Cemetery: William Mack Connell Family Cemetery
Shelby County Alabama

William Mack Connell Family
Cemetery Census

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Located in Shelby, Alabama on dirt road to left off Shelby County Highway 47 South.

William M. Connell ~ May 29, 1847 - November 27, 1916

Georgeana (Hand) Connell ~ December 31, 1846 - January 23, 1897
(First wife of W.M. Connell)

Harrette (Vanderslice) Connell ~ February 8, 1862 - December 27, 1902
(Second wife of W.M. Connell)

Leonora Connell Etress ~ July 27, 1876 - June 11, 1911
(Daughter of W.M. & G. Connell and wife of Robert Lester Etress)

J.W. Carden ~ August 14, 1875 - September 14, 1900
(Husband of Eudora Etress)