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Walton Family Cemetery

The Walton Cemetery is a very old family cemetery located in T18S R10W S15 on private property in north Tuscaloosa Co.

Directions:  Highway 43N to Northside caution light, turn east onto County Road 38, travel 1-1/2 miles to the 4 way stop sign at intersection of County Road 63, continue straight through at stop sign, cross the river and at the second paved Cripple Creek road sign, turn right and go 3/10 mile.  The cemetery is located on the right side of the road in a small scope of woods in a pasture that is enclosed with a wood fence.    The cemetery is also enclosed with a wood fence.  The location is just back off and to the left of the original Walton homeplace.

This list of people buried in the cemetery was compiled from names given to Emogene Armistead, by Minnie Simpson Kuykendall on March 16, 1971; George Washington  Utley in the summer of 1969, and by Mrs. N. R. McMillian in 1968.
There are 26 graves in the cemetery, with only two standing markers.  There are only 13 graves that could be identified by Mrs. McMillian, Mrs. Kuykendall and Mr. Utley.  The remaining 13 are unknown.

Copyright 1999  Emogene Armistead and Linda Simpson  All Rights Reserved

1. James Henry Walton, Confederate War Soldier, but not CSA marker.  He was born in 1836, died in 1906.
2. Sina Simpson Walton (J. H. Walton's first wife) died in 1869.
3. Mary Cox (Broughton) Walton (J. H. Walton's second wife) died in Sept 1880
4. Cornelia Alexander Walton (J. H. Walton's  third wife and the last person buried in the cemetery)  Cornelia was born in 1853, died June 12, 1930
5. David Walton (J. H. Walton's father)
6. Edith Avera Walton (J.H. Walton's mother)
7. Padetta Walton (infant of J.H. and Sina S. Walton) died in 1866
8. Sina P. Walton (infant of J.H. and Sina S. Walton) died in 1869
9. William D., Walton (infant of J. H. and Mary C. Walton) died 02 Oct 1880
10. Summerville Walton (nicknamed Judge) age about 3-5 years (child of J.H. and Cornelia Walton)
11. Ada Utley Collins and baby (Ada was the daughter of Sarah Cox Utley.   Sarah and Mary Cox Walton were sisters).  Ada was the wife of Shep Collins.
12. Louisa Walton Nixon (J. H. Walton's sister) born April 29, 1837, died July 16, 1877
She had a standing marker that was readable.  Louisa was the sister of J. H. Walton.
13. William S. Nixon (Louisa's husband).  He also has a standing marker that was

Wash Utley told Emogene that Ada Collins or her baby died one day and was buried, and a day or so later the other one died and they exhumed the first body and buried them together.

Copyright 1999  Emogene Armistead and Linda Simpson