Cemetery: Andrew Jackson Cross, Jr.
Shelby County Alabama

Andrew Jackson Cross, Jr.
Cemetery Census

August 2000

Submitted by Rollin L. "Ron" Johnson, Jr.

Maintained by Bobby Joe Seales

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Please understand that some of the grave markers were worn, broken, and/or illegible,
therefore, some errors in transcribing may have occurred.

Located in the rear of the residence at 2300 Cahaba Valley Road.
There is only one completely intact monument and most appear to have been disturbed in the past.

Cross, Elizabeth L. ~ May 17 1834
Wife of A. J. Cross, Jr.

Broken, and death date buried in ground.

Elizabeth L. Cross is the Daughter of Louisa (Jordan) Oldham. A widow, Louisa married widower Wiley Russell on October 25, 1844. Census records show Elizabeth as 15 years of age and living with Wiley and Louisa in 1850. In 1870 she is the "Head of Household"and age 34 with three children, Wm. C. age 12, E.M. age 10 and J.A.C. age 8.

This is A. J. (Andrew Jackson) Cross, Jr. and is sometimes shown as A.J. Cross, Jr. #2. He is the son of Dr. William Lane Cross and Mary Johnson Cross and was married to Elizabeth L. Oldham on February 12, 1857. He was killed or died in the Battle of Nashville, Tn. on or about December 16, 1864. He was probablly serving in Company G, 20th Alabama Infantry (Pettus Brigade) under General John Bell Hood. One account states that "he went into battle with Hood and was never heard from."

Cross, Gertrude ~ July 9, 1896 - May 23, 1897
Daughter of A. J. E. & L. H. Cross
Broken, but readable.

Cross, Hurshel W. ~ ____ 27, 1894 - ____ __, 1903
Son of J. E. & L .H. Cross
Broken and deteriorated, dates are best interpretation only.

Gertrude and Hurshel are almost certainly the children of Andrew Jackson Earle Cross and Lydia Acton Cross. Further information is not available at this time.

Walker, J. W. ~ October 28, 1853 - November 4, 1915
"Father" ~ ~ "At Rest" ~ ~ "Gone but not forgotten"
A foot marker with initials J. W. W. is beside the monument.

H. W. C : This is the footmarker for Hurshel W. Cross, above. It is at the border of the flowers.

C.C.: Appears to be footstone with initials. It is at the border of the flowers. It is probably a part of a lost monument for a member of the Cross family.

There are other small markers that appear to be footstones without initials. There is one natural stone and part of a broken monument base. All of the markers are near an oak tree and form the border of an attractive flower bed. The owners also state that part of a monument was struck while excavating for an adjacent flower bed but was left in place because of its depth. It is evident that the cemetery has been distrubed in the past and that monuments and actual burial sites have been lost. It is safe to say that that a number unidentified burials exist in the area. The present owners have attempted to protect and restore as much as is possible and maintain the area as part of their yard.

This cemetery is on lands owned by descendants of Isaac Whitfield Johnson until modern times. It apparently was in the possession of members of the Cross family at one time. It is known that William Lane Cross sold about 300 acres of land immediately south of the site to Jacob Johnson about 1850. William died in 1856 and is buried at Allan Cemetery.