Index to Will Book K ~ 1849-1854

Index To Will Book K

1849 ~ 1854

Shelby County Alabama


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    NAME                               PAGE NUMBER         
Alexander, Elizabeth, deceased	61	
Bailey, William C.A., deceased	253	
Bennett, John; Bennett, Jesse; Bennett, James; Bennett, Thomas; Bennett, William; Bennett, Richard; Bennett, Sarah; Bennett, Margaret; minor children of Bennett, Joseph & Elizabeth, deceased	244-246	
Benton, Caroline, minor heir of Benton, Jesse, deceased	359-361	
Benton, Columbus, minor heir of Benton, Jesse, deceased	418-420	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	32	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	35	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	136	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	138	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	178	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	211-215	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	235-236	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	46-52	
Benton, Jesse, deceased	61-67	
Benton, William	36-37	
Boucher, Joseph J., deceased (petition to sell land)	146-153	
Boucher, Joseph J., deceased (will)	141-144	
Boucher, Martha F., deceased widow of Boucher, Joseph J.	144-146	
Bowden, Sarah, minor heir of Samuel Bowden, deceased	279-288	
Bowdon, Mary P., minor of Bowdon, David, deceased	155-156	
Bowdon, Robert, deceased	30	
Bowdon, Robert, deceased	112-113	
Brasher, Leroy P., deceased	75-88	
Bridges, Thomas, deceased	189-190	
Brinker, Joseph M., deceased	375-382	
Burton, Jesse, deceased	232-233	
Caldwell, Dr., deceased	485-486	
Caldwell, H. A.. deceased	227-231	
Caldwell, H. A.. deceased	23-25	
Caldwell, Hance A., deceased	191	
Caldwell, Mary C.; Caldwell, Augustus; Caldwell, Edwin; children of Caldwell, H.A.   (bond of guardianship) 	42	
Clark, Samuel, deceased	234	
Condon, William, deceased	384-394	
Cost, Allen, minor heir	271	
Cost, Andrew	43	
Cost, Andrew, minor heir	276-278	
Cost, Eli, deceased	271-272	
Cost, Henry	42	
Cost, Nancy C.	42	
Cost, Nancy C., Henry, Sarah E., & Andrew, minor heirs	278-279	
Cost, Nancy C., minor heir	274-275	
Cost, Sarah A.	42	
Cost, Sarah E., minor heir	272-274	
Davis, Sarah, minor heir	486-487	
DeShazo, Nancy	215	
Doke, William, deceased	53	
Easley, Warshaw, deceased	155	
Easley, William, deceased	479-481	
Edwardson, John	57-58	
Elliott, Amos, deceased	18-23	
Elliott, Cornelius, deceased	424-430	
Foster, John, deceased	136	
Galaway, Nancy	43	
Galloway, Laura Ann, minor heir	375	
Galloway, Mike F.	137	
Galloway, Miles	177-178	
Galloway, Miles D., minor heir of Galloway, W.W, deceased	430-431	
Galloway, Robert, deceased	252-253	
Galloway, Saphrona, minor child of Galloway, William, deceased	157	
Galloway, Saphrona, minor child of Galloway, William, deceased	257-258	
Galoway, Miles, deceased	113-114	
Gilbert, John C., deceased	179	
Gilbert, John C., deceased	60-61	
Gilbert, William, deceased	179-182	
Gilbert, William, deceased	67-74	
Goodman, Charles, deceased	26-29	
Griffin, Richard S., deceased	313-329	
Griffin, Richard, deceased	183-189	
Griffins, Richard S., deceased	197-209	
Headley, Martha Ann & Caleb N., minor children of Headley, Willis	382	
Headley, Mary J., minor child of Headley, Willis	382-383	
Hinton, John M., Elizabeth, William, & George M., minor heirs	493	
Horton, John J.L., deceased	232	
Hugh, Mary, deceased	257	
Johnson, M.D.L., guardian of minor heirs of Johnson, William F.	491	
Johnson, Samuel H., appointed general adaministrator for county	493	
Johnson, W.V., deceased	138	
Johnson, William V., deceased	216	
Johnson, William, deceased	34	
Johnson, William, will, deceased   	1-6	
Jolley, Joseph, deceased	239-240	
Jones, George, deceased	110-111	
Jones, George, deceased	15-18	
Kelley, Charles, deceased	153-154	
Kidd, Albert J., deceased	369	
Kidd, Albert J., deceased	217-222	
Kidd, Albert J., deceased	341-359	
Kidd, Thomas B., deceased	529-539	
Lawley, Henry, deceased	44	
Lawley, Henry, deceased	483	
Lawley, Henry, deceased	361-368	
Lawley, Jeremiah, deceased	45	
Lawley, Jerry, deceased	166-167	
Lenoir, W.W., deceased	492	
Lenoir, Willis, deceased	255	
Lenoir, Willis, deceased	157-159	
Lewis, James K.	127-128	
Lewis, John W., deceased	508-517	
Lewis, P.H., decease	123	
Lolley, Henry, deceased	193-197	
Lolley, Jeremiah, deceased	258-270	
Lolley, Jerry, deceased	192	
Lolley, Joseph, deceased	215-216	
Lyons, John	165-166	
Mason, William, deceased	494-500	
Masters, Thomas, deceased	30-31	
Maxwell, Martha J. & Julia Ann, minor heirs of Maxwell, Mary H.	487	
McClellan, Elias B., deceased	256-257	
McClinton, Robert, deceased	159	
McComic, Caroline F., minor heir of McComic, Hugh, deceased	312	
McComic, Hugh, deceased 	114-123	
McComic, Hugh, deceased 	13-15	
McComic, Hugh, deceased 	289-312	
McDaniel, Thomas Jefferson; McDaniel, Rosey Ann; McDaniel, Joseph; minor children of McDaniel, Alfred, deceased	137	
McGinnis, Daniel, deceased	26	
McGinnis, Thomas	43	
McHenry, B. M., deceased	168	
McHenry, B. M., deceased	159-160	
McHenry, Barnabas M., deceased	37-40	
McHenry, Barnabas, deceased	329-339	
McHenry, Emily P., Mary B., & Rupert R., minor children of McHenry, Barnabas	330-331	
Mills, F.M., deceased	92-98	
Mills, James H.	256	
Mills, T.H.	131	
Mills, Thomas F.	256	
Mills, Thomas F.	488-491	
Mink, Jacob, deceased	138-140	
Moore, Artenissa; Moore, William H.; Moore, Mary E.; Moore, Aaron L; children of Moore, Mary	177	
Moore, John, non compus mentis	475-479	
Moore, William, deceased	370-375	
Morrow, James W, deceased	129-131	
Musick, Sarah A., daughter of Musick, Samantha & Seale, James  	10-11	
Nabors, Allen, deceased	54	
Nabors, Allen, deceased	240-242	
Nabors, Blassemgame	53	
Nabors, James M., deceased	160-165	
Nabors, James; Nabors, Sarah A.; Nabors, Hugh, minor children of Nabors, Allen, deceased	54	
Nabors, Nancy C., Matilda F., Paralee R., Louisa J., & James M., minor heirs of Nabors, James M., deceased	469-475	
Niven, James B., deceased	126-127	
Niven, James, deceased; Niven, John, deceased	58	
Niven, Jesse, deceased	193	
Niven, Jesse, deceased	154-155	
Nivens, J.B.	29	
Nivin, Jesse B.	251	
Nivins, John, deceased	246-248	
Nivins, Mary A.	251	
Nivins, Samuel L.	251	
Oldham, Elizabeth; Oldham, John B; Oldham, Laura; Oldham, Menilla; minor children of Oldham, Carter, deceased	129	
Ozley, Mary, deceased	135	
Ozley, Mary, deceased	242-243	
Ozley, Mary, deceased (sale of negros Sarah & Gabe)	191	
Page, Phillip, deceased	126	
Pate, Elias, deceased	395-407	
Paul, H.H., guardian Cooper, Willis H.	128-129	
Paul, Henry W.	56	
Pearson, Polly, deceased	140	
Phieffer, Christopher, deceased	254	
Piner, John A.F., minor	416-417	
Pitts, Robert G., deceased	209-211	
Pitts, Robert G., deceased	88-90	
Pledger, Ellen, deceased	167-168	
Pledger, Jack L.; Pledger, Hugh L.W.; Pledger, J. R.; minor children of Pledger, L.R. & Sarah, deceased. 	128	
Pledger, Samuel, deceased	125	
Pledger, Samuel, deceased	127	
Polly, negro girl owned by Tool, Francis C.	125	
Polly, negro girl owned by Tool, Francis C.	252	
Porter, Colonel	60	
Posey, Mary, deceased	234-235	
Rachels, Miles, deceased	420-424	
Ragsdale, William, deceased	123-124	
Ragsdale, William, deceased	125-126	
Ragsdale, William, deceased	56-57	
Redding, James, deceased	243-244	
Reid, James, deceased	407-416	
Richardson, E.A.	26	
Richardson, Mary, deceased	167	
Richardson, Mary, deceased	500-508	
Richardson, Thomas J., deceased	40-41	
Richardson, Thomas J., deceased	90-92	
Roberson, James, deceased	111	
Robertson, Henry W., deceased	431-454	
Rushing, Bryant, deceased	192	
Rushing, Bryant, deceased	45-46	
Satterfield, Mary Ann	255	
Satterfield, Mary Ann, minor	417-418	
Seale, William, will, deceased   	7-9	
Shrader, Francis, deceased	55	
Singleton, John, Dr., deceased	518-528	
Stamps, Wesley, orphan    	12	
Stewart, John W., deceased	223-227	
Stewart, John W., deceased	31-32	
Stewart, John W., deceased	339-341	
Strain, John, deceased	156	
Strain, John, deceased	394-395	
Strain, John, deceased	98-107	
Stringfellow, Robert, deceased	132-135	
Stringfellow, Robert, deceased	251-252	
Sykes, Frederick, deceased	107-110	
Taylor, William F., deceased	394	
Thornhill, William, deceased	58-59	
Vick, Alexander, deceased	168	
Vick, Alexander, deceased	249-251	
Vick, Jacob	237-238	
Walker, John H. & Darthula, minor heirs of Walker, Thomas J., deceased	414-416	
Walker, T.J., deceased	481-483	
Walker, Thomas J., deceased	33	
Walker, Thomas J., deceased	233	
Walker, Thomas R., deceased	110	
West, Jane, H.L., & Nancy E., minor heirs of West, Benjamin, deceased	486	
West, Simeon, deceased	233-234	
Wilder, Daniel	55	
Williamson, Sarah A., minor daughter of Williamson, Wilie	25	
Williamson, Sarah A., minor daughter of Williamson, Wilie	111-112	
Williamson, Wilie, deceased	253-254	
Wilson, Benjamin, deceased	236	
Wilson, Benjamin, deceased	168-176	
Wilson, Benjamin, deceased	383-384	
Wilson, Henry H., deceased   	11-12	
Wilson, Jehu L., deceased	454-469	
Wilson, Martha Jane, infant daughter of Wilson, Henry H.  	9-10	
Wilson, Robert B., deceased	231	
Wilson, William R., minor heir of Moore, James, deceased	491