Reid/Roland Cemetery
Reid/Roland Cemetery

Ried/Roland Cemetery is located T 21, R 7, Sec. 36.  The property that the cemetery is on was once owned by the Roland family, it is now owned by Mr. Martin.  Information is recorded as it appears on the tombstone. Surveyed by Greg and Charesa
Hester, April 21, 2001.

Submitted by Chare and Greg Hester    © Copyright 2001 Chare Hester  All Rights Reserved


Hayes, W. S., Jan. 30, 1840, Sept. 4, 1887, stone broken

Hayes, George, Nov. 21, 1887, Sept. 9, 1890, son of W. S. & S. L. Hayes, stone broken

Hayes, B. S., Oct. 1, 1871, Jan. 22, 1874, daughter of W. S. & S. L. Hayes, stone broken

Stee?, Margie I., Mar. 24, ????, Jul. 29, ????, stone broken

Blake, Fannie A. Roland, Dec. 9, 1875, May 9, 1906, wife of R. C. Blake

Ried, C. M., Feb. 19, 1830, Feb. 2, 1875

6 unmarked graves

There were a few more tombstones within overgrown hedge bushes that we were not able
to survey, we plan to return in the winter to record the information on these stones.

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