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Hamner Cemetery

Hamner Cemetery (or Albright Cemetery) is located in T22S R10W S12.  Census taken October 7, 2000.  Letters in black directly from stones.  Letters in red from Hamner Heritage by Geneal Black.  Letters in blue by submitter or other.

Submitted by  Chuck Gerdau © Copyright 2000 Chuck Gerdau All Rights Reserved

Rows begin SE corner going north

Row 1

A. Hamner, John W. b. 3-1-1892 d. 11-12-1972 (son of 1B & 1C)

B. Hamner, Troy Hinton b. 12-21-1877 d. 1-7-1952 (child to 6D & 6E)

C. Hamner, Annie Houston. Tarrant b. 10-28-1885 d. 8-27-1977 sister to 1I below

D. Unknown

E. Tarrant, Hattie B. w/o G.P. Tarrant d. 4-14-1883 age 22 years

F. Our Baby (on Hattie Tarrant's stone lists this baby as Our Little Baby Age 2 Days Lie By Her Mothers Side

G. Unknown

H. Tarrant, Permelia Ann VanZandt w/o Edward C. Tarrant
     b. near Elyton, Alabama 3-23-1821 d. Taylorville, Alabama 10-19-1906

I. Tarrant, Edward C.
   b. near Elyton, Alabama 7-12-1819 d. Taylorville Alabama 6-19-1878
   For 34 years a zealous teacher
   For 4 years an office in A.C.S.
   For 36 years a Soldier of the Cross
   For 40 years a devoted husband and father

J. VanZandt, John b. North Carolina 7-3-1785 d. Taylorville, Alabama 10-24-1873 father to 1H above

K. Tarrant, Sarah E.  b. 2-22-1851 d. 5-30-1930 d/o 1H &1I

Row 2

A. Albright, James L II  b. 3-12-1888 d. 5-10-1952

B. Albright, James L  11-25-1852 d. 8-16-1932

C. Albright, Mary A. w/o J.L. Albright b. 3-5-1856 d. 7-24-1919

D. Albright, C. Wilburn b. 12-25-1881 d. 11-7-1912

E. Arnett, Albert Sidney b. 8-4-1862 d. 2-16-1930

F. Arnett, Mary E. Albright b. 4-22-1883 d. 4-2-1967

G. Arnett, Albert Sidney s/o A.S. & M.E. Arnett b. 10-16-1908 d. 10-27-1908

H. Arnett, Mary Francis d/o A.S. & M.E. Arnett b. 1-6-1908 d. 8-15-1908

I. Unknown

J. Unknown

K. Spencer, James Campbell b. 1-29-1821 d. 11-14-1861
    died Montgomery Alabama, son of George Spencer & Martha Hamner (daughter of Richardson Hamner
    & Mary Ann Wingfield, his wife was Martha Ann Houston Potts she is buried Texas)

L. Unknown

M. Unknown

Row 3

A. Unknown (possibly Martha Henley Hamner Hester w/o Chapman A. Hester) b. 6-14-1811 d. 11-6-1889

B. Unknown (possibly Chapman Ambrose Hester)

C. Hester, Chapman A. s/o G.A. & M.H. Hester d. 8-4-1849 aged 2 yrs 4 mo 6 days
    (child of Chapman Ambrose Hester & Martha Henley Hamner)

D. Unknown

E. Bridges, O.B. b. 8-15-1852 d. 1-15-1897 s/o 4L & 4O

F. Bridges, Lola J. w/o O.B. Bridges b. 7-15-1855 d. 7-1-1916

G. Bridges, Joseph Baylus b. 3-3-1884 Tuscaloosa d. 1-21-1914 Silver City, New Mexico

Row 4

A. Hallman, William Jerry Jr. (Smokey) b. 10-3-1967 d. 2-18-1978

B. Ward, Elizabeth Albright w/o S.L. Ward 6-15-1921 d. 7-30-1966

C. Albright, Nellie Eaton  b. 12-11-1904 d. 2-18-1994 (on same stone as below)

D. Albright, Phillip R. Sr. b. 7-24-1901 d. 7-6-1973

E. Albright, Phillip R. (Buddy) 10-18-1925 d. 12-4-1934

F. Albright, A.V. b. 3-12-1863 d. 12-6-1900 (Mason)

G. Albright, Barbara Abigail Hamnerb. 6-6-1863 d. 10-22-1843 (child to 6D & 6E)

H. Unknown

I. Unknown

J. Unknown

K. Unknown

L. Bridges, Elizabeth Jane Hamner, consort of O.W. Bridges b. 2-25-1823 d. 6-27-1855 age 32 yrs 4 mo 2 days
     (sister to 6D)

M. Bridges, Elizabeth Jane, infant daughter of O.W. & E.J. Bridges d. 7-2-1855 age 23 days

N. Bridges, Evie b. 11-7-1834 d. 1-2-1892 (believe she was 2nd wife to 4O)

O. Bridges, Oliver. W. b. 3-4-1811 d. 1-13-1897  h/o 4L above

P. Bridges, Wilbur Pat Bane b. 12-18-1879 Tuscaloosa d. 12-23-1908 Birmingham

Row 5

A. Unknown

B. Unknown

C. Unknown

D. Unknown

E. Hamner, Lucy P. b. 1-2-1825 d. 3-27-1882

F. Bridges, Henrietta M.S. d. 10-11-1855 age 37 years 8 mo 25 days

G. Unknown

H. Unknown

I. Unknown

Row 6

A. Hamner, Oliver Turner.Pendleton. b. 11-27-1857 d. 3-29-1939

B. Unknown infant

C. Hamner, Harper b. 10-31-1869 d. 9-3-1907 age 37 yrs 10 mo 3 days (child to 6D & 6E)

D. Hamner, John S. b. 8-30-1820 d. 9-4-1907 age 87 yrs 5 days

E. Hamner, Nancy Ann (Harper) w/o J.S. Hamner b. 5-16-1826 d. 9-20-1892 age 66 yrs 4 mo 3 days

F. Hamner, Lizzie May age 16 years (b. 1886 d. 1902

G. Hamner, Samuel Walker b. 2-11-1850 d. 7-19-1934 (child to 6D & 6E)

H. Hamner, Anna Hinton w/o Samuel Hamner b. 1-17-1853 d. 5-7-1940

Row 7

A. Hughes, Doris M. b. 7-3-1928 d. 8-17-1998

B. Unknown

C. Unknown

D. Unknown

E. Hamner, Mary Elizabeth Harper w/o Turner P. Hamner b. 9-28-1823 d. 1-3-1881 age 57 yrs 3 mo 6 days
  buried at Jennings Chapel Cemetery Northport, Alabama with Turner Hamner will clarify c.g.

F. Unknown

G. Farmer, Oliver b. 7-21-1891 d. 7-25-1891

H. Farmer, Frederick P. b. 6-30-1859 d. 6-21-1930

I. Farmer, Martha Hamner 1-4-1861 d. 12-28-1941(child to 6D & 6E)

J. Farmer, Frederick P. Jr. b. 7-17-1897 d. 11-7-1942

It is likely that Elizabeth "Betsy" Hamner 3rd child of Turner Hamner Sr & Nancy Ann Moore b. 2-18-1780 Virginia d.unknown is buried on Row 7.  She was married to John W. Mann who is also likely buried on Row 7

Row 8

Unknown stone turned north


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