Shelby County 1860 Mortality Schedule

Shelby County Alabama
1860 Mortality Schedule

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"Persons Who Died During the Year Ending June 1, 1860"
As reported by French Nabors, Assistant Marshall

Please understand that some of the handwriting was faded, incomplete, and poorly written,
therefore, some errors in transcribing may have occurred.

    Name                   Age  Sex  Born  Month  Cause of        Days 
                                           Died     Death         Sick

Alfred Parker               8    M   Ala    Dec    By mule      Sudden
Julis J. Kennaworth         2    F   Ala    May    Consumption     150
Jno. A. Campbell (M)        2    M   Miss   Mar    Pneumonia        15
Bettie Morrow               1    F   Miss   Oct    Unknown      Sudden
Ranson Lucus                9    M   Ala    Jan    Brain Fever       5
Filbert Lucus              13    M   Ala    Jan    Brain Fever       4
Bid Morgan                9m*    M   Ala    May    Diarrhea          6
Amanda S. Davis             9    F   Ala    Nov    Typhoid Fever    21
Perry Large                18    M   Tenn   Nov    Typhoid Fever    60
Alexander Tayler           1m    M   Ala    Jly    Unknown          42
Milly Lolley                1    F   Ala    Oct    Whooping Cough   12
Laura V. Sellers            4    F   Ala    Nov    Put. Throat      10
Mary E. Sellers             3    F   Ala    Nov    Croup            10
Emma Naley                  4    F   Ala    Apr    Fever            10
Donald Rouch                1    M   Ala    Sept   Teething         25
D.N. Hudgens                1    M   Ala    Nov    Unknown           2
Rev. Joshua West           91    M   Va     Jan    By Fall           8
Jno. Kennedy               23    M   Ala    Dec    Typhoid Fever    21
Jno. Acker                 1m    M   Ala    Dec    Unknown           7
Henry E. Kennedy           21    M   Ala    Jan    Typhoid Fever    14 
Anna Alexander             1m    F   Ala    Jan    Unknown           2
Jackson Ganer               1    M   Ala    Jly    Fever            21
Thomas J. Hunter           17    M   Ala    May    By a mule    Sudden
Thomas Hide                 4    M   Ala    Jan    Dis. Head        90
Jonathan Large (M)         30    M   Tex    Sept   Consumption     2yr
Eliz. Holsemback            9    F   SC     Sept   Pneumonia         7
Willie Holsemback          34    M   SC     Feb    Pneumonia       5mo
Aaron Stuckley (M)         61    M   Ga     Aug    Unknown          30
Eli N. Harrall             24    M   Ala    May    Consumption      10
Allen Brewer               6m    F   Ala    Nov    Fever            21
L.J. Stacks                6m    F   Ala    Sept   Hives            21
Harriett P. Lee            ll    M   Ala    Feb    Typhoid Fever    21
S. Griffin (M)             32    M   Ala    Mch    Kidney Disease  120
Jack Johns (M)             48    M   SC     Mch    Drunk/Wsky.  Sudden
Rev. Jno. Foust (M)        64    M   Tenn   Apr    Liver/Kidney     21
Mary E. Lucus              3m    F   Ala    Mch    Croup             2
Mary B. Oatin              8m    F   Ala    Aug    Croup            33
Ellender B. Barnett (M)    63    F   SC     Apr    Unknown          30
Sarah F. Nabers             3    F   Ala    Nov    Brain Fever       1
Henry Harliss (M)          82    M   VA     Jun    Nerv. Fever     5yr
Thomas A. Crim (M)         47    M   SC     Feb    By Whiskey       35
Abner Hill                 50    M   SC     Jly    Insanity        2yr
Zachariah Armstrong         6    M   Ala    Sept   Unknown           1
Elias Armstrong (M)        53    M   SC     Sept   Typhoid Fever    14
Sallie B. Wood (M)         70    F   Va     Jan    Typhoid Fever    10
Wllliam Baker (W)          71    M   SC     May    Chr. Diarrhea    35
E.K. Harris                28    M   Tenn   Apr    Cong. Lungs       9
Jno. O. Greene              2    M   Ala    Aug    Teething        128
Jno. Davis                 2m    M   Ken    Jan    Bowel Compl.     21
James Davis                2m    M   Ken    Dec    Liver Compl.     29
Wllie T. Baker             16    M   Ala    Aug    Dropsey/Chills    4
Hugh H. Licer              18    M   Ala    Feb    Unknown          30
Dr. Robert Barten          40    M   Ala    Jly    Rheumatism     10mo
Caroline McDonald          20    F   NC     Mch    Pneumonia         3
Rev. Joseph Abernathy (M)  50    M   Ala    Sept   Cong. Brain       5
Mary H. Hannah (M)         28    F   Md     Jly    Child Birth      90
Gracy Posey (M)            62    F   Md     Jly    Typhoid Fever    62
Caroline S. Casper         19    F   SC     Jly    Consumption     6mo
Joseph L. Jackson (M)      27    M   SC     Oct    Fever             3
Silaa Hitts (M)            70    M   SC     Oct    Pneumonia        14
Daniel W. Lester           lm    M   Ala    Nov    Thrash           18
James L. Garner (M)        38    M   Ala    Jly    Typhoid Fever    40
Marion Halsomback          10    M   Ala    Apr    Pneumonia        15
Mariah Kimbrill            lm    F   Ala    Oct    Unknown          30
Susan Ogelsberry            4    F   Ala    Aug    Whooping Cough   30
M. Blake                    2    F   Ala    Jun    Flux             14
Sallie McBurnett           lm    F   Ala    Mch    Unknown           1
Mayer McClanahan            2    M   Ala    Jly    Whooping Cough   90
Robert Barnatt              2    M   Ala    Feb    Flux             20
Robert Adderway             2    M   Ala    Feb    Unknown          20
Thomas C. Harris           17    M   Ala    Jly    Typhoid Fever     8
William H. Taylor          17    M   Ala    Jun    Unknown           8
M.E. Emons                  2    F   Ala    Jly    Spasms            2
Lee Streat                 52    M   Ala    Mch    Kidney Infection 25
Jane Donough               50    F   Ga     Jun    Unknown          60
Malinda Brason             33    F   SC     Mch    Typhoid Pneu.     7
Sarah H. Owen              23    F   Ala    Jan    Typhoid Pneu.    26
Mariah Owen                1*    F   Ala    Jun    Typhoid Pneu.     7
Jacob Johnson              54    M   Tenn   Dec    Typhoid Fever    21
Martha Acton               11    F   Ala    Oct    Bill. Fever       5 
Jabas Nabers               5m    M   Ala    Jan    Croup             4
Polley Isbell             100    F   Va     Sept   Old Age          12
Jonathan Davis             7m    M   Ala    May    Errasipellus      7
Jane E. Walls               2    F   Ala    May    Brain Fever       7
Alonzo Funell              lm    M   Ala    Sept   Unknown           7
Jesse Mullins             60*    M   Ala    Aug    Old Age           2
Joseph Huneycut            18    M   Ala    Nov    Typhoid Fever    21
Bettie Caluma               6    F   Ala    Dec    Flux             30
Frances Wheeler            29    F   Ala    Mch    Interm. Fever     7
Richard Hubberd             2    M   Ala    Oct    Worms            10
Henry Moon                 25    M   Conn   Nov    Typhoid Fever    30

                            NOTE:     *   after Age denotes "Slave"
                                            (M)  after Name denotes "Married"
                                            (W)  after Name denotes "Widowed"
                                            Other information on original records, "Occupation"

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