Piney Grove Cemetery  
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Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery


Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery is located in T20S R9W S11.  There are 53 unmarked graves in this cemetery still being used.

Submitted by Nan Kizziah McGonagle  © Copyright 1999 Nan Kizziah McGonagle  All Rights Reserved
Charles C. Kizziah 16JAN1914 23JAN1993
Larry Gregory Kizziah 23OCT1947 9MAR1949
Charlie  Maradise Kizziah This marker was placed on this grave when a new marker was placed on Charley Maradise?s grave.  Reportedly this marks Emanuel Kizziah, Jr.?s grave.  Emanuel, Sr.?s grave is reportedly unmarked next to Emanuel, Jr?s.
Charley  M.  Kizziah 5MAY1850 24NOV1912 Double marker with Fanny
Fannie  E. Kizziah 19JUL1854 7JUL1936 Maiden name Rolen
Nancy Louvenia Kizziah 12JAN1881 6MAR1978
Alfred Luke Kizziah 9AUG1994  25APR1964 Double marker with Velma
Velma Snyder Kizziah 14DEC1893 14OCT1981
Henry Velton Kizziah 11APR1916 2AUG1986
Anthony Charles Lewis Only date engraved is 8/14/1959
Goldman M. Sellers 25MAR1908 28MAY1994 Double marker with Mary
Mary C. Sellers 4MAY1914 19APR1998
Dennis Frost 19JUL1888 Alabama PVT US Army WWI
Nannie (Nancy) Brooks 4JAN1890 22MAR1974 Next to or double marker with Dennis Frost
Viola W. Terrell 7MAR1927 22AUG1980
William C. Walker 24JAN1909 15NOV1980 Double marker with Edna
Edna Eletha Walker
Franklin 19SEP1893 16OCT1942 Transcriber failed to note first name.  Double marker shared with wife, Orville Roberts Franklin.  Orville is female.
Orville Roberts  Franklin 7NOV1899 23SEP1961
Claude Scales 11FEB1892 5FEB1974
Bessie Scales 6AUG1901 28APR1928
Edward  T. Phelps 23FEB1895 10SEP1980 Double marker with wife, Georgie L.  US Army WWI
Georgie  L. Phelps 14MAR1902 17JAN1989 Maiden name, Gentry
Lola M. Phelps 11DEC1902 20SEP1946
Ardell Barger 880 1959 Double marker with Jeppie H.
Jeppie H. Barger 1867 1944
Jessie  Barger  17MAR1901  15NOV1901
Eliza  Scales 18AUG1868 6OCT1924
Mamie Bell Scales 5JUN1878 8JAN1897
Peachie  Scales  23OCT1846  9JAN1920
John  R.  Scales  20MAR1844  5JAN1897  Co. K., 43 Alabama Infantry CSA
Katie  Ann  Scales  17MAR1844  18FEB1886
Charles  Eula  Lewis  10JUN1910  17APR1998  This is a female.
Charles  H.  Lewis  28AUG1873  8APR1911  Double marker with Annie S.
Annie S. Lewis  15MAR1872  11OCT1954
James  Sampson  Franklin  28OCT1915  7FEB1922
Mary  Franklin  1896  1966
Jake Franklin  1875  1946
Addie H.  Franklin  10JUL1876  24MAR1959
Johnnie Franklin  1905  1973
Aaron  C.  Alexander  28JAN1977  5JUN1991
Genie  Sellers Britt  27APR1904  8JUL1997
Lewis Britt,Jr  5MAY1932  4NOV1996  PVT US Army, Korea
Brylan  S.  Sellers  16NOV1972  7MAR1992
Oakman Sexton Alabama PVT 152 Depot Brigade
Oakley Sexton  25MAR1897  13AUG1897
Horace  H.  Sexton  1AUG1839  25JAN1881  Double marker with Susannah
Susannah  S.  Sexton  12MAY1842  2NOV1918
Goldmon  P.  Sexton  29DEC1898  4JUL1899  Son of B.F. and E.F. Sexton
Ben Grammer  24AUG1897  6DEC1982
Nancy Grammer  3SEP1863  3OCT1904
Sarah  A.  Sexton  17JUL1839  9OCT1876
Samuel  T.  Smith  17JUL1936  7MAR1990
John  O.  Smith  6MAR1893  6MAR1977 Double marker with Lillie G.
Lillie  G.  Smith  26DEC1896  16MAR1977
Jodie  Grammer Christian  26FEB1892  21SEP1933
Rufus Mullinax  21DEC1845  2JAN1915  Double marker with Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B.  Mullinax  27AUG1844  27JAN1916
Rubin  Stancil  Roland  12APR1931  1SEP1931
Ruben  M. Sexton  6FEB1872  8JAN1963  Double marker with Sarah H.
Sarah  H.  Sexton  30AUG1874  17FEB1958
Lawrence Franklin  17NOV1906  21SEP1983  Double marker with Thelma S.
Thelma  S.  Franklin  20FEB1905  27FEB1988
Roddy  Otis  Franklin  21JUL1947  10OCT1975  Double marker with Nedra Fay
Nedra  Fay  Franklin
Roberta Kent  28AUG1911 9APR1970
Frank  W.  Sellers  27NOV1882  9FEB1954  Double marker with Ellen J.
Ellen J.  Sellers  30JUL1883  3FEB1963
Baby Violar  Sellers  27JUN1919  21MAR1919
Charles W.  Sellers  12DEC1943  21MAR1944
Robert  Wilson  Sellers  26MAY1906 5JUN1995  Double marker with Virginia Ann
Virginia  Ann  Sellers  11FEB1925 24APR1995
Rebecca Dale  Turberville  11NOV1974 12MAR1987
L.  W.  Franklin This is a very eroded, hand made marker.Tentatively, the marker reads:  ?L.W. Franklin was bornde Feb 25,?12? (must be 1812) unreadable??and died on Aug the 30 ?85? (must be 1885.)
M. A.  Grammer  26AUG1890  15OCT1893
William Grammer  19AUG1894  29NOV1917
Ola  G.  Grammer 28MAY1911  5SEP1938
G.  W.  Grammer 15FEB1855  4NOV1943
L. A.  Grammer  22JUN1871  10SEP1938  Wife of G.W.
Early D.  Grammer  15DEC1905  18FEB1986  Double marker with Mary B.
Mary B.  Grammer