Cemetery: Sessions-Seale
Shelby County Alabama

Sessions - Seale
Cemetery Census

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From Montevallo, Alabama go Southeast on County Highway 155 about 1-1/2 miles; turn left onto County Line Road. Cemetery is located on left, across the field in a wooded area, and is in bad condition. Almost all the markers are on the ground and there are an undetermined number of unmarked graves.

Johnson, Mary J., October 3, 1853 - November 30, 1921
Johnson, Lula, "daughter of W.M. & M.J. Johnson, November 15, 1883 - June 3, 1898
Seale, E.C., "Mason", April 19, 1812, January 30, 1894
Seale, W.A., December 21, 1849, June 13, 1903
Seale, Olevia L., "daughter of E.F. & I.G. Seale", February 28, 1885 - January 18, 1889
Sessions, Isaac W., December 6, 1835 - September 30, 1907
Sessions, James S., October 10, 1872, November 25, 1898
Sessions, Jodie, "son of I.W. and E.H. Sessions", May 22, 1871 - April 8, 1877

There are several unmarked graves. Cemetery is overgrown.

About some of the people buried in this cemetery

(1) The obituary, December 28, 1898, The Shelby Sentinel, To the Memory of a Friend and Associate. Mr. Jim Sessions, who was killed in an explosion at his fathers mill on Nov. 25th, 1898, was a close friend and associate of the writer from infancy until the day of his death. We were rocked in the same cradle, nursed by the same mother, and played under the same shade trees, and since we grew to manhood's estate have been intimately associated. Jim was always found with the best of associates. On the Sabbath he attended the church of God, mixing and mingling with good people. I have walked with him side by side, so to speak, from infancy and I never knew him to commit a malicious act. I was with him when he led the sweet girl to the altar for the marriage ceremony, who now survives him. Every act of his life showed an appreciation of her sweet efforts to make home happy, cheerful and attractive, and that home now in mourning was an ideal home - one that our community appreciated and one that God loved. "Those that God loves he oftimes chasteneth." Jim was the pet of the family and was loved by all who knew him. He held the church in high esteem and in his efforts and influence he did all he could to build up and promote morality and religion in the community in which he lived. He leaves his aged parents, several brothers and sisters and a sweet wife and little babe to mourn his death. To the bereaved relatives, and especially to the young wife and little one, we tender our deepest sympathy. A Friend and Associate.

(2) Mary J. Johnson was the daughter of Edward Crosland Seale and Desdemona Mahan. She married William M. Johnson in 1866 in Shelby County Alabama. He died July 2, 1923 in Chilton County Alabama and is buried in an unmarked grave next to his wife and daughter, Lula Johnson.

(3) The obituary, April 5, 1894, The Shelby Sentinel, Tribute of Respect, Hall of Central Lodge, No. 70. A.F. & A. Masons. Montevallo, Ala. March 10, 1894. To the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of said Lodge: We your committee appointed by the Lodge to draft resolutions on the death of Brother Edward C. Seales, who died on the 31st day of January, 1894, and who at the time of his death was a member of this Lodge ....

(4) The obituary, September 14, 1918, The People's Advocate, Mr. John Sessions, who formerly lived in Dry Valley, died at Ensley the latter part of this week. The burial took place at the cemetery here last Saturday. Mr. Sessions has many friends and relatives who mourn his departure.