Cemetery: Shelby Springs Confederate


Shelby County Alabama

Shelby Springs Confederate
a.k.a. "Old Soldiers Grave Yard"
Cemetery Census

Approximately 3/4 mile on Shelby County Highway 42, from the intersection of Shelby County Highway 25 and Shelby County Highway 42, near Shelby Springs (between Calera and Columbiana).

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Please understand that some of the grave markers were worn, broken, and/or illegible,
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On May 21, 2004 "Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery" was favorably reviewed and listed on the
"Alabama Historic Cemetery Register" with The Alabama Historical Commission.
Also, it is on the "Alabama Cemetery Register" with The Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance.
A public dedication of the Historical Cemetery Roadside Memorial Marker was held on October 24, 2004.

Copied from the Shelby County Historical Society Quarterly magazine, dated March 2002

Shelby County Reporter, Thursday, June 10, 1976
Letter to the Editor: With very much interest I read the letter in the "Reporter" about the old cemetery located near, at that time, the old Summer Resort at Shelby Springs. Fifty years ago the Nelson Realty Co. purchased the Shelby Springs and their plans were to build a big Hotel and Club House to be named the "Yamakita Club" but somehow it never materialized. Then a man named Irby procured it and from that the present owner acquired the property, Howard Hall. Since the last two owners acquired it, there were no more good times, such as picnics et cetera at Shelby Springs. People for miles around would come there especially on the 4th of July ball games et cetera, plenty of water of which there were five kinds, three artesian springs of sulphur water. It was meeting place for all the neighbors. Gone is all that now, an iron fence surrounds the old springs "lot" as it was called, but let us get back to the cemetery, it was known as the Old Soldiers Grave Yard. I personally knew of two old civil war veterans buried there, I.C. Miller and his brother William "Bill" then their sisters Miss Nancy Miller and Mrs. Marian [Mary Ann, second wife of Felix James] Seale ... John Roche Gould, 3329 Oakhill Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35216.

Dunlap, Col. Robert, "Son of Major Wm. & Margaret Dunlap of Laurens District South Carolina,
who died 21st Aug. 1856, aged 57 yrs. & 2 mos. & 10 days."

Pickens, Caroline Josephine ~ July 20, 1855 - August 3, 1856

? ~ Only initials "M.A.S." on foot stone; Marker missing. (Possibly grave of Mary Ann Seale.)

Ira C. Miller, "Pvt. Co. D 29 Ala Inf, CSA" 1840 - 1920 (Died September 2, 1920; In 1979 survey the marker read "I.C. Miller, 1840-1920.)

Lapsley, Zaidee, "Dau. of James W. & Sarah E. Lapsley" ~ Age 3 mos. & 13 days - September 16, 1862 ~ Marker broken.

Lapsley, Joseph Fairfax, "Son of John W. & Ann A. Lapsley" ~ April 20, 1845 - August 30, 1847 ~ Marker broken, illegible; Dates are from 1979 survey.

Fair, William A., "Son of D. & L.E. Fair" ~ July 11, 1845 - August 3, 1846 ~ Marker broken.

Miller, Mary, "Wife of Wm. Miller" ~ March 8, 1843 - June 8, 1921

Miller, William I., "31 Ala Inf, CSA" ~ 1836 - 1915 (Husband of Mary E. Miller ~ September 26, 1837 - January 10, 1915.)

Miller, Howard, "Son of John & Tulsie Miller" ~ June 14, 1888 - December 15, 1909 ~ Marker broken.

Miller, Flennoy, "Son of John & Tulsie Miller" ~ December 30, 1886 - December 18, 1895

Miller, "Son of John & Tulsie Miller" ~ October 8, 1891

Miller, Frank, "Son of John & Tulsie Miller" ~ October 28, 1909 - May 22, 1911

Murphy, John L.,"1st Lieut. Seldens Lt Arty BN" ~ 1826 - 1887

Cotte, Mollie ~ (Hand carved stone ~ No dates) ~ Marker missing in April 2004.

Screws, Benjamin, 1811 - 1859

Washington, Theodora, "Infant dau. of J.S. & Anastasia Washington" ~
Aged 2 months & 19 days - November 11, 1837

Holcombe, Mary E. ~ (No dates) ~ Located in Confederate Soldier's cemetery section.

Holcombe, Almarine Barber ~ (No dates) ~ Located in Cofederate Soldier's cemetery section.

Note:  There were several broken and missing grave markers and several unmarked graves.

The Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery came into being after the fall of Vicksburg and Jackson and the subsequent moving of the Confederate Hospital from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Shelby Springs, Alabama. [Note: Monument in Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery  "Dedicated To The Memory Of Father Leray And The Sisters Of Mercy" indicate " ... came to Shelby Springs in July 1863 and established a Confederate Hospital."  However, there are four Confederate Soldier's markers (1) Elias Early (2) Pvt. Mathew R. Miller (3) Levi Richard Stith Myrick (4) David E. Thomas  that died in 1862, during the existence of Camp Winn Training Center, and are buried in Shelby Springs.] Those soldiers who died at the hospital were buried on the hill behind the hospital and so the cemetery came into being. These soldiers were from all over the south. Information and photographs about this hospital and cemetery are included in "Angels of Mercy." An Eyewitness Account of Civil War and Yellow Fever by a Sister of Mercy, Sister Ignatius Sumner. This book, written by Sister Mary Paulinus Oakes, R.S.M. was published in 1998, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 98-070216. The book also notes "... 1863, after fall of Vicksburg and Jackson on to Shelby Springs by rail with wounded...."

These "scenic historic grounds" are owned by the Shelby County Historical Society, Inc.

At this time there are 212 graves marked Unknown Soldier, C.S.A. plus 95 graves that are Identified Soldiers that died at the hospital.

However, as noted in The Shelby Chronicle, Columbiana, Ala., dated Thursday, October 10, 1901
"Unmarked Graves of 180 Confederate Soldiers ... On a lonely hill near Shelby Springs that beautiful and famous summer resort known and frequented in antibullum days by the wealthy families of the Black Belt, there lie the remains of about 189 Confederate soldiers (note, heading of this article reads Unmarked Graves of 180 Confederate soldiers), who died of disability contracted in the war between the States, or from wounds received in battles in North Georgia and Tennessee and at other places. These soldiers are representatives from all the Southern States and were buried here from a Confederate hospital located at these springs. Nothing is now left to mark their graves but sunken places in the earth and bushes and even trees have grown upon the sacred spot where these brave heroes lie, and a passer by would see nothing of them were it not for a few graves of civilians at one end of the four tiers of rows of soldiers. Among these civilians is that of Major Screws, father of Major W.W. Screws and Hon. Ben Screws of Montgomery. While Alabama's soldiers buried in other States, both North and South, are being cared for by loving hands of patriotic men and noble women it is but just and it is our duty that we care for these, for the same noble principles actuated all these brave martyrs alike and the same love and reverence for their memory demand the same attention. At the County Association of Shelby at its annual meeting in July last, a movement was set on foot to have this sacred ground cleaned off, the sunken graves raised and the yard closed and a shaft erected to the memory of the brave and honored heroes whose lives were sacrificed in the cause we so much loved. The officers of the Association, Colonel John W. Johnston, Columbiana: Lieutenant Colonel James Ozley, Montevallo: Major Joe Crenshaw, Columbiana, and Adjutant C.C. Martin, Calera, compose the committee which has the work in hand, and if possible they will complete it by April 26, 1902 ...."

 NAME                     UNIT                      DATE OF DEATH

Allen, J.D.              Co. E 12 Miss Cav CSA        Jly 25, 1864
Alley, J.S.              Valentine's Miss Cav, CSA         No Date
Andrews, Arthur          Co. K 57 Ala Inf, CSA            May 7, 1864
Armstrong, Elias         Co. E 7 Ala Cav, CSA             0ct 15, 1864
Baldwin, George H.       Co. F 4 Conf Inf, CSA   Nov 26, 1864
Baldwin, George W.       Co. C 62 AL Inf, CSA            0ct 15, 1864
Banston, William         CS Army       No Date
Bingham, Simon W.        Co. H 31 Miss Regt, CSA            June 23, 1864
Bookout, W.              CS Army          July 5, 1864
Brown, J.P.              54 Ala Inf, CSA                  May 14, 1864
Bucks, W.R.         Co. G 3 KY, CSA            Aug 2, 1864
Burdine, A.T.            Valentine's Miss Cav, CSA         No Date
Cliff, Thomas B.         Co. A 53 Tenn Inf, CSA            Mar 18, 1864
Conumibley, W.S.         CS Army        No Date
Curry, Francis Marion    Co. E 2 TX Inf, CSA        Sept 8, 1863
Doyles, Patrick          11 GA Inf, CSA              No Date
Early, Elias             Co. G 28 Ala Inf, CSA       Apr 18, 1862
Edmonds, E.L.            Co. E 1 MO Inf             Apr 5, 1863
Eubanks, John M.         6 Texas Cav, CSA            No Date
Evans, P.L., Pvt.        Co. D 3 US Engrs Corps, CSA      Sept 30, 1864
Gamble, Jonathan R.         CS Army        No Date
Graves, Jasper J.     Co. C 15 Consolidated Tenn Cav, CSA    No Date
Harris, J.F.             Co. E 4 Ala Cav, CSA             Aug 22, 1864
Harrison, Thomas B.      Co. E 1 MO Inf             Jan 21, 1864
Hawks, Henry James       Co. A 9 AR Inf             Apr 29, 1864
Joyce, H.K.              Co. E 5 MO Inf, CSA                Apr 3, 1864
Lassator, Jno. W.        Confederate States Army    Sept 3, 1864
Long, John William       Co. H 5 MO Cav             Oct 22, 1863
Lowry, J.C.              CS Army         No Date
Lowry, W.J.              CS Army        No Date
McCain, Russell          Co. C 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Feb 29, 1864
McClead, A.A.            1 Miss Cav, CSA             No Date
McCurdy, Joseph M.       Co. I 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Feb 28, 1864
McCurdy, Thomas J.       Co. I 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Feb 28, 1864
McLane, Russell M., Serg.   Co. E 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Nov 24, 1864
McQuary, George E.       Co. B 31 Miss	            Aug 27, 1864
McSween, Phillip D.      Co. K 6 Ala Cav, CSA             0ct 24, 1864
Miller, Mathew R., Pvt.        Co. E 28 AL Inf, CSA            1819-1862  
Moreland, George W.      Co. B 2 Ala Cav, CSA             Sept 27, 1864
Murphey, W.L.            28 Miss Inf, CSA                  No Date
Myrick, Levi R.S.        Co. C 28 AL Inf       Mar 21, 1817 - Jun 26, 1862    (Husband of Mary Polly Esther Wood Myrick.)
Nabors, Arthur           Co. B 1 BN Miss S S, CSA           Oct 5, 1864
Newman, W.J.          5 Co. Washington Lt Arty, CSA   Nov 3, 1864
Oran, George W.          Ala Cav, CSA                     Mar 12, 1864
Owens, Samuel            CS Army         No Date
Pair, Alexander          Co. C 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Oct 16, 1864
Parker, John T., Corp.   Co. D 31 ARK Inf, CSA            Sept 12, 1864
Partlow, J.E.            CS Army    Jly 16, 1864
Partlow, James E.    Corp. Co. C 12 Tenn Cav            Jly 17, 1864
Pearson, William C.      Co. D 30 Ala, CSA                Sept 7, 1863
Perry, Robert C.         Co. B 9 Tenn Cav, CSA             Feb 29, 1864
Pippin, Lewis W.         Co. H 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Mar 19, 1864
Powell, Thomas Henry     Co. G 1 MO Inf             Oct 28, 1863
Redd, John               Co. C 5 Ala Inf, CSA             Sept 16, 1864
Reeves, J.C.             CS Army        Jly 4, 1864
Reeves, J.H.             Co. H 62 Ala Inf, CSA            Oct 5, 1864
Rhoades, J.P.            Co. E 3 MO, CSA                 Oct 28, 1864
Roberts, Samuel           Co. I 12 Miss Cav, CSA            Jly 1, 1864
Roberts, Samuel L.       Co. H 5 MO Cav, CSA             Oct 26, 1863
Rogers, Benjamin S.      Co. C 3 MO, CSA                 Sept 3, 1863
Rogers, John T.          Co. H 5 MO Inf, CSA             Oct 26, 1863
Ross, Robert J.          Co. E 1 MO Cav              Mar 7, 1864
Ross, John               Co. I 28 Miss Cav, CSA            Mar 21, 1864
Rucks, W.R.              CS Army                 Aug 2, 1864
Salter, W.D.             Co. F 62 Ala Inf, CSA            Sept 7, 1864
Saminton, William, Serg.        Co. C 12 Tenn Cav, CSA      Jly 13, 1864
Scott, David R.          Co. E 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Mar 21, 1864
Scott, James             Co. C 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Mar 29, 1864
Scott, J.W.              Co. M 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Mar 30, 1864   (Note: Date on marker reads "Mar 30, 1964".)
Scroggin, Thomas R., Pvt.      Co. I 2 AL Cav, CSA             Jly 3, 1864
Shirley, Robert          Co. E 57 Ala, CSA            Mar 18, 1864
Sizemoore, Thomas D.     Co. A 25 GA Inf, CSA            Oct 3, 1863
Slater, S.F.             Co. I 9 Ala Cav, CSA             Aug 24, 1864
Smith, Y.B.              CS Army        No Date
Smith, George W.         Co. D 21 LA Inf, CSA   Oct 1, 1863
Smith, James V., Corp.          Co. C 3 Batt MO Lt Arty, CSA   Oct 9, 1863
Sousa, Joseph            Co. D Miles Legion LPA Inf, CSA      Apr 8, 1864
Spar, A.B.               Co. B 8 Ala Cav, CSA             Nov 26, 1864
Spence, B.F.             CS Army        Aug 21, 1864
Spreights, E.L.L.        CS Army        Jly 1, 1864
Stephens, Luke           Co. M 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Mar 22, 1864
Taylor, J.W.             CS Army        No Date
Taylor, Edward S.        Co. A 8 LA Inf, CSA             Oct 7, 1864
Teakell, James M.        Co. G 2 Ala Cav, CSA         May 21, 1864
Thomas, David E., Capt.         Co. E 24 Ala Inf, CSA        Aug 7, 1862
Thomas,  George W.       Co. K 14 Miss Inf, CSA                -
Towery, George W.        Co. C 10 ARK Inf, CSA        Oct 23, 1863
Tucker, James M.         Co. A 6 Ala Cav, CSA             April 1864
Unknown Soldier, CSA    No Dates   (Note: There are 212 graves with "Unknown Soldier" markers.)
Waller, L.J.             37 Ala Inf, CSA              No Date
White, J.                CS Army         Oct 30, 1864
White, Simpson           Hurts Lt Ala Arty, CSA     Aug 19, 1864
Williams, Elijah, QM Serg.   Co. B 2 MO Inf, CSA          Nov 30, 1863
Wilson, Solomon          CS Army    Jly 19, 1864
Wood, James A.           Co. A 15 Miss Inf, CSA            Apr 29, 1864
Wyatt, Richard H.        Co. A 6 Ala Cav, CSA             Nov 24, 1864