Cemetery: Heaton
Shelby County Alabama

Cemetery Census
September 2012

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From Wilsonville, Alabama travel to intersection of Shelby County Hwy. #61 South and Hwy. #25, turn onto Shelby County Hwy. #61 South and travel for about 3.4 miles thus crossing Shelby County Hwy. #30.
After crossing Shelby County Hwy. #30 go to 6045 Hwy. 61 (Wilsonville). Cemetery is located on privately owned property on the right and is badly over-grown. Cemetery survey taken September 2012 by Sandra Ray Crumpton.

Cemetery is also known as Ticer Cemetery as indicated in The Peoples Advocate, dated Thursday, 12 Aug 1915.
Card of Thanks - We wish to thank those who were so kind to help us clean off the cemetery known as the Ticer cemetery,
but now known as the Heaton cemetery. Many thanks to all, both men and ladies. D.C. Heaton, Manager.

    NAME                           BIRTH          DEATH                 COMMENT         
ADAMS, J.W.	26 Aug 1870	21 Feb 1942	Son.
ADAMS, Jane	20 Dec 1834	18 May 1909	Mother.
HARPER, Georgie	31 Nov 1885	14 Oct 1886	Son of E.B. & L.J. HARPER. Marker broken.
HARPER, Jimmie	27 Jun 1877	17 Jul 1886	Son of E.B. & L.J. HARPER.
HARPER, Laura	31 May 1898	11 Dec 1901	Marker not found. Information from 1979 cemetery survey.
HUGHES, George William	19 Apr 1893	03 Jul 1893	Son of W.M. & B. HUGHES.
HUGHES, Lillie	29 Jan 1900	20 Mar 1903	Daughter of W.M. & L.S. HUGHES. Marker broken.
NIVENS, Knox	21 Dec 1877	02 Nov 1914	
PITTS, M.D.	04 Mar 1861	17 Feb 1884	Wife of T.H. PITTS; Daughter of J.B. & L.S. HEATON; Marker broken.
TOMLINSON, Malisa J.	04 Jan 1860	03 Feb 1891	Wife of John P. TOMLINSON. Marker broken.
VANSANT, C.R.	19 Jul 1877	24 Jan 1906	Wife of T.J. VANSANT; Information from 1979 cemetery survey.
WEAVER, Ben F.	No dates		
WEAVER, Elias	No dates		
WEAVER, Nannie A.	19 Oct 1869	19 Oct 1910	Mother; Wife of T.W. WEAVER.
WILLIAMS, Nancy	19 Sep 1808	09 Jul 1840	
WILLIAMS, Robert	28 Jul 1839	16 Nov 1840	

Obituary for Elias Weaver

The Shelby County Advocate, Thursday, March 4, 1920. "Elias Weaver Dies Near Wilsonville - Mr. Elias Weaver, aged 80, died at his home near Wilsonville last Sunday morning, after an illness of several months. He died in three miles of where he was born, and had resided in that community all his life. He was a confederate soldier, and served four years in the Civil war. He was well known and highly esteemed in that community. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bettie Weaver; four sons, Judge G.W. Weaver of this place, T.W. Weaver of Oakdale, La., L.C. Weaver of Gantts Quarry, Grady Weaver of Wilsonville; four daughters, Mrs. Lula Vansant, Mrs. Ola Templin, Misses Johnnie and Ressie Weaver of Wilsonville, and many grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted last Monday afternoon by Rev. T.K. Roberts of this place, and interment was made in Heaton cemetery south of Wilsonville. The Advocate extends sympathy to the bereaved."