Index to Will Book B ~ 1818-1842

Index To Will Book B

1818 ~ 1841

Shelby County Alabama


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    PAGE              NAME                           COMMENT         
142,143,149-150	Allen, John	Inventory of property; Sale of property.	
170-172	Bevell, William	Last Will & Testament.	
25,26,30,61	Billingsley, John	Administrators Bond; Appointment of Guardian.	
154	Butler, Mary  (minor)	Guardian report.	
43,44,48-58	Butler, Zachariah	Administrators bond; Request for inventory; Inventory of property. 	
64-68,93,98,99	Butler, Zachariah	Appointment of Guardian: Sale of property; Guardian report.	
115-119,132	Butler, Zachariah	Guardian report.	
62,63,73-75	Chapple, John	Administrator bond; Inventory of property.	
77-79	Chapple, John	Sale of property.	
79-85	Coupland, John	Inventory of property.	
90-98	Coupland, Douglas	Inventory of Property; Sale of property.	
106-114	Crowson, Richard	Inventory of property.	
162,163	Dubose, David	Last Will & Testament.	
133	Estell, James	Appraisers report.	
104-106	Farrell, William	Last Will & Testament.	
166-168	Gay, Joseph	Last Will & Testament.	
160,161	Greenwood, William H.	Last Will & Testament.	
176-177	Hester, Lucy	Last Will & Testament.	
139-141	Hill, Allen G.	Sale of property.	
6,7,14,44-47,50	Holsomback, Abraham	Inventory of property; Appointment of Guardian; Guardian report.	
58-62,72,73,92	Holsomback, Abraham	Sale of property; Guardian bond; Resignation of Administrator; Guardian report.	
10,17-19,33,34	Kidd, Martin	Administrator of Will; Inventory of property.	
60	Kidd, Martin	Resignation of Administrator.	
172-176	Kidd, William	Last Will & Testament.	
160	Lawson, John	Appointment of Administrator.	
138,139,144	Lovet, John	Inventory of property; Final settlement.	
150-153	Lovet, John	Sale of property.	
1	Marony, Isaac	Partial inventory of property.	
26,109	Marony, Polly	Appointment of Guardian for minor; Guardian report.	
119-124,144	Mason, Jobe	Last Will & Testament; Inventory of property; Final settlement.	
22-25	McCane, Jane	Administrators Bond; Inventory of property; Guardian report.	
89,90	McCloud, Daniel	Inventory of property.	
156,157	McDavid, James	Final settlement.	
19,22,29,40,145	McGuire, Thomas	Administrators Bond; Inventory of property; Appointment of Guardian.	
75-76, 86-88	McHenry, Thomas 	Inventory of property.	
27,28,68,69	McKean, Jane	Appointment of Guardian for minors; Guardian report.	
8,9,15,16,41,42	McLaughlin, Daniel	Security Bond; Request for inventory; Inventory of property.	
68	McLaughlin, Daniel	Appointment of Guardian.	
30	Miles, Jeremiah	Appointment of Guardian, Guardian report.	
154-156	Mitchell, Isaac	Inventory of property.	
61,62,70-72, 104	More, John Adams	Appointment of Administrator; Administrator Report; Inventory of property.	
64,69,105	Moss, William Y.	Appointment of Guardian; Request for Inventory; Guardian report.	
116,117,157	Mundine, Titus	Inventory of property; Final settlement.	
168-170	Neal, Zachariah	Last Will & Testament.	
26-27	Ormand, Giles M. (minor)	Appointment of Guardian.	
32,34,35,38,39	Orr, Robert	Administrators bond; Inventory of property.	
158,159	Porter, Mitchell A.	Sale of property.	
28,29	Prestridge, John	Appointment of Guardian for minors.	
118	Ray, Jane	Inventory of property.	
100,101	Ray, William	Inventory of property.	
31,32	Rodgen, Thomas A.	Order for court appearance of Widow; Appointment of Executor.	
102,103	Seals, Elijah	Order for sale of property.	
164,165	Sentell, Samuel	Last Will & Testament.	
125-131,145	Tardy, John	Inventory of property; Sale of property; Final settlement.	
61	Taylor, Alexander	Guardian report.	
7,8,11,12,14	Teague, Joshua	Security Bond; Administrators Bond.	
36-38	Teague, Joshua	Inventory of property.	
133-139,146-148	Wiseman, John	Inventory & Appraisal of property; Appointment of adminisrators.	
		[NOTE:  Pages 2-5 in Will Book B are missing.]