Cemetery: King Cemetery
Shelby County Alabama

Cemetery Census

1979 ~ Transcribed from miscellaneous material
Samford University Library, Special Collection

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therefore, some errors in transcribing may have occurred.

Located on The University of Montevallo Campus

KING,  Elizabeth,”Wife of George SHORTRIDGE,  Aged 88 years” ~ 22 November 1905

SHORTRIDGE,  George D.,  “Aged 55 years” ~ 29 July 1870

KING,  Mrs. Susan D.,  “Age at death: 34 years.  Second wife of Edmund KING
                     and daughter of Josphua and Sylvia WARD. Born in Bertie County, N.C.” ~ 22 June 1850

SHORTRIDGE,  Eli, “Killed at Battle of Seven Pines.  Aged 18 years.
                                             Died for the Southland he loved so well” ~ 30 June 1862

SHORTRIDGE,  Frank Forrester, “Killed at Battle of Atlanta.  Example of Southern Chivalry” ~ 24 August 1864

KING,  Frank Ragan,  10 March 1840,  8 October 1884

KING,  Mrs. Nancy, “Consort of Edmund KING.  Age at death: 49” ~ 10 September 1842

KING,  Morgan “Frank” ~ “Son of Frank R. & Fannie V. KING”,  15 April 1882,  6 October 1884

KING,  Lyttleton, "Died at age 21.  Accidentally killed by his brother in shooting a deer" ~ September 1848

KING,  Nathan Ryan,  1831-1863

SHORTRIDGE,  George D., Jr.,  23 July 1837,  29 August 1868

KING,  Edmund, "Born in Virginia,  Moved to Georgia,  Married NANCY RAGAN in 1812.  Settled in Shelby County." ~ 28 June 1863