Shelby County 1850 Mortality Schedule

Shelby County Alabama
1850 Mortality Schedule

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"Persons Who Died During the Year Ending June 30, 1850"
As reported by B.F. Randall, Assistant Marshall

Please understand that some of the handwriting was faded, incomplete, and poorly written,
therefore, some errors in transcribing may have occurred.

    Name                   Age  Sex  Color  Born  Month  Cause of     Days 
                                                  Died     Death      Sick

  Ann Lee                   6    F     B*   Ala    Apr   Burn          1  
  Sarah S. Horton          27    F     W    SC     May   Consumption  Chr
  Joe                     1/12   M     B*   Ala    Feb   Croup         2
  Elizabeth B. Armstrong   38    F Married  SC     Apr   Typhoid Fev  15
  William Hamilton          1    M     W    Ala    Aug   Diarrhea      3
  Lucinda Jones            33    F     W    Ala    Nov   Unknown      20
  John Parminto            40    M Married  SC     Aug   Bil Fever    14
  George M. Harless       1/12   M     W    Ala    Oct   Croup         3
  Emily                     2    F     W    Ala    Nov   Croup         2
  Rebecca Johnson           5    F     W    Ala    Jan   Croup         4
  John A. Nelson            1    M     W    Ala    Sep   Bronchitis   15
  Frances E. Neely         24    F Married  SC     Dec   Typhoid Fev  17
  George                    1    M     B*   Ala    Aug   Typhoid Fev  17
  Elizabeth Bowden         57    F Widowed  SC     Jan   Consumption  Chr
  William D. Smith         10    M     W    Ala    Aug   Dropsy       Chr
  Ashler L. Clayton        50    M Widowed  Tenn   Jan   Consumption  Chr
  Franklin Pettes          16    M     W    Ala    Jan   Typhoid Fev  13
  John                      9    M     Mu*  Ala    Sep   Typhoid Fev  10
  Ann                       1    F     Mu*  Ala    Jan   Unknown       5
  George                    1    M     B*   Ala    Mch   Hooping Cgh  31
  Martha Atchison          24    F Married  Ala    Jun   Unknown       -
  Noah B.                 7/12   M     W    Ala    Jun   Dysentery    60
  James King               18    M     W    Ala    Aug   Bil Fever    20
  Susan J. Clark          1/12   F     W    Ala    Dec   Croup         1
  Adaline Lolly             3    F     W    Ala    Jly   Dysentery    15
  Shelby Lolly            8/12   M     W    Ala    Feb   Dysentery     8
  Alposa S. Galloway       17    M     W    Ala    Sep   Unknown      10
  John                      4    M     B*   Ala    Feb   Croup        15
  Samuel T. Young           3    M     W    Ala    Jly   Inf Bowels   35
  Lucy                     13    F     B    Ala    Jan   Typhoid Fev  12
  Edward J. Bailey         21    M     W    Ala    Sep   Pneumonia    10
  John W. Campbell          4    M     W    Ala    Sep   Bil Fever    13
  Newton Glascock           3    M     W    Ala    Sep   Flux         11
  Margaret A. Glascock    9/12   F     W    Ala    Aug   Cholera Inf   4
  Edward Clackley           5    M     W    Ala    Oct    Flux         7
  Simon Walker             19    M     W    Ala    Aug    Typhoid Fev  6
  Elmira Hamilton           2    F     W    Ala    Aug    Flux         4
  Mary C. Johnson        10/12   F     W    Ala    Aug    Unknown      1
  John Mason                4    M     W    Ala    Sep    Unknown     20
  Joshua Roper             26    M     W    SC     Mch    Drowned      - 
  James McLendon           65    M Widowed  SC     Nov    Gravel      Chr
  William Johnson          66    M Married  Va     Mch    Consumption Chr
  Malinda A. Harless       27    F Married  Ala    May    Typhoid Fev 17
  Burton Taylor             1    M     W    Ala    Sep    Bil Fever    8
  Jacob                     1    M     B    Ala    Sep    Flux        10
  Robert McClinton         82    M Married  Ire    Dec    Old Age      -
  Julia                     2    F     B    Ala    May    Unknown     15
  Henry                    38    M Married   Ala    Mch    Dis Heart   15
  Rose                     48    F Widowed   Va     Sep    Flux        12
  Junett Collins            2    F     W    Ala    Oct    Flux        10
  Edward McGuinis           9    M     W    Ala    Dec    Typhoid Fev 35
  Mary J. Crawford         17    F     W    Ala    Feb    Bil Fever   30
  Jane Shelton             48    F Married  NC     Oct    Unknown     Chr
  John West                 4    M     W    Ala    Mch    Croup        2
  Thomas                    1    M     B    Ala    Mch    Croup       10
  Hampton Langley          43    M Married  Ga     Apr    Croup Chol   1
  Thomas Wells             15    M     W    Ala    Oct    Bil Fever    8
  Benjamin McKenney       9/12   M     W    Ala    Feb    Croup        1
  Susunnah McAdams         60    F     B    SC     Aug    Diarrhea    60
  Dinah Ledbetter          68    F     B    Md     Mch    Unknown     60
  James Glascock           20    M     W    Ala    Aug    Inf Brain    9
  Hiram Goodgame            2    M     W    Ala    Jun    Worms       30
  Bryant Rushing           64    M Widowed  NC     Mch    Dropsy      Chr
  John Gewin                2    M     W    Ala    Feb    Croup        4
  William Glasscock       9/12   M     W    Ala    Jly    Cholera Inf  8
  Rose Mardis              50    F Widowed  Ga     Dec    Unknown     50
  John B. Porter           31    M     W    Ala    Jly    Cholera Inf  8
  Columbus Wilson         9/12   M     W    Ala    Jan    Croup       12
  Ranson Holsombac        6/12   M     W    Ala    Jan    Croup       30 
                            NOTE:     *   after Color denotes "Slave"

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