Cemetery: Siluria
Shelby County Alabama

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Located on Winterhaven Cove in Summerbrook, a residential subdivision, in Alabaster, Alabama. It was located on part of the original "Blue Springs Farm," better known as "The Thompson Place," and my wife, Diane (Brandenberg) Seales, recalls there were graves that dated back to the birth of 1787 and deaths before the Civil War era. Many of the graves and markers were destroyed beginning in 1976. After the cemetery census in 1979 other markers have been destroyed. It appeared as though graves were dug into and markers broken and scattered over the area. In 1976-1977, "Good Morning Yesterday - A Salute to the Past," was researched and published by students of the Local History Class at Thompson High School in Alabaster, Shelby County Alabama. A second issue, "Good Morning Yesterday," was researched and published by students of the Local History Class at Thompson High School in 1977-1978. Unfortunately, these books are no longer available for purchase. A beautiful fence with steps leading to the gate was placed around the cemetery in 1996, at the time the residential houses were build next to the cemetery. A newspaper article and photo of the cemetery appeared in Shelby County section of The Birmingham News on July 10, 1996.

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Siluria Cemetery
Photo made 1976
Buried inside the iron fence was a "Scott" child.
Only the base of the grave marker and the iron fence remains. Inside this fence
is another base to a grave marker and at the foot of that grave is a marker with the initials "M.S.".

Clark, Lula Mae, "daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.G. Clark", June 22, 1904 - August 3, 1913 (marker missing in 1996)

Coker, Arnold Jackson, "son of J.C. & Gertrude Coker", July 8, 1907 - August 14, 1911

Crofford - all that remains in 1996, name and dates appear "chiseled off", marker lying on ground

Elliott, Rachel M., "daughter of A.M. & M.E. Elliott", no dates (marker missing in 1996)

Scott, Mamie, "wife of J.M. Scott", June 10, 1861 - March 12, 1913, age 51 yrs., 9 mos. & 2 days

Scott, James Monroe, December 6, 1860 - June 29, 1911(marker missing in 1996)

Nabors, Mary A., "wife of B. Nabors", April 28, 1804, "born in Laurance Dist., S.C." - August 11, 1866 (marker missing in 1996)

Nabors, B., April 1, 1787, "born in Laurance Dist., S.C." - April 6, 1874, aged 87 yrs. & 6 days (marker broken in several pieces, lying on ground in 1996)

Nabors, Elizabeth, "wife of B. Nabors", July 20, 1791, "born in Spartanburg South Carolina - June 6, 1853, aged 61 yrs., 11 mos. & 16 days (marker broken in several pieces, lying on ground in 1996)

Nabors, Jane, "wife of B. Nabors", January 1, 1794, "born in Laurance Dist., S.C." - March 12, 1825, aged 31 yrs., 2 mos. & 11 days (marker broken in several pieces, lying on ground with pieces missing in 1996)

About some of the people buried in this cemetery.

Blassengame Nabors, buried next to his five wives, was one of the early settlers of Shelby County Alabama. As early as the 1820 Shelby County Alabama census records indicate Blasingame Neighbours, (1) 1 white male, age over 21 years, (2) 1 white female, age over 21 years, (3) 3 white males, age under 21 years, (4) 3 white females, age under 21 years. The 1850 Shelby County Alabama census records indicate Blasingame Nabors, white, male, farmer, age 65 years, born in South Carolina, and his wife, Elizabeth, age 40 years, born in South Carolina, and their son, Stephen, age 18 years, born in Alabama. Some of his marriages as recorded in Shelby County Alabama, (1) Blassingame Nabors married in Shelby County Alabama on October 21, 1853 to Mary A. Bandy. (2) B. Nabors married in Shelby County Alabama on December 17, 1867 to Sarah Ferrell. (3) Blasegame G. Nabors married in Shelby County Alabama on February 16, 1879 to Fannie P. Sayers. When the cemetery census was originally taken in 1979 there were only three markers remaining for his wives.

The obituary, Shelby Guide, Thursday, April 16, 1874, "Capt. Blassengame Nabors, for many years a citizen of Shelby county, died on the 5th inst., in Bibb county, aged 87 years."

James Monroe Scott, son of Robert H. Scott and Elizabeth J. Muse, married on May 24, 1885 in Chilton County Alabama to Mary M. "Mamie" Ross. A former school teacher, James M. Scott as indicated in the 1910 Shelby County Alabama census records was living in Siluria, Alabama and was employed with Siluria Cotton Mills Company. Their children were (1) Andrew Van Buren "Van" Scott, 1885-1942, (2) Horace Duncan Scott, 1888-1952, (3) Thomas Collins "Sanque" Scott, 1890-1928, (4) James Robert Scott, born about 1892, (5) Ruben Beauzell "Bo" Scott, 1894-1956, and (6) Myrtle Mae Scott, 1901-1978, married Ernest Wilbert McCloy, 1895-1968. Information on James Monroe Scott and his family was furnished on March 7, 1999 by his grand-daughter, Inez Scott Carney.