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Shelby County Alabama


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An  "Early Deed Book"  with dates of recording beginning January 1827 with a few recorded in the years 1833 and 1834 was found away from the courthouse depository, reportedly in a trash can. A member of the Shelby County Historical Society rescued this book. The front cover of the original deed book is missing and the book begins with page 148. However, it appears to be complete from that page to the end of the book, which has the original back cover.

In 1980 Tom O. Caldwell, M.D. transcribed this early deed book listing many names as witnesses, state and county officials, and other valuable genealogical data. As noted by Dr. Caldwell, the page listing the alphabetical Direct and Reverse INDEX was present and only one deed was not found.

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Index to Abstracts from Early Deed Book



Page No.NameMiscellaneous Notes
211-212Aikens, William ~ McGraw, James V.Deed. Laviet Aikens, wife.
201Andrews, John ~ Burk, James W.Trust Indenture.
193Bibb, Payton ~ Moore, WilliamDeed Title. Adm. of James Walker, dec.
156-157Brashure, John ~ Lovett, JohnDeed.
197-198Bridges, Richard ~ Roberts, Jesse C.Deed of Gift. Polly (Bridges) Roberts, dau.
194-195Butler, Christopher ~ May, Benjamin &
                                      Street, James C.
Deed. Mahala Butler, wife.
220Cross, Joel M. ~ Cross, JoelDeed.
149-151Donham, Jonathon ~ Cross, JoelDeed. Milberry Donham, wife.
175-176Evans, Jesse J. ~ May, BenjaminDeed. Polly Evans, wife.
177Evans, Jesse J. ~ May, BenjaminDeed. Polly Evans, wife.
203Farr, Adam ~ Boozer, DavidPower of Atty., for collection
from James J. Sloan.
170-171Farrell, John C. ~ Farrell, Robert F.Deed. Sarah Farrell, wife and mother of
William Farrell, dec.
191Fletcher, DavidBond. Appointed Coroner.
148-149Franklin, James ~ Cross, WilliamDeed. Francis Franklin, wife.
148-149Franklin, James ~ Lee, William C.Deed. Frances F. Franklin, wife
162-163Gage, David ~ Walker, WilliamDeed.
225Gillespie, David P. ~ Cross, JoelDeed. Jane H. Gillespie, wife.
227-228Gothard, Sampson ~ Roper, JosephDeed. Terasa E. Gothard, wife.
159-160Green, Richard ~ Seal, Meredith &
                               Seal, West Allen
Gift Deed. Legatee of estate of Elijah Seal, dec.
172Haney, JamesBond. Appointed Tax Assessor & Collector.
189Havis, ObadiahBond. Elected County Court Clerk.
148Hutson, Jepiah ~ McClinton, RobertDeed. Hannah Hutson, wife.
222-223Jordan, Uriah ~ Cross, JoelDeed.
216-217Kelly, Charles ~ Cross, WilliamDeed.
183-184Kidd, William ~ Kidd, James H.Deed. Polly Kidd, wife.
214-216King, Edmund ~ Bowden, SamuelDeed. Nancy King, wife.
166-168King, Edmund ~ Seal, Green BerryDeed. Nancy King, wife.
185-186Lovett, David ~ Strain, JohnDeed.
206-208Mann, Abner L. ~ Stephens, IsaacDeed. Deanna Mann, wife.
178-179Marony, Rhoda ~ King, EdmundDeed. Except 3 acres, Rhoda Merony to
Moses Crowson & others comprising
Shoal Creek Baptist Church.
180-181Maroney, Rhoda ~ Crowson, MosesDeed. Moses Crowson & others comprising
Shoal Creek Baptist Church.
198-199Mason, Job ~ Teague, EleanorDeed. Adm. of Joshua Teague, dec., husband
of Eleanor Teague.
173-174May, Benjamin ~ Oldham, JohnDeed.
195May, Benjamin ~ Street, James C.Bill of Sale.
168-169Moore, James ~ Mitchell, JamesDeed of Sale.
200 & 204Moore, Lemuel ~ Kidd, WebbDeed.
220Moore, William M.Bond. Elected Tax Assessor & Collector.
223-224Prewitt, James A. ~ Cross, Joel M.Deed. Nancy Prewitt, wife.
163-164Roberson, HenryRegistration of Land Certificate No. 176.
151-153Roberson, Henry W. ~ Miller, LewisDeed. Rebecca Roberson, wife.
153-154Robertson, Henry W. ~ Miller, LewisDeed. Rebecca Robertson, wife.
165Robison, HenryRegistration of Land Certificate No. 69.
204-206Roland, Thomas L. ~ Cost, ThomasDeed. Elizabeth Rowland, wife.
161-162Seal, Green Berry
Seal, Abraham       ~  Seal, Meredith &
Musick, James           Seale, West Allen
Gift Deed.
213-214Seals, Nancy ~ Seals, GreenberryDeed of Title. Adm. of Elijah Seals, dec.
191-192Shaw, James ~ Merideth, DavidDeed. Jane Shaw, wife.
158Smith, AbrahamBond. Elected County Treasurer.
190Smith, James W.Bond. Elected Circuit Court Clerk.
187-188Turner, Elisha ~ Greenwood, William H.Deed.
155-156Underwood, John ~ Davis, CalvertDeed.
181-182Walker, James ~ Walker, AndrewDeed.
217-219Walker, Thomas T. ~ King, George R.Deed. Ferribe Walker, wife.
208-210Welden, Ezekiel ~ Hutcherson, HezekiahDeed. Claret Welden, wife.