Davis, Mildred Odell

Davis, Monroe

Davis, W E

Davis, W T

Davis, Mr W T

Davist, O C

Dawson, Miss Eseme

Day, child

Deal, Mrs Elbert

Deal, Mr Elbert

Dean, Rev John D

Deason, Mrs A J

Deason, Mrs A J

Deason, Mr Absalom

Deason, J W

Deason, Mrs Katherine

Deer, Mrs John

Dees, John

Deese, Mr Will A

DeMoville, infant

Dennington, Lewis C

Derman, Mrs R T

Dershide, Mrs Marie

Dickenson, J W

Dickerson, Rev J W

Dillman, Pearl

Dillman, William

Dillman, Mr William

Dillman, Mr William

Diner, Mrs Eliza

Dobbs, Henry

Dockery, Robert

Dockery, W L

Dodson, Annie Palmer

Dodson, Mrs W R

Donoho, Mrs Eliza

Donoho, Mr Monroe

Donoho, Thomas

Donohoo, Mrs Eliza

Donohoo, Harvey

Doolittle, Ed

Dossey, Mrs Addie

Doughty, John

Doughty, Mrs Mary

Doughty, Oscar

Douthit, W T

Dowen, Stephen

Drakeford, Mr H B

Ducan, Isaac

Duncan, Mrs A D

Duncan, Dr A M

Duncan, Mrs D W

Duncan, Mrs D W

Duncan, Mrs D W

Duncan, Mr J A

Duncan, Jack

Duncan, Mrs Jeanette Oliver

Duncan, John

Duncan, Miss Kittie Deason

Duncan, Miss Lou

Duncan, Miss Lou

Duncan, Milton Davis

Duncan, Milton

Duncan, Mrs William

Duncan, Willie

Dunn, Mrs Jesse

Dunn, Mrs M S

Dunn, Mrs Phoebe

Dunn, Squire E

Dunn, Squire Edley

Dunn, William W

Dunn, William W

Dunn, William

Duren, Mr William

Durie, Mrs A

Durie, Mrs Archie

Durnell, Mrs

Durrett, "Aunt" Candace

Durrett, Mr Barton

Durrett, Mr Devereaux

Durrett, Mr E J

Durrett, J H

Durrett, John

Durrett, Johnnie

Durrett, Mr Wilds

Durrett, Mr Wilds

Dutton, infant

Dyer, Mr A W

Eades, Mrs D A

Eddins, Harriet T

Eddins, Mrs M C

Eddins, Pat

Eddins, William Blocker Jr

Edmundson, J D

Edwards, George

Eeds, Mr D A

Ellington, Mr W W

Ellis, Rev J D

Elmore, "Uncle" "Berry"

Elmore, Mrs Alabama Savage

Elmore, Mrs B F

Elmore, Mrs Emie

Elmore, Mr James T

Elmore, Mrs Jim

Elmore, Mrs Sarah

Elmore, Mrs W R

Elmore, Woodrow Wilson

Elrod, Dr W W

Elrod, Dr W W

Embrey, Miss Annie

Embry, Mrs Callie M

Embry, Simmie

Emmett, Robert

Englebert, Mr Frederick

Englebert, James

Espy, infant

Espy, Mrs William

Essex, Mr Allen

Eubanks, George

Eubanks, George

Eubanks, George

Eubanks, George

Evans, infant

Evans, infant twins

Evans, Mrs Mary

Evans, Mr W H

Fair, Miss Sarah

Fair, Miss Sarah

Fallaw, Walter

Falls, W F

Fant, Ellen

Fant, Joseph L

Fant, Dr Joseph L

Fant, Dr Joseph L

Fant, Dr Joseph L

Fant, Lewis

Farish, Capt H A

Farley, Mrs Mandy

Farley, Mary

Farley, Miss Nettie

Farmer, Mr Dan

Farmer, Frank

Farmer, Frank

Farmer, Mrs Jo

Farmer, Mack

Farmer, Capt Thomas J

Farmer, Will

Farmer, Mrs Will

Farmer, Will

Farmer, William

Fasy, Mr E

Faucett, Milas

Faulk, infant

Faulk, Jr, William Mark

female, unknown black

female, unknown infant

Ferguson, Gordon

Ferrell, Tommy

Fikes, Floreda

Fikes, John T

Fikes, John

Findley, Aunt Katie

Findley, D M

Findley, Mrs Ida Bell

Findley, John Sr

Findley, John

Findley, John

Findley, John

Findley, Mary

Findley, Miller

Findley, Miss Mollie

Findley, Murk

Findley, Mrs Murk

Findley, S N

Findley, Mrs Virginia

Findley, William

Finnell, Mr A J

Finnell, Mrs Iona

Finnell, Mrs Iona

Finnell, Miss Marguerite

Fisher, Mr S C

Fitts, Arthur Leonard

Fitts, Mr Arthur

Fitts, Festus

Fitts, Mr James Harris

Flanagan, Miss Clara

Flanagan, Miss Josie

Fleming, Joe

Fleming, Joe

Fletcher, Dr Richard

Folkes, Charley

Fondren, W V

Ford, Mrs John

Fort, Mrs Sallie Collier

Foster, Miss "Jack"

Foster, Miss "Jack"

Foster, Alice Crystobee

Foster, Mrs Annie Ella

Foster, Mrs Annie King

Foster, Charles Parker

Foster, child

Foster, Dock

Foster, E B

Foster, Mrs E Collier

Foster, Mrs Ella Pascal

Foster, Mrs Ezra

Foster, Frances Bacon

Foster, Mrs Gertrude

Foster, infant

Foster, infant

Foster, J Collier

Foster, Col J Collier

Foster, Mr J Luther

Foster, Mr J Luther

Foster, Mrs J M

Foster, Maj J M

Foster, James Luther

Foster, James Luther

Foster, Miss Jewel

Foster, Cha John A

Foster, Mrs John C

Foster, Rev John C

Foster, Joshua H

Foster, Mrs Joshua H

Foster, Joshua

Foster, Dr Joshua

Foster, Dr Joshua

Foster, Dr Joshua

Foster, Linton

Foster, Lucy

Foster, Mrs M J

Foster, Mrs Mattie Kennedy

Foster, Robert H

Foster, Mr Robert H

Foster, Stanley

Foster, Mr T J

Foster, W S

Foster, Walter Carroll

Fraker, M W

Francis, Miss Ruth

Franklin, Miss Jennie Gale

Franklin, Percy

Franklin, Percy

Franklin, Miss Savannah

Franklin, W H

Franklin, Mrs W T

Franklin, William H

Franklin, Mr William

Freeman, Mrs Annie

Freeman, Mrs Annie

Freeman, child

Freeman, J H

Freeman, Mrs J H

Freeman, Mrs John

Freeman, John

Freeman, L P

Friedman, B

Friedman, Miss Millie

Frierson, Mrs Fannie

Frost, infant

Fulgham, Miss Leona

Fulwider, Henry

Gaddy, Hancel

Gaines, Harrison

Galaway, J M

Gallant, Charles

Gallegher, James F

Galloway, James

Galloway, R J

Gammons, Mrs Smithy

Gant, Jim

Gantzhorn, Carl

Gardener, Emily

Gardner, Mrs Elizabeth

Gardner, Rev Father

Gardner, Mrs Mary Jane

Garland, Miss Alice

Garland, Morris

Garner, Columbus

Garner, J T

Garner, J W

Garner, Mrs John

Garner, Joseph Thomas

Garner, Miss Katie

Garner, W M

Garner, Wesley

Garner, Wilbur

Garner, William

Garrison, Julius

Gaston , Miss Willie

Gay, Mr C H

Gayle, Lucile

George, Dennis

George, J H

Gibbons, Richard

Gibson, Mrs Eliza

Gibson, R F

Giles, child

Giles, Mrs Ed

Giles, Ed

Gilliam, Allie

Givens, B D

Gladney, Maude

Glass, Mrs L N

Glass, Mrs Louise Bealle

Glasscock, Annie

Glasscock, Col John

Glover, Mr J H

Glover, Nathaniel

Gluck, Mr H

Gluck, Herman

Gluck, Mr Herman

Gooch, Mr Albert G

Goodson, Frank

Goodson, Lucy

Goodson, W T

Goodson, Jr, Mr W F

Gordon, T J

Gordon, T J

Gordon, Mr T J

Goree, John

Goree, John

Gossett, Mrs

Gould, Ed

Gould, Robert Simonton

Grace, Dr F M

Graham, Mr James K

Gray, Mrs Fannie Price

Gray, Mrs J T

Gray, Mrs Lena Ramsey

Gray, Simeon

Green, Elias

Green, Steptoe

Greene, Mr Thomas F

Greene, Mrs Virginia Owen

Gregory, Daniel

Gregory, Hester

Gregory, Thomas C

Gregory, Mrs Virginia Turner

Griffin, Mr Banes

Griffin, Mrs Bettie

Griffin, Mr K J

Griffin, Mr W W

Grimes, Dr E D

Grimes, E R

Grimes, Stanley

Grogan, Mrs John

Guild, Dr James

Guild, James

Guild, Mr Walter

Guin, Dr J B

Guin, Lettie

Guin, Zimri

Gurganous, Marion

Guy, John

Guyton, Ed

Hagler, Mr E C

Hagler, Mrs Hazie Lee

Hagler, Mr Wiley G

Hairston, R P

Hale, Miss Annie Lee

Hale, Mrs F D

Hale, Miss Francis

Haley, Mrs Mary

Haley, Mr Yancey

Hall, Miss Addie

Hall, Mr John

Hall, Mr Josh

Hall, Mrs Lavenia

Hall, Miss Liddie

Hall, Mr M H

Hallman, child

Hallman, Edna Mae

Hallman, Mr Jack

Hallman, William

Halman, Mr Jack

Hamby, Mr Charles P

Hamby, Mr Charles

Hamer, Mrs

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, Mattie

Hamilton, Mrs Mit

Hamilton, Mrs

Hamlin, David Lee

Hammett, Mrs Ellen Hardin

Hamner, Mrs Ann

Hamner, Ben

Hamner, child

Hamner, D

Hamner, Daniel

Hamner, Mrs Dezzie

Hamner, George

Hamner, Guy

Hamner, Harper

Hamner, J S

Hamner, Jeff

Hamner, John S

Hamner, Mr John

Hamner, Lizzie May

Hamner, Mrs Lottie

Hamner, Lucy E

Hamner, M D

Hamner, M D

Hamner, Mrs M R

Hamner, Mrs Meriweather R

Hamner, Mr S R

Hamner, Samuel Eugene

Hamner, Dea Samuel R

Hamner, Mrs Sarah

Hamner, Vera

Hamner, Walter

Hampton , Col John

Hanbury, Mr


Hancock, Mrs Annie

Hand, Mr M V

Handy, Frank

Haney, Will

Hanley, John S

Hannah, Mr John Daniel

Hannah, Miss Mildred

Hannah, Mildred

Hannah, William

Hannon, Mr Thomas D

Hardin, Abner J

Hardin, Miss Amy

Hardin, Carrie

Hardin, Ethel

Hardin, infant

Hardin, Jackson Brown

Hardin, Miss Jodie

Hardin, John

Hardin, Mrs Mary

Hardin, Nannie Bealle

Hardin, Rufus

Hardin, Miss Sallie

Hardin, Mr Thomas

Hardin, Mr Thomas

Hardin, Tommie

Hardin, William

Hardin, William

Hardin, Willie

Hardin, Mr Young

Harding, Col Horace

Hardy, Enoch

Hardy, John

Hargrove, Col A C

Hargrove, Alex

Hargrove, Cherokee Jemison

Hargrove, Mrs Hallie Scott

Hargrove, Bis R K

Hargrove, Robert

Hargrove, Dr Robert J

Harkie, child

Harkie, child

Harmon, John

Harmon, Mr P H

Harper, Rev J H

Harper, Sarah

Harrald, Bebee

Harrel, Mr William

Harris, "Shed"

Harris, Charlie

Harris, Charlie

Harris, Miss Emma

Harris, Fannie

Harris, infant

Harris, Maj John G

Harris, John Henry

Harris, Lucius

Harris, Mrs Perilla

Harris, Mr Richard N

Harris, Robert T

Harris, Robert T, Esq

Harris, W O

Harris, W O

Harris, W O

Harris, W O

Harris, Willie

Harris, Willie

Harris , Mrs Hattie

Harris, Sr, Norfleet

Harrison, Mrs A H

Harrison, Mrs A H

Harrison, Col B I

Harrison, Mrs Coroma Pendergast

Harrison, Rev E T

Harrison, Lewis

Harrison, Maj Thomas

Harvey, Mrs Edith

Hassell, Mrs Fannie

Hassell, Mr Miles

Hausman, Miss Dorothy

Hausman, Miss Dorothy

Hausman, Mrs Julia

Hausman, Mrs Julia

Hausman, Mrs M A

Hausman, Mrs Queen Pratt

Hawes, Dick

Hawes, Dick

Hawes, Dick

Hawkins, Will

Hayden, W G

Hayes, Mrs Amanda Jane

Hayes, Bryce

Hayes, Miss Cora

Hayes, Mrs J N

Hays, Mrs Cornelia Ormond

Hays, Mr James B

Hays, Thomas Newton

Hayslette, William G

Hayslette, Mr William G

Hearn, Rev W C

Hearne, Joseph F

Hearne, Rev W C

Hemphill, Miss Carrie V

Hemphill, Col F F

Hemphill, Mrs Mary Jones

Henderson, Rev Samuel

Hendrick, Mrs Mattie

Hendricks, Mr Gilbert

Hendricks, Jim

Hendricks, Jim

Hendrix, Mrs Catherine

Henson, Mrs J D

Hepstall, Miss Leo

Hepstall, Mrs

Herrin, Maria

Herring, John

Herring, Mandy

Herring, Noble

Herring, Mr Noble

Hester, Dr William

Hewitt, Mrs James

Hickman, Charles M

Hickman, Mrs Mollie

Hickman, Pleas

Hicks, Mrs Martha

Hicks, Will

Hightower, Clarence Oliver

Hightower, Mrs W E

Hill, Alex

Hill, Prof Alonzo

Hill, Charles B

Hill, Miss Fannie Blanche

Hill, H F

Hill, H Foster

Hill, Mrs Lelia

Hill, Lloyd

Hill, Miss Lucy Allen

Hill, Polk

Hill, Will

Hill, Miss Willie

Hinckley, Raymond

Hinton, Bessie

Hinton, Bithe

Hinton, infant

Hinton, James

Hinton, James

Hinton, James

Hinton, Mr John W

Hinton, Mrs Mary Addington

Hinton, Orlando

Hinton, R D

Hinton, Sarah

Hinton, W S

Hinton, William Troy

Hitt, Ben

Hitt, Ben

Hobson, F M

Hobson, Hon James M

Hobson, Mrs Mary Catherine

Hobson, Sarah

Hocutt, Mrs Gaspar

Hocutt, Mr

Hodge, infant

Hodge, Mrs Mitt

Hodge, Wilbur

Hodges, Mr John A

Hogan, Capt A P

Holland, Miss Ellen

Holley, Eugenia

Holley, Martin

Holley, Mrs P G

Holman, Verda Otto

Holmes, Mrs Mary Jane

Holston, Mr Albert

Holston, Mrs Albert

Holston, child

Holston, child

Hood, Charles

Hood, Maj H C

Hood, Israel McDonal

Hood, Mr Israel

Hood, John

Hood, Mr William C

Hood, Mrs

Hopson, George W, Sr

Horton, Brown

Horton, Brown

Horton, Mr H T

Horton, Mrs J A

Horton, T

Hosmer, J E

Hosmer, James Sylvester

Houghston, Mrs W A

House, Mr Nick

House, Nick

House, Nick

House, William Asa

Howard, Mrs Jane Ann

Howard, Robert Leo

Hubbard, Dan

Hubbard, Mrs Hester

Hubbard, Mrs Hester

Hubbard, Mrs Hester

Hubbard, John

Hubbard, Mr Minor C

Hubbard, Rufe

Hubbard, Mrs Rufe

Hubbard, Rufus

Huffman, Alexander

Huffman, Alexander

Huffman, Squire

Hughes, Mrs Anthony

Hughes, Judy

Hughes, Luther

Hughes, Mr Luther

Hughes, Robert J

Hughes, Webster

Hughes, Webster

Hughston, Mrs W A

Hughston, Mrs W A

Hull, Capt Frank

Hulsey, Charles L

Hulsey, Savannah

Hulsey, W C

Humphrey, Matthew

Humphrey, Matthew

Humphries, Gregg

Humphries, Gregory

Hunt, Burt

Hunt, Rev George Henry

Hunter, Mr Robert

Huse, Col Caleb

Hyche, Mrs Alonzo

Hyche, Mrs Hallah

Hyche, Mrs Lonnie

Hyche, Miss Martha

Hyche, Miss Martha

Hyche, Mrs Sarah C

Hyche, Thomas

infant, unknown

Inge, Richard

Ingersoll, Robert G

Ingersoll, Steve W

Ireland, Miss Mary

Jackson, Adolphus

Jackson, Nathan M

Jackson, Robert Dandridge

Jackson, Roland

Jackson, Roland

Jacobs, Mrs Sam

Jacoway, Lee

James, Mrs Nannie Keene

James, Mr T H

Jarden, M J

Jeffcoats, Mrs John

Jeffries, Mr

Jemison, Mr John Steele

Jemison, Mrs Lela

Jemison, Mrs William H

Jemison, Capt Wm

Jenkins, Maria

Jenkins, Mrs

Jenkins , Joe

Jennings, George A

Jennings, George

Jennings, Mrs Lallie Reynolds

Jennings, Wash

Jennings, Will

Jerrells, Mr W H

Johns, S A

Johnson, Mrs A J

Johnson, Miss Almeda

Johnson, Mr Frank

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, J G

Johnson, J R

Johnson, James R

Johnson, Joe

Johnson, Col L W

Johnson, Maj Lewis William

Johnson, Mrs Mary M

Johnson, S P

Johnson, Samuel

Johnston, Gen George D

Johnston, Gen George D

Johnston, Verdie

Jones, Burgoing

Jones, Bush

Jones, Mrs Cella Velma

Jones, child

Jones, Cornelia Ward

Jones, Mr Daniel

Jones, Ed

Jones, Ed

Jones, Hon George

Jones, Mrs Gilman

Jones, Hugh

Jones, J T

Jones, Jef

Jones, John

Jones, Mr John

Jones, John L

Jones, Mr Jolly

Jones, Miss Luelle

Jones, Miss Luelle

Jones, Miss Luelle

Jones, Margaret K

Jones, Mrs Margaret King

Jones, Mary

Jones, S I

Jones, S W

Jones, Rev Sam

Jones, Mr Thomas

Jones, Mr W A C

Jones, W F

Jones, Mr W H

Jones, Mr W J

Jones, Mrs W J

Jones, Will

Jones, Will

Jones, Will

Jones, Will

Jones, Willie

Jones, Zack

Jordan, Mrs Elizabeth

Jordan, John

Jordan, Mr T J

Joyce, Joe

Joyce, Miss Maggie

Joyce, Dep Pat

Joyce, Dep Pat

Joyce, Dep Pat

Joyner, Mr James

Julian, Brian

Julian, Frank

Keelin, Mrs Rile

Keene, Mr Frank

Kehoe, Patrick

Kelley, Mr John

Kemp, Dave

Kemp, Mary

Kendrick, Mrs Mackie Woods

Kennedy, Mrs Caroline A

Kennedy, E J

Kennedy, Mr E J

Kennedy, Mr E J

Kennedy, John Robie

Kennedy, John S

Kennedy, Mr Karl

Kennedy, Mrs Mattie Clayton

Kennedy, Mrs R R

Kennedy, Tyler

Kennedy, Mr Tyler

Kennedy, Rev William Leroy

Kent, Miss Jennie

Keoppel, Mr W A

Kilgore, Miss Cora

Kilgore, Miss Cora

Kilgore, Miss Cora

Kilgore, Miss Cora

Kilgore, Miss Cora

Kilgore, Miss Gibbie Elizabeth

Kilgore, Miss Gibbie

Kilgore, Gibbie

Killebrew, Jim

Kilpatrick, Mrs Phillip

Kimball, Susie

Kimball, Susie

Kimball, Thomas

King, E Rush

King, Mr John Bealle

King, Mrs Mike

King, Mrs Mike

Kingsley, H J

Kirby, Mrs Hettie G

Kirk, Mrs William

Kizer, Foster

Kizziah, Mrs Jesse

Kizziah, Mrs Martha E

Kizziah, Mr Rosco

Kizziah, Mr Roscoe

Kizziah, Mr Thomas

Knoblock, J J

Knox, Ida

Knox, Mr J B

Koster, Mr John Frederick

Koster, John

Koster, Mrs Margaret Evans

Koster, Mrs Nancy

Kuffner, M M

Kuffner, M M

Kuykendall, Elmer

Kuykendall, Joseph Henry

Kyle, A M

Kyle, Mr A M

Kyle, Mr Dock

Kyle, Nancy

Kyle, Mrs Sarah E

Kyser, Mrs S A

Kyser, Mrs

Kyzer, Foster

Kyzer, Manuel

Laird, J A

Lallande, J G

Lambert, Mrs Alex

Lamphere, Mr William

Lancaster, Nathilee

Lane, Horace

Langley, Mrs Susan

Lanham, Mrs M E

Larrabee, Edward Warren

Latham, E E

Latham, Mr E E

Latham, Mr K M

Latham, Mr K M

Lawrence, Mrs Elvira

Lawrence, infant

Lawrence, Mrs J C

Lawrence, John C

Laycock, John

Leach, Alfred

Leach, Mrs Ed

Leach, Mrs Elizabeth Fitts

Leach, John

Leach, Mrs Marie Louise

Leach, Sydney McEachen

Leary, M J

Leatherwood, Gull

Leatherwood, Maj J W

Leatherwood, Miles

Leavell, Mrs Martha Jane

Leavelle, Mrs J T

Leavelle, Mrs Jesse Doughty

Lee, Andrew

Lee, Andrew

Lee, Reid

Leftwich, Maj Jesse G

Legg, Mrs Ellie

Leland, Henry

Leland, Henry

Leland, Mrs Margarel W

Leland, Mrs R M

Leland, W A

Leonard, J J

Lew, infant

Lewis, Bud W

Lewis, Bud

Lewis, Mr C H

Lewis, Charlott

Lewis, Emmie

Lewis, John W

Lewis, Miss Lillie

Lewis, Sam

Lewis, Mrs Tom

Lewis, Mrs Tom

Lewis, Young

Lindgren, A J

Lindgren, A J

Lindgren, A J

Lindgren, A J

Lindgren, A J

Lindgren, A J

Lindgren, A J

Lindsay, Miss Eppie

Lindsay, Gracie Lee

Lindsay, Susan Amanda

Lindsey, Mrs Emeline

Lindsey, Miss Ethel

Lindsey, James M

Lindsey, Susie

Lindsey, Virgil

Lingren, A J

Little, Dr James

Livaudias, A A

Livaudias, Albert A

Lloyd, Mrs John

Locke, Mrs Evie

Locke, Mr

Loftis, W H

Loftis, W H

Loggin, J N

Lollar, Mr H S

Lollar, John W

Lollar, John

Long, Claiborne

Long, Mrs E M

Long, Mrs John

Love, Mrs Margaret T

Lowe, Mr

Lowry, Robert T

Lucius, Mrs Carrie Sharp

Lucius, Frank

Lucius, R D

Lucius, Dr R D

Lucius, T J

Lute, Mr Harvey

Lynch, I

Lyon, Mr Lewis L

Lyons, Mrs James

Mabry, Alice

Mabry, Mrs Alice

Mabry, Dr W E H

Mackereth, infant twins

Maddox, Harriett

Maddox, Mrs Jane

Maddox, Mr Pink

Maddox, Mrs Zeke

Madison, Joe

Madison, Joe

Mahan, Mary

Maharry, Mrs H C

Maharry, Joseph A

Mahary, Kate

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown black

male, unknown infant

male, unknown white

male, unknown white

male, unknown white

male, unknown white

male, unknown

male, unknown

male, unknown

Malone, Mrs Kate

Malone, Lonnie

Malone, Mrs Martha

Malone, S A

Malone, Mr Will

Mance, Mrs E C

Manning, J N

Manning, J N

Manning, J T

Mansfield, Off J A

Mansfield , Off J A

Marlowe, Miss Lou

Marlowe, Miss Mary

Marlowe, Mrs S R

Marlowe, Mrs S R

Marlowe, Mrs Senie Clements

Marquis, Mr J L

Martin, Alfred

Martin, Alfred

Martin, Charles J

Martin, Charles J

Martin, child

Martin, Capt E B

Martin, infant

Martin, Rev Isaac

Martin, Mrs J C

Martin, Mrs Lenora Brown

Martin, Mrs Leona

Martin, Mrs Lucy Peck

Martin, Mrs Lucy Peck

Martin, Mr Robert

Martin, W C

Marx, Mrs Marie

Masea, Mrs Mary

Massey, child

Massey, Mr Sam

Mathes, Nannie

Mathews, Mr B R

Mathews, Mrs Carrie

Mathews, Mrs Fannie Hill

Mathews, J R

Mathews, Leearla

Mathews, Miss Minne Lou

Mathews, Thomas V

Mathews, Tom

Matthews, Mrs Fannie Baker

Matthews, Fannie Shirley

Matthews, Jordan

Matthews, Thomas V

Matthews, Tom

Maxwell, Mrs Fannie Sexton

Maxwell, infant

Maxwell, Mrs James R

Maxwell, Mrs Jessie Vernon

Maxwell, Mr John E

Maxwell, Miss Mary Farley

Maxwell, Miss Mary Farley

Maxwell, Mrs Mary H

Maxwell, Mrs Mary H

Maxwell, Miss Mary Farley

Maxwell, Mrs Mary H

Maxwell, Mrs Maude Rose

Maxwell, Miss Victoria

May, James Manley

May, Mrs Joe

May, Manley

May, Manley

Mayberry, Cato

Mayberry, Mr J N

Mayberry, Tom

Mayer, Frank

Mayer, Frank

Mayfield, Mr Dick

Mayfield, Mr Dick

Mayfield, Capt J J

Mayfield, Richard

McAlpine, Birdie

McAlpine, Rebecca

McArdle, Walter

McCafferty, Fath James P

McCall, Col D F

McCalla, Mrs Emma Henderson

McCalla, R C

McCalla, Richard Calvin

McCalla, Maj Richard

McCalla, Mrs Susie

McCalley, Henry

McCalley, Henry

McCarty, Mr Howard Eugene

McConnell, Will

McCord, Mrs Amanda M

McCord, Dr C R

McCullough, Miss Cora

McCullough, Miss Zana

McCullum, Miss Luana

McDaniel, C W

McDaniel, Hamp

McDaniel, Josephine

McDavid, Mrs J J

McDonald, Mrs Annie

McDonald, Peter

McDonald, Peter

McDonald, R M

McDonald, Mrs Rebeca Jones

McDuff, Mrs Lizzie Deason

McEachen, Capt A B

McEachin, Capt A B

McEachin, Mrs Eudora

McEachin, J W

McEachin, John W

McEachin, Mrs Maria

McElroy, Mrs J C

McElroy, Mrs J C

McFarland, Mrs J W

McGee, Miss Alma

McGee, Dill

McGee, Dill

McGee, George W

McGee, George

McGee, J Anthony

McGee, James S

McGee, Janie

McGee, Mr John

McGee, Malinda

McGee, Margaret

McGee, Mrs Mary

McGee, Mrs Mary

McGee, Mrs Mary

McGee, N M

McGee, Mrs Organ

McGee, Pink

McGee, Thomas L

McGee, Thomas

McGee, Mrs Wiley

McGiffert, Mrs Victoria

McGill, A

McGill, Mr A

McGill, Mr A

McGill, Mr A

McGill, Off A

McGill, Dep A

McGill, A

McGoarty, infant

McGown, Miss Helen

McGown, Miss Helen

McGown, Mrs J M

McGraw, Pickens

McGuire, James

McGuire, James

McKinley, Mrs LeRoy

McKinley, Mr Oscar

McKinley, R

McKinley, Mr Robert

McKinzie, Mrs

McLemore, Ionia

McLemore, W H

McLester, J A

McLester, Jane

McLester, Squire

McNiece, Rev

McNulty, Phil

McPherson, A A

McPherson, Jim

McPherson, Jim

McPherson, Miss Mary

McSween, Mr

McSween, Mrs

Meacham, Dr D B

Meacham, Mr Fred

Meadows, Mrs Alex

Medlin, A D

Medlin, Miss Lucile

Medlin, Oscar

Medlin, W R

Medlin, William Riley

Meek, Dr Benjamin Franklin

Meek, Benjamin Franklin

Meek, Dr Benjamin

Meek, Mrs Nettie H

Meek, Mrs Nettie H

Meek, Mrs Nettie

Megrue, Mrs Mary B

Melcher, J W

Melcher, J W

Meriwether, Crawford

Meriwether, Mrs Martha

Merrill, Col James R

Merritt, Robert W

Methvin, Mr Eugene

Metta, Isadore

Meyers, Mike

Miles, John

Millender, Jefferson

Miller, George

Miller, Harlan B

Miller, Mrs Jeff

Miller, John

Miller, Kate

Miller, Mrs Sarah A

Miller, Mrs Sarah A

Miller, W M

Miller, Col William H

Millhouse, Mr John

Millican, Rev J T

Millican, Rev J T

Mills, Amanda

Mills, Miss Irene

Mills, Miss Irene

Mills, Mrs James

Mills, Mrs Melissa Daniel

Mills, Mrs Minnie

Mills, Mrs Sadie Franklin

Mills, Thomas

Mills, Mr Will

Mims, Isaiah

Mims, Maj Reuben R

Minga, Miss Etta

Minhinnett, Bell

Minhinnett, Belle

Minhinnett, Thomas J

Minhinnette, Miss Mary Elizabeth

Minor, Tom

Mitchell, Mrs Bell McCarty

Mitchell, Coleman

Mitchell, Mr James A

Mitchell, Mr James A

Mitchell, Jim

Mitchell, Jim

Mitchell, Robert

Mitchell, S M

Mize, Mr J C

Monnish, Sage A

Monnish, Sage A

Monroe, Dr

Montgomery, "Uncle" Dave

Montgomery, Bob

Montgomery, Mr David Marion

Montgomery, Miss Dorothy Louise

Montgomery, Dorothy Louise

Montgomery, Frank

Montgomery, Mrs Ike

Montgomery, J T

Montgomery, J T

Montgomery, John T

Montgomery, Lewis G

Montgomery, Mr M E

Montgomery, Miss Maud

Montgomery, W A

Moody, Mrs Arelia Lewis

Moody, Arthur

Moody, Mrs Arthur

Moody, Mrs Beverly Hill

Moody, Mrs Beverly Hill

Moody, Mrs Beverly Hill

Moody, Mrs Ella Searcy

Moore, "Mutt"

Moore, Mrs Annie Somerville

Moore, Ben

Moore, Mrs Caroline

Moore, Daniel G

Moore, Ed

Moore, Mrs Elizabeth

Moore, infant

Moore, Mr J T

Moore, Mrs Jack

Moore, Mrs John C

Moore, L J

Moore, Robert

Moore, Robert

Moore, Tobias

Moore, Miss Velma

Moore, Rev W W

Morgan, Mrs Annie

Morgan, Mr Jesse

Morgan, Miss Josie May

Morris, Mrs A St Julian

Morris, Mrs Charles E

Morris, Mrs Charles E

Morris, Mrs Charles

Morris, Mrs Charles

Morris, John

Morrison, D H

Morrison, D H

Morrison, E J

Morrison, Miss Elvie Gray

Morrison, Mrs J W

Morrison, Jack

Morrison, Jim

Morrow, Miss Mamie

Morrow, Max A

Morrow, Max

Morrow, Max

Morrow, Mr W A

Moseley, J R

Moses, Miss Mattie

Moses, Miss Mattie

Moses, Mrs Milton

Moses, S F

Moss, Lamb

Moss, Lamb

Mosslander, Mary

Moulton, Thomas H Jr

Moulton, Thomas H Jr

Murfee, Col James T

Murphy, Dr A S

Mustin, Mrs Jane

Mutwilder, Harry

Myers, Mr Aron

Myers, child

Myers, child

Myers, child

Myers, child

Myers, child

Myers, child

Myers, Mary

Myers, Mike

Nabors, Mr James W

Nabors, Robert T

Nabors, Robert T

Nabors, Mr Robert Taylor

Nabors, S J

Narcates, Luther

Nash, Price W

Naugher, "General"

Naugher, Mr Mart

Naugher, Sam D

Naugher, Mr T J

Neilson, Miss Edna Marie

Neilson, John

Neilson, Mrs Mary

Neilson, R H

Newell, Tom

Newton, Mr Herbert

Newton, Mr Herbert

Newton, John

Newton, John

Nichols, Mrs

Nicolson, Mr Dudley

Nix, Miss Willie

Nixon, Dr Percy

Nolan, Mr Robert W

Nolen, Mrs George

Nolen, infant twins

Nolen, John

Nolen, Mr M M

Nolen, Mrs N

Norman, B J

Norman, Miss Caledonia

Norman, infant

Norris, George

Norris, George

Norris, infant

Norris, Mrs J T

Norris, Mrs Janie McGee

Norris, Rev Luther

Norris, Rev Luther

Norris, Mrs Sarah A

Norris, Mrs T A

Norris, Tom

Norris, Mr W A

Norris, William

Norris, William

Norris, Mr William

Norwood, Mrs A P

Norwood, Mr George

Norwood, Mr George

Nowell, Tom

Nunnelee, Mrs S F

Nunnelee, Capt S F

Nunnelee, Capt S F

Nunnelee, Mrs S F

Nunnellee, Capt S F

Obering, Mrs Bridget Murphy

Obering, Mrs W F

O'Brien, Fath H A

O'Dea, Mrs Nancy

Oden, James

Odom, Ashley

Odom, Bessie

Odom, Jeff

Odom, Will

Ogburn, Mr James A

Oglesby, William

O'Kelley, Mrs Jennie Robertson

Olive, Mrs G W

Oliver, W C

Oliver, Mr Will S

O'Neal, Maj Alfred

O'Quin, Mrs Mary J

Ormond, Pet

Osborn, J W

Osborn, Mr J W

Osborn, Mrs James

Oswalt, Jacob

Oswalt, Joanah

Otts, Mrs Lelia J

Owen, Mrs Charity

Owens, Robert

Owens, Robert

Ozment, Annie Laurie

Ozment, Annie Laurie

Ozment, Eugene

Ozment, Eugene

Ozment, Susie Mehan

Page, Amos

Palmer, Mrs Caroline

Palmer, Dick

Palmer, Dock

Palmer, Mrs Janie

Palmer, Joseph

Palmer, Miss Lizzie

Palmer, Luther

Palmer, S T Sr

Palmer, Mrs Sallie

Palmer, Mrs Sam G

Palmer, Mrs Sam G

Palmer, Capt Samuel Terrel

Palmer, Mrs Sarah Dodson

Pannell, B C

Papasan, Eld R F

Park, infant

Park, Mrs Sue A

Parker, Capt Charles

Parker, Capt Charles

Parker, infant

Parker, Mrs J A

Parker, Hon Jabez J

Parker, John

Parker, Jossie

Parker, Dr William A

Parker, Prof William A

Parker, Miss Willie Mae

Parks, Mrs J W

Parr, Miss Mattie

Parsons, Carroll

Parsons, James

Parsons, Mrs Janie Kennedy

Parsons, John

Parsons, John

Parsons, Mr Tom

Partrich, R C

Pate, John

Patrich, Elias

Patrick, H A

Patrick, H Allen

Patrick, John

Patrick, John

Patrick, Mr John

Patrick, Miss Nona Bell

Patrick, Mrs W C

Patterson, Robert

Patton, infant

Patton, James Manley

Patton, James Manley

Patton, Mrs Jane

Patton, Mr T J

Patton, Mrs

Pearson, Beatty

Pearson, Dock

Pearson, Hugh Brantley

Pearson, Mr Jack

Pearson, Miss Julia

Pearson, Mrs Julia

Pearson, Mrs Marion

Pearson, Sen W G P

Peebles, Mrs Isam

Pegues, Col Josiah J

Pegues, Col Josiah

Pennington, Frank A

Penny, Mrs J L

Perkins, Mrs Caroline

Perkins, Mrs Caroline

Perkins, child

Perkins, Mr John A

Perkins, Lillian

Perkins, Wilbur

Perry, Bettie

Perry, Mrs D J

Perry, Mrs F E

Persinger, Bill

person, unknown black

person, unknown black

Peterson, Mrs Abbie

Peterson, Mr Charles M Jr

Peterson, Charles M, Jr

Peterson, Charles M, Jr

Peterson, Miss Sarah Sims

Pettus, Lula Ward

Pettus, Lula Ward

Pettus, Mrs Susan Hewell

Pharis, Mr I S

Pharis, I S

Phifer, Mrs B M

Phifer, Mrs Bethenia Harden

Phifer, Mrs Bethenia Harden

Phifer, Mrs Bethenia Harden

Phifer, Hugh

Phifer, Sam

Philips, J M

Philips, Mrs Julia

Phillips, Mr A M

Phillips, A M

Phillips, Mrs C C

Phillips, Ernest L

Phillips, Ethlin Gertrude

Phillips, Ethlyne

Phillips, Ethlyne

Phillips, J M

Phillips, Dr J R

Phillips, Mr James P

Phillips, Julia

Phipps, Mrs Sarah

Phipps, Mrs William

Pickens, Andrew

Pickens, black male

Pierson, Delma

Pittman, Miss Eva Staunton

Pool, E P

Pool, Henry

Pool, Melton

Pool, Mrs Wm

Poole, Ferrell F

Poole, J H

Poole, Mrs Rebecca

Porter, Rev James C

Porter, Hon M A

Porter, William J

Porter, William J

Porter, Mr

Potts, Mrs Lucy Patterson

Pounds, Mr W A

Powell, Mrs Amanda M

Powell, child

Powell, Col E A

Powell, Mr H K

Powell, J H

Powell, Rev John C

Powell, Miss Mary Elizabeth

Powell, Mrs R C

Powers, Bob

Powers, Mrs Julia W

Powers, Marshall

Powers, Lt Reynolds James

Powers, Thomas H

Pratt, Moses

Preston, Henry

Preston, Henry

Preston, Mr

Prewitt, Martin

Prewitt, Soonie

Prewitt, Soonie

Prewitt, Soonie

Price, Garrett Lee

Price, Mr W B

Prichett, E H

Pride, Richard McCalla

Prince, Mrs A F

Prince, Dr Francis Marion

Prince, Mrs Frank Jr

Prince, Mrs Levenia L

Pritchett, Mrs Lillie

Proctor, James M

Profit, Will

Propst, Mrs S R

Prude, Mrs Amanda Robertson

Prude, Lucretia Eliza

Prude, Sr, W W

Pruitt, D R

Pruitt, Mrs Josephine Gay

Pumphrey, child

Purcell, John

Purser, Dr D I

Quarles, Charles

Quarles, Mr Samuel W

Rabitte, Mrs Matilda Josephine

Rabitte, R B

Rabun, Adkin

Rabun, Luther

Rackley, S E

Radcliff, Mrs Pattie E

Raiford, Mr Jake

Raiford, Robert

Ralph, James D

Ralph, Mr James Q

Ralph, Mr James Q

Ramsey, Mrs Alex

Ramsey, Emma

Ramsey, infant

Ramsey, Mark

Randolph, Col Brett

Randolph, Ryland

Ranie, Lester

Ransom, Mrs Annie Martin

Ratliff, infant

Rawlings, Mr Robert

Ray, Mrs A D

Ray, Dr J U

Read, Dr J B

Reavis, Turner

Redd, Budd

Redd, Mrs Budd

Redd, J J

Redd, J J

Redd, Mr Jack

Reddick, Dep John W

Reddick, Dep John

Reddick, Dep John

Reddick, Dep John

Reddick, Dep

Redmond, J H

Redu, Jasper

Reed, Mrs J B

Reese, infant

Reid, John

Reid, John

Reid, William

Reneau, Robert

Reneau, Mrs S C

Renneau, Mrs S C

Rhodes, Mrs Mary Ellen

Rhodes, William

Rice, Mr Castle

Rice, Castle

Rice, Charles E

Rice, Charles E

Rice, Charles E

Rice, Mr George

Rice, Mrs H S

Rice, James H

Rice, Luther

Rice, Mamie

Rice, Thomas F

Rice, Thomas S

Rich, Wofford

Richardson, Frank

Richardson, Frank

Richardson, Frank

Richardson, Frank

Richardson, Jim

Richie, Louis

Rider, Neil

Rider, Neil

Rigsby, Mrs Lee

Riley, Mrs D L

Riley, Mrs Jerusha

Riley, Jerushia

Robertson, Mr Bob

Robertson, Crane

Robertson, Mrs D E

Robertson, David L

Robertson, Elbert

Robertson, Mrs Elbert

Robertson, Elijah

Robertson, Guy

Robertson, Guy

Robertson, Mr Jesse F

Robertson, John

Robertson, Johnie

Robertson, Mrs Melessa

Robertson, R T

Robertson, Miss Ruth

Robertson, Ruth

Robertson, Prof S L

Robertson, Mrs Sarah M

Robertson, Mrs Terrell

Robertson, Van

Robertson, Mr W E

Robertson, William

Robertson, Miss Willie May

Robertson, Miss Willie May

Robinson, child

Robinson, Jewel

Robinson, Lewis

Robinson, Lewis

Robinson, Mrs Mary

Robinson, Mrs Sarah

Robinson, Will

Roby, Hattie Churchhill

Roby, Dr Z D

Roby, Dr Z D

Roddy, Gen Phillip D

Roden, B F

Rodes, Mrs R E

Rodes, Rufus N

Rodes, Mrs V Hortense

Rodes, Mrs Virginia Hortense

Rodger, Will

Rodgers, Lewis

Rodgers, Tommie

Roebuck, William Pinknie

Rogers, W D

Rogers, William

Roland, Joe

Rose, William J

Rosenau, Mr H

Rosenau, Mr H

Rosenau, Herman

Rosser, Miss Mamie

Rosser, Mrs R O

Rowe, G W

Rowe, George Rufus

Rowe, Rufus

Roy, James A

Royall, Mrs H S

Royall, Mrs

Roycroft, A C

Ruggles, Mrs C H

Rush, Miss Winona

Rushing, John

Rushing, Mrs Lenora Deason

Rushing, Lottie Snow

Rushing, Miss Lottie Snow

Rushing , Mrs Culpepper

Rust, G S

Rust, G S

Ryan, Mr G Mace

Ryan, Miss Gertie

Ryan, Mr Jeff

Ryan, Lena

Ryan, Mrs Lena

Ryan, Lenora Hinton

Ryan, Mr T J

Ryan, T Jeff

Ryan, William I

Ryland, Mrs J H

Samford, Gov William J

Sampliner, Moritz

Samuel, Mrs Emeline

Sanders, Allen

Sanders, Mrs Ann E

Sanders, Ann E

Sanders, G W

Sanders, infant

Sanders, L D

Sanders, L D

Sanders, Mr L D

Sanders, Mary

Sanders, Rebecca Hyche

Sanders, W H

Sane, Mrs

Sanford, J A

Sanford, Mrs Martha

Sartain, infant

Satterfield, Charley

Satterfield, Charley

Saunders, Mrs

Savage, Mrs Elizabeth

Savage, Miss Myrtle

Sawrie, L E

Scales, Mrs Susie

Scales, Thomas Jefferson

Schamotulski, Charles

Schamotulski, Mr John W

Scoggins, William

Scott, Mr Elisha

Sealy, Mr G P

Searcy, George

Searcy, Mrs J T

Searcy, Mrs J T

Searcy, Mrs J T

Searcy, Mrs J T

Searcy, Mrs James T

Searcy, Julius Floyd

Searcy, Dr Reuben M

Seed, Mr C C

Seed, Mr C C

Seed, Miss Gertrude

Seed, Mrs Mattie

Seins, Miss Minnie

Sellars, child

Seymour, Clarence P

Seymour, E P

Seymour, Mrs Sarah J

Shamblin, J T

Shamblin, Josie

Shamblin, Mr Richard

Shamoltuski, Miss Annie

Sharley, Mrs Mary E

Sharp, S A

Shepherd, Capt W H

Sherrill, M V

Sherrill, Virgil

Shipp, Fannie P

Shipp, Mrs M C

Shipp, W H

Shipp, Dr W M

Shipp, William

Shirley, Mr A W

Shirley, Mrs Berry

Shirley, Bob

Shirley, Mrs Cherokee Williamson

Shirley, Mrs J L

Shirley, Mr James

Shirley, Mrs Marion

Shirley, Mittie Williamson

Shirley, Rev Robert

Shirley, Shep

Shirley, Valmer

Shirley, Rev W A

Shirley, Mrs

Shugart, Mrs Roland T

Shugart, Mrs Roland T

Shute, Jane Kerfoot

Sim, Clifford Wheelan

Simmes, Nathan

Simmons, infant

Simmons, Jim

Simpson, Alexander

Simpson, Eliza

Simpson, Mrs Elizabeth

Simpson, Mr George W

Simpson, George

Simpson, infant twins

Simpson, infant

Simpson, Mrs Mattie Abernathy

Simpson, Mrs Mattie Veola

Simpson, Mr Robert L

Simpson, T B

Simpson, Mr Tan

Simpson, Thomas J

Sims, Dr Frank Herndon

Sims, Henry J

Skelton, Mrs Martha C

Skelton, Miss Nannie

Skelton, Surrey

Skelton, Mr T O

Sklton, Fannie Lou

Sklton, Ostella

Slaughter, A J

Slaughter, Dr Thomas G

Slayton, Mrs Arbra

Slayton, Mrs Lizzie

Slayton, Mr Wm

Slayton, Mrs Wm

Sloan, child

Sloan, E G

Sloan, Mrs H W

Smallwood, Mrs Anne Collette

Smallwood, Charles

Smedley, Arthur

Smedley, Arthur

Smelley, Mrs

Smith, Miss Amie

Smith, Ben A

Smith, Mrs D Walker

Smith, Mrs D Walker

Smith, Elijah C

Smith, Mrs Etta

Smith, Mr Frank

Smith, Henry

Smith, J Hal

Smith, Mrs J R

Smith, Mr J S

Smith, Jasper

Smith, Jim

Smith, Jim

Smith, Mrs John

Smith, Joseph

Smith, Miss Julia A

Smith, Miss Julia

Smith, Miss Julia

Smith, Miss Julia

Smith, Lee E

Smith, Malvina

Smith, Mrs Martha Taylor

Smith, Matthew B

Smith, Mr Pickett

Smith, Mr Reuben

Smith, Sallie Christie

Smith, Sallie

Smith, Sallie

Smith, Sallie

Smith, Sallie

Smith, Sam

Smith, Thomas W

Smith, unknown child

Smith, unknown

Smith, Walter

Smith, Mrs William

Smyth, child

Snider, Mr Jake

Snider, Mr James

Snider, John

Snider, John

Snider, John

Snider, John

Snider, W M

Snider, Wood

Snoddy, Dr Virgil

Snow, J A

Snow, Lizzie

Snyder, Mrs Alice

Snyder, Mrs Elmina

Snyder, John C

Snyder, John

Snyder, W H

Snyder, Mr Will

Snyder, Mr William

Snyder, Wright

Snyder, Mrs

Somerville, Albert

Somerville, Mrs Laura G

South, infant

Spain, Ernest

Spain, Rev J B K

Spain, W A

Spain, William Alonzo

Spencer, Bro Charles J

Spencer, Edgar

Spencer, Elias Marler

Spencer, Ellen Harkie

Spencer, Mrs Martha Ann

Spiller, infant

Spiller, Mr J D

Spradling, Lindsay

Springer, Mrs J P

Springer, Mrs Rufus

Spruce, John

Squires, Mrs A

Squires, George

Squires, George

Stacey, Parker

Stallings, Miss Clara

Standifer, Miss Dora

Standifer, Mr J J

Stanley, John

Stanley, Mrs Martha Jane

Stanley, Mrs Squire

Stanton, E G

Stanton, Edwin Gray

Stanton, Linn

Stapleton, Miss Rachel

Steeple, Mrs Eleanor C

Steiner, Mr Bernard

Stephens, Mr C L

Stephens, Mrs Elizabeth

Stepp, Laura

Steppe, Miss Laura

Stevens, infant

Stewart, Capt Charles

Stewart, George A

Stewart, Levi

Stillman, Miss Carrie

Stines, Sydney

Stirling, Mrs T V

Stokes, Mrs Ella

Stokes, Mrs J T

Stokes, Pomp

Stone, Charles L

Stone, Capt Thomas D

Stoves, Anthony

Stoves, Anthony

Stoves, Matthey

Stoves, Matthey

Stracner, Claude N

Street, Mrs A H

Strickland, Mr Gray

Strickland, M A

Strickland, Mrs Margaret Collier

Stringfellow, Al

Strong, Mrs Catherine

Strong, Mrs J J

Strong, Mrs James B

Strong, John

Strong, Letcher

Strong, Mr William

Styers, W R

Styres, William Lee

Styres, William

Sudduth, John

Sudduth, Oscar

Sudduth, Parham D

Sullivan, Gass

Sullivan, J E

Sullivant, Felix B

Sulzby, P J

Summerville, Mrs E A

Sumner, Mrs Harriet

Sumner, infant

Sumners, Mrs

Suther, infant

Sutton, child

Sutton, Mrs John D

Sutton, Mrs Mattie

Sutton, Mrs R C

Sutton, Mrs Sarah Ann

Sutton, Mrs Thursy Sloan

Swilley, Harrison

Swindle, Mrs Frank

Swindle, George W

Swindle, Mr George W

Swindle, Mrs George

Swoope, Miss Sallie Ann

Sykes, Mrs Martha

Sykes, Mrs

Tallit, Bill

Tarrant, Mrs Permelia A

Tarrant, Permelia Van Zandt

Taylor, Early

Taylor, Harold Foster

Taylor, John D

Taylor, Miss Mary Emma

Taylor, Mrs Sarah Williams

Taylor, W J

Taylor, Dr W T

Teer, Robert

Terrel, Moses

Terry, Mrs J W

Terry, Mr James

Thomas, Mrs Anna R

Thomas, B I

Thomas, Hawthorne

Thomas, infant

Thomas, John

Thomas, John

Thomas, Mrs John Dagg

Thomas, M C

Thomas, Mrs Mary Lawley

Thomas, Matthew C

Thomas, Miss Mattie

Thomas, Miss Mattie

Thomas, Miss Mattie

Thomas, Melton

Thomas, Nannie

Thomas, Nannie

Thomas, Mrs

Thompson, Hyram Wiley

Thompson, infant

Thompson, J Mathew

Thompson, J N

Thompson, Dr James

Thompson, Mrs John

Thompson, T M

Thompson, Mr W W

Thompson, Will J

Thompson, Mrs Will

Thomson, Off Will

Thomson, Off Will

Thomson, Off Will

Thorington, Capt Jack

Thornton, R L

Thrower, Mr Yancey

Tierce, Benjamine J

Tierce, Mrs Eugene

Tierce, Mrs Eugene B

Tierce, Fredric

Tierce, George A

Tierce, George Morrison

Tierce, George

Tierce, Mrs Sarah

Tiley, child

Timmons, Rev R A

Tomlinson, J D

Towe, Will

Towe, Will

Townsend, Adrian J

Townsend, Mr Cornelius R

Townsend, J F

Townsend, John F

Townsend, John F

Toxey, Miss Virginia

Toxey, Mrs Virginia

Traweek, G Lunceford

Traweek, Mrs L M

Trimm, Charles P

Trimm, J W

Trimmier, Mrs Mary

Tucker, Hazie Cain

Tucker, Mrs Hazie Cain

Tucker, John M

Tucker, John M

Turmer, Mrs Eliza Jane

Turner, Ann

Turner, Collin

Turner, Mrs Collin

Turner, James

Turner, Jim

Turner, John

Turner, Mrs Maggie Walker

Turner, W B

Turner, W B

Turner, Pay W B

Turner, Pay W B

Turner, Pay W B

Turner, Pay W B

Tutwiler, Dr Elisha

Tyler, Henry

Tyler, Mr Henry

Tyler, J H

Tyler, Mr J H

Tyler, Mr Joseph Henry

Upchurch, Mr A C

Upchurch, Mr Allison J

Upchurch, George J

Upchurch, Mrs M E

Utley, David

Van Hoose, Col James M

Vance, Mr James M

Vance, Col Sam

VanLear, Mrs

Vanoy, Mr Rufus

Vanoy, Mr Rufus

Vaughn, Cap

Vaughn, Mr H A

Vaughn, Mrs H A

Vaughn, Mr H Clay

Verner, Judg David

Verner, Mrs Emily Foster

Verner, Prof W H

Verner, William H

Verner, William H

Vines, Mr Jackson

Wadsworth, Mr W S

Waldrop, Mrs Tom

Walker, Mrs A P

Walker, Mrs A P

Walker, Miss Celeste

Walker, Douglas Grant

Walker, Miss Eliza

Walker, Mrs F L

Walker, Louise Stewart

Walker, Miss Maggie R

Walker, Mr Peck

Walker, Mr Peck

Walker, Mrs Robert

Walker, Mrs Sarah Harriet

Walker, William R

Wallace, Mrs E C

Wallace, Mrs E C

Wallace, James

Wallace, John L

Wallace, Rosa

Walter, Prof F S

Walter, Mrs Frederica L

Walter, Mrs Frederica L

Walters, Julia

Walters, Mrs Moses

Walters, Mr

Walton, Miss Brazzie

Walton, James

Ward, Mrs Charlotte Temple

Ward, D W

Ward, H J

Ward, Hester

Ward, John Marion

Ward, Mary Francis

Ware, Louisa

Warren, A H

Warren, Mr Ed, Sr

Warren, J F

Warren, John F

Watkins, Miss Hattie

Watkins, J W

Watkins, Jefferson J

Watkins, Jesse

Watkins, Juan

Watkins, Juan

Watkins, Juan

Watkins, Newton

Watkins, Tulley

Watson, child

Watson, Christopher

Watson, Harvey

Watson, Jim

Watson, Mrs M R

Watson, Sam

Watson, Sam

Watson, W H

Watts, Daniel

Watts, Mrs Mannie

Watts, Robert

Watts, Robert

Watts, Hon Thomas H

Weatherford, Mrs Kate

Weatherford, Mary Ann

Weatherford, Mrs T J

Weaver, Amazier

Weaver, Jesse

Weaver, Lawrence

Webb, Mrs J B

Webb, Mrs James E Jr

Webb, James Edward

Webb, Jr, James E

Webster, Mrs M T

Wedgeworth, Thomas

Weger, Mrs Pamela

Weger, Mrs Pamela

Welch, Mrs S C

Wells, Mrs

West, Mahala

Whately, Mrs Dempsey

Whately, Ed

Whately, Mr Frank

Whately, Green

Whately, Mrs J W

Whately, Janie

Whately, Mrs Sarah J

Whately, W D

Whatley, Mrs Dempsey

Wheat, infant

Wheat, J N

Wheat, Joel

Wheat, Miss Lennie

Wheat, Mrs Tim

Wheat, Mr Tom

Wheeler, Beatty

Wheeler, Mr J T

Wheeler, Gen Joe

Wheeler, Mrs M J

White, Banks

White, Mr Dave

White, James Paul

White, Mrs Mary Anglin

White, Rev W L

White, W L

Whitely, Mrs C H

Whitfield, Miss Amelia

Whitfield, Miss Amelia

Whitson, Mr Ben

Whitson, Mr James T

Whitson, Lizzie May

Whitson, Sr, James


Wilder, Mrs Lydia

Wilds, Miss Fannie

Wilds, Miss Fannie

Wilds, Miss Fannie

Wilds, Henry

Wilds, Henry

Wilds, Henry

Wilds, W H

Wilds, Walter

Wilds, Willie

Wiley, Mr Daniel

Wilkinson, Mrs Allah Price

Willard, Mr B L

Willard, Thomas

Willet, Mr Frank

Willett, Hon A M

Willett, Maj E D

Williams, black female

Williams, Ed

Williams, George

Williams, J S

Williams, Mrs M A

Williams, Maj M J

Williams, Col M J

Williams, M M

Williams, Mrs Malinda

Williams, Marmaduke M

Williams, Mrs Mary H

Williams, Olin

Williams, Red

Williams, Rich

Williams, Mrs Sallie Howell

Williams, Virginius

Williams, Mr W H

Williams, Dr William H

Williamson, Miss Earline

Williamson, Miss Earline

Williamson, F R M

Williamson, Henry

Williamson, Mr Jake

Williamson, Mrs R H

Williamson, Mrs Rebecca

Williford, William

Willingham, A H

Willingham, Hatchett

Willingham, Mrs J Woodford

Willingham, Martha Angeline

Willingham, Mrs Sarah E

Willis, Jerry

Willis, Jerry

Wilmer, Mrs Margaret

Wilson, black male

Wilson, black male

Wilson, black male

Wilson, black male

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, Mr Elias

Wilson, Guy

Wilson, infant

Wilson, Joe

Wilson, Joe

Wilson, Joe

Wilson, Mack

Wilson, Miss Mattie

Wilson, Mrs Mollie

Wilson, Mrs N H

Wilson, Dr O B

Wilson, Mr T A J

Winn, Mrs James

Winn, Maricha

Winn, Mrs Martha

Winston, Henry

Winter, Mr Carroll

Winters, Sam

woman, unknown

woman, unknown

Wood, Mrs Bernard A

Wood, Mr John

Wood, Mrs Martha

Wood, Gen S A M

Wood, Mrs S F

Woodruff, Rev John Newton

Woodruff, Miss Rosa Bell

Woolley, David Truitt

Worthington, Marion

Worthington, W H

Wright, Miss Etta

Wright, Green

Wright, J W

Wright, Dr James Edd

Wright, Dr James Edd

Wright, Lum

Wright, Lum

Wright, Mrs Mary Jane

Wright, Mrs Ruth

Wyatt, Charley

Wyatt, Mr J L

Wyatt, Jim

Wyatt, Mattie

Wyatt, Mr N J

Wyatt, Pleas

Wyatt, Mr Pleas

Wyatt, R J

Wyatt, Robert J

Wyatt, Mr Robert J

Wyatt, W R

Wyatt, Wallace O

Wylie, Miss Caroline

Wynn, Mrs S H

Yancey, James

Yarborough, Mrs Ida

Yaretsky, Herman

Yaretzky, Mr Herman

Yates, Dave

Yates, Dave

Yeager, Mrs Malvina Ward

Yerby, Annie Lee

Yerby, Annie

Yerby, infant

Yerby, J J

Yerby, Rev J T

Yerby, John T

Yerby, Miss Lula Mae

Yerby, Mrs Permelia Ann

Yerby, Richard Maxwell

Young, Mrs Lizzie

Young, Louis

Yunker, Charles H


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