Cahaba-Coosa Chapter


S.A.R. Sun
Cahaba-Coosa Chapter

Alabama Society
Sons of the American Revolution

Chartered 22 August 2003 in Pelham, Shelby County, Alabama

2018 Officers

Carl Bruce Kilgore

William Emmett Daniel, Jr.

Delbert Calvert Hiestand

Scott Allen Martin

Harry Dean Sessamen

Charles Robert Nuckolls, Jr.

Scott Allen Martin


Larry Haywood Byrd

Past Presidents
Bobby Joe Seales  [Founding Past President 2003 & 2004]

Scott A. Martin  [Past President 2005]

Curtis W. Posey, Jr.  [Past President 2006]

Curtis W. Posey, III  [Past President 2007]

D. Alan Dismukes  [Past President 2008]

Richard D. "Rick" Price, MD  [Past President 2009]

Robert "Bob" Melton  [Past President 2010]

Donald L. Glover  [Past President 2011]

Richard B. "Rick" Booth  [Past President 2012]
Deceased April 12, 2013

John W. Thomas  [Past President 2013]

R. Glenn Nivens  [Past President 2014]

John R. Walker  [Past President 2015]

Charles R. Nuckolls, Jr.  [Past President 2016]

Donald Lee Roberson   [Past President 2017]

Charter Members
At Time of Institution Ceremony and Charter Banquet
(T) = Transfer      (Y) = Youth, not considered as "Charter Member"

Anthony E. "Tony" Baker
Jerrod Allen Bearden (Y/T)
Joel B. Bearden, Jr.
Joel E. Bearden, Jr.
Randall E. Bearden
S. Edward "Eddie" Bowling (Y)
James Thomas Clark
Donald O. "Don" Cleveland
W. Edward "Ed" Cleveland
Glenn David Cook
Timothy E. Evans
Charles S. Farrell, Jr. (T)
George L. Farrell (T)
Harold D. Griffin
L. Garland Horton, Jr.
Terry Alan Leonard (T)
James H. "Pete" Lucas, Jr.
Jimmy Leon "Jim" Martin
Scott A. Martin (T)
R. Glenn Nivens
L. Wayne Nunnally
Robert E. "Robby" Owens, Jr.
Timothy A. Payne, II
Curtis W. Posey, III (T)
Curtis W. Posey, Jr. (T)
Richard D. "Rick" Price (T)
Bobby Joe Seales (T)
David Michael "Mike" Seales
Joshua Caleb "Josh" Seales
Shawn P. Sweeney
Ralph Middleton Thomas, Sr.
Jefferson D.G. Walker (Y/T)
Thomas G. Walker, Jr. (T)
Thomas G. Walker, Sr. (T)
Thomas Matthew Walker (T)
G.W. Whitfield
Jeffery S. Whitfield
Sylane Whitfield

Dual Members
At Time of Institution Ceremony and Charter Banquet
Ronald A. Bearden
Tom O. Caldwell, M.D.
Dr. John Fred Olive, III
Harold E. Walden, Jr.
Michael C. Wells

Charter Membership Applications Pending
At Time of Institution Ceremony and Charter Banquet
Raymond K. Nivens-Buse
James William Cox (Y)
Perry F. Edwards, Jr.
Jeffrey Howard Lucas (Y)
Richard James Lucas (Y)
Daniel Seth Martin (Y)
Danny J. Massey
Roger D. Massey
Terry L. Massey
Billy Wayne Minor
Elzie C. Minor

NOTE: Charter membership was held open for one year.
The “One-Year Anniversary” was held on 15 August 2004
Click Here  for a current and complete list of Charter Membership.

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The “One-Year Anniversary” was held on 15 August 2004.
Click Here  to view the video that was presented on the one-year anniversary of the 2003 Charter Banquet.

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Click here to view the History of the 10th Anniversary of the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter
written by Bobby Joe Seales.

The Cahaba-Coosa Chapter, Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution
was sponsored by the Birmingham Chapter and on 03 May 2003 was approved at
the Alabama Society Board of Managers Meeting as the 15th chapter to be chartered
into the Alabama Society. The Cahaba-Coosa Chapter Institution Ceremony and Charter Banquet
was held on Friday, 22 August 2003, at the Pelham Civic Complex in Pelham, Shelby County, Alabama.

Qualifications for Membership
Any man of age eighteen years or over, who is a lineal descendent of an ancestor who supported the war for American Independence is eligible for membership. These ancestors are referred to
as Revolutionary War Patriots and include those persons who fought in the military and/or militia, who provided supplies to the American cause, who served on political bodies supporting the Revolution,
who signed oaths of support and similar acts. For further information please contact us or click on the Membership Application Worksheet.
Click Here to view fees and dues chart. In addition, Cahaba-Coosa Chapter dues are $20.00.

The Sons of the American Revolution is an Educational, Historical, and Patriotic organization.

Click here to view the Early History of the Alabama Society SAR.
Click here to view the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter Constitution & By-Laws

... Former Alabama Society Presidents from the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter ...
2012-2013    C.W. Posey, Jr.
2014-2015    Bobby Joe Seales

Click Here ... To read about the Current [2014-2015] Alabama Society President from the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter

Shelby County Reporter, dated March 26, 2014 ... "Seales gives greetings at Alabama DAR state convention"
Alabama Sons of the American Revolution President Bobby Joe Seales gave greetings to the Alabama Daughters of the American Revolution at the 116th State Conference at the Auburn Conference Center.
Seales received the DAR Community Service Award at the DAR awards luncheon for his many years of service preserving the history of Shelby County
as President of the Shelby County Historical Society and Executive Director of the Shelby County Museum and Archives.
At the DAR opening night ceremony where he gave SAR greetings, Seales received his HODAR (Husband of DAR) pin. Seales’ wife Diane is a new member of Shelby County’s DAR David Lindsay Chapter.

The Cahaba-Coosa Chapter monthly schedule for meetings will be the third Sunday of each month at 2:30 pm.
The meetings will be held at the North Shelby County Library located at 5521 Cahaba Valley Road, Pelham.
Directions: From I-65 take Exit #246, travel Ala. Hwy. #119 North (same as Cahaba Valley Road)
for approximately 4.1 miles, North Shelby Library will be on your right.

Shelby County Soldiers of the American Revolution
The lands between the Cahaba and Coosa Rivers were settled in the early 1800's and an unusually large number of Revolutionary War veterans found their way to what is today Shelby County Alabama. For further information on Shelby County Soldiers of the American Revolution visit (1) David Lindsay, A Revolutionary War Soldier and (2) Other Known Revolutionary War Soldiers In Shelby County Alabama.