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1990 - 1999

Shelby County Alabama

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This OBITUARY INDEX includes all of the obituaries that were found in The Shelby County Reporter for the years 1990-1999. We also maintain the Bolton (a.k.a. Bolton-Walton) Funeral Home Records from 1957 through 1996.


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       NAME OF DECEASED        NEWSPAPER DATE             

Aaron, Dorsey L.	24-Mar-93	
Abbott, Cecil J.	23-Apr-97	
Abbott, Floyd E.	29-Aug-90	
Abbott, Samuel Eugene "Bud"	27-Aug-97	
Abercrombie, Charita	24-Mar-93	
Abernathy, Pauline	29-Oct-97	
Abernathy, Robert Edward	18-Nov-92	
Acker, Gladys Elizabeth	13-Aug-97	
Acker, James Benton	21-Oct-92	
Acker, Vernie Falkner	28-Nov-90	
Ackerley, Lois Alberta, Dr.	24-Nov-93	
Acton, Clentell Doyle	13-Aug-97	
Acton, Ezra Clifford	22-May-91	
Acton, Macie Lee	24-Apr-91	
Adams, Clarence Edward	29-Jan-97	
Adams, Hettie Elizabeth	19-Jan-94	
Adams, Paul William	12-May-93	
Adams, Russell Kristopher	25-Nov-98	
Adams, Vera Whetstone	10-Apr-91	
Adams, William Adrian	21-Feb-96	
Adams, Willie, Jr.	 05-Aug-98	
Adams, Zane L.	10-Jul-91	
Adaway, Doris Mac	06-Nov-96	
Adkins, John Preston	01-Apr-92	
Agee, Annie Collier	05-Jun-96	
Akers, Denmon F. "Dan", Rev.	 16-Dec-98	
Akridge, Willie Jean	22-Jul-92	
Alacron, Joe, "Jody"	23-Jun-99	
Albright, Etta Lee	20-May-92	
Albright, Lydia Irene	03-Apr-91	
Alexander, Bobby Joe	 06-May-98	
Alexander, Donald Carlyle	22-Sep-99	
Alexander, George Bozeman, Jr.	13-Feb-91	
Alexander, Johnnie Busby	07-Dec-94	
Alexander, Kaleb	03-Apr-91	
Alexander, Louis Freeland	27-Sep-95	
Alexander, Mark McKinley	19-Aug-92	
Alexander, Michael Eugene	26-May-99	
Alexander, Mutt H.	05-Sep-90	
Alldredge, Horace David	15-Sep-99	
Allen, Caleb Zane	30-Jan-91	
Allen, Eva Louise	01-Mar-95	
Allen, Frank	11-Apr-90	
Allen, Henry Cecil	03-Mar-93	
Allen, Herbert	 07-Jan-98	
Allen, J. C., Mr.	29-Jan-92	
Allen, Lois Estell	17-Feb-93	
Allen, Mamie Pickett	16-Dec-92	
Allen, Martha	03-May-95	
Allen, Shirley E./L.	18-Jan-95	
Allen, Verlin	12-Apr-95	
Allen, W.C., Mr.	16-Aug-95	
Allen, William	30-Oct-91	
Allen, William Thomas	24-Dec-97	
Allen, Willie Pike	23-Jul-97	
Allison, Daniel	13-Feb-91	
Allison, William Lucas, Sr.	13-Jan-93	
Allred, Jimmy Glen	06-Nov-91	
Altenhof, Daryl	04-Jun-97	
Althouse, Doug	03-Jun-92	
Althouse, Doug	21-Sep-94	
Althouse, Doug	28-Sep-94	
Althouse, George Douglas	10-Jun-92	
Alvavera, Rogue	05-Aug-98	
Alverson, Emily	22-Jul-98	
Ambrose, John R. "Russ"	22-Feb-95	
Ambrose, Ralph Eugene	20-Nov-91	
Ambrose, Ralph Eugene	11-Dec-91	
Amos, Charles Edward	22-May-91	
Amos, James W.	16-Jun-99	
Amos, Judson F.	18-Mar-92	
Amos, Nannie Marie	11-Sep-96	
Anderson, Alfred William	02-Mar-94	
Anderson, Annie Lee Merrell	31-Jan-96	
Anderson, Anthony Joe	12-Dec-90	
Anderson, Barbara Harris	07-Jul-93	
Anderson, Caleb E. "Red"	16-Jun-93	
Anderson, Charles Harold	18-Aug-93	
Anderson, Ernestine Payne	03-Oct-90	
Anderson, George Jackson, Sr.	20-Apr-94	
Anderson, Grace L.	10-Aug-94	
Anderson, James Curtis	03-Feb-93	
Anderson, Margaret Belle "Maggie"	 11-Mar-98	
Anderson, Marviree	21-Sep-94	
Anderson, Richard D., Sr.	27-Jul-94	
Anderson, Robert E.	24-Feb-99	
Anderson, Thelma W.	01-May-96	
Anderson, Vera Wooten	17-Jan-96	
Andrews, Edward O.	01-Feb-95	
Andrews, Elizabeth Ann	17-Jul-96	
Andrews, Harold P.	31-Aug-94	
Andrews, John M., Jr.	30-Oct-96	
Andrews, Rena B.	01-Feb-95	
Andrews, William Leon	18-Jan-95	
Andrews. Agnes Irene	12-Jan-94	
Andrezejcak, Johnnie Mae Davis	 14-Oct-98	
Angell, Louise Viola	31-Aug-94	
Ansley, Herman E.	25-Jun-97	
Ansley, Herman E.	02-Jul-97	
Anthony, George	12-Jun-96	
Anthony, Gladys C. Finn	12-Jan-94	
Anthony, Jimmie Belmont	25-Nov-92	
Anthony, Michael Todd	16-Oct-91	
Anthony, Myrtle Lexie	29-Nov-95	
Apolinar, Zuares	09-Jul-97	
Appleby, Margaret Megginson	24-May-95	
Appley, Elizabeth Hartley	 01-Apr-98	
Archer, John H.	10-Mar-99	
Archer, Leon	15-Aug-90	
Argo, Joseph C. "Joe"	08-Jun-94	
Arledge, Watson Mack	12-Dec-90	
Armstrong, Amy Stinson	13-Dec-95	
Armstrong, Annie Pearl	02-Oct-96	
Armstrong, Cynthis Bailey "Cindy"	30-Mar-94	
Armstrong, G.W.	14-Apr-99	
Armstrong, Lillie Jewel	04-Sep-96	
Armstrong, Lucille M.	10-Aug-94	
Armstrong, Martha Rose	10-Aug-94	
Armstrong, Mary Frances	30-Jun-93	
Armstrong, Molly June	12-Oct-94	
Armstrong, Nell O.	03-Apr-91	
Armstrong, Walter Thomas "Buddy"	29-Dec-93	
Arnett, Ludie S.	24-Aug-94	
Arnold, Billy John	29-Dec-93	
Arnold, Irene	11-Oct-95	
Arnold, Thelma Y.	21-Sep-94	
Arthur, Orbie Jerome	25-Jan-95	
Arthur, Orbie Jerome	01-Feb-95	
Ash, Jewel Ella Chism	16-Jan-91	
Ash, Kathleen Patience	23-Jun-99	
Ash, Roy A.	16-Apr-97	
Ash, Samuel Prior	 25-Mar-98	
Ashmore, Elizabeth Sue-Ann	04-Sep-96	
Ashmore, Elizabeth Sue-Ann	11-Sep-96	
Ashmore, Elizabeth Sue-Ann	18-Sep-96	
Askew, John Lewis	20-Apr-94	
Askins, Roselle Sebert	12-Feb-92	
Atchison, Bernice H.	08-Dec-99	
Atchison, Elizabeth	10-Aug-94	
Atchison, J.T., Mr.	13-Mar-91	
Atchison, Lehman M.	04-Mar-92	
Atchison, Ruth Nell	05-May-93	
Atchison, William E.	24-Jan-96	
Atkinson, Velma	16-Sep-92	
Attaway, Jessie B.	09-Dec-92	
Attaway, John Walter, Sr.	31-Mar-93	
Attaway, Lallage Swiney	29-Oct-97	
Auffant, Eugene Joseph	11-Jul-90	
Austin, John Troy	07-Sep-94	
Austin, Robert, Sr.	05-Apr-95	
Averett, Nathan W., Sr.	07-Mar-90	
Avery, Tommy Wayne	27-Mar-96	
Awtrey, Sandra L.	30-Nov-94	
Baccus, Luther, Jr.	 07-Oct-98	
Baggett, Grace Boswell	25-Jun-97	
Bahouth, Mary Frances	29-Jan-92	
Bailey, Anna Roper	26-Jun-91	
Bailey, Carl, Jr.	15-Dec-93	
Bailey, Carolyn Grant	22-Jun-94	
Bailey, Clara Edith Cook	11-Jun-97	
Bailey, Ernest F.	 01-Apr-98	
Bailey, Jack Clifton	24-Jul-96	
Bailey, Jessie Pearl	29-Dec-99	
Bailey, Larry Mitchell	28-Jul-93	
Bailey, Lucy	26-Feb-97	
Bailey, Margie Aline	06-Mar-91	
Bailey, Morris Monroe	18-Apr-90	
Bailey, Robert Howard	03-Feb-93	
Bailey, Sidney Frances	12-Aug-92	
Bailey, William J. "Bill"	19-Oct-94	
Bailey, William Thomas	08-Mar-95	
Bain, Jeanette Gibbs Newman	01-Jun-94	
Baker, Alred H.	19-Feb-92	
Baker, Braxton Eugene	12-Jan-94	
Baker, Charlie M.	23-Oct-91	
Baker, David Lee	14-Sep-94	
Baker, Dorothy F.	03-Jul-91	
Baker, Dorothy Jean	05-Jul-95	
Baker, Ellis C.	26-Jul-95	
Baker, Eva Theresa Aldridge	26-Sep-90	
Baker, George Kermit "Mutt"	18-Sep-96	
Baker, Helen Frances	19-Nov-97	
Baker, Helen M.	03-Mar-99	
Baker, Jennie Ramsey	26-Jan-94	
Baker, Jimmie Dee McKinney	27-Aug-97	
Baker, John Oren	07-Dec-94	
Baker, Louise O.	11-Jan-95	
Baker, Margaret Elizabeth	25-May-94	
Baker, Margarette	 03-Jun-98	
Baker, Mary Helen	14-Nov-90	
Baker, Nellie Jack Moore	 14-Oct-98	
Baker, Olen Rudolph	14-Dec-94	
Baker, Ophelia Nixon	04-Dec-96	
Baker, Ophelia Nixon	11-Dec-96	
Baker, Ralph Hamilton, Sr.	 01-Apr-98	
Baker, Rickey Ray	08-Jun-94	
Baker, Starling W.	01-Dec-99	
Baker, Terry Walton	21-Jun-95	
Baker, Willis Harold	24-Nov-99	
Baldwin, James Dillard	19-Feb-92	
Baldwin, Linda Louise	15-Jun-94	
Ball, Albert	03-Jan-96	
Ball, Annie Laura Johnson	06-Oct-99	
Ball, Gussie Wrenn	03-Sep-97	
Ballard, Charity Leigh	20-Dec-95	
Ballard, Harrie M.	31-May-95	
Ballentine, Richard	 25-Nov-98	
Banks, Alisa Wood	25-May-94	
Bannister, Millard H.	27-Jan-99	
Barber, Clara Ward	05-Dec-90	
Barber, Jimmy Louis	 13-May-98	
Barber, Maggie Etress	08-May-91	
Barber, Plumer Louise	20-Jan-99	
Barberm Truman J., Sr.	16-Jul-97	
Barden, Wilma Dean	 14-Oct-98	
Barefield, John William	31-Jan-90	
Barefield, Robert S.	09-Sep-92	
Barham, Mary Gardner	14-Jul-99	
Barkley, Wilma Jean	25-Sep-96	
Barnes Jesse W.	03-Nov-93	
Barnes, Charlie S., Jr. "Blue"	06-Nov-91	
Barnes, David Daniel	05-Jun-91	
Barnes, Franklin D.	13-May-92	
Barnes, Fred W.	16-May-90	
Barnes, George DeLancey	 20-May-98	
Barnes, Lillian G.	13-Mar-96	
Barnes, Lonnie E.	05-Jun-91	
Barnes, Mamie J.	15-Oct-97	
Barnes, Minnie Lou	06-Mar-91	
Barnett, A.W.	 21-Oct-98	
Barnett, Ada Mae	09-Jun-99	
Barnett, Annie H.	03-Mar-99	
Barnett, Bruce Braxton	15-Sep-99	
Barnett, Ella Mae	01-Nov-95	
Barnett, Ellen R.	11-Aug-99	
Barnett, Elmer	03-Jan-96	
Barnett, Esther Hull	29-Apr-92	
Barnett, George William	14-Feb-90	
Barnett, Gwendolyn Diane	05-May-93	
Barnett, Joan Johnson	23-Dec-92	
Barnett, Rosie Lee	24-Oct-90	
Barnett, Sara Sue	14-Dec-94	
Barnett, Stanley Givhan, Sr.	10-Jun-92	
Barnett, William Warrior	14-Feb-90	
Barnette, Robert	23-Apr-97	
Barre, Anna May	29-Sep-93	
Barrett, Martha Lucile Thornburg	10-Apr-96	
Barrett, Pat W.	24-Feb-99	
Barrett, Robert Francis	19-Oct-94	
Barrett, William Edgar	02-Apr-97	
Barrett, William Garry	21-Apr-99	
Barronton, Irene	14-Aug-96	
Barronton, Janice G.	23-Mar-94	
Barrow, John Robert	02-Sep-98	
Barsam, Violet Edith	15-May-96	
Bartlett, Leroy Edward	29-Sep-93	
Barton, Junior Herbert	22-Aug-90	
Barton, Margaret Barr	20-Oct-93	
Bass, Flora	16-Oct-91	
Bass, Jimmy Darel	12-Aug-92	
Baswell, Jessie E.	16-Jun-93	
Bateman, Maurine	 16-Sep-98	
Bates, D. Charles	10-Dec-97	
Bates, Doris Cain	08-Oct-97	
Bates, Earnest	30-Jul-97	
Bath, Brenda Willis	30-Jun-99	
Batson, Gary, Edward, Jr.	21-Feb-90	
Battle, Anne D.	10-Dec-97	
Battle, Henry R.	28-Sep-94	
Battle, Jennie Mae Meadows	 11-Feb-98	
Battle, Linnie Pearl	 04-Mar-98	
Battle, Willie John, Jr.	 09-Dec-98	
Battles, Dalton Knight	 21-Oct-98	
Batts, Charles Arthur	13-Mar-96	
Baughman, Vivian E.	20-Oct-93	
Baughn, Roy F.	15-Mar-95	
Baxley, Gladys Brymer	22-May-91	
Bazemore, William Larry	17-May-95	
Beabout, William	29-Jun-94	
Beam, John L.	23-May-90	
Beam, Minnie Lee	28-Aug-96	
Beam, Rosie Louise White	11-May-94	
Beam, Terry Wayne, Sr.	02-Feb-92	
Bean, David Rhett	30-Aug-95	
Bean, Minnie Lee	21-Aug-96	
Bean, Naomi Nell	25-Aug-93	
Beane, J.D. "Jodie"	03-Apr-91	
Beane, James Lee	01-Mar-95	
Beane, Louise Eillison	05-May-99	
Beane, Ruth Elaine	20-Mar-96	
Bearden, Annie Marie	07-Feb-90	
Bearden, Edna Goggins	 04-Feb-98	
Bearden, Evelyn Lorene	13-Dec-95	
Bearden, Irene Lanning	09-Aug-95	
Bearden, Irene Lanning	16-Aug-95	
Bearden, James Paul	08-Jan-97	
Bearden, John Lewis	20-Oct-93	
Bearden, Juanita Gayle	17-Nov-99	
Bearden, Neal Oliver	11-Dec-96	
Bearden, Raymond Roy, Sr.	20-Jul-94	
Bearden, Robert	 07-Jan-98	
Bearden, Stanley Bentley, Sr.	08-Dec-99	
Bearden, Verla Jeanette	14-Jun-95	
Beasley, Charles Edward	17-Apr-96	
Beasley, Elise Hickman	06-Aug-97	
Beasley, James Franklin	25-Oct-95	
Beasley, Minnie Clara	09-Jul-97	
Beasley, Robert S.	18-Apr-90	
Beasley, Tony Edward	 11-Feb-98	
Beason, Robert Dyer, Jr.	12-Aug-92	
Beaty, Dalton Tyler	10-Jan-96	
Beaty, Pansey M.	21-Dec-94	
Beavers, B. D., Mr.	15-Jan-92	
Beavers, Clara M.	07-Nov-90	
Beavers, Katie Mae	10-Oct-90	
Beecham, Richard King	23-Mar-94	
Belcher, Larry James	27-Nov-96	
Belew, Clarence A.	 11-Nov-98	
Bell, A.W.	17-Nov-99	
Bell, Carrie Brazzell	30-Oct-91	
Bell, David Carnell, Sgt.	04-Aug-99	
Bell, Irene S.	12-Feb-92	
Bell, Joseph "Joe"	 12-Aug-98	
Bell, Katharine W.	25-Apr-90	
Bell, Leo	 11-Mar-98	
Bell, Sarah J.	21-Apr-99	
Bellinger, George Frances, Sr.	 06-May-98	
Benedict, Brian Edward "Scooter"	05-Sep-90	
Benford, Idella Griffith	19-Jul-95	
Benison, Lula M.	11-Nov-92	
Bennett, Howard Floyd	23-Aug-95	
Bennett, Michael	07-Jun-95	
Bennett, William Robert	03-May-95	
Benson, Agnes B.	03-Jun-92	
Benson, Billy K.	25-Apr-90	
Benson, Billy Mack	21-May-97	
Benson, Jay	17-Feb-99	
Benson, Sadie Pate	30-Oct-96	
Benson, Shannon Blake	03-Jun-92	
Benson, Sidney Milton "Goube"	26-Sep-90	
Benson, Ted	09-Oct-91	
Benson, Willie Frances	 21-Jan-98	
Benson, Willie Mae	05-Mar-97	
Bentley, Boyd V.	03-Nov-93	
Bentley, Grace Beatrice Sheffield	31-Dec-97	
Bentley, Harold David	 04-Nov-98	
Bentley, James R.	03-Feb-99	
Bentley, Jeanette	 07-Jan-98	
Bentley, Judith A.	29-Sep-99	
Bentley, Julia Dennis	29-Jan-92	
Bentley, Kristi	15-Jul-98	
Bentley, Louise	 30-Sep-98	
Bentley, Samuel W.	02-Nov-94	
Benton, Brook Nicole	16-Apr-97	
Benton, Charles H.	17-Apr-91	
Benton, James Andrew	15-Nov-95	
Benton, Lella Mae	18-Jul-90	
Benton, Ronald Ray, Sr.	01-Nov-95	
Benton, William Donald	04-May-94	
Beran, Robert	07-May-97	
Bergbauer, Kathryn Joan	17-Jul-96	
Berry, Robert Eugene, Jr.	29-Mar-95	
Berryhill, Jewel	22-Jun-94	
Berryhill, W.L. "Bill"	07-Nov-90	
Bertha Geneva Simmons	 30-Dec-98	
Best, Maude	07-Apr-93	
Bethea, Sue Elizabeth Burns	27-Jul-94	
Beu, Alma Irene	 24-Jun-98	
Bevan, Arlie, Sr.	26-Aug-92	
Bevan, Arlie, Sr.	02-Sep-92	
Bibb, Frances B.	13-Jan-93	
Bibby, Christopher Ellis	01-Aug-90	
Bice, Gladys Lorene	29-Oct-97	
Bice, Mary Sue	16-Oct-96	
Bice, Mega Marie	 20-May-98	
Bice, Myrtle Elizabeth	22-Jan-92	
Bice, William Edward "Ed"	29-Oct-97	
Biddie, Charles James, Sr.	07-Jul-99	
Bierley, Daisy	31-Jan-96	
Bierley, Edmond F., Sr.	13-Jul-94	
Bierley, Pat Hardin	23-Sep-92	
Bigelow, Charlotte Ann	15-Aug-90	
Biggs, Julius S.	08-Sep-93	
Billings, Louis David	02-Dec-92	
Billingsley, Billy Frank	07-Nov-90	
Billingsley, Martha Tubbs	02-Aug-95	
Billingsly, W.C. "Bill"	03-Apr-96	
Bingham, Edith Vivian	03-Feb-99	
Bingham, Mabel	20-Jan-99	
Binion, Edna Mae	 13-May-98	
Birchfield, John T.	31-Jul-96	
Birchfield, Maurine Terrell	30-Apr-97	
Bird, Curry Dixon, Jr.	20-Apr-94	
Bird, Edith Inez	13-Dec-95	
Bird, Johnnie A. "Mama"	31-Jan-90	
Bird, Ora Janette	03-Mar-93	
Birmingham, John Clifton	20-Oct-93	
Birmingham, Mildred Milham	18-Jul-90	
Bishop, Bob	06-Oct-93	
Bishop, Clarence E., "Skipper"	14-Dec-94	
Bishop, Ermon Woods	05-Apr-95	
Bishop, Grace J.	07-Apr-99	
Bishop, Hazel Louise	24-Feb-99	
Bishop, James	17-Apr-91	
Bishop, Larry Henley	24-Jan-90	
Bishop, Theodore R.	02-Jun-93	
Bizek, Tawnya A.	22-Feb-95	
Black, Estelle	24-Jul-96	
Black, Marion, Sr.	11-Sep-91	
Blackburn, Arthur William	16-Feb-94	
Blackburn, Marvin C.	03-Apr-91	
Blackburn, Melvin Frank	26-Mar-97	
Blackburn, Shellie Lou	01-Feb-95	
Blackerby, Lila Pearl	22-Feb-95	
Blackmon, Acie G.	03-Jan-96	
Blackmon, Alene H.	18-Dec-91	
Blackmon, Herman	31-Oct-90	
Blackmon, Linnie Mae	20-Oct-99	
Blackmon, Melvin O.	16-Sep-92	
Blackmon, Ollis Osco	27-Jun-90	
Blackshear, Lucy Matthews 	 01-Apr-98	
Blackwell, Gladys Kirkland	12-Feb-97	
Blackwell, William Oscar	20-Nov-91	
Blain, Billy Ray	03-Apr-96	
Blair, Ulyas Simpson	20-Apr-94	
Blake, Leo Wesley	27-Feb-91	
Blakeley, Donald Earl, Sr.	07-Aug-91	
Blandenship, William E.	14-Apr-93	
Blankenship, Aileen	06-Oct-99	
Blankenship, Ella Mae	28-Aug-96	
Blankenship, Elva R.	 21-Jan-98	
Blankenship, Esther Lucas	12-Apr-95	
Blankenship, Graham S.	18-Dec-91	
Blankenship, Hillard Leon	07-Nov-90	
Blankenship, Odis D.	30-Sep-92	
Blankenship, Thelma	13-Dec-95	
Blankenship, Walter Marvin	12-Oct-94	
Blevins, Carl Desmond	31-Aug-94	
Blevins, Rachael Darlene	01-Apr-92	
Blewster, Mavis Marie	29-Oct-97	
Boaz, Ellis "Shorty"	29-Dec-93	
Boaz, Louise Beatrice	13-May-92	
Bobo, Arlington Henry  	30-Dec-92	
Bobo, Idova A.	15-Feb-95	
Boettger, Geraldine Patricia	15-Jan-97	
Bohanon, Florence McGiboney	30-Mar-94	
Bolden, Eva Mae	10-Oct-90	
Bolding, Katie White	19-Jun-96	
Boles, Etta Mae	13-Jun-90	
Boles, Mildred Louise	29-Apr-92	
Boling, Ruby Gay	09-Feb-94	
Bolton, Abram James, Jr.	20-Aug-97	
Bolton, Arthur P., III	28-Jul-99	
Bolton, Arthur Pennington, Jr.	02-May-90	
Bolton, Robert Newton, Sr.	20-Nov-91	
Bolton, Sadie May	03-Nov-93	
Booker, Darlene Latricia	18-Aug-99	
Booker, Janet Myra	13-Dec-95	
Booth, Calvin Woodrow	17-Apr-91	
Booth, Eugene Washington	 09-Dec-98	
Booth, Gladys Marie	17-Apr-96	
Booth, Margaret Roland	25-Apr-90	
Booth, Raymond Lee	09-Apr-97	
Booth, Vernis L.	21-Apr-99	
Boothe, Arthur Lee	 26-Aug-98	
Boothe, Audie Mae	04-Jun-97	
Boothe, Bertha Mae	13-Jan-99	
Boothe, Billy Ray	13-Nov-91	
Boothe, Clara Gertrude	11-Aug-93	
Boothe, Curtis Don	10-Oct-90	
Boothe, Edmond Alvis	13-May-92	
Boothe, Floyd Lige, Sr.	 18-Mar-98	
Boothe, Gary Wayne, Sr.	22-Mar-95	
Boothe, Grady E.	18-May-94	
Boothe, Helen	 12-Aug-98	
Boothe, Herman H., Sr.	25-Aug-99	
Boothe, Herman, Jr.	 09-Sep-98	
Boothe, James Edward	15-Feb-95	
Boothe, John Wesley, Jr.	13-Feb-91	
Boothe, Joseph Jay	06-Apr-94	
Boothe, Lena Schilleci	05-Oct-94	
Boothe, Lester Lewelen	14-Aug-91	
Boothe, Mary Ethel	04-Aug-99	
Boothe, Nellie Beatrick	03-Jan-90	
Boothe, Neppie Holsomback	05-Jul-95	
Boothe, Profit	13-May-92	
Boothe, Roland Franklin	30-Dec-92	
Boothe, Travis Wade	27-Jul-94	
Boothe, William Loyed "Buddy"	24-Oct-90	
Boothe, William M.	02-Aug-95	
Boss, Dewey Franklin, Jr. "Duke"	12-Apr-95	
Bowdoin, Braxton C.	21-Sep-94	
Bowen, Brenda Breckinridge	02-Apr-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	05-Feb-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	12-Feb-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	19-Mar-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	09-Apr-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	23-Apr-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	30-Apr-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	11-Jun-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	16-Jul-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	27-Aug-97	
Bowen, Brenda Joyce Breckenridge	21-Jan-98	
Bowen, John Dewey	05-Aug-92	
Bowen, Lillie G.	27-Oct-99	
Bowman, Eugene	24-Feb-99	
Bowman, Ludie Elizabeth	24-Jul-91	
Bowser, Jay Herbert	20-Nov-96	
Bowser, Jay Herbert	27-Nov-96	
Boyd, Henry Nason	07-Apr-93	
Boyer, Mary Carolyn	01-Jul-98	
Boyer, Mary Carter	 24-Jun-98	
Boykin, Ural, Jr. 	28-Mar-90	
Boyle, Raymond Eugene	11-Jun-97	
Boyles, Carl	06-Oct-93	
Bozeman, Charles Eugene	04-Mar-92	
Bozeman, Kathryn C.	20-Jan-93	
Bozeman, Thomas C.	08-Jul-98	
Bozeman, Willodean Hooper	22-Dec-93	
Bracken, Naomi Elizabeth	20-Jan-93	
Brackin, Thomas Joseph, Sr.	21-Mar-90	
Bradberry, Donald Wayne	06-Jul-94	
Bradford, Walter D., Sr.	22-Sep-99	
Bradford, Zula Helton	22-Oct-97	
Bradley, Bessie Bradberry	07-Sep-94	
Bradley, Erma Carter	05-May-93	
Bradley, Florence Roper	02-Oct-91	
Bradley, Florence Roper	09-Oct-91	
Bradley, Helen Ada	09-Apr-97	
Bradley, Lafayette H.	05-Oct-94	
Bradley, Rickey	 19-Aug-98	
Bradley, Ruby Ernestine	25-Jun-97	
Bragg, Ada Mae	24-Feb-93	
Bramblett, James Westmoreland "Jimbo"	22-Feb-95	
Bramlett, Jerry Albert	23-Nov-94	
Bramlett, Wilburn Albert	18-Dec-91	
Bramlett, William S.	29-Mar-95	
Branca, Eros Alexander	25-May-94	
Branch, Elbert Felton "Jack"	11-Dec-91	
Branch, John Wesley	08-Mar-95	
Branch, Myrtle	11-Oct-95	
Brand, Ainne Darlyne	 23-Dec-98	
Brandenburg, Will Hayes, Mrs.	14-Nov-90	
Brannan, Thomas Rhody, III	12-May-93	
Brantley, Doris E.	30-Aug-95	
Brantley, Emma Lessie	08-Feb-95	
Brantley, Harris Cleveland	 11-Mar-98	
Brantley, J. W.	07-Jun-95	
Brantley, Janie Estelle	13-Aug-97	
Brantley, Nellie Pauline	06-May-92	
Brantley, William Clark, Sr. "W.C."	11-Jun-97	
Branum, James Victor	25-Dec-91	
Brasher, Billie Jean	20-Jan-99	
Brasher, Charles Ellis	12-Dec-90	
Brasher, Clara Bearden	10-Jul-96	
Brasher, Claude	10-Jun-92	
Brasher, Columbus	02-Jan-91	
Brasher, David Leighton	20-Jan-99	
Brasher, David Wayne	22-Feb-95	
Brasher, Denver Virginia	23-Jul-97	
Brasher, Denver Virginia	06-Aug-97	
Brasher, E.B., Jr.	23-Oct-96	
Brasher, Edward Earl	14-Jun-95	
Brasher, Ella B.	08-Dec-93	
Brasher, Ella J.	08-Sep-99	
Brasher, Eloise King	14-Nov-90	
Brasher, Ernest T.	19-Jan-94	
Brasher, Floyd Abner	27-May-92	
Brasher, Gailey D.	08-Oct-97	
Brasher, Gladys Walton	25-May-94	
Brasher, Gladys Walton	01-Jun-94	
Brasher, Grace Elizabeth	02-Nov-94	
Brasher, James Houston	20-Jun-90	
Brasher, Junior Samuel	13-Oct-99	
Brasher, Larry Charles	29-Jan-97	
Brasher, Mary Opal	 11-Mar-98	
Brasher, Morris Robert	08-Jul-92	
Brasher, Ola-Leona	05-May-99	
Brasher, Randall Eugene	06-Dec-95	
Brasher, Richard A.	25-Jul-90	
Brasher, Rita Joyce	29-Jan-97	
Brasher, Robert E.	07-Feb-96	
Brasher, Roger Clark	12-Jul-95	
Brasher, Shirley	29-Nov-95	
Brasher, Steve A.	26-Aug-92	
Brasher, Steve Alan	26-Aug-92	
Brasher, Thomas M.	18-Jun-97	
Brasher, Timothy Ray	09-Sep-92	
Brasher, Vauda Cox	15-Apr-92	
Brasher, Virgil Houston	07-Oct-92	
Brasher, Willie N., Mrs.	19-Jan-94	
Brashier, Columbus	02-Jan-91	
Braswell, Deloise	27-Mar-96	
Braswell, Elzie	06-Dec-95	
Braswell, Nezba E.	05-Apr-95	
Braun, Klara Adelheid	10-Jan-96	
Braxton, Edward E.	11-Aug-99	
Bredt, Alberta	19-May-99	
Breeland, James Edward	16-Jun-99	
Brewer, O. T., Mr.	01-Feb-95	
Brewer, Paul	29-Jun-94	
Bridges, Edwin Little	08-Apr-92	
Bridges, Glenn Murphree	 11-Feb-98	
Bridges, Grandville Morgan	14-Feb-96	
Bridges, Joseph Pickens	09-Nov-94	
Bright, Horace Daniel	08-Dec-93	
Bright, Ruth Jones	11-Jun-97	
Bright, Thelma Stano	16-Feb-94	
Brinner, Carrol Kenneth, Jr. "C. K."	15-Mar-95	
Brisky, Jerre/James Earl	01-Sep-99	
Bristow, Ena	14-Aug-96	
Britton, Zachary Blade	09-Jun-93	
Broach, Terri Marie Jobe	10-Mar-93	
Broadhead, Ralph Duncan	08-Sep-93	
Broadhead, Richard Givian	29-Dec-93	
Broadhead, Sally Marie	14-Jun-95	
Broadhead, Sara Frances	12-Oct-94	
Brock, Janice Elaine	13-Jul-94	
Brooks, Dorothy Marie	 21-Oct-98	
Brooks, Flora B.	22-Nov-95	
Brooks, Henry Lloyd	22-Jan-97	
Brooks, Loreta Armstrong	01-Jul-92	
Brooks, Lucy J.	17-Sep-97	
Broome, Ella Kate	27-Jan-93	
Brothers, Edna Patridge	14-Jul-99	
Brown, Alvenia	 25-Nov-98	
Brown, Billy L.	17-Dec-97	
Brown, C. Arthur	 23-Dec-98	
Brown, Dennie	09-Jul-97	
Brown, Frank, Sr.	22-Sep-99	
Brown, George, Sr.	05-Jun-91	
Brown, Herbert Rufus	02-Jun-99	
Brown, Howard Hugh	12-Jun-91	
Brown, Howard, Jr.	10-Apr-91	
Brown, Hoyt Glenn	12-Aug-92	
Brown, Jean Forrest	02-Dec-92	
Brown, Johnnie Mae "Big Mama"	 26-Aug-98	
Brown, Levin Oliver, Sr.	19-Feb-97	
Brown, Margaret Cahoon Cooper	22-Sep-99	
Brown, Mary Charles	21-Apr-93	
Brown, Mildred Dickerson	25-Dec-96	
Brown, Mina MacNair	17-Feb-99	
Brown, Paulie	 20-May-98	
Brown, Percy, Sr.	07-May-97	
Brown, Rickey, Jr. "Charlie"	17-May-95	
Brown, Rosemary	03-Mar-99	
Brown, Sandra Rebecca	03-Apr-96	
Brown, Stansel Almon, Jr. "Bud"	29-Mar-95	
Brown, Thelma Mae	12-Jan-94	
Brown, Thomas Blanchard, Jr.	 06-May-98	
Brown, Tony Orlando	03-Mar-99	
Brown, Vera A.	 09-Dec-98	
Brown, William	24-Jan-90	
Brown, Wyman W.	18-Sep-96	
Browning, Frances Opal Pope	09-Mar-94	
Brownlee, John Melvin, Jr.	09-Jun-99	
Brunetti, Dan D.	 04-Mar-98	
Bruno, Mary Asaro	30-Jun-93	
Bruser, William Henry, Jr.	01-Jan-92	
Bruser, William Henry, Jr.	08-Jan-92	
Bryan, Katie Brewer	24-Jul-96	
Bryan, Randolf Talson "Randy"	09-Mar-94	
Bryant, Fred	26-May-99	
Bryant, James B., Jr.	23-Mar-94	
Bryce, Mary Virginia	13-Jan-93	
Buchanan, Samuel W./E.	27-Jul-94	
Buchans, David W.	22-Jan-92	
Buck, Thelma Black	13-Jan-99	
Buff, Rebekah Shannon "Bekah"	03-May-95	
Buford, Doris Faye	29-Sep-99	
Buie, Charles Franklin	11-Jan-95	
Buie, Earline Duncan	17-May-95	
Buie, Edmond, Sr.	26-May-99	
Bular, Albert Henry	31-Jan-96	
Bullard, Betty	14-Jul-99	
Bullard, Billy Jack	27-Jul-94	
Bullard, Henry Thomas	 11-Mar-98	
Bullard, Ina Matilda	24-Aug-94	
Bullard, Nola Grace	27-Oct-99	
Bullard, Thomas Leonard	24-Nov-99	
Bullock, Connie Jean	26-Jun-96	
Bumpus, Ruby Lee	14-Dec-94	
Bunch, Wallace Orville	04-May-94	
Bunkley, Etta Woodson	18-Jun-97	
Bunkley, George Levett	26-Jul-95	
Bunn, Kelly	22-Aug-90	
Burch, Raymond R.	08-May-96	
Burcham, Jennie P.	17-Apr-91	
Burdett, Bertha	17-Jan-90	
Burdett, Dan Hubert	 11-Nov-98	
Burgardt, Teresa Chappell	15-Sep-99	
Burgess, Charles Robert, Sr.	20-Mar-91	
Burgess, Eddie B.	02-Sep-92	
Burgess, John L.	19-Jul-95	
Burgess, John L.	02-Aug-95	
Burgess, Millard Fillmore	31-Jan-96	
Burgess, Vern E.	24-Mar-93	
Burke, Joan Chandler	09-Aug-95	
Burke, Tanya Renee Williams	16-Jul-97	
Burke, Tanya Renee Williams	23-Jul-97	
Burkeholder, Frankie E.	05-May-99	
Burkett, Alan Ray	21-Nov-90	
Burkhardt, Edith Anita	15-Jul-98	
Burks, Calvin Parker	20-Jul-94	
Burks, Paul E.	 13-May-98	
Burleson, Bobby Gene	27-May-92	
Burleson, John David	31-Jul-96	
Burleson, John David	16-Jul-97	
Burleson, John David	10-Sep-97	
Burleson, John David	24-Sep-97	
Burleson, John David	01-Oct-97	
Burleson, John David	15-Oct-97	
Burleson, John David	12-Nov-97	
Burleson, John David	26-Nov-97	
Burnett, C. B., Mr.	22-Jan-92	
Burnett, Dorothy Faye	 04-Mar-98	
Burnett, George Curtis, Sr.	22-Jan-97	
Burnett, Huey Lee, Sr.	13-Dec-95	
Burnett, Josh Leonard	29-May-96	
Burnett, Loraine	04-Jul-90	
Burnett, Mattie Lee	 04-Mar-98	
Burnett, Troy	 18-Nov-98	
Burnett, Wanda Jean	31-Mar-99	
Burnette, Gladys Golden	27-Nov-96	
Burnette, Paul Rayburn	27-Feb-91	
Burnice, Jessie Miller	16-May-90	
Burns, Catherine	05-Mar-97	
Burns, Doris D.	26-Jul-95	
Burns, Jesse Howard	16-Dec-92	
Burns, Jimmie Lee Warren	26-Nov-97	
Burns, Leroy, Sr.	13-Nov-91	
Burns, Nellie Ruth	27-Oct-99	
Burns, Premuel Perkins	07-Feb-90	
Burns, Rendy Griffin	28-Jul-99	
Burns, Ruth G.	07-Jun-95	
Burns, Willie James	10-Nov-93	
Burrell, Pauline McCracken	 30-Sep-98	
Burson, John Branch, Jr.	14-Jul-99	
Burt, Clara Christine	04-Jan-95	
Burt, Lee Andrew	08-Oct-97	
Burton, Margaret I.	 07-Oct-98	
Busby, Beulah Jones	17-Mar-93	
Busby, Beulah Jones	24-Mar-93	
Busby, Jack R.	 03-Jun-98	
Busby, Jewel Q.	 01-Apr-98	
Busby, Jewel Q.	 08-Apr-98	
Busby, Lillian	03-Mar-93	
Busby, Lloyd H., Sr.	20-May-92	
Busby, Nellie Obera	17-Mar-93	
Busby, Ollie Mae	07-Aug-91	
Buse, Ruby D.	07-Jul-93	
Buse, Zenith O.	30-Jun-99	
Bush, Author Pearl	13-Jul-94	
Bush, Brenda Ann	26-Nov-97	
Bush, Emanuel Dominque	26-Jun-96	
Bush, Paul Jerome	07-Mar-90	
Bush, Vinnie Lucille	29-Apr-92	
Bush, William E., Sr. "Bill"	30-Dec-92	
Butcher, Austin Odell	29-Sep-93	
Butler, Alice	 14-Oct-98	
Butler, Bessie Lee	14-Aug-96	
Butler, Charles Anderson, II	30-Oct-96	
Butler, David Matthew	31-Mar-93	
Butler, Glenda Fay	11-Mar-92	
Butler, Lavarne Jackson, Elder	11-Sep-96	
Butler, Lizzie Bernice	30-Sep-92	
Butler, Mary Ruth	14-Aug-96	
Butler, Robert Gordon	03-Jun-92	
Butler, William Clyde, Jr.	09-Jan-91	
Butts, Mae E.	 20-May-98	
Byars, Elwyn J.	15-Jun-94	
Byrd, Desta Dodson	12-May-99	
Byrd, Earline	22-Apr-92	
Byrd, Geneva Pansy	07-Mar-90	
Byrd, Robert Eugene	12-Aug-92	
Byrd, Robert Malcolm, Sr.	12-May-99	
Byrd, Young C.	24-Dec-97	
Byrne, Bobbie Nickles, Dr.	17-Feb-99	
Byron, Elizabeth Janette	19-Jun-91	
Cabaniss, Earen "Big Mama"	26-Sep-90	
Caddell, Ted	06-Mar-91	
Cadle, Patricia Ann	08-Nov-95	
Cadle, Patricia Ann	15-Nov-95	
Caesar, John Lee	06-Jan-93	
Cagle, Otha U.	20-Aug-97	
Cail, Millie Ann	27-Oct-99	
Cain Keith	22-Mar-95	
Cain, Keith	08-Sep-93	
Cain, Keith	29-Mar-95	
Cain, Keith	28-Jun-95	
Cain, Keith Dewayne	15-Sep-93	
Cain, Leroy Nelson, Jr.	10-Feb-99	
Cain, Richard Michael	09-Mar-94	
Cain, Shelley, Jr.	12-Aug-92	
Cairns, Edwin McCaleb "Dago"	 14-Jan-98	
Calamusa, Joe	28-Mar-90	
Calamusa, Joe Frank, Jr.	27-Jan-93	
Caldwell, Billie Joyce	20-Dec-95	
Caldwell, Mary Ezell	11-Sep-96	
Caldwell, Ronnie Lee	23-Sep-92	
Caldwell, Will	04-Apr-90	
Caldwell, Willie Ruth Rigell	02-Apr-97	
Caldwell, Wilson A.	08-Dec-99	
Caldwell, Yvonne Fowler	26-Jan-94	
Caley, Marshall Scoville	09-Apr-97	
Calhoun, Mary Frances Demoss	04-Oct-95	
Callahan, Dorothy Williford Thompson	01-Sep-99	
Callahan, Jerry Wayne	13-Feb-91	
Callahan, Jerry Wayne	20-Feb-91	
Callahan, Jerry Wayne	04-Dec-91	
Callens, Jimmy "Horsey"	28-Feb-96	
Camp, Ehney A., Jr.	27-Jan-93	
Camp, James B.	13-Jan-93	
Campbell, Annie Lou "Rat"	08-Jan-97	
Campbell, Camille	08-Jan-97	
Campbell, Emma T.	25-Apr-90	
Campbell, Hiram Tulan	26-Nov-97	
Campbell, James C.	22-Dec-93	
Campbell, James L.	10-Apr-91	
Campbell, Jennie Mae Bross	08-May-96	
Campbell, Marvin Brasher	24-Nov-93	
Campbell, Stanley Earl	01-May-96	
Cannady, Lucille 	05-Oct-94	
Cannady, Lueary Mac	27-Aug-97	
Cannady, Lueary Mac	03-Sep-97	
Cannady, Lueary Mac	10-Sep-97	
Cantrell, Ray V., Sr.	26-Dec-90	
Capps, Bobby Earl, Jr.	20-Nov-96	
Capps, Bobby Earl, Jr.	27-Nov-96	
Capps, Walter K., Jr.	13-Dec-95	
Carbin, Joel Horace	25-Oct-95	
Carden, Charles Clinton	05-Aug-92	
Carden, Claude	18-Apr-90	
Carden, Clyde E.	18-Mar-92	
Carden, Emma Jane	10-Oct-90	
Carden, Ethel	09-Aug-95	
Carden, Fannie M.	08-Dec-99	
Carden, Hazel Cariza	24-Jul-96	
Carden, Lois Lee	10-Jun-92	
Carden, Marianne	27-Jan-93	
Carden, Mary Relynda Taylor	28-Apr-93	
Carden, Otis Harold	18-Dec-91	
Carden, Preston Eugene 	12-Sep-90	
Carden, Troy Jerrell	24-Apr-96	
Cardin, Mamie Gertrude	06-Dec-95	
Cardwell, Dewey	20-Oct-93	
Cardwell, Nancy Ann	07-Mar-90	
Carlee, Vennie Brince	20-Mar-96	
Carlisle, Barry	 07-Oct-98	
Carlisle, Barry	 18-Nov-98	
Carlisle, Onzell	09-Nov-94	
Carlisle, Ralph P., Sr.	 09-Sep-98	
Carlisle, Thomas J.	19-Nov-97	
Carlisle, Thomas J., Jr.	25-Oct-95	
Carlson, James Lamont	11-Aug-99	
Carlton, Martha Ann	01-Sep-99	
Carmichael, Annie	01-Oct-97	
Carmichael, Edward Miles	01-Mar-95	
Carmichael, Rex O'Neal, Jr.	26-May-93	
Carnathan, Wilson Maxwell	 30-Sep-98	
Carpenter, Brewer	04-Mar-92	
Carpenter, Gertrude Houston	24-Mar-99	
Carrell, Mark Daniel	09-Apr-97	
Carroll, Betty Jean	25-Apr-90	
Carroll, Davis Mason	04-Aug-93	
Carroll, Martice Howard	17-Nov-93	
Carroll, Peggy Ann	19-Dec-90	
Carroll, Virgil H.	23-Apr-97	
Carson, Brandy Nicole	04-Aug-93	
Carson, Felecia Yvonne	04-Aug-93	
Carson, Freeda V.	29-Dec-99	
Carson, Yolanda	25-Jun-97	
Carter, Argie Louise	18-Nov-92	
Carter, Betty R.	07-Aug-96	
Carter, Bobby Joe	 17-Jun-98	
Carter, Cecil Clyde	24-May-95	
Carter, Clark Leondus	25-Oct-95	
Carter, Dinnie Griffin	20-Apr-94	
Carter, Doris Marie	12-Nov-97	
Carter, Floyd Leonard	24-Sep-97	
Carter, Hazel Cost	19-Jun-91	
Carter, J.B.	26-Feb-97	
Carter, Johnnie, Mr.	04-Nov-92	
Carter, Kaitlan Alexis	 16-Sep-98	
Carter, Kevin Lamar	17-Sep-97	
Carter, Leonard Cecil	 01-Jul-98	
Carter, Leonard Cecil	 24-Jun-98	
Carter, Randall Scott	01-Jun-94	
Carter, Velma Liza	13-Jul-94	
Carter, William A.	04-Aug-93	
Caruso, Edna L.	16-Nov-94	
Cassels, Mary Elizabeth Brown	29-Jan-97	
Castleberry, Jimmie Sue	18-Dec-91	
Casto, Loring Milton	02-Feb-94	
Cater, Ella Mae Hill	20-Mar-91	
Cates, Hazel Virginia Burnett	05-Jan-94	
Cates, John Lewis	 29-Jul-98	
Cates, John Marvin	25-Jul-90	
Cathey, Oler Wilson	23-Dec-92	
Caton, Pete J.	02-Oct-91	
Causey, Augusta K.	24-Feb-93	
Causey, James Burl "Jimmy"	26-Feb-97	
Cawthon, Bobbie I.	27-Nov-96	
Cecil, Farrell Vernon, III	13-Dec-95	
Cephus, Vonsha	13-Jun-90	
Cervetto, Tomaso Anthony	14-Feb-96	
Chambers, Gladys Ard	18-Nov-92	
Chambers, Helene Ray	17-Feb-93	
Chamness, Gerald Lee	16-Mar-94	
Chamness, Jesse Elizabeth "Betty"	 11-Mar-98	
Champion, Jasper Riely, Sr.	21-Feb-96	
Champion, Jesse Earl	22-Jul-92	
Champion, Loraine Dailey	28-Sep-94	
Champion, Raymond H.	08-Dec-93	
Chandler, James Troy	09-Nov-94	
Chandler, William Michael	01-Dec-99	
Chaney, Allen Lee	23-Mar-94	
Chapman, Nathaniel Owen	03-Feb-93	
Chapman, Opal Bolton	01-Jul-92	
Chapman, Otis	20-Oct-93	
Chappell, George	 18-Nov-98	
Chappell, Raymond Leon	 11-Mar-98	
Chapple, Birdie Hicks	 24-Jun-98	
Chapple, Frances Jane	30-Dec-92	
Chapple, William "Buddy"	 14-Jan-98	
Charlie, Fred	14-Dec-94	
Chastain, Lola Maude	20-Jan-93	
Chastain, Onie Magdaline	15-Dec-99	
Chavez, Jose Luis	05-Aug-98	
Chesser, Lloyd William	27-Mar-96	
Chesser, Margaret Baker	01-May-96	
Chesser, Sara	01-May-96	
Childers, Gene A.	 26-Aug-98	
Childress, C.T.	25-Jun-97	
Chisolm, Estelle B.	04-Sep-91	
Christian, J.V., Mr.	02-May-90	
Christian, J.V., Mr.	09-May-90	
Church, Ashley Diane	 14-Jan-98	
Church, Ashley Diane	18-Feb-98	
Churchwell, Donald Lee	08-Sep-93	
Clark, Albert Eugene	26-Feb-97	
Clark, Annie Mae	02-Oct-91	
Clark, Bessie	06-Jan-93	
Clark, Frances H.	18-May-94	
Clark, Idell Smitherman	23-Nov-94	
Clark, Mary Loretta	06-Jul-94	
Clark, Mildred Lorene	19-Dec-90	
Clark, Samuel J. "Bill"	10-Jan-90	
Clark, William Merlin	29-Mar-95	
Clarke, Pauline Beck	10-Sep-97	
Clay, Homer Lavon	24-Mar-99	
Clay, Jayson Floyd	27-Aug-97	
Clayton, Bessie P.	06-Oct-93	
Clayton, Jackson B., "Dr. Jack"	13-Oct-99	
Clayton, Lane, Jr.	28-Apr-99	
Clecker, Melvin, Jr. "Jay"	01-Dec-99	
Cleckler, Larry Darrel, Jr.	15-Jul-92	
Clemens, George C.	26-Aug-92	
Click, Lester E.	03-Jun-92	
Cline, Thomas Henry	06-Jan-99	
Clinkscale, Lewis Embry	19-Feb-97	
Clinkscales, William Milton "Noot"	31-Jan-96	
Clopton, Douglas Austin	15-Oct-97	
Cloud, Jeffrey Kenneth	08-Sep-99	
Coan, Joseph Claude	11-Aug-93	
Coate, Marion W.	03-Mar-93	
Cobb, Diania Linn	20-Oct-93	
Cobb, Oscar Herbert	02-Jan-91	
Cobb, Vivian H.	10-Mar-99	
Cobb, William Arthur, Sr.	04-Jul-90	
Cochran, Betty Jane	 18-Nov-98	
Cofer, Annie Esmer	03-Apr-91	
Cofer, Bertha Rasberry	03-Feb-99	
Cofer, Betty Preston	13-Mar-91	
Cofer, Doyle "Duck"	03-Nov-93	
Cofer, Juell Lester	23-Apr-97	
Cofer, Samuel Chester	28-Jul-93	
Coggins, Cynthia Michele	23-May-90	
Coggins, Julian C. "J. C."	01-Nov-95	
Cohill, Bernice Marie	04-Nov-92	
Cohill, Jackson, Sr.	13-Nov-91	
Cohill, Larcenior "Kate"	13-Jan-93	
Coker, Edna E.	14-May-97	
Colburn, Lois Evelyn	18-May-94	
Cole, Thad T.	21-Jul-93	
Cole, Thomas L., Jr.	14-Feb-96	
Cole, William Edgar	26-Jan-94	
Coleman, Randy Turner	31-May-95	
Coleman, Randy Turner	07-Jun-95	
Coley, Edith	09-Dec-92	
Coley, William Huston	28-Aug-91	
Colley, John Barney, Jr.	29-Jan-92	
Collier, Daphine Odel	30-Sep-92	
Collier, John, Jr.	11-Jul-90	
Collier, Joyce L.	10-Aug-94	
Collier, Liza Loura	 04-Mar-98	
Collier, Pinkie Sawyer	12-May-99	
Collier, Richard James Oather	13-Mar-96	
Collins, Deanie Lynn Hall	22-Jan-97	
Collins, James Randall "Randy"	08-Jan-97	
Collins, James Silven	 11-Feb-98	
Collins, Kimbell Ballard	29-Jun-94	
Collins, Myra N.	28-Apr-99	
Collum, Catherine Ashworth	29-Jan-97	
Collum, Charles Kenneth	12-Mar-97	
Collum, Herman Carl	03-Nov-93	
Collum, James Frank "Diggie"	22-Feb-95	
Collum, Lloyd P.	15-May-96	
Collum, Mary Helen	 25-Nov-98	
Collum, Oliver Donald, Sr.	24-May-95	
Collum, Patricia Ann	16-Oct-91	
Collum, Patricia Ann	23-Oct-91	
Collum, Ralph "Little Ralph"	 12-Aug-98	
Collum, Robert Jerome	19-Aug-92	
Collum, Yasuko	 23-Sep-98	
Comer, Hubert Cleveland "Hoot"	30-Apr-97	
Compton, Al "Medie"	 18-Mar-98	
Compton, Louie Edward	10-Oct-90	
Compton, Pauline Schrader	 21-Oct-98	
Conforti, August	08-Oct-97	
Conley, Beaux Patrick	24-Jan-90	
Conn, Annie V.	22-Sep-99	
Conn, Mayleen Burke	 07-Jan-98	
Conn, Sydney Melissa	11-Nov-92	
Connell, David Lamar	12-Jan-94	
Connell, Douglas Earl	06-Nov-91	
Connell, Earl C.	 05-Aug-98	
Connell, Irene M.	09-Aug-95	
Conner, Betty Jo Elliott	20-Dec-95	
Conway, Herbert L.	31-Dec-97	
Conway, Juanita B.	16-Aug-95	
Conway, Laura Wood	07-Oct-92	
Conwell, John Ruben	12-Feb-92	
Conwell, Mary Frances	03-Feb-99	
Cook, David Lyle	24-Feb-93	
Cook, Elizabeth Ann	27-Nov-91	
Cook, Jamie Ciambrone "Sam"	03-Sep-97	
Cook, Joe M.	16-Dec-92	
Cook, Robert L.	05-Jul-95	
Cook, Sandra Jeanette	28-Jul-99	
Cook, Sarah Lois	05-Nov-97	
Cook, William M. "Bill"	 09-Sep-98	
Cooper, Billy Adam	25-Jan-95	
Cooper, Jimmie Ray	16-Jul-97	
Cooper, Jimmy Ray	09-Jul-97	
Cooper, Myrtie Dess	23-May-90	
Cooper, Nellie Bell	03-Jun-92	
Cooper, Richard D.	17-Sep-97	
Cooper, Winnie Leland	 08-Apr-98	
Copeland, Rex Bartley	11-Apr-90	
Copeland, Rex Bartley	13-Mar-91	
Copeland, Rex Bartley	05-Dec-90	
Copeland, Rex Bartley	12-Dec-90	
Cory, Amos W., Sr.	27-Feb-91	
Cory, Mack Arthur	06-Mar-91	
Cosby, Ila	28-Apr-99	
Coshatt, Harlice	15-Jul-92	
Cosper, Ruby G.	25-Oct-95	
Coss, Wilbur, Jr.	20-Sep-95	
Cost, Alene D.	12-Jul-95	
Cost, Allie B., Mr.	15-Jan-92	
Cost, Calvin C.	06-Jul-94	
Cost, Clyde Reed	29-Dec-93	
Cost, Fred Hardy	12-May-93	
Cost, Gladys L.	20-Jun-90	
Cost, Leon	24-Nov-99	
Cost, Lucile Martin Cole	11-Apr-90	
Coston, Lonnie Felix	10-Jan-96	
Coston, Marie Bentley	22-Mar-95	
Cotney, Aubrey Owens	 14-Oct-98	
Cotter, David James	 05-Aug-98	
Cottingham, Charles Elbert, III	24-Sep-97	
Cottingham, Deloris W.	 13-May-98	
Cottingham, Deloris Watts	 20-May-98	
Cottingham, Dorothy Lee	11-Sep-96	
Cottingham, James Wesley	22-Aug-90	
Cottingham, Twillie Harris	16-Dec-92	
Cotton, Lorine Martin	06-Aug-97	
Cotton, Paul Phillip	28-Aug-91	
Courington, Gerald	12-Sep-90	
Cowart, Zollie Stephen, Jr.	11-Aug-99	
Cox, Ailene Rachel	05-May-93	
Cox, Alma Mae	13-Apr-94	
Cox, Annie Liza	15-Dec-93	
Cox, Charlie Ann	16-Sep-92	
Cox, Ethel Omega	25-Aug-99	
Cox, Flora McGuire "Pet"	10-Sep-97	
Cox, Ira Eunice Wilder	13-May-92	
Cox, John Farris	05-Jun-96	
Cox, Judy Melvina	27-Aug-97	
Cox, Louis Edward	 11-Nov-98	
Cox, Lucy Diane	16-Aug-95	
Cox, Mary E. "Kitty"	 04-Nov-98	
Cox, Tullus H.	29-Sep-93	
Cox, Winifred Burch	07-Jun-95	
Craig, Chris Minor	06-Nov-91	
Craig, Jack Franklin	03-Feb-99	
Craig, Larry Brent	01-May-96	
Craig, Verne Plummer	26-Nov-97	
Craiger, Nelma Comer	03-Jan-90	
Crane, Lewis Hilton	 20-May-98	
Crapet, Louise Graffeo	29-Apr-92	
Crawford, David Shane	06-Jan-99	
Crawford, Eldon E.	02-Oct-96	
Crawford, Florence Margaret	01-Apr-92	
Crawford, Lucille DuBose	18-Aug-93	
Crawford, Maggie Pearle	25-May-94	
Crawford, Michael Carl "Mike"	20-Jul-94	
Crawford, Robert H.	29-Jul-98	
Creamer, Ronald	 11-Feb-98	
Creamer, Ronald	 18-Feb-98	
Creel, James F.	 13-May-98	
Creel, Lillian Lovett	13-Jul-94	
Cregar, Robbie Lee	30-Jun-99	
Crenshaw, Anita Hope	22-Dec-99	
Crenshaw, Lela Z.	13-Mar-91	
Crenshaw, Thomas Howard	08-Jul-92	
Crew, Clara Christine	30-Oct-96	
Crews, Zeddie JaMichael	02-Jul-97	
Crim, Alma L.	24-Aug-94	
Crim, Bettye Gray	22-May-96	
Crim, Bettye Gray	26-Jun-96	
Crim, Billie Mae Womack	05-Aug-92	
Crim, Elwood Lee	13-Jun-90	
Crispens, Charles G., Jr.	01-Jul-92	
Criswell, Betty Ann	05-Jun-91	
Crocker, Evelyn Nelson	13-Apr-94	
Crockett, James J.	05-Oct-94	
Cromwell, Clara P.	27-Feb-91	
Cromwell, Raymond T.	16-May-90	
Crook, Nalder Curry	03-Mar-99	
Crosby, Loretta Kay	20-Sep-95	
Crosby, William Hamilton	19-May-93	
Cross, Annie Gertrude	19-Aug-92	
Cross, Grethel Tatum	03-Nov-93	
Cross, William B.	07-Feb-96	
Crosson, Bernard Francis, Jr.	24-Jan-96	
Crouch, Jack	 25-Nov-98	
Crouse, Robert Alva	10-Apr-96	
Crowson, Jackie Yvonne	24-Jul-96	
Crowson, Marvin	15-Oct-97	
Crowson, Neil Edward	12-Aug-92	
Crumpton, Beatrice	25-Apr-90	
Crumpton, G.W.	30-Jul-97	
Crumpton, Mattie Archer	27-Jul-94	
Crumpton, O'Neal Cecil	27-Nov-96	
Crumpton, Wardie Reynolds	09-Jun-93	
Culpepper, Zach	20-May-98	
Cummings, Hazel H.	04-Aug-99	
Cummings, Hubert Gordon, Sr.	19-Dec-90	
Cummings, Jimmy Floyd	25-Jun-97	
Cummings, Jimmy Floyd, Rev.	19-Sep-90	
Cummings, Kayla Marie	22-Jun-94	
Cummings, Kayle Marie	15-Jun-94	
Cummings, Lola Aline	03-Jul-96	
Cunningham James Charles "J-Cat"	12-Feb-92	
Cunningham, Jimmy Lee	08-Sep-99	
Cunningham, Nettie Catherine	 29-Apr-98	
Cunningham, William Lester "Bill"	05-Jun-91	
Cunningham, Willie, Sr.	11-Apr-90	
Cupp, Bertie Lee	29-Nov-95	
Curl, Roger Dale	08-Aug-90	
Curlee, Kathleen Boaz	31-Jan-90	
Curren, Frances Lavenia	12-Oct-94	
Curry, Edna Lucas	16-Jul-97	
Curry, Edna Lucas	23-Jul-97	
Curry, Hassie Vastie	11-Aug-93	
Curry, Richard Earl	02-Apr-97	
Curtis, Demerl	 04-Nov-98	
Curtis, Demerl	 25-Nov-98	
Curtis, Ernest	04-Jan-95	
Curtis, Ettye Holcombe	18-May-94	
Cutts, Charles Edward	24-Mar-93	
Cutts, Terry Dewayne "Chip"	19-Jun-96	
Dabbs, Sheryl Dianne Clinkscales	30-Mar-94	
Dagostin, Lucy Torreano	07-Feb-90	
Dailey, Morris Hershel	03-Oct-90	
Dailey, Raynoma	15-Aug-90	
Dailey, Sudie Mae	25-Nov-92	
Dale, Linda Gale Hicks	04-Sep-91	
Dale, William Amon, Jr.	03-Jul-96	
Damato, David Joseph	23-Mar-94	
Daniel, Carl Ronald, Sr.	29-Mar-95	
Daniel, Henry Arthur	15-Dec-99	
Daniel, Leroy	23-Nov-94	
Daniel, Mertye C.	29-Jul-92	
Daniel, Sandra Rose	23-Jun-99	
Daniel, Willis Loyd	21-Feb-90	
Daniels, Kimberly P.	27-Jul-94	
Darby, Marjorie Marquis	14-Jul-99	
Darden, William H.	03-Jul-96	
Darring, Floria Hughes	18-Dec-96	
Datcher, Douglas Edward	09-Oct-96	
Davenport, Barbara Joan	04-May-94	
Davenport, Barbara Joan	18-May-94	
Davenport, Lettie Leona	19-Jun-91	
Davenport, Louise T.	31-Mar-99	
Davenport, Mattie Lorene	30-Jan-91	
Davenport, Richard Dale	01-May-96	
Davenport, Roger Scott	06-Jan-93	
Davenport, Virgle	22-Jan-92	
Davenport, Wilbur Jackson	 15-Jul-98	
Davenport, Wilburn G.	21-Oct-92	
Davenport, Wilburn G.	28-Oct-92	
Davidson, Emmie Pitts	08-Dec-93	
Davidson, Gerald	22-Dec-99	
Davis, Alsie Howard	14-Nov-90	
Davis, Ambress Hubert	20-Mar-91	
Davis, Amy Lane	02-May-90	
Davis, Annie Mae	 15-Jul-98	
Davis, Aubrey Johnnie	01-Jul-98	
Davis, Beadie	24-Sep-97	
Davis, Bernice Philips	24-Apr-96	
Davis, Bonnie Jewel	13-Jul-94	
Davis, Brenda Gail	09-Jul-97	
Davis, Byron, Sr.	22-Nov-95	
Davis, Cecil Howard	29-Mar-95	
Davis, Charles Augusta	 12-Aug-98	
Davis, Charlotte Ann Parker	30-Oct-91	
Davis, Christine White	 18-Nov-98	
Davis, Coy	 30-Dec-98	
Davis, Coy Jackson	06-Jan-99	
Davis, Danny Carl	04-May-94	
Davis, Dorothy Bell	22-Sep-93	
Davis, Earmon C.	24-Aug-94	
Davis, Edward "Ed"	17-Mar-93	
Davis, Edward R., Sr.	07-Oct-92	
Davis, Eleanor Olean	04-Nov-92	
Davis, Ella Grace	22-Dec-93	
Davis, Emma Jean Goodwin	05-May-93	
Davis, Eular Kidd	18-Aug-93	
Davis, Fred A.	10-Oct-90	
Davis, Garlie Ernest	10-Jan-90	
Davis, Gertrude Christine	01-May-96	
Davis, Herbert F.	01-Jun-94	
Davis, Hilda	30-Mar-94	
Davis, Howard C., Jr.	13-Dec-95	
Davis, James Laroy	26-Oct-94	
Davis, Jeff, Jr.	 01-Apr-98	
Davis, Jeff, Jr.	 08-Apr-98	
Davis, Jeremy Lammar	16-Jul-97	
Davis, Jessie Gordon	04-May-94	
Davis, John Edward, Sr.	15-Sep-93	
Davis, Katherine Rush	20-Jul-94	
Davis, Louise N.	15-Feb-95	
Davis, Luther M.	13-Oct-93	
Davis, Mabel	23-Dec-92	
Davis, Margie C.	11-Oct-95	
Davis, Martha Cleo	07-Jul-99	
Davis, Mary M.	18-Sep-96	
Davis, Maxine Couch, Dr.	03-Nov-99	
Davis, Mildred Hale	15-Sep-99	
Davis, Nellie V.	11-Apr-90	
Davis, Numa A., Mr.	15-Jan-92	
Davis, Ollius Ray	14-Jun-95	
Davis, Philip P.	05-Oct-94	
Davis, Prentice Burl, Sr., "P.B."	12-May-99	
Davis, Robert G.	 10-Jun-98	
Davis, Robert Lewis	15-Oct-97	
Davis, Rodney Earl	12-Feb-92	
Davis, Summer Elizabeth	27-Mar-91	
Davis, Syble	02-May-90	
Davis, Thomas Woodrow	21-Nov-90	
Davis, Thurman Augusta	26-Jan-94	
Davis, Vernon Novella	 01-Apr-98	
Davis, Vilus Ray "V. R."	11-Jan-95	
Davis, Wilda A.	10-Nov-93	
Davis, Wilda A.	17-Nov-93	
Davis, William B.	28-Sep-94	
Davis, William Franklin	 26-Aug-98	
Davis, Willie Earl	 29-Apr-98	
Davis, Willie Mae	07-Jul-93	
Davis, Wylodene H.	30-Jul-97	
Daviston, Mattie Ellen	 30-Dec-92	
Dawson, Charles Ellis	16-Jan-91	
Dawson, Charlotte	03-Apr-96	
Dawson, Hubert B.	10-Mar-93	
Dawson, John Michael "Mike"	17-Dec-97	
Dawson, Pamela Jo	29-Aug-90	
Dawson, Theola Partridge	21-Oct-92	
Dawson, Vann	20-Nov-96	
Day, Louise Sanders	01-May-91	
Dean, Clark	13-Aug-97	
Dean, Nancy Louise	27-Oct-99	
Dean, Ruth Ellis	06-Oct-99	
Deason, Ernest Eugene	 08-Apr-98	
Deason, Gertrude Culver	19-Feb-97	
Decker, Margaret	05-Nov-97	
DeFreese, Ethel Ruth	03-Nov-99	
DeLaine, Cynthia Denise	 14-Oct-98	
DeLaine, Luvonia Brown	03-May-95	
Deloach, Ashley Rain	23-Jun-99	
Demarteau, Mona C.	16-Jun-93	
Demoss, Robin	12-May-99	
Deneau, Herbert Kim	03-Oct-90	
Deneau, Julia	03-Oct-90	
Denham, Anna Ray Winfrey "Aunt Ray"	15-Mar-95	
Denney, Elnora Lester	12-Nov-97	
Dennis, Claude	01-Dec-99	
Dennis, Dora Louise	 01-Apr-98	
Dennis, Edith Oneal	22-Dec-93	
Dennis, Frances Carter	22-Aug-90	
Dennis, James Mack	01-Aug-90	
Dennis, Nancy	 16-Dec-98	
Dennis, Nomie Roselle Pressley	13-Aug-97	
Dennis, Ruby F.	04-Sep-91	
Denson, Christopher Jay	18-May-94	
Denson, Lloyd McKibbon	25-Aug-99	
Denton, John William	 15-Apr-98	
Denty, Claddie Beulah	05-Mar-97	
Denty, Otis Wilson	01-Jul-92	
Denty, Wallace F., Sr.	23-Sep-92	
Denty, Wilbur Hulon	30-Aug-95	
Denty, Zora Annette Culberson	09-Apr-97	
Deshazo, Alton Owen	24-Mar-93	
Deshazo, Margaret Virginia	08-May-96	
Deupree, James Lee, Sr.	 27-May-98	
DeVaney, Margaret	16-Oct-96	
Devaughn, Pauline Worthy	14-Apr-99	
Dew, William W.	12-Oct-94	
Dial, Ronnie Lee	24-Nov-93	
Dickerson, Karen Lynn	21-Jun-95	
Dickerson, Mildred Blackerby	06-Jun-90	
Dickinson, Willie Raymond	16-May-90	
Dickson, Mack	20-Dec-95	
Dietrich, Homer J.	26-Jun-96	
Diffley, John Mansfield, Jr.	05-Jun-96	
DiGiorgio, Salvatore "Sam"	27-Oct-93	
Dill, Betty Wooley	30-Jul-97	
Dill, Billy Braten	04-Aug-93	
Dill, Chiquita Geraldine	30-Nov-94	
Dill, Gene	24-Jan-96	
DiMaggio, Joyce Daffron	19-May-93	
Dimmett, Sarah	29-Nov-95	
Dimps, Cornell	02-Apr-97	
Dinwiddie, Robert Floyd	23-Apr-97	
Dismukes, Albert	20-Nov-91	
Dismukes, Betty Ruth	05-May-99	
Dismukes, Carrie Lee	12-Jul-95	
Dismukes, Jewel Dean	21-May-97	
Dodson, Andy Franklin	28-May-97	
Dodson, Edward	18-Dec-96	
Dodson, Sarah Nell	24-Jan-90	
Doebler, Kaitlyn Marie	02-Aug-95	
Doles, Vera Bunn	18-Sep-91	
Donahoo, J.W.	30-Oct-96	
Donahoo, Marjorie Ester	07-Aug-96	
Donahoo, Virginia Elliott	27-Jan-99	
Donalson, Edward Jack	09-Jun-99	
Donnelly, Ola Wilhite	16-Apr-97	
Donnelly, Roderick Page	21-Oct-92	
Dorning, Jasper	05-Sep-90	
Dorough, Ada N.	14-Sep-94	
Dorough, Eleanor	 23-Dec-98	
Dorough, Judy	06-Oct-99	
Dorough, Leon Felmon	13-Jul-94	
Dorough, Walton N.	06-Nov-96	
Doss, Carl Lester, Jr.	10-Jan-90	
Doss, Carl Lester, Jr.	17-Jan-90	
Doss, Carl Lester, Jr.	16-Oct-91	
Doss, Sara Elizabeth Long	 29-Apr-98	
Dotson, Catherine P. Shockley	06-Aug-97	
Douglas, George Edward	09-Jul-97	
Douglas, Lela Mae	13-Nov-91	
Douthit, Charles Bruce "Slim"	24-May-95	
Dover, Clarence Franklin	24-Sep-97	
Dow, Thomas Weston	22-Feb-95	
Dowdell, Sharron	27-Mar-91	
Dowling, Lonnie	09-Dec-92	
Downey, Charles F., Jr.	10-May-95	
Downing, Teresa Cox	26-Aug-92	
Downs, Eddie Griffin	12-Feb-92	
Downs, Lucile Smith	23-Aug-95	
Doyle, Joseph P.	28-Sep-94	
Drake, Ronald D.	11-Aug-99	
Draper, John Clifton, Jr.	04-Aug-93	
Dreher, Rita B.	17-Jan-96	
Drew, Elizabeth Ada	18-Dec-91	
Drew, Ralph McRae	28-Mar-90	
Driggers, Albert	28-Sep-94	
Driggers, Tony Frank	21-Oct-92	
Driver, Versie Lee	09-Aug-95	
Driver, William Edward	15-Jun-94	
Dubose, Erskin Leon	 11-Nov-98	
Duck, Gordia Daniel	26-Oct-94	
Duck, Gordia Daniel	07-Dec-94	
Duke, Mary R.	02-Oct-96	
Duke, Patsy Faye	02-Jun-93	
Duke, Randy Gerald	26-Mar-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	02-Apr-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	23-Apr-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	30-Apr-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	07-May-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	14-May-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	11-Jun-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	18-Jun-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	10-Sep-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	24-Dec-97	
Duke, Randy Gerald	11-Mar-98	
Duke, Randy Gerald	18-Mar-98	
Duke, Randy Gerald	25-Mar-98	
Duke, Randy Gerald	06-May-98	
Duke, Randy Gerald	13-May-98	
Duke, Randy Gerald	07-Oct-98	
Duke, Randy Gerald	03-Feb-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	17-Feb-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	24-Feb-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	03-Mar-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	10-Mar-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	31-Mar-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	23-Jun-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	30-Jun-99	
Duke, Randy Gerald	22-Sep-99	
Duke, Scott Alan	30-Oct-91	
Dunaway, Annie C.	27-Mar-91	
Dunaway, Lavernia Burnett	 29-Apr-98	
Dunaway, Lillian Catherine	09-Sep-92	
Dunaway, Mary Morgan	06-Feb-91	
Dunaway, Mittye E.	12-Jul-95	
Dunaway, Norman J.	02-Apr-97	
Dunaway, R.L.	21-May-97	
Dunaway, Rosie Dorilla	01-Jul-92	
Dunaway, Syble G.	05-Jan-94	
Duncan, Afra Delene	11-Jan-95	
Duncan, Obie	26-Apr-95	
Dunivant, Felton Ray, Sr.	15-May-96	
Dunlap, Frank Jackson	31-Mar-99	
Dunlap, Margie K.	31-Mar-99	
Dunlap, Verna Lee	13-Sep-95	
Dunn, A.T.	01-Jan-97	
Dunn, Evewlyn Virginia	12-Jan-94	
Dunn, Ezma Hutcheson	27-Dec-95	
Dunn, Martha	27-May-92	
Dunnavant, Geraldine C.	27-Jan-99	
Dunnaway, Dorothy Jean "Peachie"	29-Mar-95	
Dunwoody, Jack Alan	31-Aug-94	
Dupree, Harold W.	14-Aug-96	
Dupree, Lilla Pearl Deason	16-Oct-96	
Dupree, Onzell Levert	08-Oct-97	
Durden, Willene M.	 25-Mar-98	
Durham, Delmar	20-Aug-97	
Durham, George, Jr.	 15-Jul-98	
Durr, John Clifton, Jr.	04-May-94	
Dyar, Barbara Ann	10-Nov-99	
Dyer, Addie Belle	12-Feb-92	
Dyer, Eva Irene	28-Nov-90	
Dyer, Robert Cecil, Sr.	20-Jan-93	
Eagar, Mary Ann	14-Oct-92	
Easterwood, Charles B.	08-Apr-92	
Easterwood, Charles B.	15-Apr-92	
Eastis, James Byron	18-Nov-92	
Eastis, Marguerite, "Mozelle"	03-Feb-99	
Eastis, Stella Bruce	25-Dec-91	
Eastridge, Bobby Lee	22-Feb-95	
Ebaugh, John Lynn, III, Rev.	 16-Sep-98	
Ebersole, Ladean, Dr.	06-Jul-94	
Echols, Faris Elbert	01-Jul-92	
Eddings, Edna Ola	03-Mar-99	
Eddings, Emily Fondren	31-May-95	
Eddings, James Wallace	07-Mar-90	
Eddings, James Wallace, Jr.	29-Sep-93	
Eddings, Oren	 04-Mar-98	
Eddings, Robert Franklin, Sr.	29-Mar-95	
Edge, Gladys Ann	 04-Feb-98	
Edge, Howard Joseph	21-Apr-99	
Edison, Edward Bryan	05-Sep-90	
Edmonds, Henry Leroy, "Lee"	24-Mar-99	
Edmonds, Kathleen	02-Dec-92	
Edmondson, Beuford Smith	14-Jul-99	
Edmondson, Eliza Cornelia	12-Jul-95	
Edmondson, James B.	25-Oct-95	
Edmondson, Myrtle Ray	22-Nov-95	
Edmondson, Zera Boyett	20-Oct-99	
Edney, Ann Harvey Morgan	04-Aug-99	
Edwards, Betty Joann	12-Jul-95	
Edwards, Carl H., Sr.	15-Aug-90	
Edwards, Carl H., Sr.	05-Sep-90	
Edwards, Charles Clarence	26-May-93	
Edwards, Charles Kenneth	14-Feb-90	
Edwards, Cornelia Irene	07-Oct-92	
Edwards, Dover Morris	19-Feb-97	
Edwards, Eddie Wayne	13-Apr-94	
Edwards, Ethel Lucas	01-Dec-93	
Edwards, Georgia Mae	27-Sep-95	
Edwards, Gregory Marshall	26-Jun-91	
Edwards, Herman Curtis	20-Nov-96	
Edwards, James Earl	25-Jun-97	
Edwards, James H.	21-Mar-90	
Edwards, James Lorne	06-Jan-99	
Edwards, Jerrell Stanley, Sr.	 18-Mar-98	
Edwards, Mandy Renee	 03-Jun-98	
Edwards, Marvin Alfred	22-Jun-94	
Edwards, Murphy Ray	17-Aug-94	
Edwards, Nellie Gertrude	20-Mar-96	
Edwards, Vitula Mae	15-Nov-95	
Edwards, Warrine Smitherman	 18-Feb-98	
Eisenman, Virginia Morriss	25-Oct-95	
Eisert, Terry Allen	01-Jun-94	
Ellerman, Marvin	24-Mar-99	
Elliott, Bennie Mae	17-Dec-97	
Elliott, Denson	05-Nov-97	
Elliott, E.R. "Tag"	28-May-97	
Elliott, Emma Louise	23-Jul-97	
Elliott, F.D., Mr.	07-Mar-90	
Elliott, Frances Hatley	 22-Apr-98	
Elliott, Frank Baker	27-Aug-97	
Elliott, Thomas Edward	03-Dec-97	
Elliott, Willie Mae	19-Nov-97	
Ellis, Erskine L.	17-Jan-90	
Ellis, Frank Corley, Sr.	02-Mar-94	
Ellis, Willis, Jr.	09-Nov-94	
Ellison, Beatrice	01-Jan-92	
Ellison, Beatrice	08-Jan-92	
Ellison, Billy W., Jr.	04-Dec-96	
Ellison, Braxton Bragg, Sr.	21-Aug-91	
Ellison, Clarence	28-Aug-96	
Ellison, Edgar L., Sr.	26-Jan-94	
Ellison, Gracie Irene	04-Sep-96	
Ellison, James Glitton	16-Aug-95	
Ellison, Louise M.	12-Dec-90	
Ellison, Ross Allen	18-Jan-95	
Ellison, Teresa Marie	02-Jun-99	
Eloff, Billy Joe, Jr.	27-Oct-99	
Elpers, Ruthie Christine	01-May-96	
Emfinger, Clarence Ronald	01-Jul-98	
Endress, Henry David	01-Jan-92	
Endress, Henry David	08-Jan-92	
Endress, Ludie Mae	28-Feb-96	
English, Allen A.	26-Jun-96	
Enloe, Agnes L. "Peggy"	25-Dec-96	
Enloe, John	01-Oct-97	
Epperson, Dorothy J.	31-May-95	
Epperson, Florence Onzell	10-Apr-91	
Epperson, Jimmy	03-Jul-96	
Epperson, Lois Lafayette	 16-Sep-98	
Epperson, Michael B.	11-Dec-91	
Epps, Lucy Bell	16-Sep-92	
Eriksson, Henry Charles, "Hank"	18-Aug-99	
Erwin, Ruby Clements	13-Nov-96	
Estes, Mildred Horton	17-Nov-93	
Etress, Charles Edward	18-Dec-91	
Etress, Faye Bristow	13-Jan-99	
Etress, Jeff	08-Sep-93	
Etress, Jeffrey Allen	11-Dec-91	
Etress, Jeffrey Allen	18-Dec-91	
Etress, Leona S.	12-Jun-96	
Evans, Ada Atchison	31-Jul-91	
Evans, Alice Marie	14-Sep-94	
Evans, Browne	05-Aug-92	
Evans, Donald W.	18-Mar-92	
Evans, Edith	 12-Aug-98	
Evans, Edward P.	16-Mar-94	
Evans, Edward P.	23-Mar-94	
Evans, Homer "Wilson"	16-Apr-97	
Evans, Richard L.	09-Aug-95	
Evans, Tehkahri Deyetta	19-Jan-94	
Evans, Velma Beryle	13-May-92	
Ewing, John Wesley	24-Jul-91	
Eyer, Terry Lynn, Mrs.	29-Jun-94	
Ezydorski, Pauline Liesecki	07-Dec-94	
Fair, Bennie	16-Oct-96	
Falkner, Jimmy J.	21-Apr-99	
Falkner, Roland Oliver	19-Oct-94	
Falkner, Zollie Benjamine	05-Nov-97	
Fallin, Helen Denson	10-Sep-97	
Fambrough, Incy Anderson	06-Jan-99	
Fancher, Catherine Verne	05-Dec-90	
Fancher, Cecil Edwin	01-Aug-90	
Fancher, Frances Louise	21-Dec-94	
Fancher, Jack	29-Jan-92	
Fancher, James C.	19-Dec-90	
Fancher, Jim Lee	11-Apr-90	
Fancher, Mack C.	24-Jul-91	
Fancher, Walter Edward	22-May-96	
Fancher, Wilma Dean	10-Nov-99	
Fant, Brad	20-Oct-93	
Fant, Richard Bradley "Brad"	20-Oct-93	
Farmer, JoAnn	16-Apr-97	
Farmer, Lula Mae	16-Jan-91	
Farr, Blanche S.	 23-Sep-98	
Farr, Erma Woods	26-Dec-90	
Farr, James C.	30-Jul-97	
Farr, Margaret (Deene)	20-Oct-99	
Farr, Robert Fanklin	02-Apr-97	
Farrar, Glenn Dean	15-Sep-99	
Farrell, A. C., Mr.	03-Nov-93	
Farrell, Charles H.	19-Feb-97	
Farrington, Clifton O'Neal	16-Apr-97	
Farrington, Fannie	 25-Mar-98	
Farrington, Robert	10-Apr-96	
Farrington, Robert Lee, Jr., Staff Sgt.	17-Apr-96	
Farris, Myra Horn	31-Aug-94	
Faulk, J.W.	17-Jan-96	
Faulkner, Ada Mae "Granny"	29-Mar-95	
Faulkner, Frances Catherine	05-Feb-97	
Faulkner, Robert Glenn	03-Mar-99	
Faust, Isloe Busby	01-Apr-92	
Faust, James Herbert	21-Feb-90	
Faust, Rusian L., Sr.	17-Feb-93	
Feazel, Charles E., Dr.	17-Feb-99	
Felton, Warren	 07-Oct-98	
Fendley, William Roy	04-Aug-93	
Ferguson, Barbara A.	14-Feb-96	
Ferguson, James D.	08-Jun-94	
Ferguson, Wallace Devon	01-Feb-95	
Fielden, Peter M.	13-Jan-99	
Fields, James "Papa James"	15-Oct-97	
Fincher, Garvis Gene	22-Sep-99	
Finger, Bernice Rogers	29-Dec-93	
Finley, Eula	23-Oct-96	
Finley, Shirley Jeanette	01-Jan-97	
Finley, William Jasper	23-Oct-91	
Finn, Willis Barnett	14-Jun-95	
Finn, Wilma S.	23-Feb-94	
Fitts, Reginald Charles	06-Nov-91	
Fitzgerald, Gerald Taylor	15-Feb-95	
Flanagan, Ellis Dunruth	17-Mar-99	
Fleming, Walt	08-Sep-93	
Fleming, Walter Owens	15-Sep-93	
Fleming, Wesley Martin	24-Mar-99	
Flemings, Murrell, Jr.	18-Jun-97	
Flemming, Walter	22-Mar-95	
Flemming, Walter	29-Mar-95	
Flemming, Walter	28-Jun-95	
Fletcher, Lennie Louise Hays	31-Jul-96	
Flournoy, Claud Julius	06-Aug-97	
Fluker, Alex "Buster"	11-Jan-95	
Folmar, John	25-Jan-95	
Fondren, Dolly	21-Apr-93	
Ford, Della Mae	11-Jan-95	
Ford, Julie Michelle	22-Aug-90	
Ford, Lillie Mae	18-May-94	
Ford, Nancy	07-Nov-90	
Ford, Nancy	14-Nov-90	
Ford, Norma "Faye"	18-Sep-96	
Ford, Viola S.	17-Feb-99	
Fore, Wilma E.	 11-Feb-98	
Foreman, Loretta F.	24-Nov-93	
Foreman, Paul Lane	12-Feb-97	
Forister, Ronald Tracey	18-Dec-96	
Forman, William Thomas	06-Feb-91	
Forsyth, James Martin "Jimmy"	 13-May-98	
Fortenberry, Celestia	16-Jun-99	
Fortner, Bobby Joe	 29-Apr-98	
Foshee, Mary Ester	11-Sep-96	
Foshee, Nona Bell 	17-Mar-99	
Foster, Alice Lee	 01-Jul-98	
Foster, Ann Arnold	24-Jan-96	
Foster, Charles Leroy	07-May-97	
Foster, Elizabeth Faye	23-Oct-91	
Foster, Gena Leann	17-Nov-99	
Foster, Gena Newell	17-Nov-99	
Foster, Gena Newell	24-Nov-99	
Foster, Gena Newell	01-Dec-99	
Foster, Gena Newell	29-Dec-99	
Foster, James Lee	10-Jun-92	
Foster, Jewel G.	21-May-97	
Foster, Mary Frances	29-Apr-92	
Foster, Naomi	14-Sep-94	
Foster, Retha Mae	05-Jan-94	
Foster, Vernon Thomas	09-Aug-95	
Fostrer, Luellen C.	26-Apr-95	
Fowler, Alberta Turner	19-Jul-95	
Fowler, Luke E., Jr. "Don"	 26-Aug-98	
Fowler, Luther Jerome, Jr.	30-Sep-92	
Fowler, Marion Alton	07-Jun-95	
Fowler, Percy Cleveland, Jr. "Joe"	17-Feb-93	
Fowler, Rickey Lee, Sr.	 26-Aug-98	
Fowler, Sadie Belle	09-Feb-94	
Fox, Charles R.	27-Nov-96	
Fox, Kenneth Franklin	15-Jul-92	
Francis, Dan Randal	05-Oct-94	
Frank, Kevin	09-Dec-92	
Frank, Randall Scott	23-Jan-91	
Frank, Randall William, Jr.	23-Jan-91	
Franklin, Bruce	03-Nov-99	
Franklin, Forrest C.	12-Apr-95	
Franklin, Frances Lamont Wyatt	04-Aug-99	
Franklin, Kathleen	08-Jul-98	
Franklin, Paul William	 02-Sep-98	
Franklin, Ruth Watson	11-May-94	
Franklin, Wayne William	03-Jan-90	
Franklin, William Herman, Jr.	 25-Feb-98	
Franklin, Willie Mae	18-Dec-96	
Franks, Bobby J.	07-Jul-99	
Franks, Dorothy Lou	06-Aug-97	
Franks, Lewis Carlton	04-Aug-93	
Frederick, Benny Burke, Sr.	 13-May-98	
Free, Era Campbell	 02-Sep-98	
Freeman, Agnes L.	 09-Dec-98	
Freeman, Fred	11-Oct-95	
Freeman, Ila "Coe"	03-Apr-96	
Freil, Lucile Beaty	12-Apr-95	
French, Perry Albert	30-Aug-95	
Fretwell, Frances Jeanette	 09-Dec-98	
Friday, Willie ee	25-Mar-92	
Fritz, Kevin Michael	14-Jul-93	
Fritz, Sandra Brown	14-Jul-93	
Frost, Fred Hardy, Jr.	01-Dec-93	
Frost, Lalene Bearden	30-May-90	
Fulgham, Louise	28-Feb-96	
Fuller, Carson Powell	31-Jan-96	
Fuller, Leah W.	21-Apr-99	
Fullman, Flora Pauline	17-Feb-93	
Fullman, Harry	06-Oct-99	
Fullman, Willie Franklin "Will"	 07-Oct-98	
Fulmer, Mary Viola	08-Aug-90	
Fulton, Frances "Ted"	09-Jan-91	
Fulton, Gary Ray	28-Jun-95	
Fulton, James Richard, Dr.	25-Aug-99	
Fulton, Laura Lee Blackwell	06-Mar-96	
Fulton, Loyd Gerald	09-Oct-91	
Fulton, Lynda Strawn	03-Oct-90	
Fulton, Rebecca Marie	22-Feb-95	
Fulton, Virginia Jean	16-Aug-95	
Fuqua, Erthie	29-Sep-99	
Fuqua, James R., Sr.	26-Dec-90	
Fuqua, Roy J.	31-Aug-94	
Furline, Thomas Edward	 14-Oct-98	
Furline, Virgie	10-Mar-99	
Furney, Anthony Craig	 05-Aug-98	
Furney, Barney W.	17-Aug-94	
Furney, Onnie Ozelle	31-Mar-93	
Gable, Alice Mae	23-Feb-94	
Gable, John T.	12-Mar-97	
Gaddie, Carlton Tucker	23-Sep-92	
Gaddis, Robert	26-May-99	
Gaddis, William D. "Dinky"	10-Jul-91	
Gaddis, William D. "Dinky"	03-Jul-91	
Gaddy, Annie Laura	 10-Jun-98	
Gaich, Nicholas	15-Mar-95	
Gaines, William Clayton	15-Mar-95	
Gallier, Nancy Lee	08-May-96	
Galliera, Harriet F.	17-Aug-94	
Galloway, Alonzo Clay, Jr.	18-Nov-92	
Galloway, Arthur Erskin	23-Jan-91	
Galloway, Dorothy Elizabeth	31-Aug-94	
Galloway, John W.D. "Bo"	10-Apr-96	
Galloway, Larry Weldon	13-Apr-94	
Galloway, Martha Easterling	29-Jul-92	
Galloway, Robert Burns	21-Jul-93	
Galloway, Rozelle C.	 29-Apr-98	
Gallups, Grady Lawrence	 07-Jan-98	
Gallups, John Huston	12-May-99	
Gallups, Lois E.	17-Jul-91	
Gallups, Martha Marieanne	18-Oct-95	
Gallups, Retha Cleby	 04-Mar-98	
Gallups, Retha Cleby	 25-Feb-98	
Gamble, Charles Jackson "Pete"	06-Sep-95	
Gamble, Elizabeth Stone	 17-Jun-98	
Gamble, Paul James	28-Apr-93	
Gambrell, Johnnie Malcolm	06-Jan-99	
Gandy, Earl Edward, Sr.	21-Aug-91	
Gann, Ann E.	07-Jun-95	
Gardner, Bertha Linkswiler	17-Mar-93	
Gardner, Charles Hamilton	11-Jan-95	
Gardner, Frances Reid	15-Aug-90	
Gardner, Hazel C.	26-Jun-96	
Gardner, John Arlington	19-Jun-96	
Gardner, Kenneth	30-Jan-91	
Gardner, Margery Joyce	13-Mar-96	
Gardner, Mary B.	14-Feb-96	
Gardner, Ruby Gamble	14-Jun-95	
Gardner, Thurman	17-Mar-93	
Gardner, William Albert	27-Nov-96	
Gardner, Willie T.	16-Dec-92	
Garner, Betty Faye	25-Aug-93	
Garner, Bill Junior	11-Mar-92	
Garner, Clarence Edward	20-Oct-99	
Garner, J. C., Mr.	29-Sep-93	
Garner, James Franklin	10-Dec-97	
Garner, Kenneth	23-Nov-94	
Garner, Shephard	 11-Mar-98	
Garner, Sylvia	28-Sep-94	
Garrett, Alma	04-Nov-92	
Garrett, Alma Josie	11-Nov-92	
Garrett, Alma Pearl	25-Jun-97	
Garrett, Alvin Roger	10-Jun-92	
Garrett, Arthur Randolph, Sr.	30-Sep-92	
Garrett, Betty Frances	02-Oct-91	
Garrett, Clara Belle	 23-Dec-98	
Garrett, Colleen Batson	10-Sep-97	
Garrett, Dewey Hobson, Sr.	11-Sep-96	
Garrett, Doris J.	01-May-96	
Garrett, Durward Leonard	24-Dec-97	
Garrett, Ellie Elizabeth	13-Jan-93	
Garrett, Hettye Colleen Batson	10-Sep-97	
Garrett, Mary Powell	04-Aug-99	
Garrett, O. G., Colonel	26-Oct-94	
Garrett, Ralph H.	12-Feb-97	
Garrett, Rena D.	14-Jul-99	
Garrett, Ruth-del Tarpley	01-Apr-92	
Garrett, Thelma	10-Aug-94	
Garrett, William Earl, Sr. "Bill"	17-Jan-96	
Garrett, Wilton C.	 01-Apr-98	
Gartrell, Christopher	10-Jul-91	
Gaskin, Randy W.	22-Sep-93	
Gaskin, Walter L.	28-Apr-93	
Gassaway, Christine	19-Dec-90	
Gates, Howard P.	12-Feb-92	
Gates, Lucille Ozley	30-Apr-97	
Gault, Chester Leon	22-May-91	
Gay, Annie Mae	15-Apr-92	
Gay, John Lee	09-Apr-97	
Gay, Leta Loudell	22-Dec-93	
Gay, William "Thursel"	21-Sep-94	
Geiger, William Fred	10-Nov-99	
Genry, Alice Annie	22-Oct-97	
Genry, Howard Roland	 25-Mar-98	
Genry, Joseph Nelson	04-Jan-95	
Genry, Katie Drucilla	07-Apr-93	
Gentry, Ellis	 18-Mar-98	
Gentry, James Harrell	07-Nov-90	
Gentry, James L., "Slim"	14-Jul-99	
Gentry, Jeffrey Dewayne	25-Sep-96	
George, Helen May	13-Oct-99	
George, Leonard Eugene	 09-Dec-98	
George, Roderick Scott	06-Nov-96	
Gettle, Stanley	29-Dec-99	
Gibson, Brittany Nicole	03-Jan-96	
Gibson, Harry Cornelious	17-Feb-99	
Gibson, Hazel Louise Stinson	15-Jan-97	
Gibson, James Edward	27-Nov-91	
Gibson, Katie I.	14-Nov-90	
Gibson, Mary Lee	07-Nov-90	
Gibson, Nathan	16-Jan-91	
Gibson, Nathan	16-Jan-91	
Gibson, Richard	09-Jul-97	
Gibson, Richard	16-Jul-97	
Gibson, Teddie Doyle	05-Sep-90	
Gibson, William F.	27-Oct-99	
Giddens, Raymond Wayne	 07-Oct-98	
Gilbert, Gladys Farriss	24-Mar-93	
Gilbert, Ollie G.	 18-Feb-98	
Gilbert, Terry Lee, "Bull"	13-Jan-99	
Gilbreath, Gordon H.	27-Jan-93	
Gilbreath, L. E. "Buck"	22-Mar-95	
Gilbreth, Mary E.	12-Aug-92	
Giles, Lela Bell	04-Jun-97	
Gill, Christine Vick	03-Mar-99	
Gill, Lillie Mae	21-Mar-90	
Gill, Maggie Mae	27-Sep-95	
Gill, Patrick Aaron	24-Jan-96	
Gillen, Herman L.	27-Jan-99	
Gillen, Lois Moore	27-Jan-99	
Gillen, Ruby Joanna	 13-May-98	
Gilliland, Donna Lynn Dalton	16-Jul-97	
Gilliland, Donna Lynn Dalton	06-Aug-97	
Gilliland, Elbert Leslie, Rev.	16-Apr-97	
Gilliland, Nellie Lee	19-Jul-95	
Gilliland, Omie "Snap"	16-Nov-94	
Gilliland, Ralph Jackson	06-Nov-91	
Gilliland, Shirley Pugh	01-Feb-95	
Gilmore, Robert Charles, Sr.	23-Jan-91	
Gilmore, Rufus Leon	19-Jan-94	
Gilreath, Edward Lee	03-Oct-90	
Ginger, Dorothy P.	23-Aug-95	
Gingo, Robert Earl	12-Jul-95	
Givhan, Frances Lewis "Sassy"	27-Sep-95	
Givhan, Frances Lewis "Sassy"	04-Oct-95	
Gizelor, Mary	01-May-91	
Glasgow, John Fletcher	28-Mar-90	
Glass, Betty June	09-Jun-99	
Glass, Charles	15-Apr-92	
Glass, Charles Ronald, Sr.	02-Apr-97	
Glass, Charley	27-Feb-91	
Glass, David	 15-Jul-98	
Glass, Edward	 02-Sep-98	
Glass, Emily Celeste	10-Feb-99	
Glass, Floyd Donald	29-Jan-97	
Glass, Frank	02-Dec-92	
Glass, Georgia Nicole	08-Dec-99	
Glass, Glenn Edwin	 21-Oct-98	
Glass, Grace B.	09-Mar-94	
Glass, James Lee	12-Nov-97	
Glass, Jerry Lee	19-Nov-97	
Glass, Jessie Lee	24-Mar-93	
Glass, Joseph Khan	 25-Nov-98	
Glass, Kelly M. Carden	20-Oct-99	
Glass, Levis John	29-Nov-95	
Glass, Nina John	22-Dec-93	
Glass, O. J., Mr.	22-Feb-95	
Glass, Onie E.	08-Dec-93	
Glass, Ruth Estelle	31-Dec-97	
Glass, Thomas Glen	09-Nov-94	
Glass, Vadie Irene	18-Jul-90	
Glass, William Daniel	23-Dec-92	
Glass, William Vann	02-May-90	
Glasscock, Katherine Gothard	07-May-97	
Glasscock, Wanda Marie West	10-Nov-93	
Glasss, Johnny Reid	28-Aug-91	
Glazner, Johnnie Reid	 05-Aug-98	
Glenn, Charles	07-Apr-99	
Glenn, Fannie M.	17-Jan-90	
Glenn, Luther A. "Top"	08-Oct-97	
Glidewell, Henry A.	14-Apr-93	
Glidewell, Milford Randolph	19-Oct-94	
Glosson, Ruth Ellen	14-Feb-90	
Glover, Sandra L.	12-May-99	
Goad, William Stevenson, Jr.	19-Jun-96	
Goad, William Stevenson, Sr.	09-Jun-93	
Godfrey, Woodrow	 25-Feb-98	
Godsey, William Harrison	14-Apr-93	
Goff, Marie	 18-Feb-98	
Goff, Norman Delton "Dick"	30-Jun-93	
Goff, Odell	26-May-93	
Goff, Steven Eugene	20-Nov-91	
Goggins, Charles E.	23-Jan-91	
Goggins, Courtney Elizabeth	11-May-94	
Goggins, Dorothy Demerle Lawley	17-Mar-99	
Goggins, Dorothy Lee	19-Mar-97	
Goggins, Edna Hyde	11-Dec-96	
Goggins, Edward Eugene	21-Apr-99	
Goggins, Enoch "Teno"	05-Feb-97	
Goggins, Grady Clarence	10-Mar-99	
Goggins, Henry Jack	08-May-91	
Goggins, Judy House	14-Jul-99	
Goggins, Lena Frances Harkins	 04-Nov-98	
Goggins, Lida Belle	03-Nov-93	
Goggins, Mable Mae	13-Mar-91	
Goggins, Mary Jane	20-Feb-91	
Goggins, Monroe Daniel	 01-Apr-98	
Goggins, Monroe Daniel	 25-Mar-98	
Goggins, Norman Ray "Benny"	12-Jun-91	
Goggins, Norman Ray "Benny"	05-Jun-91	
Goggins, William Oscar	09-Aug-95	
Golden, Irene	01-Oct-97	
Goldschmid, Anna Kathryn	07-Mar-90	
Goode, Earnestine	01-May-91	
Goodrich, Dana T.	 25-Nov-98	
Goodson, Michael W.	28-Dec-94	
Goodwin, Ellen Inez	09-Jan-91	
Goodwin, Helen Joyce	02-Mar-94	
Goodwin, Linda B.	23-Oct-96	
Goodwin, Marguerite Boswell	15-Jan-92	
Goodwin, Omega Gore	28-Jul-99	
Goodwin, Sibyl Frances	15-Oct-97	
Goodwin, Thurman A.	16-Sep-92	
Goolsby, Zemma A.	26-Jan-94	
Gordon, Donald Gregory	 23-Sep-98	
Gordon, Grace Littrell Moore	13-Sep-95	
Gordon, Minnie Clifton	03-Jun-92	
Gordon, Ronald Wayne	14-Nov-90	
Gore, Charles Jackson	04-Apr-90	
Gore, Curtis Hoover	27-Nov-96	
Gormley, Fidelia F.	10-Jan-96	
Gose, Carroll C.	30-Sep-92	
Goss, Iris	07-Aug-96	
Gothard, Florence Lorraine	03-Nov-99	
Gothard, Floyd E.	25-Sep-96	
Gothard, Jean Delorse	21-Apr-93	
Gothard, Jimmie Lee, Sr.	24-Nov-93	
Gould, Alvin T.	24-Jul-91	
Gould, Kennth Howard	04-Aug-93	
Gower, Otis R.	22-Jan-97	
Grady, Frances W. "Red"	08-May-96	
Grady, James G.	02-Dec-92	
Graham, Alfred Joner, Jr.	08-Feb-95	
Grant, Elisabeth Wear	23-Jun-99	
Grant, Freddie James "Sonny"	09-Jul-97	
Grant, James E.	03-Apr-91	
Grant, Ottis Eugene, Sr.	28-Jul-93	
Grant, Rosetta Chappell	25-Sep-96	
Grantham, Evelyn T.	25-Sep-96	
Grantham, Jack W.	21-Apr-93	
Grantham, Priscilla Ann	10-Mar-99	
Grantham, Roy Lester	15-Nov-95	
Graves, Jack Herbert	29-Jun-94	
Graves, Jerald Edward, Sr.	 13-May-98	
Gray, Donnie Walton	29-May-96	
Gray, Edna Mercer McCorkle	 14-Oct-98	
Gray, Hamilton Earnest, Sr.	 09-Dec-98	
Gray, Robert, Jr., "Rob Base"	14-Aug-96	
Grayson, Willie	05-Mar-97	
Greathouse, Earlon "E.W."	14-Aug-96	
Green, Abbie Woodson	08-Jul-98	
Green, Bob	15-Jan-97	
Green, Calvin Levi	10-Apr-91	
Green, Catherine McDade	 26-Aug-98	
Green, Clifford Anthony, Jr.	27-Jul-94	
Green, Daisy E.	03-Mar-93	
Green, Dorothy Mae	 25-Mar-98	
Green, Dulcie Martin	12-Dec-90	
Green, Emma Mary Hughes	16-Jul-97	
Green, Flora Irene	01-Nov-95	
Green, George Lee	27-Jun-90	
Green, Howard	19-Feb-92	
Green, Howard G.	17-Jun-92	
Green, Mildred Elsie	06-Oct-93	
Green, Robert Howard	01-Jul-92	
Green, Roy, "Sleepy"	17-Mar-99	
Green, Ruby Muriel	13-Jan-93	
Green, Ruth C.	10-Feb-93	
Green, Thelma Mae	09-Jun-93	
Green, W. Thurston	17-Jan-90	
Green, William Elvin	26-Aug-92	
Greene, Colt Hunter	31-May-95	
Greene, Dovie Lee	30-Jun-99	
Greene, Jeffrey Todd	09-Mar-94	
Greene, Jimmie Royce, Sr.	 22-Jul-98	
Greene, Mildred	03-Jan-96	
Greene, Ruth Harris	23-Nov-94	
Greenhill, Robert C.	06-Oct-93	
Greenlea, Arthur	19-Jan-94	
Greenlea, Jessie Mae Hayes	01-Mar-95	
Greer, Ruby Muriel	20-Jan-93	
Greer, Vivian Bryan	30-Oct-91	
Gregg, Walter James	21-Apr-93	
Gremmels, Louis, Jr., Dr.	26-Jul-95	
Grice, Thomas Wade	29-Mar-95	
Grier, Mamie Lee Parker	 26-Aug-98	
Griffin, Curtis D.	26-Apr-95	
Griffin, Lillian Faye	27-Feb-91	
Griffin, Lillian Faye	06-Mar-91	
Griffin, Pauline M.	21-Jul-99	
Griffin,, Keley Sharaine	11-Jan-95	
Griffith, Annie Lee	18-Mar-92	
Griffith, Dora A.	25-Jan-95	
Griffith, Lucille Blanche, Dr.	12-May-93	
Griffith, Margaret	28-Sep-94	
Griffith, Raymond W.	06-Nov-91	
Grimes, Haley Nicole	09-Jul-97	
Grimes, Haley Nicole	16-Jul-97	
Grimes, James Harold	23-Mar-94	
Grimes, Lillian R.	31-May-95	
Grimes, Mary Mildred	 15-Apr-98	
Grimes, Ruby L.	31-Mar-93	
Grimes, Steven Tyler	22-Dec-99	
Grimes, W.O. "Joe"	 28-Oct-98	
Grimes, William "Bud"	22-Nov-95	
Griser, Helen Roberts	29-Jun-94	
Groce, Annette	27-Jan-93	
Groce, J'Tavius	27-Jan-93	
Groce, Marva Jo Threatt "Frosty"	16-Jul-97	
Grosso, Theodore	 17-Jun-98	
Grosso, Theodore	 24-Jun-98	
Guin, Lois Irene	13-May-92	
Gulledge, Grady Adam, Sr.	26-Apr-95	
Gulledge, Mary Lorene	01-Jul-98	
Gunlock, Mamie	19-May-93	
Gunn, Benjamin Edward, "Wack"	04-Aug-99	
Gunn, Bessie Frances	25-Aug-93	
Gunn, Helen B.	20-Mar-96	
Gunnarson, Iduma Lea	30-Oct-91	
Gunter, Richard Wright "Joe"	27-Mar-96	
Guy, John Thomas	29-Aug-90	
Guy, William Wood	12-Jan-94	
Guyton, Patricia Ann	02-Oct-96	
Gwin, Gordon M.	22-Jan-97	
Gwisdala, Robert Allen	18-Oct-95	
Haagenson, Elmer	24-Mar-99	
Haefner,Leland G.	05-Apr-95	
Hafer, Terry Dwayne	31-Mar-99	
Haffner, William R., Jr.	09-May-90	
Hafford, Jeannie Samantha	12-May-99	
Hagan, Betty Mae	21-Dec-94	
Haggard, Bonita Ann	12-Feb-97	
Hale, Augusta Lander	22-Dec-99	
Hale, Doc	19-Nov-97	
Hale, Gertrude W.	01-Jul-98	
Hale, James Edward	07-Apr-99	
Hale, Jewel	03-Apr-96	
Hale, Johnnie Belle Wheeler	24-Mar-99	
Hale, Nathan Franklin	30-Jun-93	
Hall, Annie Mae	05-May-99	
Hall, Billie M. (Suter)	20-Oct-99	
Hall, Billy Joe, Sr.	07-Aug-96	
Hall, Carlos B.	 29-Apr-98	
Hall, Constance D.	23-Oct-96	
Hall, Donald L.	26-Apr-95	
Hall, E. G., Mr.	18-Jan-95	
Hall, Eleanor Gray	20-May-92	
Hall, Elizabeth Anne	17-Feb-99	
Hall, Francis Lamar	13-Jul-94	
Hall, Glenn Vernon	30-Apr-97	
Hall, James Thomas, Sr.	 24-Jun-98	
Hall, Joseph Thomas	17-Mar-93	
Hall, Kenneth Wayne	26-Jul-95	
Hall, Lelar Hayward	24-Oct-90	
Hall, Mary Evelyn	12-Jan-94	
Hall, R.C., Mr.	04-Jun-97	
Hall, Thomas Lynn	14-Jul-99	
Hall, Virgil Claxton	13-Oct-93	
Hall, Willer D. Donnally	15-Feb-95	
Hallman, Iva Jean	 18-Mar-98	
Hallmark, Robert Neal	22-Sep-99	
Hall-Woodruff, Norma Kay "Peanut"	 22-Apr-98	
Halvorson, Darlene Morange	23-Mar-94	
Halvorson, Elsa E.	06-Jul-94	
Halvorson, Glenn Alan, Jr.	09-Jun-93	
Ham, Stephen E., Jr. "Steve"	16-Nov-94	
Hames, Margie Jackson	13-Jan-99	
Hamilton, Dalton	 16-Dec-98	
Hamilton, Myrtle Faye	09-Jul-97	
Hamm, Albert E.	 15-Jul-98	
Hamm, Carlos H.	27-Sep-95	
Hamm, Ernest Joseph	27-Nov-96	
Hamm, Ruby R.	12-Jul-95	
Hammond, Elizabeth Wallace	29-Jan-97	
Hammond, James Bennett	21-May-97	
Hammond, James Bennett	28-May-97	
Hamrick, Amy Melisa	02-Oct-91	
Hamrick, Charlotte David	23-Aug-95	
Hamrick, Earnest Olen	23-Feb-94	
Hamrick, Lillie Mae	16-Feb-94	
Hand, Ada Pickett	12-Jun-91	
Hand, Elijah Lee	22-Apr-92	
Hand, Estelle Creek	09-Jun-93	
Hand, Jeff D., Jr.	20-May-92	
Hand, Lloyd Wesley, Elder	29-Dec-93	
Hand, patricia Sue	26-Jun-91	
Handley, Loyd	02-Jan-91	
Handley, Pauline Mathilda	02-Feb-94	
Hanes, Estella Taylor	12-Mar-97	
Haney, Paul Lee	07-Oct-92	
Hanger, Irene Mae	15-Jun-94	
Hanna, Ottis Lee	04-Mar-92	
Hannah, Essau	15-Jul-92	
Hannah, Johnnie, Sr.	31-Mar-99	
Hanner, Tommy	17-Sep-97	
Hansen, Bernard Victor	18-Aug-93	
Hanson, John N.	15-Aug-90	
Hanson, Lee Una	05-May-99	
Hanvey, Betty Fern	20-May-92	
Harbin, Mildred Marie	06-Nov-96	
Hardemon, Betty Jewell	14-Apr-93	
Hardin, Richard Bland	29-Jul-92	
Hardman, Martha Jo "Carol"	14-Feb-90	
Hardy, Loudell	17-Nov-93	
Hardy, Ocie A.	23-Jan-91	
Hardy, Rickey	20-Dec-95	
Hardy, Rickey	27-Dec-95	
Hargrove, R. June	21-Nov-90	
Harlan, Julius Elmo, Jr.	07-Feb-90	
Harlin, Harold	04-Mar-92	
Harmon, Jerry Eugene	19-Sep-90	
Harper, Bertie Opera	11-Oct-95	
Harper, David Frank	26-Jul-95	
Harper, Geneva Jean	20-Jun-90	
Harper, Jackie Ray	27-Feb-91	
Harper, Kermit Ray "Sonny"	 14-Oct-98	
Harper, Manin Cecil	29-Oct-97	
Harrington, Sara Jane	23-Jul-97	
Harris, Aaron Burr	24-Aug-94	
Harris, Albert Z.	21-Mar-90	
Harris, Alice	17-Jan-90	
Harris, Birdie Lawley	03-Mar-99	
Harris, Clara Ellen	10-Jan-90	
Harris, Cliffortine Kirkley	27-Jan-99	
Harris, Emma Florine	06-Oct-93	
Harris, James Robert	16-Feb-94	
Harris, Jerri Millar	13-Aug-97	
Harris, Jodi Lynn	02-Jan-91	
Harris, John Thomas	27-Jan-99	
Harris, Joseph E.	07-Aug-91	
Harris, Lee Byers "Bo"	 05-Aug-98	
Harris, Louise G.	15-Jan-92	
Harris, Louise Gunn	17-Jul-91	
Harris, Loyd V.	15-Dec-99	
Harris, Lyle	01-Sep-99	
Harris, Margaret Stella, "Maggie"	21-Jul-99	
Harris, Mary Geneva	03-Sep-97	
Harris, Mary Olean	23-Mar-94	
Harris, Mildred Whitman	20-Feb-91	
Harris, Reece H.	03-Jan-90	
Harris, Rufus Glenn	21-Apr-99	
Harris, Tommie Milam	18-Dec-91	
Harris, Virgil	26-Jun-91	
Harris, Willie Lee	06-Oct-93	
Harris, Willie Mae Waldrup "Dude"	02-Oct-91	
Harrison, Annie Darden	07-Jun-95	
Harrison, Annie Pearson	11-Jul-90	
Harrison, Charles Henry	20-Feb-91	
Harrison, Frances L.	24-Jan-90	
Harrison, Francis Allen	16-Feb-94	
Harrison, Jessie Wyatt	10-Jan-90	
Harrison, Karl C.	19-Nov-97	
Harrison, Mildred B.	03-Dec-97	
Harrison, Murry H.	20-Jan-99	
Harrison, Richard Ryan 	12-Jun-96	
Harrison, Rolfe Hunt	03-Jan-90	
Harrison, Ulma Jones	02-Dec-92	
Harrison, William Dean	17-May-95	
Hart, Omie Austin	23-Feb-94	
Hartley, Helen Doris	17-Dec-97	
Hartley, Helen Doris	24-Dec-97	
Hartley, Mary	10-Jul-91	
Hartsfield, James B.	01-Apr-92	
Hartzell, Abram S.	20-May-92	
Harvy, Katherine Bolton	13-Apr-94	
Hassett, Shirley W.	08-Dec-99	
Hastings, Mary Jessie	30-Jan-91	
Hatcher, Benjamin Franklin, Sr. "Hap"	14-Aug-91	
Hatcher, George Wesley	18-Mar-92	
Hatcher, James, Sr.	10-Apr-91	
Hatcher, Lucille Beatrice	21-Mar-90	
Hatcher, Luther V.	17-Apr-96	
Hatcher, Margaret Marie	15-Dec-99	
Hatchett, Dorothy Schmidt	10-Jan-90	
Hatley, Buena Winecoff	05-Jan-94	
Hawk, Lema J.	16-Mar-94	
Hawk, Robert L.	22-Apr-92	
Hawkins, Charlie R.	03-Sep-97	
Hawkins, Erskine, Sr.	11-Jun-97	
Hawkins, Mary Joyce	10-Jan-96	
Hay, Kenneth Simmons	22-Nov-95	
Hayes, Adline	20-Jan-99	
Hayes, Cleo Raymond	08-Mar-95	
Hayes, George Aubrey	 18-Feb-98	
Hayes, James Henry	30-May-90	
Hayes, Johnnie Mavis	 11-Mar-98	
Hayes, Katherine Wall	30-Jun-99	
Hayes, Virginia Peggy	17-Sep-97	
Haynes, Cora Maxine	09-Apr-97	
Haynie, Hazel G.	29-Apr-92	
Haynie, Jack Dennis	19-Jan-94	
Haynie, Lillie Nivens	15-Aug-90	
Hays, James "Jimmy"	29-Jul-98	
Haywood, Annie	17-Jan-90	
Haywood, Lula Bell	06-Jan-93	
Haywood, Robert C. "Bob"	04-Nov-92	
Hazouri, Kelsey Leigh	09-Sep-92	
Head, Carrie Thomas	01-Jul-92	
Headley, Evelyn Earline	11-Jul-90	
Headley, Mildred Crocker	10-Feb-99	
Healy, Emily Pederson	07-Sep-94	
Healy, John L.	04-Jan-95	
Hearn, Lola Mae	18-Nov-92	
Hearn, Mildred Gordon	05-May-99	
Heath, Bertha Lee	22-Oct-97	
Heatherly, Clinton Clay, Jr.	 23-Dec-98	
Heaven, Sharon Elaine, Rev.	13-Mar-96	
Hedgepath, James Author	30-Nov-94	
Hedgepath, William David	04-Dec-96	
Hefner, Scott	02-Dec-92	
Heifner, June Hamiton	14-Jul-99	
Henderson, Harold "Bud"	30-Jan-91	
Henderson, Harold Douglas	04-Oct-95	
Henderson, Homer	18-Apr-90	
Henderson, James Edward 	17-Oct-90	
Henderson, Laura Michelle	25-Jul-90	
Henderson, Nell I.	19-Aug-92	
Henderson, Winston Milton	04-Jun-97	
Hendrick, Betty L.	25-Sep-96	
Hendricks, Rebecca A.	04-Dec-91	
Hendrix, Maggie Mae	 20-May-98	
Hendrix, Ruth G.	 26-Aug-98	
Henerson, Rosa L.	 05-Aug-98	
Henke, Billy G.	08-May-96	
Henley, Joe, Jr.	07-Mar-90	
Hennessy, Robert Francis	22-Mar-95	
Henry, Dorothy J.	28-May-97	
Henry, John Thomas	17-Nov-93	
Henry, Melvin Don	01-Feb-95	
Henson, Lanis Louise	02-Feb-92	
Henson, William Thomas	05-Apr-95	
Herbert, Damon Lee, Sr.	17-Mar-93	
Herrick, Kenneth H.	25-Apr-90	
Herring, Willie Mitchell	17-Oct-90	
Hester, Wilma Jewell	17-Jun-92	
Hethcox, W.L.	26-Feb-97	
Hicks, Donald Joe "Don"	 16-Dec-98	
Hicks, Holt Owen	08-Mar-95	
Hicks, Hoyt Owen	15-Mar-95	
Hicks, James Ronald	01-Jul-92	
Hicks, Lena Marie	06-Jan-99	
Hicks, Lillie Geneva	05-Apr-95	
Hicks, Margaret Yvonne	27-Mar-91	
Hicks, Robert Eugene	07-Apr-99	
Hicks, Thomas Bevil	14-Aug-91	
Higginbotham Julius Stanley	31-Oct-90	
Higginbotham, Burnie L.	09-Dec-92	
Higginbotham, Clyde	31-Jul-91	
Higgins, Clarence, Jr.	26-Jun-91	
Higgins, Edna Lee	21-Nov-90	
Higgins, Michael Anthony	15-Sep-93	
Higgins, Thomas Arthur	31-Aug-94	
Hill, David Taft	06-Nov-91	
Hill, Elsie Stinson	19-Oct-94	
Hill, Elton Baxter "Buddy"	 04-Mar-98	
Hill, Elton Baxter "Buddy"	 18-Feb-98	
Hill, Jemmie Claire	17-Oct-90	
Hill, Jon Michael	03-Aug-94	
Hill, Kathleen Glass	26-Aug-92	
Hill, Lanelle	28-Feb-96	
Hill, W.L., Jr.	02-Jun-99	
Hill, Walter, Jr. "Bug"	31-May-95	
Hinds, Charles Clifton "Buster"	27-Nov-96	
Hinds, Jason Wayne	 30-Sep-98	
Hines, Leonard E.	19-Sep-90	
Hinkle, Jimmy	17-Jan-90	
Hinkle, Lance Daniel	 18-Nov-98	
Hinton, Alvie Odell	12-Apr-95	
Hinton, Lando	25-Aug-99	
Hinton, Valerie Hearn	06-Oct-99	
Hirsch, Henry Lee	28-Jun-95	
Hitt, Mary Lou	10-Feb-93	
Hoagland, Laura Jane	19-May-93	
Hobbs, Claud Marion	 16-Dec-98	
Hobbs, Lavert William "Babe"	27-Jul-94	
Hobson, Rich	17-Mar-99	
Hocutt, Marie Hall	05-Sep-90	
Hodgens, Cecil Leon, Sr.	08-Dec-99	
Hodgens, Robert June	01-Mar-95	
Hodges, Cory Wayne	30-Apr-97	
Hoff, Frances C.	04-Nov-92	
Hoffman, Lena Irene	01-Jul-98	
Hogge, Charles Wilbur	05-Jun-96	
Hoggle, Mamie Ione	04-Mar-92	
Holcomb, Frank B.	29-Mar-95	
Holcomb, Gladys Dycus	03-Jul-96	
Holcomb, William Glen, Jr. "Bill"	30-Oct-96	
Holcombe, Burl Harold	 14-Jan-98	
Holcombe, Dulcye Viola	02-Feb-92	
Holcombe, George W.	 09-Sep-98	
Holcombe, Idalee Moody	27-Mar-96	
Holcombe, Jewel Evelyn	31-Jan-96	
Holcombe, Lethia Hayes	27-Mar-91	
Holcombe, Mildred Pitts	11-Dec-96	
Holcombe, Roy E.	20-Nov-91	
Holcombe, Theron Minor	03-Sep-97	
Holcombe, Trilby Jeanett Cupp	25-Aug-93	
Holcombe, Wayne	 23-Sep-98	
Holcombe, William Collis	19-Jun-96	
Holdbrooks, Lee	06-Aug-99	
Holdbrooks, Lee	11-Aug-99	
Holdbrooks, Lee	18-Aug-99	
Holdbrooks, Lee	22-Sep-99	
Holdreth, Dottie	20-Feb-91	
Holdsambeck, A. J., Mr.	17-Nov-93	
Holdsambeck, Afred B. "Burl"	26-Jun-91	
Holifield, Alpha	27-Jul-94	
Holland, Alton Booth	26-Jul-95	
Holle, Frank Auk	 21-Jan-98	
Holler, Diane Finn	14-Feb-96	
Holley, Carol G.	06-Jun-90	
Holliman, Bobby Ray	 13-May-98	
Holliman, Ida Hughes	02-Aug-95	
Holliman, Mark	30-Apr-97	
Hollis, Clifford	08-Dec-99	
Hollis, Pearl Pearce	05-Jan-94	
Hollis, Roy Lester	13-Nov-91	
Holloman, Melissa Lynn	21-Feb-90	
Holly, Audrey	17-May-95	
Holly, Joe E., Sr.	09-Aug-95	
Holman, Donald T.	01-Mar-95	
Holmes, Horace Franklin, Sr.	15-Jul-92	
Holmes, James Trenholm	18-Sep-91	
Holmes, Pitt	03-Mar-99	
Holmes, William Clyde, Jr.	20-Nov-96	
Holmes, William Clyde, Jr.	27-Nov-96	
Holsomback, Alfred "Ray"	29-Mar-95	
Holsomback, Bobby Sims	01-Jul-92	
Holsomback, Charles Ellis	01-May-96	
Holsomback, Danny Eugene	05-Oct-94	
Holsomback, Don Edwin	01-May-96	
Holsomback, Helen Loraine	17-Feb-99	
Holsomback, Hershel Junior	01-Sep-99	
Holsomback, Imojean Goggins	31-Dec-97	
Holsomback, Jessie D., Mr.	24-Jan-90	
Holsomback, John "Dan"	 18-Nov-98	
Holsomback, Pauline	02-May-90	
Holsomback, Roy Robert	13-Sep-95	
Holsomback, Thomas	31-Jan-96	
Holsombeck, Dorothy Ann	02-Feb-94	
Holston, Robert Harris	 16-Dec-98	
Holt, Pebble Wayne "P.W."	14-May-97	
Honeycutt, Aubrey M.	03-Dec-97	
Honeycutt, Charles F. "Jack"	11-Sep-96	
Honeycutt, Marian Lucille	08-Aug-90	
Hood, Bryan David	24-Mar-93	
Hooks, Marcus Glenn	26-Oct-94	
Hooks, William J. "Bill"	21-Sep-94	
Hooper, Lois Mason	11-Jul-90	
Hoover, John Ray	09-Jun-93	
Hope, Grady L. "Cotton"	02-Nov-94	
Hope, Kali Dawn	11-Jan-95	
Hope, Milton "Peanut"	 08-Apr-98	
Hope, Odessa Taylor	 24-Jun-98	
Hope, Rex	08-Jul-92	
Hope, Spivy Lee	04-Dec-96	
Hope, Spivy Lee	11-Dec-96	
Horne, Clayton H.	15-Dec-99	
Horness, Duane LeRoy	14-Feb-90	
Horness, Shirley Rita	25-Jan-95	
Horton, Allie Faye	14-Apr-93	
Horton, Carrie	07-Nov-90	
Horton, Collie, Mr.	21-Aug-91	
Horton, Curtis Elbert	27-Feb-91	
Horton, Jason Michael	31-Oct-90	
Horton, Jimmy Joe, Rev.	29-Dec-93	
Horton, John Alfred	27-Nov-91	
Horton, John Austin, Jr.	08-May-91	
Horton, John Kenneth	06-Apr-94	
Horton, Joyce Connell	25-Mar-92	
Horton, Katherine Yvonne	30-Nov-94	
Horton, Lawrence F. "Larry"	10-Aug-94	
Horton, Lillie Mae	09-Feb-94	
Horton, Louise G.	21-Feb-96	
Horton, Loyd E., Sr.	31-Jan-96	
Horton, Mildred Irene	09-Feb-94	
Horton, Mydel "Pop"	 07-Oct-98	
Horton, Nalda Finley	15-Oct-97	
Horton, Oveda	11-Jul-90	
Horton, Pauline Yeager	11-Oct-95	
Horton, Peggy Ruth	30-Mar-94	
Horton, Robert	 12-Aug-98	
Horton, Roy Fredrick	06-Oct-93	
Horton, Samuel B.	13-Oct-93	
Horton, Thomas	20-Jan-99	
Hosea, Bobby	27-Sep-95	
Hosemann, Paul Clement, Jr.	15-Jul-92	
Hosey, Bloise Henderson	 18-Mar-98	
Hottensen, Marshall L.	13-Mar-96	
Houghtaling, Robert James	19-Mar-97	
House, Coy Lee	15-Oct-97	
House, Terry	08-Sep-93	
Houser, Gerald D. "Jerry"	08-Oct-97	
Houston, Billie Jean	20-Jan-99	
Houston, Eva Doris	08-Dec-99	
Houston, Geneva Tucker	26-Jan-94	
Houston, Kathryn G.	15-Sep-99	
Houze, James Edward	14-Jun-95	
Howard, A.B., Mr.	 10-Jun-98	
Howard, Ada Davis	06-Aug-97	
Howard, Alan Roger	29-Jul-98	
Howard, Billy Joe	21-Mar-90	
Howard, Cherel Elaine	20-Jan-93	
Howard, Clifford James	29-Dec-99	
Howard, Curtis	17-Jun-92	
Howard, Daisy Mae	08-Jul-98	
Howard, Danny O'Neil	29-Oct-97	
Howard, Jennie A.	19-Oct-94	
Howard, Ola Stokes	27-Jan-99	
Howard, Olga A.	24-Nov-93	
Howard, Peggy Slayton	31-Jan-96	
Howard, Ruby McKay	 10-Jun-98	
Howard, Sarah Lee	18-Jul-90	
Howard, Willie, Rev.	15-Jun-94	
Howell, Curtis Charles	16-Jun-93	
Howell, Elsie	 25-Feb-98	
Howell, Flora Lee	28-Nov-90	
Howell, George Hubbard	23-Jul-97	
Howell, Henry Clay, Jr. "Red"	 13-May-98	
Howell, James F.	15-Sep-99	
Howell, Janie	 04-Feb-98	
Howell, Janie	 11-Feb-98	
Howell, Margaret Hamric	20-Mar-96	
Howell, Marguerite P.	04-Aug-99	
Howell, Pernie Gibson	28-Dec-94	
Howton, Betty Sue	19-May-99	
Howze, Joan Ann	17-Dec-97	
Hoyle, Katie Mae	17-Apr-96	
Hoynes, Catharine P.	27-Mar-96	
Hoynes, Kelley, Mrs.	02-Oct-91	
Huckabee, James Albert	16-Jul-97	
Huckabee, Myrtle Blankenship	16-Jun-93	
Hudson, Emily "Jean"	22-Dec-93	
Hudson, Ethel Laura	17-Jan-90	
Hudson, Frederick Dewayne	26-Nov-97	
Hudson, Frederick Dewayne	03-Dec-97	
Hudson, Jasmine Danielle (Russell)	26-Nov-97	
Hudson, Justin Jamarius	26-Nov-97	
Hudson, Justin Jamarius	03-Dec-97	
Hudson, Latoya Jenese	26-Nov-97	
Hudson, Latoya Jenese	03-Dec-97	
Hudson, Monroe	07-Feb-90	
Hudson, Samuel	 22-Apr-98	
Huffstetler, Joseph "Mr. Madison"	29-Jan-97	
Huffstetler, Joseph "Mr. Madison"	30-Jul-97	
Huffstutler, Essie Pitts	15-Jan-97	
Huggins, Jackson Lee, Master Sgt.	25-Jan-95	
Hughens, Ann Darring	20-Mar-91	
Hughes, Annie Foster	16-Jul-97	
Hughes, Annie Mae	 27-May-98	
Hughes, Claudie O.	22-Jun-94	
Hughes, Dorothy K.	03-Apr-91	
Hughes, Edna Brown	20-May-92	
Hughes, Emily Inez	10-Feb-93	
Hughes, Eva Louise	24-Mar-93	
Hughes, Heather	13-May-92	
Hughes, Heather Catherine	13-May-92	
Hughes, James Wesley	04-Aug-93	
Hughes, Lillie Bell	22-Apr-92	
Hughes, Lillie Bell	29-Apr-92	
Hughes, Lizer Jane	21-Jul-93	
Hughes, Margaret Lucille	16-Mar-94	
Hughes, Nannie Bell	05-Feb-97	
Hughes, Onie E.B.	23-May-90	
Hughes, Robert Basol, Sr.	12-Jun-91	
Hughes, Roy M.	17-Jun-92	
Hughes, W.C. "Curly"	29-Jan-97	
Hughes, William H.	 09-Dec-98	
Hulon, Culton R.	30-Sep-92	
Hulsey, Dustin Eldridge	08-Sep-99	
Hultgren, Ernest Walter	30-Dec-92	
Humber, Omie	29-Jun-94	
Hume, Dorothy Earnestine Wood	17-Jan-96	
Humphrey, Elton Lee	09-Jun-93	
Humphrey, Jimmie Milford	01-Jun-94	
Humphries, Lena Margaret	22-Nov-95	
Hunnicutt, Thomas Lynn	11-Oct-95	
Hunt, Chelisa	26-Mar-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	02-Apr-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	23-Apr-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	30-Apr-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	07-May-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	14-May-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	11-Jun-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	18-Jun-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	10-Sep-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	24-Dec-97	
Hunt, Chelisa	11-Mar-98	
Hunt, Chelisa	18-Mar-98	
Hunt, Chelisa	25-Mar-98	
Hunt, Chelisa	06-May-98	
Hunt, Chelisa	13-May-98	
Hunt, Chelisa	07-Oct-98	
Hunt, Chelisa	03-Feb-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	17-Feb-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	24-Feb-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	03-Mar-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	10-Mar-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	31-Mar-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	23-Jun-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	30-Jun-99	
Hunt, Chelisa	22-Sep-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	26-Mar-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	02-Apr-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	23-Apr-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	30-Apr-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	07-May-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	14-May-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	11-Jun-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	18-Jun-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	10-Sep-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	24-Dec-97	
Hunt, Chelsea	11-Mar-98	
Hunt, Chelsea	18-Mar-98	
Hunt, Chelsea	25-Mar-98	
Hunt, Chelsea	06-May-98	
Hunt, Chelsea	13-May-98	
Hunt, Chelsea	07-Oct-98	
Hunt, Chelsea	03-Feb-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	17-Feb-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	24-Feb-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	03-Mar-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	10-Mar-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	31-Mar-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	23-Jun-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	30-Jun-99	
Hunt, Chelsea	22-Sep-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	26-Mar-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	02-Apr-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	23-Apr-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	30-Apr-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	07-May-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	14-May-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	11-Jun-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	18-Jun-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	10-Sep-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	24-Dec-97	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	11-Mar-98	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	18-Mar-98	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	25-Mar-98	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	06-May-98	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	13-May-98	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	07-Oct-98	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	03-Feb-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	17-Feb-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	24-Feb-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	03-Mar-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	10-Mar-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	31-Mar-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	23-Jun-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	30-Jun-99	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	22-Sep-99	
Hunt, Gabriel Titus	02-Feb-94	
Hunt, Gabriel Titus	09-Feb-94	
Hunt, Ralph S., Jr.	05-Jan-94	
Hurt, Oscar Lloyd, "Sonny"	01-Dec-99	
Husband, Joseph	02-Aug-95	
Hutchins, Isabelle Lohr	25-Aug-93	
Hutchinson, Alice Faye	12-May-99	
Hutchinson, Calvin Johnson	24-Apr-96	
Hutchinson, Jack William	 19-Aug-98	
Hutchison, James Franklin, Jr.	12-Feb-92	
Hutton, Velma L.	23-Apr-97	
Hyde, Jeffery Kirk	06-Feb-91	
Hyde, Verna Louise	01-Dec-93	
Hyde, William Ray, Sr.	22-May-91	
Ingle, Lillian Frances	02-Dec-92	
Ingram, Claude	18-Jan-95	
Ingram, Dovie L.	01-Jan-97	
Ingram, Dovie L.	08-Jan-97	
Ingram, Irona Scoggins	15-Jul-92	
Ingram, Jack Carroll	06-Oct-93	
Ingram, James A., Jr.	03-Jan-96	
Ingram, James H., Jr.	22-Sep-93	
Ingram, Lewis	 24-Jun-98	
Ingram, Lummie Lee, Jr.	 30-Dec-98	
Ingram, Morris L.	15-May-91	
Ingram, Walter Jackson, Jr. "Jack"	02-Apr-97	
Ingram, William Lester	18-Jan-95	
Ingram, Wilma A.	15-Feb-95	
Inzer, Ida	28-Mar-90	
Ireland, James Floyd	12-Jan-94	
Isabell, John Dempsey, Sr.	06-Oct-99	
Isbell, Barney A.	01-Mar-95	
Isbell, Bertha H.	20-Nov-96	
Isbell, Bertha H.	27-Nov-96	
Isbell, Corene M.	03-Feb-93	
Isbell, David	02-Jul-97	
Isbell, Diane	03-Jun-92	
Isbell, Gracie M. Harris	04-Oct-95	
Isbell, J. T. "Cotton"	08-Mar-95	
Isbell, J. W., Mr.	21-Apr-93	
Isbell, Jerry	29-May-96	
Isbell, Lottie Ophelia	23-Jun-99	
Isbell, Theresa Diane	03-Jun-92	
Ives, Jarrett Wilcox	25-Jan-95	
Ives, Ruby Thompson	21-Apr-99	
Ivey, Margaret C.	27-Jul-94	
Ivory, Giles Milton	 16-Sep-98	
Jackle, Elizabeth Andrews	31-Mar-99	
Jackson, Andrew Willis "Buddy"	24-Mar-93	
Jackson, Barry Joseph	08-Mar-95	
Jackson, Beatrice	26-Jan-94	
Jackson, Billy Joel	13-Jan-93	
Jackson, David Eugene	10-Sep-97	
Jackson, Drue Moss	07-Nov-90	
Jackson, Edwin Eugene	24-Jan-90	
Jackson, George "Burley"	 03-Jun-98	
Jackson, Hattie Wilma	18-May-94	
Jackson, Hubert Terry, Jr.	26-Sep-90	
Jackson, Irene	03-Mar-99	
Jackson, Jerome Curtis, Sr.	17-Jan-90	
Jackson, Lorene	29-Nov-95	
Jackson, Louise Holcomb	29-Mar-95	
Jackson, Luther "Lynn C"	01-Dec-93	
Jackson, Margaret	21-Feb-96	
Jackson, Ronnie Wayne	24-Jul-91	
Jackson, Rufus R.	03-Apr-96	
Jackson, Ruth	14-Jul-99	
Jackson, Ruth Churchwell	26-May-93	
Jackson, Willie James	21-Jul-93	
Jacobs, Ralph Harding	29-Jan-92	
Jaglowicz, John Michael	21-Sep-94	
James, Kenneth Duane	08-Jan-97	
James, Lisa Rena	17-Dec-97	
James, Martha Ann	15-Sep-93	
James, Nellie Lowery Robinson	24-Nov-93	
James, Patricia Ann	 23-Dec-98	
James, Violet Colvin	09-Aug-95	
James, William Cleattus	16-Oct-96	
James, William Cleattus	23-Oct-96	
Jarvis, Curtis V., Sr.	17-Feb-99	
Jarvis, Jakie Lee	13-Apr-94	
Jarvis, Lois Reach	26-May-99	
Jarvis, Rhonda Sue	30-Dec-92	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	11-Aug-99	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	06-Aug-99	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	11-Aug-99	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	18-Aug-99	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	22-Sep-99	
Jeff, William Joseph, Sr. "Bill"	03-Jun-92	
Jeffcoat, Virginia Rorie	10-Mar-99	
Jeffreys, Leaborn G.	18-Aug-99	
Jemison, Cleburn G. "Pete"	 02-Sep-98	
Jemison, J. C., Sr.	03-May-95	
Jenkins, Charles Hershel	05-Aug-92	
Jenkins, Herman J.	03-Feb-99	
Jenkins, Monty Alan	18-Dec-96	
Jenkins, Raymond Grant	02-Sep-92	
Jennings, Douglas J.	13-Jan-99	
Jennings, Juanita Scott	25-Aug-99	
Jessie, Edward W.	28-Feb-96	
Jeter, Milton Cooper	25-Mar-92	
Jeter, Milton Cooper	01-Apr-92	
Jeter, Murice Presley, III	07-Nov-90	
Jewell, Ethel Pearl	03-Jun-92	
Johns, Susan Earlene	19-May-99	
Johnsey, John L. "Jack"	 25-Mar-98	
Johnson, Alonzo	03-Mar-99	
Johnson, Annie Sweeney	14-Dec-94	
Johnson, Arthur	03-Jun-92	
Johnson, Avo Caldwell	 17-Jun-98	
Johnson, Blanche	22-Dec-93	
Johnson, Bradford	03-Jun-92	
Johnson, Bradford	22-Jul-92	
Johnson, Bryan Thomas	24-Jul-96	
Johnson, Carrie Renae	04-Aug-99	
Johnson, Charles Rex	08-Aug-90	
Johnson, Charlie	17-Nov-93	
Johnson, Douglas Eugene	25-Nov-92	
Johnson, Douglas Eugene	02-Dec-92	
Johnson, Ella B.	08-Feb-95	
Johnson, Ethel B.	20-Dec-95	
Johnson, Gary Don	14-Oct-92	
Johnson, Hazel Marie	20-Mar-91	
Johnson, Helen Nabors	27-Nov-91	
Johnson, Homer Junior	27-Dec-95	
Johnson, Ida C.	19-Nov-97	
Johnson, Irene	18-Jun-97	
Johnson, Irene Partridge	19-Jul-95	
Johnson, Isaac Wayne	 11-Mar-98	
Johnson, Jack Edwin	 16-Sep-98	
Johnson, Jake Hartselle	14-Aug-91	
Johnson, James Arthur	03-Jun-92	
Johnson, James Arthur, Rev.	05-Sep-90	
Johnson, James Early	09-Feb-94	
Johnson, James Franklin	03-Jun-92	
Johnson, James H. "Pete"	21-Aug-96	
Johnson, James Robert	14-Aug-96	
Johnson, Jerry Wayne	24-Mar-93	
Johnson, Johnny Lee	16-Mar-94	
Johnson, Joseph Bolton	18-Jul-90	
Johnson, Joshua Clayton	04-Apr-90	
Johnson, Judge	01-Aug-90	
Johnson, Larry, Jr.	04-Nov-92	
Johnson, Leonard F., Jr. "Corky"	24-Jan-96	
Johnson, Linda Gail	19-Mar-97	
Johnson, Lula Bell Purifoy	 17-Jun-98	
Johnson, Martha Jean	02-Jul-97	
Johnson, Marvin Weaver	 21-Jan-98	
Johnson, Mary	30-Jul-97	
Johnson, Maurice "Mickey"	13-Mar-91	
Johnson, Nell S.	16-Jun-93	
Johnson, Nina Naomi	07-Jun-95	
Johnson, Ollie Ray	02-Feb-94	
Johnson, Patty Rebecca	03-Nov-99	
Johnson, Pauline	27-Oct-93	
Johnson, Peggy Ann	24-Sep-97	
Johnson, Raymond Joseph, Sr.	03-Feb-93	
Johnson, Realyer	17-Apr-96	
Johnson, Rebecca	27-Sep-95	
Johnson, Reva	08-Oct-97	
Johnson, Richard "Dick"	06-Jan-93	
Johnson, Richard W. "Dick"	06-Jan-93	
Johnson, Roosevelt Velton "Pappy"	04-Dec-91	
Johnson, Rozelle Iris	30-Apr-97	
Johnson, Shanda Denise	02-May-90	
Johnson, Wayne	03-Mar-99	
Johnston, Franklin Mabry	25-Mar-92	
Johnston, Helen Irene	03-Jan-90	
Johnston, Jeffie L.	27-Oct-99	
Johnston, Mildred Jesse	 11-Feb-98	
Johnstone, Bennie L. "Boogie"	18-Dec-96	
Johnstone, William L. "Willie"	10-Dec-97	
Johnstone, William Stewart	06-Jan-93	
Joiner, Calvin	09-May-90	
Joiner, Gusta V.	16-May-90	
Joiner, Harless W.	11-Oct-95	
Joiner, Mary Alice	 13-May-98	
Joiner, Otha W.	23-Sep-92	
Joiner, Perrine M.	01-May-96	
Joiner, Perrine M.	08-May-96	
Joiner, Steven Lloyd	18-Jun-97	
Joiner, Verneal	24-Oct-90	
Jones, Addie Will Mitchell	06-Oct-99	
Jones, Albert L.	05-Jun-91	
Jones, Alberta Smith	27-Oct-99	
Jones, Alin M., Rev.	15-Oct-97	
Jones, Billie Sue Avarett	27-Oct-99	
Jones, Brenda Luttrell	26-Aug-92	
Jones, Brendon Wesley	15-Oct-97	
Jones, Brodrick Tyrone	23-Jun-93	
Jones, Bryan Scott	 26-Aug-98	
Jones, Carl Ralph	29-Oct-97	
Jones, Carl Warren	03-Jun-92	
Jones, Charles Kincaid	03-Jan-90	
Jones, Charles Thomas "Check"	 17-Jun-98	
Jones, Courtney Nicole	21-Sep-94	
Jones, Dollie Spates	 23-Dec-98	
Jones, Donald Jesse	07-Dec-94	
Jones, Donnie	16-Apr-97	
Jones, Edward Paul	18-Oct-95	
Jones, Elsie Archer	13-Jan-93	
Jones, Evelyn	11-Apr-90	
Jones, Florence Lamar	30-Jan-91	
Jones, Fred J.L.	03-Jan-96	
Jones, Gertrude A.	12-Jan-94	
Jones, Gladys Burdette	 09-Dec-98	
Jones, Grace	29-Mar-95	
Jones, Jack B.	25-Nov-92	
Jones, James A.	27-Nov-96	
Jones, James Anthony	13-Aug-97	
Jones, James Clifton	08-Sep-93	
Jones, James Clifton	15-Sep-93	
Jones, James Henry "Steamboat"	13-Nov-91	
Jones, James M.	02-Feb-94	
Jones, James Randall	27-Oct-93	
Jones, James Randall	03-Nov-93	
Jones, Jason Scott	30-Jun-93	
Jones, Jessie D. "J. D."	28-Jun-95	
Jones, Jessie Mae Butler, Dr.	30-Jun-93	
Jones, John Albert, Jr.	05-May-99	
Jones, John Paul	 25-Feb-98	
Jones, John R.	28-Jun-95	
Jones, Johnnie Dilliard	07-Oct-92	
Jones, Kenneth	30-Mar-94	
Jones, L.J. "Man Robinson"	04-Dec-96	
Jones, Larry Michael	09-Jun-93	
Jones, Lawrence Stephen "Larry"	 07-Oct-98	
Jones, Lloyd Herbert	 28-Oct-98	
Jones, Malcolm L. "Leroy"	15-May-96	
Jones, Mary D.	01-Jul-98	
Jones, Mary D. Norfleet	17-Feb-99	
Jones, Michelle R.	 17-Jun-98	
Jones, Mildred Verlon	28-Apr-99	
Jones, Minnie A.	27-Jan-93	
Jones, Nathan Zachary	10-Apr-96	
Jones, Nelma R.	25-Aug-99	
Jones, Nettie Irene Mims	21-Nov-90	
Jones, Odis Raymond	30-Jun-99	
Jones, Patricia	06-Jan-99	
Jones, Rachel Cora	15-Sep-93	
Jones, Ralph Lee	28-Apr-99	
Jones, Sarah Earline	29-May-96	
Jordan, Dorothy Mae	28-Apr-93	
Jordan, Jessie	01-Oct-97	
Jordan, John David	03-Nov-93	
Jordon, Roberto Akio	15-Aug-90	
Jorgensen, Fin	09-Dec-92	
Joseph, Norman	20-Jan-99	
Joucias, Howard	21-Jul-99	
Joyner, James Edward	22-Jan-92	
Judson, Mary Susan	01-Apr-92	
Justice, Tillman	16-May-90	
Juzan, John Paul	 02-Sep-98	
Karbo, George Allen	16-Nov-94	
Karrick, Mildred E.	16-Dec-92	
Katte, LaVerne K.	14-Feb-90	
Kay, William Howard	11-Jul-90	
Kciuk, Charlotte Nicole	07-Sep-94	
Kean, Robert Adam	21-Jan-98	
Keith, Alder Iola	09-May-90	
Keith, Doris Marie	20-Sep-95	
Keller, Dink	14-Sep-94	
Keller, Mary Olinda	08-Oct-97	
Keller, Mary Olinda	15-Oct-97	
Keller, Stella R.	13-Mar-91	
Kelley, Annie Lee	20-Dec-95	
Kelley, Betty Jean Braun	09-Apr-97	
Kelley, Katrina Sue	08-Feb-95	
Kelley, Robert	01-Feb-95	
Kelley, Sallie Jane	06-Jan-99	
Kelley, Thomas Wren	18-Aug-93	
Kelley, W.L., Jr. "Dubb"	 11-Feb-98	
Kelly, Lawrence Milton	18-Apr-90	
Kelly, Lucille	27-Feb-91	
Kelly, Maggie Lou	26-Jan-94	
Kelly, William H. "Bill"	20-Jan-93	
Kemp, Hannah Ward	06-Oct-93	
Kendrick, Elra Franklin	26-May-99	
Kendrick, Elsie Louise	22-Sep-99	
Kendrick, Floyd E.	 28-Oct-98	
Kendrick, Gladys G.	07-Dec-94	
Kendrick, Luayne Revis	12-Oct-94	
Kendrick, Melton Aubrey	01-Jul-92	
Kendrick, Myrtle	 03-Jun-98	
Kendrick, Patsy Brooks	26-Oct-94	
Kendrick, Robert	03-Feb-99	
Kendrick, Ruth N.	13-Dec-95	
Kennedy, John F., Jr.	28-Jul-99	
Kennedy, Mernervia	23-Jan-91	
Kennerly, Mary Ford	08-Feb-95	
Keown, Harlice, Dr.	01-Nov-95	
Kershaw, Hugh M.	28-Apr-93	
Key, Dorothy Grace	24-Mar-99	
Key, Dorothy J.	02-May-90	
Key, Harold E.	16-Sep-92	
Key, James Arley	23-Jun-99	
Key, Judy Ruth	27-Nov-91	
Kicker, Maurice C.	07-Feb-90	
Kidd, Freddie Lee	06-Jul-94	
Kidd, Shirley Jean	 30-Dec-92	
Kidd, Steven Anthony	06-Nov-91	
Kielar, Marion S.	08-May-91	
Kierce, Gary Daniel	30-Oct-91	
Kilgore, Essie Williamson	01-Jul-98	
Kilgore, Laura W.	20-Feb-91	
Killgo, Richard Roland	02-Oct-91	
Killingsworth, Curt	 18-Mar-98	
Killingsworth, Gary Douglas	20-Mar-96	
Killingsworth, James Randall	29-Jan-97	
Killingsworth, Kristine Sierra	 23-Dec-98	
Killingsworth, Marjorie Wade	26-Apr-95	
Killingsworth, Teirse	22-Apr-92	
Killingsworth, Terise	26-Feb-92	
Killingsworth, Veryl B.	22-May-96	
Killingsworth, Winnie Orville	26-Dec-90	
Killingsworth, Wren David	05-Jun-91	
Kimbbrell, James Atkins	05-Jan-94	
Kimbrell, Nellie L.	 14-Oct-98	
Kincaid, James Henry, Jr.	24-Feb-99	
Kincaid, Thomas C., Jr.	13-Nov-96	
Kincaid,, Willie Esther	28-Sep-94	
King, Carl Wilson, Sr.	 11-Mar-98	
King, Clara Bell	15-Apr-92	
King, Fred Edward	24-Feb-99	
King, J.B., Jr.	 28-Oct-98	
King, James Mason, Jr.	03-Jan-96	
King, Katie Hodge	03-Feb-93	
King, Kermit Gay	07-Jun-95	
King, Marion Price	05-May-99	
King, Richard Leon, Sr. "Rusty"	26-Mar-97	
King, Verlie	07-Oct-92	
King, Wilburn Q.	 15-Jul-98	
Kinstler, Brian R.	23-Feb-94	
Kirkland, Betty L.	28-Mar-90	
Kirkland, Gladys Emogene	07-Aug-91	
Kirkland, Hubert	27-Feb-91	
Kirkland, Marguerite Russell	26-Aug-92	
Kirkland, Odis B.	03-Oct-90	
Kirkland, Robert	20-Feb-91	
Kirkland, Robert	22-Apr-92	
Kirkland, Robert Lee	04-Aug-99	
Kish, Jennie Mae	27-Dec-95	
Kish, Mildred V.	31-Aug-94	
Kish, Neva Rodgers	01-Jul-98	
Kish, Rudolph Benjamin	 11-Feb-98	
Kitchens, Helen Inez	07-Jul-93	
Kitchens, James Littleton	27-Feb-91	
Kite, William Vann	18-Sep-96	
Kittrell, Traywick Horn "Buddy"	21-Aug-91	
Kitts, David P.	07-Feb-90	
Kleeschulte, Pearl	22-Nov-95	
Klemenc, Jean Lee	09-Dec-92	
Knight, Agnes Wylodine	08-Jun-94	
Knight, Alpha Bean	06-Nov-96	
Knight, Buford Calvin	15-Mar-95	
Knight, Juanita Amberson	10-Feb-93	
Knight, Leon Steven	 18-Nov-98	
Knight, Margie A.	19-Aug-92	
Knight, Martha Rose	16-Dec-92	
Knight, Sally	24-Nov-99	
Knoblock, Girdia	07-Jul-93	
Knott, Lillian W.	29-May-91	
Knowles, Charles Douglas "Doug"	13-Sep-95	
Knowles, Thomas Richard	02-Dec-92	
Knox, David Gordon	 13-May-98	
Knox, Kyle Galen	 25-Nov-98	
Kochakian, Charles Daniel, Dr.	17-Feb-99	
Koester, Helen Ladd	03-Jun-92	
Kovakas, Anna	17-Nov-99	
Kovatch, Nancy Lynn	01-Jun-94	
Krahala, Virginia Gloria	20-May-92	
Kramer, Charles Robert	24-Oct-90	
Kramer, Ralph Edward, Sr.	10-Nov-99	
Kratz, Henry	06-Oct-93	
Kroell, Mary Grove	17-Jan-96	
Kromer, Manuel J.	23-Jun-99	
Kuhns, Edward J., II	 06-May-98	
Kuykendall, Jason	02-Jul-97	
Kyser, Nell P.	06-Aug-97	
Lacey, Billy Wayne	25-Aug-93	
Lacey, Billy Wayne	01-Sep-93	
Lacey, Clifrord Finis "Bubba"	22-Sep-93	
Lacey, Clifton Leon, Sr.	18-Sep-91	
Lacey, Flora Lee Woodson	10-Sep-97	
Lacey, John Edgar	20-Nov-91	
Lacey, Mabel Lee Woods	08-May-96	
Lacey, Mattie B. Pearson	09-Oct-96	
Lacey, Phillip Eugene	14-Aug-91	
Lacey, Robert Jene	20-Dec-95	
Laddie, Kenneth Earl	11-Sep-91	
Laddie, Lonie Arlene	05-Nov-97	
LaGrone, George Nicholas	07-Jun-95	
Lahti, Christine Elisa	17-Jan-90	
Lambert, Annie	01-Feb-95	
Lambert, Annie	19-Apr-95	
Lambert, John King	03-Dec-97	
Lambert, Kenneth	19-Feb-97	
Laminack, Geneva S.	17-Apr-96	
Lane, Emma L.	 14-Jan-98	
Lane, Gladys A.	24-Feb-99	
Lane, Howard W.	16-Dec-92	
Lang, Arnold Lee	29-Aug-90	
Lang, Buford Lee "Pete"	25-Jan-95	
Langley, Margaret	19-Feb-97	
Langner, Clyde Benjamin, Sr.	25-Sep-96	
Langston, Ann Griffin	28-Sep-94	
Langston, Hazel E.	26-Feb-92	
Langston, Vivian N.	13-Nov-96	
Langston, William Huey	31-Jan-90	
Lankford, Anne Lorene McCarley	03-Apr-96	
Lankford, John L.	09-May-90	
Lankford, Wilburn Arnold, III	30-Nov-94	
Lanningham, Mae	12-Jun-91	
Lanthrip, Lloyd Leon	02-Apr-97	
Lanza, Betty Jean	04-May-94	
Large, Horace Lamar	 04-Feb-98	
Larimer, Virginia H.	03-Jun-92	
Latham, Loraine Lawley	08-Jan-92	
Latham, Pauline Monroe	30-Nov-94	
Latham, Thomas Collins	30-Jun-93	
Latimer, Dorothy Thomas	26-Oct-94	
Latimer, John David	01-Oct-97	
Latta, Olen	24-Dec-97	
Lauer, Loretta Walker	09-Feb-94	
Lauer, Louis William	09-Feb-94	
Laughlin, Robert Stanley	12-Jan-94	
Lawler, Lisa Marie	15-May-91	
Lawley, Archie Lee	12-Jan-94	
Lawley, Betty Smitherman	03-Aug-94	
Lawley, Don Henley	07-Jul-99	
Lawley, Earl Bruce	29-Dec-99	
Lawley, Ermaline Blankenship	03-Nov-99	
Lawley, Fred, Jr.	14-Oct-92	
Lawley, Gerald Oscar	18-Mar-92	
Lawley, Gerril Wain "Jerry"	14-Jul-93	
Lawley, Grover	09-Nov-94	
Lawley, Horace Edward	24-Feb-93	
Lawley, James T., Sr. "J.T."	16-Oct-96	
Lawley, Jessie Lee	09-Dec-92	
Lawley, Joe Wheeler	11-Nov-92	
Lawley, John Buford	01-Feb-95	
Lawley, John Buford	08-Feb-95	
Lawley, Leonard Moore	14-Jul-99	
Lawley, Lorine E.	 11-Feb-98	
Lawley, Mamie A.	01-Sep-93	
Lawley, Margaret E.	10-Jul-96	
Lawley, Mildred Grace	13-Feb-91	
Lawley, Nettie Virginia	21-Sep-94	
Lawley, Pamela Fay	20-Jan-99	
Lawley, Ralph Lynn	27-Sep-95	
Lawley, Richard P., Sr.	13-Aug-97	
Lawley, Thomas Wayne	 18-Mar-98	
Lawley, Vernice E.	05-Jan-94	
Lawrence, Lurene Hallman	12-Feb-97	
Lawrence, Thomas J.	13-Mar-91	
Lawrey, Callie M., Mr.	08-May-91	
Lawson, Cecile Holland	08-Sep-93	
Lawson, Charles William	15-Jan-92	
Lawson, Lee	20-May-92	
Lawson, Lloyd Edward, Sr.	27-Jul-94	
Lawson, Robert, Jr.	17-Mar-93	
Layton, Bruce Edward	13-Oct-99	
Layton, Clyde, Sr.	06-Jul-94	
Layton, Sallie Jane	10-Jan-96	
Lazenby, Mary Ruth	10-May-95	
Leach, Mark F.	18-Jul-90	
Leach, Oscar C.	27-Nov-96	
Leach, Percy	27-May-92	
Leach, Virginia Aline	15-Dec-93	
Leach, Zachry Franklin	03-Nov-93	
Ledbetter, Ada	 23-Dec-98	
Ledford, Edna M.	15-Dec-99	
Ledlow, Lillie Mae Davis	12-Nov-97	
Ledlow, Willie S.	24-Mar-99	
Lee, Barbara McCool	10-Nov-93	
Lee, Claiborne, Jr.	22-Jan-97	
Lee, Edwin Cooper, Sr.	 14-Oct-98	
Lee, Edwin Wallace	29-Jul-92	
Lee, Hugh Samuel	06-Aug-97	
Lee, Irene Ruby	20-Jan-93	
Lee, James	20-May-92	
Lee, James A.	27-Feb-91	
Lee, James Milford	19-Jan-94	
Lee, Lenora Elizabeth	03-May-95	
Lee, Linda	11-Aug-99	
Lee, Mae Ola	18-Dec-91	
Lee, Maurine E.	08-Aug-90	
Lee, Quinton Bolton, Rev.	17-Feb-93	
Lee, Sam	24-Aug-94	
Lee, Shirley Gay	24-May-95	
Lee, Thomas Carlye	26-Sep-90	
Lee, Tommie Jean	24-Jan-90	
Lee, William Henry, Sr.	16-Jan-91	
Lee, Willie Margaret	07-Sep-94	
Leeper, Halia Jene	20-Dec-95	
Leeper, Halia Jene	27-Dec-95	
LeFebvre, Deborah Ann	07-Jul-93	
Lefkovits, Norman Leo	13-Nov-96	
Legg, Barbara Hodges	15-Sep-99	
Lehtonen, Eric W.	10-Apr-96	
Leighton, Laura Lou	03-Sep-97	
Lemley, Danny Leon	12-Feb-92	
Lemley, Sarah Catherine	18-Oct-95	
Leonard, Larue W.	 01-Apr-98	
Lepoidevant, Judy, "Jewell"	15-Sep-99	
Leslie, Larry Franklin	24-Mar-93	
Lester, Mattie Berniece	15-Dec-93	
LeSueur, Leonard Milton	02-Feb-94	
LeSueur, Leonard Milton	09-Feb-94	
Letson, Debbie Moore	07-Jul-99	
Lewis, Charles Edward	16-Jun-99	
Lewis, Ella Mae	03-Nov-93	
Lewis, Ernest James, Rev.	21-May-97	
Lewis, Jesse J., Jr.	01-Mar-95	
Lewis, John D.	13-Jun-90	
Lewis, Jonnie L.	10-Nov-99	
Lewis, Maurice R. "Jim"	11-Jan-95	
Lewis, Olena Johnson	11-Apr-90	
Lewis, Sara Louise Thomas	25-Jul-90	
Lhotak, Gerald Joseph	02-Oct-91	
Lhotak, Gerald Joseph	09-Oct-91	
Liddle, Frances Jones	15-Dec-93	
Liddle, Jefferson, Jr.	16-Jan-91	
Lightsey, Irma W.	16-Sep-92	
Lilly, Alex, Rev. "Buddy"	17-Apr-91	
Lilly, Cary Clarence, Rev.	18-Aug-99	
Lilly, Dwight Earl	13-Feb-91	
Lilly, Keith Bernard	08-Jul-92	
Lilly, Lizzie Moore "Muh"	04-Jun-97	
Lilly, Willie DeAndre	 11-Mar-98	
Lincoln, Homer Madden	 20-May-98	
Lindsay, Zora Mae Falkner Parker	26-Feb-97	
Lindsey, James Monroe	10-Feb-93	
Lindsey, James Monroe	22-Jun-94	
Linholm, James Daniel	16-Nov-94	
Linkenhoker, Sally Elmira Dawson	15-Mar-95	
Linningham, Mae	19-Jun-91	
Lint, Charles F.	04-Dec-91	
Lint, Mary H.	14-May-97	
Little, Bernice Marie	11-Jul-90	
Little, Eldora M.	19-May-93	
Little, Herman C. "Top"	16-Jun-93	
Little, Johnny Ray	14-Jun-95	
Little, Nona Morris	04-Oct-95	
Little, Will Hamner	07-Sep-94	
Littlefield, March Elmer	03-Jan-90	
Littlefield, Robert Jerome	14-Nov-90	
Littleton, Freddie	09-Aug-95	
Littleton, Janice	16-Jul-97	
Littleton, Janice	10-Sep-97	
Littleton, Janice	24-Sep-97	
Littleton, Janice	01-Oct-97	
Littleton, Janice	15-Oct-97	
Littleton, Janice	12-Nov-97	
Littleton, Janice	26-Nov-97	
Littleton, Paul	12-Feb-97	
Littleton, Roger Allen	05-Feb-97	
Liveoak, Brandon Wes	08-May-91	
Liveoak, Camron Glenn	06-Aug-97	
Liveoak, Thomas George	15-Jun-94	
Livingston, Dottie Mae	26-Nov-97	
Lockhart, Zebie, Jr.	24-Jul-91	
Lockridge, Frances Elizabeth	20-Mar-91	
Locks, Lanice Terrell	07-May-97	
Lodge, James Wally	30-Jun-93	
Logan, Audrey Baker	10-May-95	
Logan, Calcie Ionne	27-Nov-91	
Logan, Elba A.	02-Apr-97	
Logan, Jack	29-Jan-97	
Logan, Jimmy R.	 06-May-98	
Logan, Margie Refke	12-Jan-94	
Logan, Mary Elizabeth	25-Oct-95	
Logan, Nora Elizabeth	17-Jan-90	
Logan, Reedie Paul	26-Oct-94	
Loggins, Arnold Joseph	15-Jan-92	
Loggins, Oliver C.	26-Mar-97	
Long, Alfred Barker	02-Feb-94	
Long, Belva Marie	13-Jun-90	
Long, Clyde	27-May-92	
Long, Emma Meeks 	28-Aug-91	
Long, Mary Pearl Studimire	30-Apr-97	
Looney, Eugene C., Sr.	04-Nov-92	
Looney, Eugene Franklin, Sr.	 07-Oct-98	
Looney, Virgil M.	22-Dec-93	
Lopez, Frederick Harold Lynn	24-Feb-93	
Lopez, Opal Christine	05-Sep-90	
Lorino, Jacob B., "Jake"	29-Sep-99	
Lott, James Marshall	 15-Apr-98	
Lott, Raymoth	30-Sep-92	
Love, Carl Edward	31-Dec-97	
Lovejoy, Emmie Lee	14-Aug-91	
Lovejoy, Jordan William	22-Sep-99	
Lovejoy, Randall M.	13-Jan-99	
Lovelady, Doris Lilly	24-Jun-92	
Lovelady, Edrie Mae	23-Aug-95	
Lovelady, James Chester	20-Aug-97	
Lovelady, Janie Ruth	09-Jun-93	
Lovelady, Martha Echols	27-Jul-94	
Lovelady, Raymond J.	03-Aug-94	
Loveless, Isaac William	27-Jul-94	
Loveless, Ruth Shaddix	05-Aug-92	
Lovett, Leon P.	10-May-95	
Lovoy, Frances Elizabeth	20-Jan-99	
Lowe, Gladdis Sebert	05-May-99	
Lowery, Charles H.	23-Mar-94	
Lowery, Dorothy Ann	29-Jun-94	
Lowery, Gertrude Walls	15-Sep-99	
Lowery, Ida Mae	06-Jul-94	
Lowery, Janie Lemurl	07-May-97	
Lowery, Joyce W.	23-Jan-91	
Lowery, Leonard T., Jr., "Buster"	08-Dec-99	
Lowery, Lola Margie	25-Nov-92	
Lowery, Odessa Bearden	25-Oct-95	
Lowery, Thomas Franklin, Sr.	07-May-97	
Lowery, Uriel Hazel	04-May-94	
Lowery, Willie Mae	12-Nov-97	
Lucas, Alma	11-Dec-91	
Lucas, Audrey S.	24-Mar-99	
Lucas, Betty Jean	20-Mar-96	
Lucas, Burr	08-Jan-92	
Lucas, Carrie Rainey	29-Apr-92	
Lucas, David "Buddy"	04-Dec-96	
Lucas, E. Riley	 18-Nov-98	
Lucas, Earl	15-Dec-99	
Lucas, Earnest Reginald	 14-Oct-98	
Lucas, Effie Mae	24-Jan-96	
Lucas, Flora Juanita	20-Oct-93	
Lucas, Frances Fanny	27-Nov-96	
Lucas, Fred G.	12-May-99	
Lucas, Gladys Milstead	23-Jun-99	
Lucas, Grace M.	15-Sep-99	
Lucas, Henry Franklin	 06-May-98	
Lucas, Henry Franklin	 13-May-98	
Lucas, James Elbridge	31-Jul-91	
Lucas, Kirk Smiley, Rev.	29-Jan-92	
Lucas, Lesta Cobb	11-Dec-91	
Lucas, Lorene V.	15-Feb-95	
Lucas, Marie Alice	16-Jun-93	
Lucas, Meadie L.	09-May-90	
Lucas, Nina Lee	29-Sep-99	
Lucas, Pauline Hatcher	16-Sep-92	
Lucas, Rena	11-May-94	
Lucas, Winston	 04-Mar-98	
Ludlum, Bessie Mae	10-Sep-97	
Luellen, Frances Welch	13-Apr-94	
Lugar, Virgil C., Sr.	23-Aug-95	
Lugo, Ruben	31-Mar-93	
Lumpkin, Walter Eugene, Jr.	05-Aug-92	
Luna, Trestte Thorson	16-Oct-91	
Lunceford, Connie Sue	 03-Jun-98	
Lupardus, Benjamin Doyle	28-Oct-92	
Lusco, David Michael	28-Jun-95	
Lusco, Josephine Fontana	02-Mar-94	
Lusco, Sean Robert	10-Oct-90	
Lutes, Kenneth Vaughn	11-Nov-92	
Lutz, John, Jr.	01-Jul-98	
Lutz, Joseph Charles	 04-Mar-98	
Lybrand, Agnes B.	13-Oct-93	
Lybrand, Augusta Archer	24-May-95	
Lybrand, Hoyt	03-Jul-91	
Lybrand, Hoyt O.	26-Jun-91	
Lybrand, Luther Hill, Jr.	09-Jan-91	
Lybrand, Wilma Jean Stinson	30-Jun-99	
Lyle, Sur B.	27-Jul-94	
Lynn, Betty M.	12-Mar-97	
Lynn, Ellis O.	13-Jan-93	
Lynn, Stella Lynn	01-Dec-93	
Lyon, Geneva Alice	04-Apr-90	
Lyon, John Gordon	25-Dec-91	
Lyon, Luther M., Jr.	17-Mar-93	
Mackey, Timothy C.	13-Nov-91	
Mackey, Timothy C.	06-Nov-91	
MacLeroy, Lola Hughes	01-Oct-97	
MacPherson, Alisa	14-Aug-91	
Madden, Sidney Ray, Jr.	03-Jun-92	
Maddox, L.L.	13-Nov-91	
Maddox, Meredith Louise "Mary Lou"	07-Jul-93	
Maenza, Mirtha Gafas	08-Nov-95	
MaGouyrk, Robert B. "Bob"	17-Mar-93	
Majors, John, Jr.	 18-Nov-98	
Majure, Charles Edwin	16-Jun-93	
Malone, Jean Marie	21-Sep-94	
Malone, Margie Dean	06-Nov-91	
Malone, Mattie Lou Smith	13-May-92	
Manes, Lander "Loy"	29-Jan-92	
Maness, Joe Harold, Sr.	22-Jun-94	
Maness, Maggie Marie	20-Aug-97	
Maniscalco, Ronald Frank	13-Mar-91	
Manley, Timothy A.	31-Aug-94	
Manning, James Alfred	 07-Oct-98	
Marbley, Jennie Scott	13-Mar-96	
Marchader, Herve Jean	26-Feb-92	
Marchant, Gerald R.	17-Aug-94	
Marcus, Charles Ronald	12-Sep-90	
Markatos, Madelyn	10-Dec-97	
Marker, Lucille Reid	28-Mar-90	
Marler, Georgia	04-Mar-92	
Marlow, Billy Wade	 09-Sep-98	
Marquess, Mary Nell	07-May-97	
Marshall, Charles Wilfong, Jr.	10-Apr-96	
Martin, Audie B.	20-Nov-91	
Martin, Carl Leroy	20-Dec-95	
Martin, Curtis	07-Aug-91	
Martin, David Loyd	27-Oct-93	
Martin, Dora Busby	26-Jan-94	
Martin, Eddie	05-Jun-91	
Martin, Edward Travis "Buddy"	26-Mar-97	
Martin, Evelyn	10-Apr-96	
Martin, Flossie Marie	15-Feb-95	
Martin, Gladys Naomi	26-Mar-97	
Martin, Jack W.	07-Feb-90	
Martin, Jimmie Eugene	17-Dec-97	
Martin, Joel	13-Nov-96	
Martin, Judson	 15-Jul-98	
Martin, Lizzie D.	08-Dec-93	
Martin, Louise Carter	24-Aug-94	
Martin, Margaret C.	05-May-93	
Martin, Matthew	02-Oct-96	
Martin, Thomas Reabon	25-Aug-93	
Martin, Timmy Dale, Sr. "Tim"	15-Oct-97	
Martin, Troy C.	25-Sep-96	
Martin, U. V. Busby, Mrs.	15-Feb-95	
Martin, Walter, Jr.	10-Mar-99	
Martin, Wilson Clyde	24-Jul-91	
Marullo, Joan Patricia	 15-Apr-98	
Marzoni, Edna Earle Green	 03-Jun-98	
Maslin, Janet Vivian	15-Sep-99	
Mason, Edward Henry, Jr.	17-Aug-94	
Mason, Estelle Shipman	05-Dec-90	
Mason, James Daniel	13-Dec-95	
Mason, Mary Janett Brown	 07-Jan-98	
Mason, Sarah Jo	03-Aug-94	
Massenburg, Opal Mae	09-Jun-93	
Massenburg, Reb	10-Jun-92	
Massenburg, Robert	03-Jun-92	
Massengale, Dixie	22-Jan-92	
Masser, Samuel O.	18-Jun-97	
Massey, Ann Louise	 15-Apr-98	
Massey, Carl David, Sr.	15-Sep-99	
Massey, Ferby Willie	25-Mar-92	
Massey, Glittis H.	02-May-90	
Massey, Inez D.	 24-Jun-98	
Massey, Jimmy Eugene	30-Nov-94	
Massey, Jimmy Eugene	07-Dec-94	
Massey, Ollie Martin, Mrs.	04-Nov-92	
Massey, William Thomas	17-Oct-90	
Masters, Robert L.	17-Apr-91	
Masterson, Corrine Watkins	25-Aug-99	
Matherly, Robert Calvin	05-Oct-94	
Matherson, Fannie Leona	07-Sep-94	
Mathis, Gayle G.	21-Apr-93	
Mathus, Gladys M.	 20-May-98	
Mathus, Gladys M.	 27-May-98	
Matlock, George Arvel	12-Aug-92	
Matlock, Walter D.	29-Dec-93	
Matthews, Doyle Lee	17-Mar-93	
Matthews, Victory Thomas "Vic"	22-May-96	
Matthews, Victory Thomas "Vic"	29-May-96	
Mattson, Gary Rudolph	16-Nov-94	
Matuszak, Frances	19-Aug-92	
Matzke, Emma Jean	31-Jan-96	
Maxey, Opal M.	03-Jan-90	
Maxwell, Clyde Houston	19-Jun-96	
Maxwell, Emma Bunton	26-Jul-95	
Maxwell, Samuel Frederick	 25-Feb-98	
Mayfield, Stephen	17-Sep-97	
Mayhand, Henry	23-Jun-99	
Mayhew, Donald Larry	18-Sep-91	
Maynard, Charis Marie	16-Nov-94	
Mayne, Charles Lloyd	18-Apr-90	
Mayne, Lorena P.	25-Aug-99	
Mays, Bruce Edward, I	26-Feb-92	
McAnally, Thomas H.	18-Jun-97	
McArthur, Margaret Ann	29-Mar-95	
McBrayer, Dora Harbison	 06-May-98	
McCampbell, Robert	21-Nov-90	
McCann, Sara M.	30-Jan-91	
McCarter, Elder Sammy, Sr.	23-Feb-94	
McCarter, Louis	 11-Feb-98	
McCartney, Charles Curtis	 02-Sep-98	
McCartney, William Thomas	10-May-95	
McCary, Alexzine Goins	 25-Mar-98	
McCay, Dorothy Ann	15-Sep-93	
McCay, James Monroe	15-May-91	
McCay, Mary Ethel	17-Jul-91	
McClanahan, Louise	25-May-94	
McClellan, Flora Mae	03-Oct-90	
McClellan, Joy Allen	 11-Mar-98	
McClellan, Lillian Evelyn	 07-Jan-98	
McClellan, Michael Jerome	27-Jul-94	
McClinton, Emma Irene	16-Nov-94	
McClinton, Jessie L.	18-Oct-95	
McClinton, Jessie L.	25-Oct-95	
McClure, Ramona Louise Paisley	10-Jan-90	
McClurg, William J. "Bill"	22-Mar-95	
McCollough, Raymond Farrah	29-Mar-95	
McCollum, Dorothy Mae	 25-Mar-98	
McCombs, Bertha T.	06-Nov-91	
McConatha, George William	21-Feb-90	
McCormack, James Eldie, Jr.	28-Dec-94	
McCormick, Eulalia Mary Monica	 01-Apr-98	
McCormick, Jack R.	 15-Apr-98	
McCormick, Nellie	22-Sep-99	
McCourt, Randal Keith	10-Mar-99	
McCranie, Adam Ferrell	05-Jan-94	
McCraw, Marshall	14-Feb-96	
McCrory, Winona Mae	24-Jul-96	
McCulley, Pauline D.	03-Dec-97	
McCune, Rita Diane	07-Jul-99	
McCurry, William T., Sr., "Bud"	28-May-97	
McDanal, Bernice Lovett	04-Sep-96	
McDanal, Samuel Lafayette "Fate"	19-Mar-97	
McDanal, Thelma	18-Dec-91	
McDaniel, Bertha Mae	23-Apr-97	
McDaniel, Clyde	14-Mar-90	
McDaniel, Clyde	04-Apr-90	
McDaniel, Clyde	08-Aug-90	
McDaniel, Doris E.	30-Jun-99	
McDaniel, Hylox	 18-Mar-98	
McDaniel, Louis E., Jr.	09-Mar-94	
McDaniel, Susan Blackberby	26-Apr-95	
McDaniel, Susan Blackerby	03-May-95	
McDaniel, W. Allen	25-Sep-96	
McDonald, Esther Mae	18-Oct-95	
McDonald, Gary Jordan	21-Dec-94	
McDonald, Genevieve B.	10-Jun-92	
McDonald, Idelle Iris	17-Feb-99	
McDonald, John Douglas	22-Apr-92	
McDonald, Mary Frances	06-Jan-93	
McDonald, Nellie F.	28-Aug-91	
McDonald, Ruby N.	17-Aug-94	
McDonough, Ethyl Glaze	20-Nov-91	
McDow, Kelly	27-Nov-91	
McDow, Thomas H. "Pete"	31-May-95	
McDowell, Terry	19-Mar-97	
McDuff, Charles L.	26-Dec-90	
McDuff, Victor	07-Sep-94	
McElmurray, Forrest Homer	01-Mar-95	
McElroy, Arrie	28-Dec-94	
McElroy, Dock M.	18-Jul-90	
McElroy, Jennie M.	11-Jul-90	
McElroy, Julia Faye "Judy"	12-Apr-95	
McElroy, Robert, "Ed"	15-Dec-99	
McElwee, Ray	 12-Aug-98	
McEntire, Naomi Iann	21-Jun-95	
McEwen, Herschel	 28-Jan-98	
McFarland, Waneta June	17-Apr-91	
McFaughy, Jessie Forrest	03-Nov-93	
McGaughy, Herman Melvin	24-Jan-90	
McGaughy, Mary V.	03-Jul-91	
McGaughy, Myrtle Galloway	22-Mar-95	
McGehee, Jessie Roberta	06-Jan-93	
McGhee, Billy	05-Nov-97	
McGill, Mary Katherine Babbitt	29-Sep-99	
McGinnis, Takresha Shannae	17-Apr-96	
McGinnis, Takresha Shannae	08-May-96	
McGinty, Wendall Douglas	23-Feb-94	
McGlawn, George Millard	29-May-96	
McGlown, Kathlyn	30-Sep-92	
McGuire, Annie Sarah Bird	20-Aug-97	
McGuire, Flora	10-Sep-97	
McGuire, Hazel Gerald	10-Sep-97	
McGuire, Mary Lee Gay	28-Jun-95	
McGuire, Mattie	28-Mar-90	
Mciese, Elton Columbus	15-Mar-95	
McIndoo,  Frank	02-Feb-94	
McIntosh, Robert C.	17-Mar-99	
McIntyre, John H.	31-Jul-91	
McKay, Mamie Deas	19-Jan-94	
McKay, Robert M.	26-Oct-94	
McKee, Randy "Buck"	 08-Apr-98	
McKee, Richard Dean	10-Mar-93	
McKeown, Timothy M.	18-Oct-95	
McKinney, John Elbert	11-May-94	
McKinney, Laura E.	09-Sep-92	
McKinney, Tommie Ruth Eddings	11-Jan-95	
McKinnon, Audra M.	18-Jan-95	
McKinnon, James Woodrow	 11-Feb-98	
McKnight, Dominique	28-Jan-98	
McLain, Era W.	26-Aug-92	
McLeroy, Lucille Laney	02-Aug-95	
McLester, Shannon Linn	19-Dec-90	
McManus, Charles Chester	10-Feb-93	
McMath Willard "Pete"	30-Oct-91	
McMath, Elba Viola	30-Oct-91	
McMath, Joe	18-Jul-90	
McMillen, William B.	22-Mar-95	
McMillian, Margaret	21-Jul-99	
McMillian, Willie Harry	24-Aug-94	
McMullin, Jack Luther	30-Oct-91	
McNally, Catherine Louise	03-Mar-93	
McNally, Richard Joseph	26-Oct-94	
McNamara, Kevin	09-Dec-92	
McNamee, Robert E.	12-Dec-90	
McNeal, Billy Junior	02-Sep-92	
McNeal, Bobby Lewis	14-Jun-95	
McNeal, Neal	26-Jun-91	
McNeal, Patrick Emmery	10-Jul-96	
McNeel, Bill	10-Jan-96	
McNeel, William J.	25-May-94	
McNeely, Margaret Juanita	09-Jun-93	
McQueen, Maurice H.	27-Aug-97	
McQueen, Maurice H.	03-Sep-97	
McRoberts, Katherine Hans "Katie"	 09-Dec-98	
McSween, Grace E.	 15-Jul-98	
McWaters, Mattie Nivens	05-Jul-95	
McWhorter, Donald	26-Mar-97	
McWhorter, Mary Lee	19-Feb-97	
Mead, Lloyd L.	17-Jun-92	
Medlin, Mary Rebecca Patterson	26-Mar-97	
Medows, Herchiel Z.	08-Oct-97	
Medows, Herchiel Z.	22-Oct-97	
Meeks, Carl Bailey	21-Jul-99	
Meeks, James Arthur	24-Jul-91	
Meherg, Charles Dewey	26-Mar-97	
Mekeel, May Davis	13-Oct-99	
Melsoni, Johnie	18-Apr-90	
Melton, Darryle Edward, Jr.	17-Jan-96	
Melton, Jerry Lamar, "Pop"	14-Jul-99	
Melton, Lottie Faye Mathis	09-Jul-97	
Melvin, Jerry Lynn	17-Apr-96	
Merchant, Gearldine Griffin	19-May-99	
Merchant, Harlon Howard	11-Jan-95	
Merchant, Sarah Ann	30-Jun-99	
Meroney, Eloise Whitlow	13-Nov-96	
Merrell, Ace Hendon	25-Jan-95	
Merrell, Hugh M. "Uncle H."	27-Aug-97	
Merrell, Lillar	06-Aug-97	
Merrell, Lora Jean Beasley	27-Oct-99	
Meyer, Joseph Leon, Sr.	19-Aug-92	
Mickens, Janie Cox	23-Feb-94	
Middleton, Isiah W.	21-Jul-99	
Middleton, Zachary Andrew	09-Jun-93	
Milam, Edna Odell	08-Dec-93	
Milam, Lela Mary	14-Dec-94	
Milam, Paul Lawrence	05-Feb-97	
Milam, William Edward "Ed"	18-Sep-96	
Miles, Audrey Burdie	21-Mar-90	
Miles, Floyd M. "Mack"	15-May-96	
Milledge, Reeda	23-Jun-99	
Millender, Callie Bell Flambo	24-Nov-99	
Millender, William Benjamin	24-Dec-97	
Miller, Alene	17-Apr-96	
Miller, Alene	24-Apr-96	
Miller, Amie Charleen	14-Jun-95	
Miller, Carrie Oliver	02-Aug-95	
Miller, Duiel Jackson, Jr., "Jack"	10-Jul-96	
Miller, Earnestyne Yvonne	02-Jun-99	
Miller, Ernest L.	27-May-92	
Miller, Fred Clarence	11-Apr-90	
Miller, Gertrude Christine	24-Apr-96	
Miller, Ivan Ray, Jr.	31-Jul-91	
Miller, Jack Andrew, Sr.	01-May-91	
Miller, James C., Jr., Col.	17-Jan-96	
Miller, Joseph Earl	22-May-96	
Miller, Kesley Jon	03-Jul-91	
Miller, Leslie Jon	26-Jun-91	
Miller, Margaret Matilda	11-Jan-95	
Miller, Myrtis Beard	10-May-95	
Miller, Sam Jones, Jr.	29-Oct-97	
Miller, Thomas E. "Tommy"	 19-Aug-98	
Miller, William James	23-Apr-97	
Millisky, Frances Marie	27-Jan-99	
Mills, Billy Joe	18-Mar-92	
Mills, Cole Morey	10-Aug-94	
Mills, Joseph Steven	22-Feb-95	
Mills, Rebecca Lynn	13-Oct-93	
Milner, Gladys Olita Brewer	06-Sep-95	
Milstead, Florence Johnson	13-Jan-99	
Milstead, Geneva Lake	04-Dec-96	
Milstead, Mary G.	17-Jun-92	
Milstead, Odell Edwin	26-Jun-96	
Milton, Lee James, Sr.	29-Dec-99	
Mims, Charlie	30-Oct-91	
Mims, Edward Matthew	30-May-90	
Mims, Hoyt	17-May-95	
Mims, James Edward	24-Jan-90	
Mims, Jimmy Ray	08-Jul-92	
Mims, Lee Ann	09-Oct-96	
Mindler, Oran Lamar	16-Jun-99	
Minkley, David Lee	30-Jul-97	
Minor, Alvin R.	13-Dec-95	
Minor, Drucilla B.	30-Oct-91	
Minor, Walter H.	16-Oct-91	
Minor, Willie Wheeler	 22-Apr-98	
Minter, Jewel	10-Apr-96	
Misko, Flavia Marie	12-Jan-94	
Misko, Nick A.	16-Feb-94	
Mitchell, Ann C.	04-Jul-90	
Mitchell, Austin	06-May-92	
Mitchell, Corey V.	 30-Sep-98	
Mitchell, Edgar Lawson, Sr.	01-Mar-95	
Mitchell, Guy Eulon	10-Sep-97	
Mitchell, James Bruford, Jr.	05-Apr-95	
Mitchell, Jamie	08-Oct-97	
Mitchell, Jamie	22-Sep-99	
Mitchell, Joyce T.	13-Aug-97	
Mitchell, Kiah	02-Jun-99	
Mitchell, Luther Samuel	 04-Nov-92	
Mitchell, Ruby	19-Mar-97	
Mitchell, Ruby Faye	14-Apr-99	
Mitchell, Thurman, Jr.	12-Jan-94	
Mitchell, Wesley James Calvin	31-Jan-96	
Mitchem, Charles	13-May-92	
Mitchum, Josie Haynes	 23-Sep-98	
Mixon, Donna Brantley	19-Aug-92	
Mizar, Marie	10-Dec-97	
Mizzell, James Franklin, Sr.	28-May-97	
Mobley, Alvin O. "George"	14-Oct-92	
Mobley, Michael G., "Mike"	29-Dec-99	
Moncrief, Wilford Lee	10-Mar-99	
Monte, Sarah B.	14-Dec-94	
Montgomery, Maurice Eugene	28-Aug-91	
Montgomery, Ruby Catherine	 02-Sep-98	
Montgomery, Theodore	05-Nov-97	
Monzella, J.B., Jr.	13-Nov-96	
Moody, Leighton "Joe"	 26-Aug-98	
Moody, Russell Carl	12-Dec-90	
Moody, Walter Earl	06-Oct-99	
Moon, Lenton Lowell "Leonard"	13-Mar-91	
Moon, Lenton Lowell "Leonard"	06-Mar-91	
Mooney, Daniel Lee "Danny"	27-Apr-94	
Mooney, Elna Mae	03-Nov-99	
Mooney, Iris Davis	29-Mar-95	
Mooney, Nathan	29-Sep-93	
Mooney, Nellie Ruth	19-May-93	
Mooney, Sandra Jane	 04-Mar-98	
Moor, John Killough, Sr.	28-Jun-95	
Moore, Angela	18-Sep-91	
Moore, Billy	16-Nov-94	
Moore, Carl Dean	26-Oct-94	
Moore, Clifford C.	12-Jun-96	
Moore, Clyde Howard	29-May-91	
Moore, Comillious	16-Apr-97	
Moore, Estelle	29-Mar-95	
Moore, Esther C., Mrs.	26-Dec-90	
Moore, Florence B.	08-Nov-95	
Moore, Frances D.	19-Apr-95	
Moore, Fred	14-May-97	
Moore, Gerald	08-Apr-92	
Moore, Gordon Edward	31-Dec-97	
Moore, Grace Whitfield	25-Dec-96	
Moore, Hosey D.	07-Jul-99	
Moore, Iva F.	12-Dec-90	
Moore, James B.	25-Jun-97	
Moore, Joseph Lavon	24-Nov-99	
Moore, Lewis Anthony	20-Dec-95	
Moore, Lewis Anthony	27-Dec-95	
Moore, Lillian Tuttle	25-Mar-92	
Moore, Lottie D.	22-Aug-90	
Moore, Mable B.	02-Mar-94	
Moore, Mary Lou Harris	19-Nov-97	
Moore, Mary Lousie Phillips	17-Feb-99	
Moore, Melvin C.	04-May-94	
Moore, Mildred Elizabeth	21-Aug-96	
Moore, Natha L.	15-Dec-99	
Moore, Nellie Alice	19-Sep-90	
Moore, Ollie May Hanner	10-Mar-99	
Moore, Patsy Ann	09-Jul-97	
Moore, Richard Edward	19-Jun-91	
Moore, Robert Andrew	10-Jan-96	
Moore, Robert L.	28-Dec-94	
Moore, Ruth Gardner	15-Sep-93	
Moore, Thelma L.	31-Jan-90	
Moore, Timothy	15-Mar-95	
Moore, Tolbert Richard, Jr.	05-May-93	
Moore, Willie, Mr.	18-Sep-91	
Moore, Willis Hiram "Bill"	29-Jul-92	
Moore, Winfred A.	14-Nov-90	
Moorer, Ruth	26-Feb-97	
Moreland, Bobby Joe	18-Aug-99	
Moreland, Herman	 26-Aug-98	
Moreland, Johnny "Reid"	05-Apr-95	
Moreland, Margaret Marie	04-Aug-93	
Moreland, Mary Evelyn	20-Jul-94	
Moreland, Minnie Pearl	22-Dec-93	
Morgan, Bascomb Glenn	29-Oct-97	
Morgan, Emmie M.	11-Dec-91	
Morgan, Ila Jeane	 04-Feb-98	
Morgan, Ila Jeane	 11-Feb-98	
Morgan, Margaret Janie	25-Jun-97	
Morgan, Pauline Griffin	 11-Feb-98	
Morgan, Woodrow Wilson	11-Aug-99	
Morlan, Inez	05-Jan-94	
Morones, George	17-Jan-96	
Morrell, Annie Martin	07-Dec-94	
Morrell, Theo W.	27-Jan-93	
Morris, Clara B.	23-Apr-97	
Morris, Defford E.	07-Jun-95	
Morris, Doris Hughes	19-Feb-97	
Morris, Dorothy C.	 22-Jul-98	
Morris, Earl Bartley	14-Nov-90	
Morris, Eileen Fricks	23-Jun-99	
Morris, Frances	02-Oct-91	
Morris, Homer Lavell	13-Oct-93	
Morris, Horace B.	19-Aug-92	
Morris, Jewel Christine	05-Feb-97	
Morris, Joe Nathan	16-Jul-97	
Morris, Katherine Louise	28-Apr-93	
Morris, Kathrine Louise	21-Apr-93	
Morris, Lewis Joseph	19-Jan-94	
Morris, Mildred I.	11-Dec-96	
Morris, Raymond L.	21-Jul-99	
Morris, Robert Ben	03-Oct-90	
Morris, Royce R.	18-May-94	
Morris, William Royce	03-Oct-90	
Morrison, Hugh	02-Oct-96	
Morrison, Hugh Curry, Jr.	16-Feb-94	
Morrison, Ida Lucille Parr	26-Jul-95	
Morrison, Jimmy Joe	21-Aug-91	
Morrison, Tommie Nadine	03-Feb-99	
Morrow, Dorothy Page Scott	24-Dec-97	
Morrow, Thomas Henry	07-Apr-99	
Morse, Hearchel L. "Slick"	28-Mar-90	
Morton, Betty June	24-Feb-93	
Morton, Iris Spearman	29-May-91	
Morton, Jennie	15-Apr-92	
Morton, Jessie J.	22-Sep-99	
Mosby, George Francis	20-Jan-93	
Mosier, Barbara A.	08-Jan-97	
Motes, Bonnie V.	07-Feb-90	
Motes, Chester C.	17-Nov-93	
Motes, Ricky Earl	23-Nov-94	
Motley, Carrie Bell Farrington	05-Nov-97	
Motley, Lorine	27-Aug-97	
Motley, Walter, Sr.	07-Feb-90	
Mowery, Thelma Inez	19-Jun-96	
Mulkey, Colin	01-Apr-92	
Mullins, Janice A.	01-Jun-94	
Muncy, Albert Milton	24-Aug-94	
Murphy, Bernice Motley	26-Jul-95	
Murphy, David L., Sr.	 29-Jul-98	
Murphy, Eliza Jane	30-Nov-94	
Murphy, John A.	21-Sep-94	
Murphy, Joy Love	23-Jun-99	
Murphy, Manuel U.	30-Nov-94	
Murphy, Mary Alice	 26-Aug-98	
Muse, Dorothy Ann Bryant	13-Sep-95	
Myers, Lloyd L.	07-Nov-90	
Nabors, Aaron J.	 15-Jul-98	
Nabors, Gloria	09-Apr-97	
Nabors, Jessie Belle	15-Mar-95	
Naish, Ethel Lee Ozley	21-Dec-94	
Nance, Thomas Jesse	25-Aug-99	
Naramore, Donald D.	18-Jun-97	
Nardone, Pellie B.	28-Apr-93	
Nash, Grady	23-Jun-99	
Nash, Louise Ruffin	09-Sep-92	
Nash, Mary McDaniel	26-Dec-90	
Neel, Eleanor Jeffers Lucas	06-Feb-91	
Neely, Ethel G.	10-Jul-91	
Neely, Frank D.	30-Nov-94	
Nefferdorf, Agnes Marie	28-Dec-94	
Neighbors, Bessie Lee Spradlin	 11-Feb-98	
Nelson, Carmen Maria Caraballo	28-Aug-91	
Nelson, Frank	15-Oct-97	
Nelson, Irene G.	05-Jun-96	
Nelson, Isabella Thornton	19-Jun-96	
Nelson, Joe Frank, Sr.	 22-Jul-98	
Nelson, Theresa Grace	25-Nov-92	
Nelson, Thomas Aaron	05-Dec-90	
Nelson, Verla O.	 01-Apr-98	
Nelson, Wayne Stephen	14-May-97	
Nesmith, Arthur Loyd	07-Feb-90	
Newman, David Albert	20-Apr-94	
Newman, Dustin Lee	11-Sep-96	
Newman, Ralph E. "Zipp"	30-Aug-95	
Newton, Gary Lynn	06-Oct-93	
Nice, Grace A.	14-Apr-93	
Nicholas, Carl E., Sr.	26-May-99	
Nichols, Alvin Reid	23-Aug-95	
Nichols, Charles S.	30-May-90	
Nichols, Ginger Renee	 18-Nov-98	
Nichols, J.W., Mr.	20-Mar-91	
Nichols, Ruby V.	19-Aug-92	
Nichols, Virginia Crabtree	25-Aug-93	
Nicholson, Kelli	17-Nov-93	
Nicholson, Kelli Lynn	17-Nov-93	
Nicks, Amos Adolphous	25-Oct-95	
Niggeler, Florence B.	09-Dec-92	
Niggeler, Rex Clarence	19-Dec-90	
Niven, Jeanette	12-May-99	
Niven, Lloyd B.	11-Dec-91	
Niven, Nannie Viola	11-Mar-92	
Nivens, Bertha	07-Oct-92	
Nivens, Mary K.	25-Jan-95	
Nix, David Thomas	02-Sep-92	
Nix, David Thomas	09-Sep-92	
Nix, Edgar Roy	12-May-99	
Nix, Lurlene Myers	24-Mar-99	
Nix, Noel Mark	23-Jan-91	
Nix, Roy L.	24-May-95	
Noble, Otha Lee	30-Oct-91	
Nobles, George Houston	09-May-90	
Nobles, James David	11-Aug-93	
Noe, James E.	08-May-96	
Noland, James C., Dr. "Doc"	29-Nov-95	
Nolen, Jackie Ray	29-Sep-99	
Nolen, Linda McCullough	09-Aug-95	
Nolen, William Arthur	24-May-95	
Noles, James B., Sr.	25-Nov-92	
Norris, Celesta Jeffcoat	24-Dec-97	
Norris, Frank M., Jr.	24-Nov-93	
Norris, Leonard Clay	27-Sep-95	
Norris, Terrell	12-May-93	
Norris, Terrell	14-Dec-94	
Norriss, Flora Ann	16-Apr-97	
Norriss, Hazel, "Sadie"	28-Apr-99	
Norriss, Sydney Moore	26-Jan-94	
Northcutt, Louise Byrd	28-Oct-92	
Northcutt, Mildred Ola	07-Jul-93	
Northcutt, Norman Franklin	12-Sep-90	
Northcutt, Ruth J.	15-Jun-94	
Northcutt, Ruthie Abbott	20-May-92	
Northcutt, Sudie Florence	20-Feb-91	
Northington, Johnnie M.	30-Jun-99	
Norwood, Ben E.	23-Aug-95	
Norwood, Ronnie Thad	15-Sep-99	
Nothern, Harry James	12-May-93	
Noye, Stafford "Duck"	 27-May-98	
Nuby, Mallory Logan	28-Jun-95	
Nunn, Lillar Salter	19-Apr-95	
Oakes, Aliene B.	13-Apr-94	
Oakes, Willis E.	02-Nov-94	
Oaks, Billy W.	19-May-93	
Oaks, Emmett Eugene	05-May-93	
Obici, Doris J.	10-Jun-92	
Odom, Rodney M.	28-Dec-94	
Odom, Simmie A., Jr. "Buddy"	16-Oct-91	
Ogle, Tina	23-Jul-97	
Oglesby, Alma L.	19-May-99	
Oglesby, Eva Louise	04-Aug-99	
Oglesby, Nancy	04-Sep-96	
O'Gwin, Mary Alma	23-May-90	
Oldham, Faris Samuel	24-Feb-93	
Oldham, Irval Ann	06-Feb-91	
Oldham, Talmadge Levert	21-Jul-93	
Oleson, Betty Standard	07-Jun-95	
Olive, Verna Lou	22-Sep-99	
Oliver, Gladys	24-Oct-90	
Oliver, James Carl	24-Feb-99	
Onderdonk, John Adrian	11-Dec-96	
O'Neill, Harry Edward, Sr.	24-Oct-90	
O'Quinn, John	30-Apr-97	
Orange, Reuben	01-Mar-95	
Orr, Annie Laurie	30-Jun-99	
Orr, Annie Laurie	11-Aug-99	
Orr, Joyce Garrett	27-Mar-91	
Ortino, Lillian M. Tucker	09-Apr-97	
Osborne, James Fred	29-Mar-95	
Overholt, Russell C.	05-Aug-92	
Overton, Denver Loise	20-May-92	
Overton, Donald C.	21-Oct-92	
Overton, Louise	28-May-97	
Overton, Louise	04-Jun-97	
Overton, Roy Hence	22-Feb-95	
Owen, George Allan	14-Jun-95	
Owens, Charles Edwrd	07-Dec-94	
Owens, Eva	05-Aug-92	
Owens, Irene Elizabeth	24-Apr-91	
Owens, Myra Elizabeth "Libby"	11-Nov-92	
Owens, Robert H.	27-Oct-99	
Owens, Velvie Lee	09-Aug-95	
Owens, Virginia Dare	28-Jun-95	
Ozley, Flora	05-Feb-97	
Ozley, Leonard S.	14-Jun-95	
Ozley, Robyn Lee	21-Mar-90	
Page, Robert Randolph, Jr.	18-Dec-91	
Paige, Helen Fomby, Rev.	13-Sep-95	
Paik, Deuk Sum	17-Mar-99	
Palmer, Alta Smith	05-Oct-94	
Palmer, W.L., Mr.	28-Mar-90	
Palmer, Wesley Windel	01-Jun-94	
Pamplin, George Manuel	24-Dec-97	
Pannell, James William "Red"	06-Mar-91	
Pardue, Blanche Delores	09-Jun-93	
Pardue, Brandon Wayne	 07-Oct-98	
Pardue, Brandon Wayne	 30-Sep-98	
Pardue, Charles Jackson	 28-Jan-98	
Pardue, Mattie Elizabeth	01-Jan-92	
Pardue, Mattie Elizabeth	08-Jan-92	
Parish, Bertie	 02-Sep-98	
Parkel, Mary Pauline	02-Apr-97	
Parker, Annie Ruth	02-Feb-94	
Parker, Carolyn Cordova	 18-Nov-98	
Parker, Carribelle S.	23-Jul-97	
Parker, Charles Harold	23-Oct-96	
Parker, Clarence J., "Train"	15-Sep-99	
Parker, Daniel Thomas	30-Aug-95	
Parker, Geneva Drake	02-May-90	
Parker, James Hubert	14-Feb-96	
Parker, Jeremy B.	23-Feb-94	
Parker, John Journey	16-Jan-91	
Parker, Mary Sizemore Deason	 24-Jun-98	
Parker, Myrtle M.	02-Jan-91	
Parker, Randy Dewayne	07-Jun-95	
Parker, Rosa Lee	08-May-96	
Parker, Ryan Danielle	04-Jan-95	
Parker, Susie Ealen	08-Mar-95	
Parker, Velma	28-Oct-92	
Parker, Willie Ella Finley "Granny"	09-Jul-97	
Parks, Herman	24-Oct-90	
Parks, Horace	26-Feb-97	
Parks, Markus Raymond	08-Jun-94	
Parks, Oliver Hebert	21-Aug-96	
Parks, Robert Louis	16-Oct-96	
Parmer, Aubrey Virgil	 18-Feb-98	
Parrett, Forrest Lawson	25-Aug-99	
Parrish, Elizabeth M.	14-Dec-94	
Parrish, James Austin	23-Jul-97	
Parrish, William Ottis "Bill"	20-Sep-95	
Parrott, Herman C.	20-Mar-96	
Parson, James A.	10-Oct-90	
Parsons, Fred Eugene	24-Apr-96	
Parsons, J. P. "Pete"	27-Dec-95	
Parsons, James Searcy, Jr.	02-Apr-97	
Parsons, Michael Edward, Jr.	01-Jan-92	
Parsons, Michael Edward, Jr.	08-Jan-92	
Partridge, George L.	13-Jul-94	
Partridge, James Monroe	21-Apr-93	
Partridge, Lloyd	 27-May-98	
Partridge, Rena Thweatt	09-Jan-91	
Partridge, Roy	 05-Aug-98	
Partridge, Toni Reach	31-Jul-91	
Partridge, Wiley Jackson	02-Feb-94	
Pate, Charles Edmond	24-Dec-97	
Pate, Lindsey Marie	04-May-94	
Pate, Lizzie Beatrice	22-Dec-93	
Pate, Luther Donald	01-Apr-92	
Pate, Robert James	13-Feb-91	
Pate, William O. "Bill"	08-Aug-90	
Patel, Dhirubhia M.	11-Oct-95	
Patel, Dhirubhia M.	18-Oct-95	
Patmalnee, Peter, Sgt. Major	30-Apr-97	
Patrick, Douglas Bacardi	22-Apr-92	
Patterson, Gladys Waites	 22-Apr-98	
Patterson, Jimmy Lee	19-Jan-94	
Patterson, Joseph Nelson	28-Nov-90	
Patterson, Kayla	07-Jun-95	
Patterson, Malcolm Bynum	14-May-97	
Patterson, Mary Dian	20-Oct-99	
Patterson, Osman A.	23-Jun-99	
Patterson, Teresa Fay	16-Oct-96	
Patterson, Timothy Scott, Sr.	18-Aug-99	
Patterson, Trinity Childress	 25-Mar-98	
Patterson, Winston H.	04-Sep-96	
Patton, Vicki Marie	20-Nov-96	
Payne, Chester S.	12-May-93	
Payne, Dorothy	 02-Sep-98	
Payne, Eddie Howe, Jr., "Buster"	27-Jan-99	
Payne, Greathell Elizabeth	22-Oct-97	
Payne, Henry Lewis	29-Sep-99	
Payne, Ida Louise	11-Mar-92	
Payne, James L.	07-Aug-96	
Payne, Lloyd Cecil	30-Nov-94	
Payne, Louis Calbert	11-Oct-95	
Payne, Mary Agnes	31-Mar-93	
Payne, Mary Agnes	07-Apr-93	
Payne, Mary Mildred Seale	 09-Sep-98	
Payne, Odell	13-Aug-97	
Payne, Roscoe Conklin, Jr.	12-Mar-97	
Payne, Tanya Leigh Gossett	06-Mar-96	
Payne, Viola	17-Mar-99	
Payne, Wilma Jones	14-May-97	
Payton, Howard V., Sr.	16-Jan-91	
Payton, Luther Clifford	 22-Jul-98	
Payton, Robert N. "Polie"	22-May-91	
Payton, Ruby Louise	10-May-95	
Pearson, Annie Pearl	09-Aug-95	
Pearson, Billy Ed	10-Oct-90	
Pearson, Robert	04-Jun-97	
Pearson, Robert Lee	22-Jan-92	
Pearson, Thelma	27-Jan-93	
Peeples, Bessie Cooper	16-Jun-99	
Peeples, Ruthie V.	 29-Jul-98	
Peete, Grady Samuel	08-Mar-95	
Pemberton, Bobby Charles	03-Oct-90	
Pemberton, Evelyn Elizabeth	27-Feb-91	
Pendleton, Betty Jean	 15-Apr-98	
Penhale, Mary Lou Hinds	24-Jan-96	
Pennington, Clarence H.	30-Jan-91	
Pennington, Lloyd Junior	19-May-93	
Pennington, Terry	22-Dec-99	
Penwell, Helen Virginia	10-Mar-99	
Peoples, James Edward	10-Feb-99	
Peoples, Tom Joseph	24-Mar-93	
Perfater, Nannie Glynn	20-Jan-93	
Perkins, Charlotte Faye	21-Jun-95	
Perkins, Ella Ruth Moore	 09-Sep-98	
Perkins, Pearl Helen	22-Dec-93	
Perkins, Pearl Helen	29-Dec-93	
Perkins, Roberta Irene	07-Sep-94	
Perkins, Solly H, Jr.	01-Dec-93	
Perry, Elder Jean	31-May-95	
Perry, Florence Irene	 01-Apr-98	
Perry, Henry Arlin	28-Aug-91	
Perry, John E.	03-Feb-99	
Perry, Levin Ause	21-Oct-92	
Perry, Mae B.	14-Nov-90	
Perryman, Janet Leigh	14-Apr-93	
Perryman, Jimmy	04-Dec-96	
Perryman, John Wesley	15-Feb-95	
Peters, Ambers A.J.	11-Aug-99	
Peters, Roszell Robinson	05-May-93	
Peters, Ruth W.	02-Jan-91	
Peters, William Luther	08-Jul-92	
Petersen, William Jack	04-Nov-92	
Peterson, Dale R., Jr.	09-Jul-97	
Petty, William Clarence, Jr.	30-Sep-92	
Petway, David Michael	17-Oct-90	
Pevear, Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy"	 03-Jun-98	
Phelps, Ada	03-Apr-96	
Phelps, Ada	24-Apr-96	
Phelps, Carrie Louise	06-Nov-91	
Phillips, Brett Jacob	12-Sep-90	
Phillips, Chelsea Lynn	20-May-92	
Phillips, Clara	20-Oct-99	
Phillips, Donald Joseph, Jr.	20-Oct-99	
Phillips, Gerald Edward	06-Nov-91	
Phillips, Irene Lambert	24-Oct-90	
Phillips, James H.	31-Jan-96	
Phillips, Jennie Maybelle Deason	19-Dec-90	
Phillips, John Little	17-May-95	
Phillips, Lessia Lee	12-Aug-92	
Phillips, Nellie Brannon	15-Dec-93	
Phillips, Nellie Mae	11-Mar-92	
Phillips, Roy	 10-Jun-98	
Phillips, Rufus M.	22-Sep-93	
Phillips, Sara Jeter	13-Oct-99	
Phillips, Suzanne B.	30-Jan-91	
Phinny, George Keil	17-Mar-93	
Pickett, Alma Ruth	09-Jun-93	
Pickett, Alvis Reed	22-Dec-99	
Pickett, Bruce "Shine"	05-Mar-97	
Pickett, Clarence A. "Nicky"	06-Sep-95	
Pickett, Corean Wilson	19-May-93	
Pickett, Dorothy Elaine	08-Dec-99	
Pickett, Florence Pitts	25-Dec-96	
Pickett, Gertrude	03-Jul-91	
Pickett, Gladys Lorene	30-Sep-92	
Pickett, Henry	17-Jan-96	
Pickett, Jean	 22-Apr-98	
Pickett, Lonnie Gerald	16-Jun-93	
Pickett, Lorene	04-Mar-92	
Pickett, Lula Mae	22-Oct-97	
Pickett, Margie	01-Jun-94	
Pickett, Roy Clayton	30-Aug-95	
Pickett, William J.	 14-Jan-98	
Pickett, William, "Bill"	17-Mar-99	
Pickle, Debbie Ann	25-Jun-97	
Pickle, George Lee "Buddy"	14-Dec-94	
Picone, Eunice Thayer	15-Dec-99	
Pierce, Charles Donald	18-Oct-95	
Pierce, David Eugene, Sr.	11-Aug-93	
Pierce, Leola Alexander	23-May-90	
Pierce, Leola Alexander	30-May-90	
Pierce, Michael	27-Oct-99	
Pike, Harry Jewel	07-Jun-95	
Pilgreen, Arthur Wesley	25-Aug-93	
Pilgreen, James H., Jr.	22-Jan-92	
Pilgreen, Jesse Hubert, Sr.	21-Aug-91	
Pilgreen, William Wilson	17-Jan-90	
Pinion, Dalton	21-Apr-93	
Pitman, Bessie	24-Jul-91	
Pitts, Billy Ray	01-Mar-95	
Pitts, Billy Ray	15-Mar-95	
Pitts, Brona R.	07-Apr-99	
Pitts, Donald Robert	13-May-92	
Pitts, Donald Robert	20-May-92	
Pitts, Myrtle S. "Polly"	04-Nov-92	
Pitts, William Edwin	30-Aug-95	
Pitts, Willis Keith "Buddy"	21-Nov-90	
Plant, James Spencer	31-Mar-99	
Plott, Charles J., Jr.	28-Aug-91	
Plumeri, Donald Joseph	15-Sep-99	
Plunkett, Margaret	20-Sep-95	
Plunkett, Thomas Franklin	01-Dec-93	
Poe, David Allen	06-May-92	
Poe, Edgar Allen "Ed"	21-Mar-90	
Poe, Nellie Faye Cofer	29-Apr-92	
Poe, Vera Killingsworth	19-Apr-95	
Pointer, Hugh Clifton	21-Dec-94	
Pool, Herbert Lee	28-Mar-90	
Poole, Annas Peeples	09-Aug-95	
Poole, Elizabeth A. "Bess"	25-Jan-95	
Poole, Frances Lucille	02-Jan-91	
Poole, Myrtle Lois Collins	17-Nov-99	
Pope, Aileen	09-Jan-91	
Pope, Grace Smith	17-Feb-93	
Popham, Peter A.	27-Dec-95	
Popwell, Ann Cecile	15-May-91	
Popwell, Annie Mae Jones	05-Feb-97	
Porter, Bonnie Irene	14-Feb-96	
Porter, Frances Loretta	07-May-97	
Porter, George William, Jr.	12-May-93	
Porter, Lela Bell	04-Jul-90	
Porter, Lucies "Buddy"	13-Jan-93	
Porter, Lunes Marie	29-Jan-92	
Porter, Richard L.	09-May-90	
Portis, Mary Threatt	17-Feb-99	
Posey, Robert Kelse	12-Oct-94	
Posey, Thomas Anderson	15-Aug-90	
Posey, Thomas Arthur	19-Jul-95	
Poskey, Cora Lee	02-Oct-91	
Poskey, Cora Lee	02-Jun-93	
Poskey, Cora Lee	06-Oct-93	
Poskey, Cora Lee	10-Nov-93	
Poskey, Cora Lee	14-Dec-94	
Poss, Margaret Evelyn	29-May-96	
Postell, Donna Teresa Lilly	20-Mar-91	
Potter, Louis Collier	 21-Oct-98	
Potts, Francis E.	24-Sep-97	
Potts, Margaret Earl	15-Sep-93	
Potts, Mary Dennis	08-Aug-90	
Powell, Alice Ray	28-Feb-96	
Powell, Brenda Joyce	01-Jul-98	
Powell, Brenda Joyce	 17-Jun-98	
Powell, Catherine Pilgrim	22-May-96	
Powell, Raymond Aaron	27-Aug-97	
Powell, Rickey Dale	06-Dec-95	
Powell, Ruby Gaithers	16-Dec-92	
Powell, Viola Williams	10-Sep-97	
Powers, Lily S.	15-Apr-92	
Powers, Robert Harry	 17-Jun-98	
Powers, Thomas Charlton "Red"	04-Apr-90	
Prater, Harvey V.	27-Dec-95	
Prellwitz, Eunice Virginia Tidmore	10-Mar-93	
Prentice, Zakia Kiowa	18-Dec-96	
Preskitt, Betty Scalco	17-Jan-96	
Presley, Jim, Jr., "Dalton"	09-Jun-99	
Presley, Mattie Elizabeth	29-Oct-97	
Presley, Ronald Kenneth "Buddy"	05-Mar-97	
Preston, Bradley	06-Apr-94	
Prestricge, Charles Davis	29-Mar-95	
Prestridge, Alice Sorrell	05-May-93	
Price, Betty Ruth	24-Jun-92	
Price, Cheryl Anita	26-Apr-95	
Price, Harlen Radford	12-Jun-91	
Price, James A.	17-Jul-91	
Price, Lucille Sawyer	23-Jan-91	
Price, Mamie Jo	18-Jul-90	
Price, Robert Franklin, Sr.	22-May-91	
Price, Virgil Nolen	02-Mar-94	
Prickett, Vernon T.	 23-Dec-98	
Prim, Lillie Lowery	16-Oct-96	
Prince, Carl Wayne	16-Dec-92	
Prince, Shelton	08-Jan-97	
Prior, Chad Ensor	09-Jun-93	
Proctor, Samuel Rayvon	05-Mar-97	
Pruett, Jack Frederick, Sr.	04-Aug-93	
Pruitt, Cecil	26-Feb-92	
Pruitt, Frances Aileen	24-Jun-92	
Pryor, Chad	14-Dec-94	
Pulley, Richard Joseph	17-Nov-99	
Pulliam, Nettie Fallon	27-Mar-96	
Purdy, Kathryn	26-Feb-92	
Purvis, Shykela Mona	16-Nov-94	
Puryear, Sarah Francis	02-Sep-92	
Qualls, James Durwood	06-Oct-99	
Quesinberry, Beatrice Gray	09-Jun-99	
Quick, Carolyn Ruth	 11-Mar-98	
Quick, Tina Thornburg	09-Nov-94	
Quinn, Charles Gaston, Jr.	 07-Oct-98	
Quinn, Charles Gaston, Jr.	 14-Oct-98	
Quinn, Charles L., Sr.	29-Dec-99	
Rachels, Alice	23-Oct-96	
Rachels, Billie Jean	04-Jul-90	
Ragland, Betty Jean Adams	05-Feb-97	
Ragsdale, Flora Mae	 23-Sep-98	
Raia, Ann L.	15-Jul-92	
Raia, Anthony "Tony"	22-Jul-92	
Raia, Leslie Merrell	17-Aug-94	
Raines, C. D. Hollis	16-Sep-92	
Raines, James Garvin	29-Jan-97	
Raley, Lasti N.	30-Jun-99	
Raley, Mary Sims	04-Mar-92	
Ramey, Barry Lance	27-Oct-93	
Ramsey, Amanda Renee	28-Jan-98	
Ramsey, Lavonne E. "Von"	03-Sep-97	
Ramsey, Mable Inez Greenlea	26-Dec-90	
Ramsey, Trey Russell	28-Jan-98	
Randall, Raum	18-Aug-93	
Randall, Recie	06-Jul-94	
Randolph, Priscilla L.	21-Apr-93	
Rangel, Genaro	05-Aug-98	
Rankins, Cynthia Yelder	08-May-96	
Rape, Jason Harper	04-Dec-91	
Rape, June	11-Apr-90	
Rasberry, Jack Green	 09-Sep-98	
Rasco, Doris M.	19-May-99	
Rasco, Eunice	04-Jan-95	
Ratanaubol, Kriengkri, Dr.	27-Sep-95	
Ratliff, Ruth M.	15-Sep-93	
Raughley, Eugene Erwin "Pete"	29-Jan-97	
Ray, Albert Thomas	22-Feb-95	
Ray, Bessie Lee, Rev.	23-Oct-91	
Ray, Cathy Gail Ussery	10-Oct-90	
Ray, Charles Edward	 17-Jun-98	
Ray, Charlotte B.	23-Mar-94	
Ray, Edward Lee	17-Jan-96	
Ray, Edwin Elton	16-Feb-94	
Ray, Eldred M.	21-Apr-99	
Ray, Gladys B.	15-Dec-99	
Ray, Homer R.	11-May-94	
Ray, James Edward	01-Nov-95	
Ray, Jerry Wayne, Jr.	24-Jan-90	
Ray, Jerry Wayne, Jr.	03-Jan-90	
Ray, Jewel	31-Jul-91	
Ray, Leonard	17-Jan-90	
Ray, Loyd, "Dee"	03-Nov-99	
Ray, Lucille E., Mrs. 	04-Jul-90	
Ray, Michael Sherrell	 24-Jun-98	
Ray, Ralph Edward	26-Oct-94	
Ray, Thelma Nadine	 21-Jan-98	
Ray, William Clayton	21-Dec-94	
Ray, William Robert, Sr. "Bill Bob"	29-Sep-93	
Raybon, Annie Myrtle "Ann"	24-Oct-90	
Rayborn, Gerald David	14-Dec-94	
Rayfield, William Knox	09-Jun-99	
Raymer, Melissa Joy Anderson	23-Oct-96	
Reach, Charles Wesley	04-May-94	
Reach, Cora Swindall	29-Nov-95	
Reach, Dessie Mildred	16-Oct-91	
Reach, Flora Mae	26-Apr-95	
Reach, Onzell	12-Jul-95	
Reach, Zada L.	04-Dec-96	
Reagan, Henry	24-Nov-99	
Reber, William "Dollar Bill"	25-Aug-99	
Reed, Alma Nmn	 18-Mar-98	
Reed, Belva Goff	09-Jun-93	
Reed, Carol Joyce	27-Jan-93	
Reed, Estelle Eola Mickle	14-Dec-94	
Reed, Jessie Frank	13-Jun-90	
Reed, Jessie Frank	06-Jun-90	
Reed, Luvert	11-Jul-90	
Reed, Marianne Carden	27-Jan-93	
Reed, Michael Allen	31-Oct-90	
Reed, Michael Allen	07-Nov-90	
Reese, Mae Maggie	09-Aug-95	
Reeser, Claude Henry, Sr.	11-Oct-95	
Reeser, Frances Jean	16-Jun-99	
Reeves, Velma Inez	26-Sep-90	
Reid, Hattie Irene "Bill"	17-Mar-93	
Reid, James	20-Jul-94	
Reid, Melba M.	11-Oct-95	
Reid, Viva Marie	31-Oct-90	
Reinhardsen, Raymond Jerome	29-Dec-99	
Rembert, Benny	29-Apr-92	
Renner, Lester James	 07-Oct-98	
Rennon, Barbara	20-Nov-96	
Reueau, Kathleen L.	10-Jul-91	
Reynolds, Clovenski "Sam"	03-Jan-90	
Reynolds, Curtis	11-Apr-90	
Reynolds, Daniel Franklin	14-Dec-94	
Reynolds, Eugene Byrd	06-Jun-90	
Reynolds, Gerald F.	29-Nov-95	
Reynolds, James Arthur	22-Nov-95	
Reynolds, Josh	07-Sep-94	
Reynolds, Josh Edward	14-Sep-94	
Reynolds, Lois R.	01-Nov-95	
Reynolds, Mary Chloe	08-Sep-99	
Reynolds, Ruby Smith	24-Feb-93	
Reynolds, Terry Arless	09-Jan-91	
Reynolds, Velma Frances	08-May-91	
Reynolds, William Louis "Skipper"	08-Mar-95	
Rheman, Lloyd M.	27-Jan-99	
Rhine, Quilla	08-Nov-95	
Rhinehart, Beatrice E.	27-Mar-96	
Rhinehart, Darlene	27-Nov-96	
Rhoden, Sarah Moore	04-Jun-97	
Rhodes, Jane L.	 04-Nov-98	
Rice, Lillian Hubbard	31-Mar-93	
Rich, Evelyn	15-Sep-93	
Rich, Herman Harold, Jr.	20-May-92	
Rich, Ida Isolene	06-Dec-95	
Rich, Neal Henry	02-Oct-96	
Rich, Robert James	 22-Jul-98	
Rich, Vann H.	27-Jan-99	
Richards, Betty D.	20-Jul-94	
Richards, Madison C.	28-Jul-93	
Richardson, Evelyn Barnett	24-Jan-90	
Richardson, Lewis Edward	 29-Jul-98	
Richardson, Limmie Jewel Bridges	10-Jul-96	
Richert, Adolf Donald	20-Dec-95	
Riddlesperger, Billie Ruth	21-Apr-93	
Ridley, Francis M.	26-May-93	
Riffe, Mamie Myrtle	22-Sep-93	
Riffe, Sherri Lynn	09-Oct-96	
Riggsby, Lillard E.	 01-Apr-98	
Rigsby, Sallye J.	10-May-95	
Riha, Raymond Joseph	24-Oct-90	
Rikard, Mack Albert	18-Dec-96	
Riley, Herschel M.	24-Jul-91	
Riley, Ina Mae	24-Dec-97	
Rinehart, Buddy	 28-Oct-98	
Ritch, Rethie N.	09-Mar-94	
Ritch, Walter K.	27-Oct-93	
Ritter, John Allen	06-Oct-99	
Rivers, Robert Emmett, Jr.	11-Dec-91	
Roach, Edith S.	10-Aug-94	
Roach, Elvis F.	18-Sep-91	
Roach, Ida Ruth Hinds Devaughan	07-Jul-99	
Roach, Jack Edward	31-Mar-93	
Roach, Mary L.	02-Feb-94	
Robershaw, Audrey Aline	07-Apr-99	
Robershaw, Charles Bethel, Sr., Rev.	 04-Mar-98	
Robershaw, William Acton	08-Jan-97	
Roberson, Charles H.	31-Mar-99	
Roberson, Cile H.	01-Jan-97	
Roberson, Cile H.	08-Jan-97	
Roberson, Essie Delene	14-Feb-90	
Roberson, Helen	18-Sep-91	
Roberson, Howard E. "Robbie"	 12-Aug-98	
Roberson, Irene Elizabeth	11-Jun-97	
Roberson, Jewell Docine	 13-May-98	
Roberson, Leroy	23-Apr-97	
Roberson, Louise B.	01-Dec-93	
Roberson, Marvin Lewis	27-Jul-94	
Roberson, Mary Charles	30-Oct-96	
Roberson, Mary Etta	26-Feb-97	
Roberson, Michael Edward	29-May-91	
Roberson, Michael Edward	05-Jun-91	
Roberson, Rushen Randall, Sr.	28-Apr-99	
Roberson, Vera	 24-Jun-98	
Roberts, Alberta Wells	27-May-92	
Roberts, Alvin Rupert "Country"	 22-Apr-98	
Roberts, Clarence Gilbert, Sr.	10-Oct-90	
Roberts, Clyde	02-Jun-99	
Roberts, Ernest Donald, Jr.	23-Jan-91	
Roberts, Evie Irene	21-Apr-93	
Roberts, Jessie Malone	04-Dec-91	
Roberts, William Herman	29-Aug-90	
Robertson, Annie W.	31-Mar-93	
Robertson, Daisy Bell	04-Jul-90	
Robertson, Emory Estes	26-May-93	
Robertson, Laura Shirley	 03-Jun-98	
Robertson, Laura Shirley	 10-Jun-98	
Robertson, Marion Hubert	18-Dec-91	
Robinson, Bessie	07-Nov-90	
Robinson, Carlos Richard	29-Nov-95	
Robinson, Gerald Lawrence	08-Oct-97	
Robinson, Gerald Lawrence	15-Oct-97	
Robinson, Geraldine B.	 23-Sep-98	
Robinson, Lawrence	24-Nov-99	
Robinson, Mack	13-Nov-91	
Robinson, Margaret Lee Keaton	14-Jul-93	
Robinson, Mary Foshee	28-Feb-96	
Robinson, Ralph L.	16-Dec-92	
Robinson, Roy	23-Dec-92	
Robinson, William Everett	23-Nov-94	
Robson, Robert D.	17-Mar-93	
Rochester, Evie Marie	15-Mar-95	
Rochester, John Marion	29-Oct-97	
Rodehaver, Gary Wayne	16-Apr-97	
Roden, Docia B.	22-Apr-92	
Rodgers, Mary Jon "Jonnie"	05-Jun-91	
Rodnar, Roy Robert	22-Dec-93	
Rodriquez, Frank Joseph	07-Feb-90	
Roebuck, Dovie Mae	10-Oct-90	
Rogan, Thomas Patrick, Jr.	22-Nov-95	
Rogers, David Percy	28-Dec-94	
Rogers, James Preston, Jr.	24-May-95	
Rogers, Majorie Reid	01-Jun-94	
Rogers, Marie Horton	05-May-93	
Rogers, Mary	07-Apr-99	
Rogers, Mary L.	11-Sep-96	
Roland, Minnie Pearl	28-Dec-94	
Roman, Albert Louis "Buddy"	 19-Aug-98	
Roman, James M. "Duck"	07-Aug-96	
Roman, Louise	28-Oct-92	
Roman, Robert Henry	08-Feb-95	
Romeo, Annie Mae	17-Sep-97	
Romine, Margaret Ola	31-Dec-97	
Romines, Willie, Jr.	22-Jan-97	
Rooks, James Douglas	30-Jun-93	
Rooks, Michelle	08-Dec-99	
Roper, Elma Luviana	26-Feb-92	
Roper, Esther B.	31-Mar-99	
Roper, Fannie S.	23-Dec-92	
Roper, Frank	01-Nov-95	
Roper, Helen Marie	07-Sep-94	
Roper, Hosey F., "Snib"	29-Dec-99	
Roper, Robert Weaver	28-Aug-96	
Ross, Bertha Sewell	04-May-94	
Ross, Clyde	21-May-97	
Ross, Clyde	28-May-97	
Ross, Eunice Lee	27-Mar-96	
Ross, Gladys	25-Mar-92	
Ross, May Belle	19-Jul-95	
Ross, Oliver Benjamin	29-Jan-97	
Ross, Roy Howard	15-Sep-93	
Ross, Roy Howard	06-Oct-93	
Ross, Ruby Mae	10-Dec-97	
Rowe, Christine V.	21-Feb-90	
Rowe, David Wesley	09-May-90	
Rowe, Edith Mae	09-Jul-97	
Rowe, Lois White	02-Sep-92	
Rowe, Richard	 25-Nov-98	
Rowell, Ellouise F.	24-Nov-93	
Rowell, Raymond Josey, Jr.	20-Oct-93	
Rowell, Ted	25-Jan-95	
Rowland, John Denzil, Sr.	31-Jan-96	
Rox, Lizella Keith	02-May-90	
Roy, Carl L.	 11-Nov-98	
Roy, Eva Russell	10-Jan-96	
Roy, Eva Russell	17-Jan-96	
Rubin, T. Sue	27-Dec-95	
Ruddick, Fay	 18-Mar-98	
Ruffner, William Edward	23-Jan-91	
Rush, Evelyn G.	26-Feb-97	
Russell, Alfreda Hudson	26-Nov-97	
Russell, Casey	22-Jun-94	
Russell, Casey Louis	29-Jun-94	
Russell, Fleda Inex Lambert	26-Jan-94	
Russell, Jasmine Danielle	03-Dec-97	
Russell, Joshua Taylor	30-Jul-97	
Russell, Joshua Taylor	01-Oct-97	
Russell, Sylvester Andrew, Jr.	26-Sep-90	
Russell, Virginia M.	 04-Mar-98	
Ruston, Ethel Estell Davis	18-Aug-93	
Rutherford, Julius "Gene"	12-Jun-91	
Rutherford, Mildred Lacey	12-Jun-96	
Rutherford, Willie Alberta "Dill	09-May-90	
Rutledge, Cory Leshawn	26-Mar-97	
Rutledge, Jasper Bailey	23-May-90	
Rutledge, Willie G.	 25-Mar-98	
Rylant, Edna H.	24-Jun-92	
Saari, John	05-May-93	
Sachs, Ferman Ira "Bud"	 23-Dec-98	
Sails, Marie Tie	23-Jun-99	
Salchert, John Michael	01-Nov-95	
Salers, Robert Edward	20-Apr-94	
Salser, Boyd	26-Jul-95	
Salser, Kenneth Dean	15-Jun-94	
Salser, Mitzie Morris	 12-Aug-98	
Salser, Robert L.	03-Sep-97	
Salser, Wassie Lou	04-Jul-90	
Salster, Edgar Lee	29-Aug-90	
Samons, Ludie Estelle	31-Jul-96	
Sampson, Curtis Marvin	01-Sep-99	
Sams, Alice Houston	17-Feb-99	
Sanders, Albert Edward, Sr.	16-Feb-94	
Sanders, Allen Bryant	 21-Jan-98	
Sanders, Ermil Edison "Sandy"	27-Jun-90	
Sanders, Estel E.	31-Oct-90	
Sanders, Frances Mildred	12-Mar-97	
Sanders, James E. "Zippy"	 11-Nov-98	
Sanders, Jimmy Frank	13-Jan-99	
Sanders, Mary Louise	 26-Aug-98	
Sanders, Robert P.	22-Jan-97	
Sandstrom, Larry Neal	19-Jun-91	
Sanford, Robert William, Sr.	30-Dec-92	
Sarron, Addie Louise	19-Aug-92	
Sartain, Joseph E.	13-Jan-99	
Saunders, John R. "Bob"	10-May-95	
Saunderson, Maggie Beatrice	28-Jul-99	
Savage, Aldona D.	27-Oct-93	
Sawyer, Eva Lou Horne	17-Feb-99	
Sawyer, Onzell W.	03-Jan-90	
Sawyer, Walter Alton	 18-Feb-98	
Sawyers, Alberta Player	10-Apr-96	
Saxon, Calvin Woodrow, Sr.	31-Mar-99	
Scales, Mary Elizabeth	26-Feb-92	
Scarborough, Rachel A.	11-Aug-93	
Schomberg, Ina Grace	14-Dec-94	
Schoonover, Mary Josephine	25-Aug-93	
Schrum, David Brian	07-Apr-99	
Schultz, Mary Christiana	11-Jul-90	
Schultz, Max R., Sr.	02-Sep-92	
Scoggins, Cecil Lee	14-Dec-94	
Scoggins, James Loftin, Sr.	06-Oct-99	
Scoggins, Lawrence M.	19-Dec-90	
Scoggins, Myrtis Geanell	06-May-92	
Scoggins, Richard, Sr.	15-Jan-97	
Scott, Doris Louise	21-Feb-90	
Scott, Elisha Elbert	06-Mar-91	
Scott, Floyd Lee	15-Nov-95	
Scott, Ida Lee	04-Aug-93	
Scott, Juanita	12-Sep-90	
Scott, Lois Elaine	26-Nov-97	
Scott, Lois Elaine	03-Dec-97	
Scott, Lovenia Ray	06-Mar-96	
Scott, Mary E.	 19-Aug-98	
Scott, Ralph Van	 16-Sep-98	
Scott, Robert Earl	18-Sep-96	
Scott, Roberta B.	18-Jul-90	
Scott, Steve Andrew	22-May-96	
Scott, William D.	17-Jan-96	
Scott, William D.	24-Jan-96	
Scruggs, Everett W.	31-Mar-93	
Scurlock, Flora B.	28-Nov-90	
Scyoc, Francis R.	01-Feb-95	
Seagle, Gussie Mae	 16-Dec-98	
Seagle, Kenneth Allen	 19-Aug-98	
Seal, Sara O.	13-Dec-95	
Seale, Earl Leslie	22-Sep-99	
Seale, Eloise C.	18-Mar-92	
Seale, Gladys Marie	03-Sep-97	
Seale, Icie B.	24-Nov-99	
Seale, J. B.	14-Jun-95	
Seale, James Morris, Sr.	04-Sep-91	
Seale, Lila Wayne	07-May-97	
Seale, Roy Chester	26-Dec-90	
Sears, Clarence Wesley "Wes"	01-Nov-95	
Sears, Jasmine Ida Bell	09-Jun-99	
Sears, Ralph Westgate	21-Feb-96	
Seavy, Richard Joseph, Sr.	10-Mar-93	
Seay, Lenora Weaver	23-Feb-94	
Seier, George Fletcher, Sr.	05-Oct-94	
Self, Frances Marilyn Hughes	08-Jul-98	
Sellers, Alice Gertrude	24-Mar-93	
Sellers, Betty A.	03-Feb-93	
Sellers, Cornelious C.	05-Nov-97	
Sellers, Joseph Edward	19-Oct-94	
Selman, Robert Lee	03-Dec-97	
Selman, Ronald James	25-Nov-92	
Serio, Tiffany  Mary Faith	11-Nov-92	
Severson, Elwin L. "Al"	15-Feb-95	
Sewell, Ella Inez	21-Apr-93	
Sewell, Grace	05-Mar-97	
Sewell, Heath Allen	15-Apr-92	
Sewell, Hubert F.	17-Mar-99	
Shack, Richard "Ned"	13-Sep-95	
Shadix, Harvie Edward	14-Aug-96	
Shadix, Marion Barton	27-Oct-99	
Shafer, Richard Alan	01-Jun-94	
Shaner, Nellie H.	07-Oct-92	
Shaner, Ovie, Sr.	 24-Jun-98	
Shaner, William	01-Dec-93	
Shanks, Martha Taylor	10-Apr-96	
Shanks, Willie Lee	05-Apr-95	
Sharp, Ferrell Delene	08-Jul-98	
Sharp, Joe Oscar	06-Jun-90	
Sharp, Mary Kailyn	19-Dec-90	
Sharp, Mary Kailyn	26-Dec-90	
Sharpton, Emily	08-Jan-97	
Shaw, Bingham, IV	30-Dec-92	
Shaw, Charles William, Sr.	17-Apr-96	
Shaw, Charlotte Eros	 11-Feb-98	
Shaw, Chris	25-Apr-90	
Shaw, David Lee	16-Jun-99	
Shaw, Juanita Kyser	31-May-95	
Shaw, Lena S.	27-Jan-99	
Shaw, Onzelle	29-Sep-99	
Shaw, Pharis Burl, Jr.	17-Jan-96	
Shaw, Ralph Earl, Sr.	 14-Oct-98	
Shaw, Robert Hillhouse	03-Nov-99	
Shaw, Ruby Frances Stone	20-Mar-91	
Shaw, Vera Storm	19-Dec-90	
Shaw, William Ronald "Juicy"	31-Dec-97	
Shaw, Willie Jabe	 23-Dec-98	
Shears, Grady Lee	15-Feb-95	
Sheehan, Tommy, II	02-Jul-97	
Sheets, Beatice Moore	23-Mar-94	
Sheffield, Brenda Joyce	 15-Jul-98	
Sheffield, Julius Murphy	13-Feb-91	
Sheffield, Margareta Herbest	13-Oct-99	
Sheffield, Michael Landon	10-Feb-93	
Shelbon, Teresa Lynn	08-Feb-95	
Shelton, Agnes	 12-Aug-98	
Shelton, Howard Albert, Sr.	15-Nov-95	
Shelton, Leon Sterling "Puddle"	08-Feb-95	
Sheppard, Johnny	19-May-99	
Sherrell, Thomas Alvin, Jr.	13-Apr-94	
Shield, Fannie Elizabeth Green	 28-Jan-98	
Shields, Christopher Demont	18-Aug-93	
Shifflett, Vernie S.	19-May-93	
Shipley, John Hugh "Jack"	20-Mar-96	
Shipman, William Barbaree	08-May-96	
Shipp, Davis O'Neal	10-Feb-99	
Shirley, Ellen	04-Jan-95	
Shirley, Elvie K.	05-Jun-91	
Shirley, James Clyde	28-Jun-95	
Shirley, Mary Ellen	01-Mar-95	
Shirley, Ruby M.	01-Jun-94	
Shoemaker, Annette B.	12-May-99	
Shoemaker, Thelma Gardner	 24-Jun-98	
Shoemaker, William	14-Jun-95	
Shogren, Michael Gerald	17-Jun-92	
Sholly, Julanda Beam	13-May-92	
Shoop, Annie Forest	 19-Aug-98	
Short, Roy Lee	22-Jun-94	
Shuty, Lola Pearl	 25-Feb-98	
Sides, Mary	27-Aug-97	
Siener, William Walter, Sr.	15-Nov-95	
Silvani, Melissa Joy	27-Jul-94	
Simmons, Connie Dianne	05-Jan-94	
Simmons, Eric	 16-Dec-98	
Simmons, Hazel	11-Aug-99	
Simmons, Irene Butler	25-Aug-99	
Simmons, Maggie Pauline	07-Mar-90	
Simmons, Sarah Danielle	14-Sep-94	
Simms, Onnie M.	10-Jan-90	
Simpson, Edgar C.	08-May-96	
Simpson, Esther Eliza	23-Aug-95	
Sims, David Edward	08-Sep-93	
Sims, Dennis Wesley	24-Feb-93	
Sims, Ina M.	20-Jan-93	
Sims, Ivey B.	04-Apr-90	
Sims, Larry Lamar Bonner	20-Sep-95	
Sims, Ruth Mobley	29-Sep-93	
Sims, Sara Jane	 11-Apr-90	
Sims, Walter Lee	30-Nov-94	
Singletery, Arthur Lee "Art"	24-Apr-96	
Singleton, Grady Marlow, Jr.	28-Mar-90	
Singleton, Jeanette Hand	10-Dec-97	
Singleton, Mary, "Aunt Frances"	26-May-99	
Sinquefield, James Donald	30-Jun-93	
Sinquefield, Peggy Elizabeth Knighton	30-Jun-93	
Sinyard, Inez Bates	28-Apr-93	
Sippola, Beatrice N.	14-Nov-90	
Sisco, Mary Hereford	28-May-97	
Sisson, Howard Eugene, Jr.	06-Jun-90	
Skelton, Jerry E.	03-Jan-90	
Skelton, Marshall E.	17-Apr-96	
Skelton, Paul	05-Mar-97	
Skinner, Clarence	22-Jan-92	
Slater, Linn Mathews	20-Jan-93	
Slater, Linn Matthew, Sr.	27-Jan-93	
Slaughter, Alice	17-Jun-92	
Sligh, Michael Alan	15-Apr-92	
Sloan, Sarah Nell Seale	13-Aug-97	
Slyhoff, Margaret Burgin	24-Feb-99	
Small, Lucille Dotson	14-Apr-99	
Smelley, Mack Arthur	11-Nov-92	
Smiley, Manila Weant	14-Feb-96	
Smith, Albert Hosie	26-Feb-97	
Smith, Alvin	24-Jul-91	
Smith, Alvin A.	26-Jun-91	
Smith, Bertha M. "Grandma"	22-Oct-97	
Smith, Bertie	18-Oct-95	
Smith, Bridget Dion	14-Feb-96	
Smith, Charles Raymond	19-Sep-90	
Smith, Claude Wallis, Mrs.	10-Nov-99	
Smith, Dan Thomas, Sr.	20-Apr-94	
Smith, David H., Sr.	14-Feb-90	
Smith, Debra Lynn	01-Apr-92	
Smith, Don Marshall	31-Dec-97	
Smith, Don Marshall, Jr.	08-Dec-93	
Smith, Edna Mae	01-Dec-99	
Smith, Edward Leon	18-Jun-97	
Smith, Emma Cordelia Clark	26-Feb-97	
Smith, Evelyn Pope	24-Jul-91	
Smith, Evie L.	 30-Sep-98	
Smith, Flora Alice	24-Apr-91	
Smith, Florine Bowen	13-Feb-91	
Smith, Georgia Knight	 21-Oct-98	
Smith, Gloson B.	16-May-90	
Smith, Gracie B.	17-Dec-97	
Smith, Hazel Christine	06-Nov-96	
Smith, Henry, Jr.	07-Jul-93	
Smith, Herbert Thomas	24-Aug-94	
Smith, Herbert Thomas	24-Aug-94	
Smith, Herman Wayne, Sr.	 06-May-98	
Smith, Irene	 22-Apr-98	
Smith, James Edward	26-Sep-90	
Smith, James H.	02-Feb-92	
Smith, James William	 23-Sep-98	
Smith, Joe Boyd	08-Dec-99	
Smith, Joe Franklin	 24-Jun-98	
Smith, John T.	20-May-92	
Smith, Johnny Ray	15-Dec-93	
Smith, Julius Franklin	25-Apr-90	
Smith, Killian, Mr.	18-Sep-91	
Smith, Larry	15-May-91	
Smith, Lendon L.	24-Jan-96	
Smith, Lendon L.	07-Feb-96	
Smith, Lillian Maxine Weldon	05-Apr-95	
Smith, Lisa Ann	29-Sep-99	
Smith, Lue Ellen	31-Mar-93	
Smith, Margaret Slack	24-Apr-91	
Smith, Marion C., "Buck"	03-Nov-99	
Smith, Mary Elouise	27-Jan-93	
Smith, Mary Lou	10-Jul-96	
Smith, Mildred Jo Kish	02-Nov-94	
Smith, Myrtice	01-Sep-99	
Smith, Naomi Jett	13-Jan-99	
Smith, Nellie Mae	23-Sep-92	
Smith, Nora June	29-Sep-99	
Smith, Oma Dora	02-Apr-97	
Smith, Paul Bradford, Jr.	12-Jul-95	
Smith, Pauline D.	 30-Dec-98	
Smith, Pauline M.	12-May-99	
Smith, Robert J.	 16-Dec-98	
Smith, Robert James	04-Sep-96	
Smith, Robert Lee	31-Jul-91	
Smith, Roger William	18-Aug-93	
Smith, Roy S.	11-Sep-96	
Smith, Ruby Louise	08-Sep-99	
Smith, Sadie Parker	27-Jun-90	
Smith, Thomas F., Rev.	24-Apr-96	
Smith, Thomas O., Jr.	28-Aug-91	
Smith, Travis "Allen"	13-Aug-97	
Smith, Valera W.	26-May-93	
Smith, Vendia R.	30-Mar-94	
Smith, W. H., Mr.	11-Jan-95	
Smith, Wallace B.	12-May-99	
Smith, William A.	01-Dec-99	
Smith, William Arch, Jr.	06-Nov-91	
Smith, William Joseph, "Joe"	24-Nov-99	
Smith, William L., Jr.	01-Dec-99	
Smitherman, Bobby Ray	12-Nov-97	
Smitherman, Bobby Ray	19-Nov-97	
Smitherman, Ernestine	10-Jul-96	
Smitherman, Gladys Elsie	22-Dec-93	
Smitherman, James Franklin	31-Mar-93	
Smitherman, Josephine Payne	27-Oct-93	
Smitherman, Joyce Wallace	24-Dec-97	
Smitherman, Martha Jo	09-Mar-94	
Smitherman, Maude Vivian	02-Nov-94	
Smitherman, Millard	02-Nov-94	
Smitherman, Myrtle Mae	18-Nov-92	
Smitherman, Ollie E.	17-Jun-92	
Smitherman, Willie Steve	31-Oct-90	
Snead, Elizabeth Ann	 09-Dec-98	
Snell, Marilyn Denise	06-Jun-90	
Snell, Mary Tatum	 10-Jun-98	
Snow, Angela Marie Simpson	05-Nov-97	
Snow, Odie May	17-Jan-90	
Snow, Thomas Franklin	03-Mar-93	
Snyder, Curtis Howell	31-Jul-96	
Snyder, Don A.	21-Feb-90	
Snyder, James Allen	28-Jul-93	
Snyder, Larry Wayne	26-Feb-92	
Sommers, Patricia Bowen "Pat"	12-Feb-92	
Sorrell, Ralph E., Sr.	02-Dec-92	
Sorrow, Clarence O.	02-Feb-92	
Sorrow, James Lee	25-Sep-96	
Southerland, Virgil Glenn	20-Jan-99	
Sowers, Russell Eugene	14-Apr-99	
Spain, Ada Pearl "Granny"	09-Apr-97	
Spain, Henry Dillard	07-Dec-94	
Spain, Jesse Franklin	07-Jun-95	
Spain, Y.Z.	25-Sep-96	
Sparks, Brian Keith	25-Sep-96	
Sparks, Charles Adrian "Chuck"	04-Dec-91	
Sparks, Charlie Andrew	09-Mar-94	
Sparks, Charlie Andrew	16-Mar-94	
Sparks, Hazel Patty	01-Sep-99	
Sparks, Virgil Wayne	30-Aug-95	
Sparks, Zula	30-Jun-93	
Sparman, Mae C.	25-Oct-95	
Sparta, Paul Joseph	28-Apr-93	
Spates, Dock L.	18-Dec-96	
Spates, James Arthur	21-Jul-99	
Spates, Lillian hazel	08-May-91	
Spates, Olden C., "Boyd"	13-Oct-99	
Speakman, Amanda Nicole	 23-Dec-98	
Spearman, Lillian M.	01-Jun-94	
Spearman, Lillie K.	10-Aug-94	
Spears, James Kenneth	04-Jun-97	
Speer, Ocie W., Jr.	14-Jun-95	
Speer, Robbie Lee	29-Oct-97	
Spencer, Alice B.	18-Dec-91	
Spencer, Eileen Lee	29-Dec-99	
Spencer, George E., Jr.	 14-Oct-98	
Spidle, Walter H.	14-Apr-93	
Spitzer, William Francis, Col.	11-Sep-96	
Spivery, Chase Sinclair	08-Nov-95	
Spivey, Avis Joy "Bug"	15-Nov-95	
Spivey, Joe K.	17-Oct-90	
Spivey, Ruby Tinney	20-Mar-91	
Splawn, Jimmie Dee	10-Mar-99	
Splawn, Steven Lee	24-Feb-99	
Splawn, Steven Lee	17-Feb-99	
Spradley, Lessie M.	24-Feb-99	
Spradley, Ozelene	11-Jun-97	
Spradlin, James Gary	18-Dec-91	
Spratlin, Neal Frank	09-Jan-91	
Sprayberry, Annie B.	26-Jan-94	
Spruill, Samuel Otho, III	23-Jan-91	
Squires, Frank Eugene	23-Jan-91	
Stafford, Shonda Lee	01-Apr-92	
Stafford, Shonda Lee	08-Apr-92	
Staggs, John Clarence	19-Apr-95	
Stagner, George W.	03-Mar-99	
Stagner, Mattie M.	08-Dec-93	
Stallings, Helen "Lillie"	25-Apr-90	
Stallings, William Harry	13-Jan-99	
Stamps, Alma I.	 04-Nov-98	
Stamps, Robert Boxley, III	18-Dec-91	
Stanberry, Mary Alice Bishop, Rev.	 25-Mar-98	
Stanford, Terry Joe	16-May-90	
Stanley, Winifred Nellie	21-Sep-94	
Stano, John	29-Jun-94	
Stano, Margaret S.	01-Jan-97	
Stano, Velma Miller	 11-Nov-98	
Starkey, James Lemuel	31-Oct-90	
Staten, Johnnie Clifton	20-Nov-96	
Staton, George Everette	10-Jan-96	
Statum, Dorothy L.	04-Dec-91	
Statum, Ethel Lyle	10-Sep-97	
Steele, Evie Mae	30-Apr-97	
Steele, Myrtle Ruth	05-Mar-97	
Steely, Terri Lee	28-Jun-95	
Stephens, Bertie Mae	26-May-99	
Stephens, Della D.	01-Nov-95	
Stephens, Lillie Mae	23-Nov-94	
Stephens, Roy Albert	 18-Feb-98	
Stern, L. Morgan	15-May-96	
Stetz, Bernard Joseph	10-Nov-99	
Stewart, Blanche Tanner	09-Aug-95	
Stewart, Charles M., Jr.	06-Jul-94	
Stewart, Deal, Jr. "Hot Shot"	09-Mar-94	
Stewart, Dorothy Grace	 28-Jan-98	
Stewart, Ella T.	25-Dec-96	
Stewart, Mary Joette	 03-Jun-98	
Stewart, Mary Joette	 10-Jun-98	
Stewart, Mary Laruen	19-Jan-94	
Stewart, Mary Lee	29-Oct-97	
Stewart, Mary Lee	05-Nov-97	
Stewart, Mary Ruth	18-Oct-95	
Stewart, William "Bill"	17-Aug-94	
Stewart, William H., Sr.	02-Oct-91	
Stickler, Fred Raymond	15-May-91	
Stillwell, Mildred Lucille	 12-Aug-98	
Stillwell, Woodrow Wilson	23-Jun-99	
Stinson, Alvin M.	25-Aug-93	
Stinson, Andrew David	30-Sep-92	
Stinson, Derwood	27-Sep-95	
Stinson, Jsephine Elizabeth	23-May-90	
Stinson, Mary Elizabeth	04-Apr-90	
Stinson, Murphy	26-Oct-94	
Stinson, Neal	05-Aug-92	
Stinson, Ruby J. Limbaugh	24-Mar-93	
Stirewalt, Lee Roy	01-Mar-95	
Stokes, Jewell Marie McGuire	20-Aug-97	
Stokes, Millard Harrison	 30-Sep-98	
Stone, Billy Dean	25-Aug-99	
Stone, Columbus Caughey "Coy"	05-May-93	
Stone, Edwin Earl	20-Aug-97	
Stone, Geneva	03-Jan-96	
Stone, Herman Victor	21-Feb-96	
Stone, Mildred Terrell	20-Nov-91	
Stone, Nena Bernice Fancher "Bunny"	19-Jul-95	
Stone, Verna K.	20-Aug-97	
Stone, Willie	12-Feb-92	
Stonecypher, Edith Burton	06-Oct-93	
Stonecypher, Ella Louise	 22-Apr-98	
Storey, Maxine Gray	17-Jan-96	
Storey, Nathan Earl	15-Nov-95	
Stoudenmire, Sam H., Jr.	04-Sep-96	
Stoudmire, Thomas	09-Jun-99	
Stoudmire, Walter	31-Mar-93	
Stracner, Dorothy Mae	03-Aug-94	
Stracner, H. N., Jr.	29-Nov-95	
Stracner, Lonnie	07-Sep-94	
Street, James Woodrow, "Bill"	01-Sep-99	
Street, Kathryn Bedford	06-Jun-90	
Strickland, Bill	07-Oct-92	
Strickland, Charles Alton	25-Jun-97	
Strickland, Dorothy Varnell	19-Jul-95	
Strickland, Lynda Mae	17-Apr-96	
Strickland, Mary Elizabeth Dale	15-Oct-97	
Strickland, Paul Mitchell	07-Jun-95	
Strickland, Thelma Louise	26-Feb-97	
Strickland, Thelma Louise	05-Mar-97	
Strickland, Vera	 18-Nov-98	
Stricklin, Gary E.	 28-Oct-98	
Stringfield, Aaron Lee Reid	05-Nov-97	
Strong, Herman E.	30-Jun-93	
Strong, Mary Sparks	09-Mar-94	
Strother, Alvin Wayne	30-Jun-99	
Strother, Dan Ray	21-Aug-91	
Strother, Eva Stinson	23-Jun-99	
Strother, Fred M.	29-Dec-93	
Strother, Gray McMillian	19-May-99	
Strother, Gray McMillian	09-Jun-99	
Stroud, Betty J.	 09-Sep-98	
Stuckey, Willie Mae	10-Mar-93	
Studimire, Margie	 25-Feb-98	
Stuman, Charles William, Jr.	02-Feb-94	
Styron, Kenneth Lynn	26-Feb-97	
Sudsberry, Floyd R.	17-Jul-91	
Sudsberry, Floyd Raymond	01-Nov-95	
Sullivan, Carolyn Jeanne	30-Jun-93	
Sullivan, Glennie "Dee Dee"	01-Oct-97	
Sullivan, Larry Wayne, Jr.	02-Oct-91	
Sullivan, Margie Estelle	14-Nov-90	
Sullivan, Q.C., Mr.	 24-Jun-98	
Suntato, Louis	17-May-95	
Susemiehl, Maude Mabel	11-Nov-92	
Sutton, Ida	 11-Feb-98	
Sutton, Macie	18-Nov-92	
Swain, Brandi Keyera	09-Jan-91	
Swann, Birdie Mae	15-Jan-92	
Swann, Elsie Lorene	23-Jan-91	
Swann, James	30-Jul-97	
Swann, James	06-Aug-97	
Sweeney, Anja Nell	11-Nov-92	
Swenson, Gloria June	19-Jun-96	
Swift, Austin Blake	23-Aug-95	
Swift, Cynthia Ann Homsley 	23-Aug-95	
Swift, Mary Alice Powell	13-Mar-96	
Swift, Timothy Andrew	23-Aug-95	
Swims, Helen Going	23-May-90	
Swindall, Janet Gardner	24-Sep-97	
Swindall, Thomas Gordon	29-Jan-92	
Swindall, Wilbur L.	22-Jan-92	
Swiney, Blanche C.	30-Oct-96	
Swinford, Ivy	20-Jan-99	
Swint, John Lee	29-Sep-93	
Sydney, Bertha Beatrice	24-Aug-94	
Syphurs, David Wayne, Sr.	05-Jun-91	
Taff, Nora Marie	17-Feb-93	
Talley, John Forrest	02-Jul-97	
Talley, Luther Ray	 15-Jul-98	
Talley, Madison Leanne	 06-May-98	
Talley, Madison Leanne	 29-Apr-98	
Talton, Carolyn S.	17-Apr-96	
Talton, Jerry Wayne	 18-Feb-98	
Talton, Nora Riley	26-Oct-94	
Talton, Roy E.	 11-Feb-98	
Tanniehill, Cora Denise	03-Apr-91	
Tanniehill, Cora Denise	15-Aug-90	
Tarpley, Lucille Bierley	10-Jan-96	
Tate, Benjamin Franklin	28-Mar-90	
Tate, Odell Nixon	27-Mar-96	
Tate, Odell Nixon	03-Apr-96	
Tatum, Bertha Massey	09-Mar-94	
Tatum, John B.	09-Oct-96	
Tatum, Mary Sue	01-Dec-99	
Tauber, Dennis Burton	02-Jan-91	
Taylor, Alice Pearson	13-Jun-90	
Taylor, Bernice Carden	22-Sep-99	
Taylor, Clayton Roy	06-Oct-93	
Taylor, Frank "Nit"	13-Mar-91	
Taylor, Henry V.	04-Jun-97	
Taylor, Herbert Carter	04-Jul-90	
Taylor, Iva Lee, "Ivy"	13-Oct-99	
Taylor, Larry Wayne	06-Aug-97	
Taylor, Lea Dominque	08-Jan-92	
Taylor, Lennie Bollar	09-Jan-91	
Taylor, Lula Mae	09-Jun-93	
Taylor, Sarah Jane	08-Mar-95	
Taylor, Wallace Murphy	21-Aug-96	
Taylor, William H. "Bill"	06-Mar-91	
Teal, Ruby T.	28-Apr-99	
Tedford, Mack Wayne	08-Aug-90	
Templin, Addis McGrady	02-Jun-93	
Templin, Carie Christine Stinson	09-Jul-97	
Templin, Doris Rogers	27-Jan-99	
Templin, Forrest B.	17-Mar-99	
Templin, Kenneth Braxton	17-May-95	
Templin, Lillie Mae Winslett	30-Aug-95	
Templin, Mammie Maud	04-Oct-95	
Templin, Pierce Thomas, Jr.	23-Apr-97	
Tennyson, Presley Mar	 07-Jan-98	
Tessier, Wilfrid Alfred	10-Mar-93	
Thomas, Alma Olene Hamilton	03-Sep-97	
Thomas, Arthur Lee	22-Feb-95	
Thomas, Benetha Gail	18-Sep-91	
Thomas, Billie W.	 25-Nov-98	
Thomas, Edgar	02-Dec-92	
Thomas, Lola Mae	26-Feb-97	
Thomas, Marie "Becky"	01-Oct-97	
Thomas, Neil Fred	06-Jan-93	
Thomas, Ozie Etta	19-Sep-90	
Thomas, Patricia Rorie	01-Jul-98	
Thomas, Phillip	01-Aug-90	
Thomas, Rhonda Jo	19-Jul-95	
Thomas, Robert Lee, Jr.	17-Aug-94	
Thomas, Saint Clair	02-Dec-92	
Thomas, Terence Lamont	26-May-93	
Thomas, Terrance,	23-Nov-94	
Thomas, Vivien Louise	16-Jan-91	
Thomason, Fannie Mae	17-Oct-90	
Thomason, Melba Carroll	 08-Apr-98	
Thomason, William "Bill"	13-May-92	
Thompson, Alva Garrett	05-Apr-95	
Thompson, Annie Ruth	17-Aug-94	
Thompson, Arvil Archie	16-Jun-93	
Thompson, Betty Jean	24-Nov-93	
Thompson, Bruce E.	26-Apr-95	
Thompson, Charles Edward	23-Nov-94	
Thompson, David Bussey	15-Oct-97	
Thompson, Emerson H.	15-Feb-95	
Thompson, Ernest Neil	05-Nov-97	
Thompson, Helen Ruth	23-Feb-94	
Thompson, Horace Bieard "Tommy"	23-Mar-94	
Thompson, Janie Marie	24-Jan-96	
Thompson, Janie Marie	31-Jan-96	
Thompson, Lora Ida	06-Mar-96	
Thompson, Mabel Eagan	 11-Feb-98	
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth	24-Apr-91	
Thompson, Randall Keith	03-Oct-90	
Thompson, Robert Stanford, Sr.	20-Feb-91	
Thompson, Turner R.	24-Apr-91	
Thompson, Willie Idell Turner "Dell"	26-May-93	
Thompson, Wilma	01-Jul-98	
Thornburg, Charles H. "Dick"	23-Dec-92	
Thornburg, Dewey	07-Jul-99	
Thornburg, Onzell	01-Dec-99	
Thornton, Gladys Estelle	18-Apr-90	
Thornton, Ida Edwards	25-Apr-90	
Thornton, Melton Delano "Moon"	02-Sep-92	
Thornton, Woody Austin, Jr.	18-Nov-92	
Thrash, Albert Ward	26-Jul-95	
Thrash, Lena Mae	11-Apr-90	
Thrasher, Elizabeth D.	28-May-97	
Thrasher, Hoburt Preston	11-Jan-95	
Thrasher, John Jackson	05-Jan-94	
Thrasher, John Jackson	12-Jan-94	
Thrasher, Katie "Kitty"	13-Mar-96	
Threatt, Henry Lee	06-Jan-93	
Threet, Frances G.	11-Jul-90	
Threet, Jimmy Lee	08-Oct-97	
Thrift, Arvil J.D.	21-Aug-91	
Thurman, Frances W.	08-Jul-98	
Tidmore, Glennie	29-May-96	
Tidmore, James Alexander	 04-Feb-98	
Tidmore, James Alexander	 28-Jan-98	
Tidmore, Laura Catherine	23-Oct-96	
Tidwell, Anita R.	 19-Aug-98	
Tidwell, Paul Clinton	29-May-91	
Tidwell, Thera Mae	25-Apr-90	
Tillery, Gladys S.	24-Jan-90	
Tillery, Helen Ruth Shaw	04-Sep-91	
Tillery, Houston Albert	01-Apr-92	
Tillman, Chester Gibbons, Jr.	11-Aug-99	
Timmons, Pauline C.	04-May-94	
Tinsley, Bernice Stoudmire	24-Oct-90	
Tinsley, Charles Yeates	07-Mar-90	
Tinsley, Lorene Virginia	 23-Sep-98	
Tippett, Brian Alan	24-Apr-91	
Tishler, Carl Edward	08-May-96	
Todd, Clyde Thomas, Jr.	01-Mar-95	
Tolbert, Bertha Mae White	27-Jan-99	
Tolbert, Carolyn Biggs	 09-Sep-98	
Tolbert, Ida Maude McGuffey	13-Jan-99	
Tolbert, William Bruce	10-Jun-92	
Toler, Robert W., Sr.	07-May-97	
Tolleson, Stephen L., Jr.	06-Nov-96	
Tomlinson, Jane Luton	03-Mar-93	
Tompkins, Charles	21-Mar-90	
Toney, James Henry, Jr.	25-Oct-95	
Towery, Pauline Scott Rogan	01-Jan-97	
Towner, Ralph, Sr.	03-Feb-99	
Townes, James Marshal	 11-Nov-98	
Townley, William "Bill"	10-Jul-96	
Tranholm, Craig Abraham	15-Jul-92	
Treasure, Gladys Janet	04-Nov-92	
Trice, Bobby "Ray"	26-Oct-94	
Tripp, Robert M.	23-Mar-94	
Trussell, Bitho Davis	25-Jul-90	
Tryon, Leonard Leander, Rev.	05-Apr-95	
Tryon, Mildred P.	27-Sep-95	
Tucker, Clyde, Jr.	04-May-94	
Tucker, Hazel C.	17-Oct-90	
Tucker, Lorene Smitherman	17-Sep-97	
Tucker, Lorine Inda	01-May-91	
Tucker, Lorine Scoggins	01-May-91	
Tucker, Robert W., Jr. "Bill"	10-Jan-90	
Tucker, W. C., Mr.	24-Mar-93	
Tucker, Woodrow Wilson	03-Nov-99	
Tulan, Hiram (Campbell)	19-Nov-97	
Tumlin, Raylon Mark	24-Jan-96	
Turnbloom, Johnnie Mack "Pappy"	 11-Feb-98	
Turnbloom, Robert Alexander	18-May-94	
Turner, Colonel T.	09-Feb-94	
Turner, Frank Edward	16-Oct-91	
Turner, Howard "Timberwolf"	14-Mar-90	
Turner, Jordan Bailey	14-May-97	
Turner, Jordan Bailey	21-May-97	
Turner, Jordan Bailey	28-May-97	
Turner, Joseph "J.B."	 25-Mar-98	
Turner, Kathleen Alan	16-Oct-96	
Turner, Katrina Lourae, "Katy"	14-Apr-99	
Turner, Lillian P.	 06-May-98	
Turner, Paris	02-Jan-91	
Turner, Sanbraya Antonia	 09-Sep-98	
Turner, William Alexander	 09-Dec-98	
Tutor, Jonathan David	23-Dec-92	
Tyce, Ethel Robinson	11-Jan-95	
Tyes, Clarence	01-Aug-90	
Tyes, Timothy	20-Mar-91	
Tyler, Vervelee B.	04-Mar-92	
Tyner, Joel	09-Dec-92	
Tyner, Raymond H.	12-Feb-97	
Tyre, Scott	 09-Dec-92	
Uffinger, Marion Anchors	30-Apr-97	
Uhrig, Karl Evan	15-Aug-90	
Uhrig, Karl Evan	22-Aug-90	
Underwood, Annie M.	28-Nov-90	
Underwood, Gracie Inez Fitts	06-Dec-95	
Underwood, Jesse Losson	 22-Apr-98	
Upchurch, Joseph H. "Jack"	26-Aug-92	
Uptagrafft, Jackson, III "Jack"	03-Apr-96	
Uptain, Hoyt	12-Apr-95	
Valentine, Annie Queen Scott	 26-Aug-98	
Valentine, Miriam B.	17-Dec-97	
Vance, Luther Earl	01-Apr-92	
Vanderslice, Bobby "Bigun"	 11-Nov-98	
Vanderslice, Catherine	24-Mar-93	
Vanderslice, Charles O'Neil	29-Dec-99	
Vanderslice, Daniel Virgil	02-Jun-93	
Vanderslice, Earnest Allen	02-Mar-94	
Vanderslice, Edith Louene	05-Dec-90	
Vanderslice, J. V., Mr.	31-Mar-93	
Vanderslice, Josie L.	12-Nov-97	
Vanderslice, Roberta Headley	08-Apr-92	
Vanderslice, Sidney Gray	19-Feb-97	
Vanderslice, Venard M.	22-Apr-92	
Vanderslice, Virgil	18-Sep-91	
Vandervender, Arthur Bain	23-May-90	
Vandevender, Artie Mae	05-Nov-97	
Vandevender, Artie Mae	12-Nov-97	
Vaninwegan, Beatrice	16-Oct-96	
Vann. George "Pete"	26-May-93	
Vansant, Bill	10-Nov-99	
Vansant, Walter Jack	05-Jun-96	
Vardaman, William W. "Bill"	08-Nov-95	
Varden, Billie Joe	26-Feb-92	
Varner, Annie, Rev.	12-Feb-92	
Vaughn, Jason Edward	13-Dec-95	
Vaughn, William E., Sr.	12-Jan-94	
Venable, Joy A.	27-Dec-95	
Vences, Jose Antonio	22-Jul-98	
Verchot, Edna Flournoy	12-Sep-90	
Vernon, Ethey Jane	13-Feb-91	
Vernon, James E.	26-Feb-92	
Vernon, Lewis Barge	02-Apr-97	
Vernon, Lois "Granny Lois"	 29-Jul-98	
Vest, Herman Brantley	17-Aug-94	
Vest, Willie Mae	06-Mar-96	
Viars, Annie Mae	04-Apr-90	
Viars, Harold	21-Feb-96	
Viars, Myrtie V.	14-Apr-99	
Viars, William Thomas "Pete"	17-Feb-93	
Vick, Dalton	24-Mar-93	
Vick, Edith M.	12-Nov-97	
Vick, Grady H.	30-Jul-97	
Vick, Larry D.	01-Sep-99	
Vick, Margaret H.	26-Jun-96	
Vick, Mike Terry	05-May-99	
Vick, Myra Lou	 11-Mar-98	
Vick, Quenton Randall	09-May-90	
Vickers, James W., Sr.	02-Jul-97	
Vickery, Randy Kevin	 30-Dec-98	
Vincent, Jerry Wayne	25-Nov-92	
Vines, Annie Hugley	23-Jan-91	
Vines, Momie J.	 30-Sep-98	
Vining, Amos Boyd	06-Mar-96	
Vining, Amos Boyd	13-Mar-96	
Vining, Amos Boyd	20-Mar-96	
Vining, Kenneth Earl	12-Jan-94	
Vizzina, Steven Michael	06-Jun-90	
Vogel, Ralph E., Jr.	10-Apr-91	
Wade, Bonnie Jean	16-Sep-92	
Wade, Cecil Garnett	04-Apr-90	
Wade, James A.	20-Jul-94	
Wade, Jim	15-Sep-99	
Wade, Melissa House	09-Jul-97	
Wagner, Hortense B.	11-Jan-95	
Wagoner, Edwin, Jr.	27-Mar-91	
Wainwright, Jack Marion, III	 09-Sep-98	
Waites, J. Wilson "Coach"	 04-Nov-98	
Wakefield, T. J., Mr.	08-Jan-92	
Walden, Harold, Sr., Judge	26-Jun-96	
Walden, Joseph Kelvin	22-May-96	
Walden, Mattie E.	05-May-93	
Waldrop, George W.	21-Apr-93	
Waldrop, Lillian Kelley	03-Feb-99	
Waldrop, Mabel J.	19-Jul-95	
Waldrop, Richard E.	19-May-99	
Walker, Charles A., Sr.	29-May-91	
Walker, Charles Phillip "Red"	25-Jun-97	
Walker, Corey	08-Jun-94	
Walker, Corey Lyndell "Dell"	08-Jun-94	
Walker, Earlene Prater Culberson	11-Jun-97	
Walker, Effie	27-Oct-93	
Walker, Hugh Lee	20-Feb-91	
Walker, J.D., Mr.	10-Jul-91	
Walker, Latham "Pike"	03-Dec-97	
Walker, Lorell, Sr.	26-Feb-92	
Walker, Mildred Ernestine	15-Jan-92	
Walker, Naomi Best	17-Jul-91	
Walker, Roy L., Rev.	24-Feb-99	
Walker, Russell Lewis	03-Feb-93	
Walker, Sara Ogden	27-Jan-99	
Walker, Sarah Evans	02-Dec-92	
Wall, Billy S.	22-Jan-92	
Wall, Frank B., Jr.	19-Jul-95	
Wallace, Annie Mae	11-Dec-96	
Wallace, Anthony Jerome	07-Mar-90	
Wallace, Bertha Mae Peoples	 10-Jun-98	
Wallace, C.W., Mr.	10-Jul-91	
Wallace, Clyde H.	29-Sep-93	
Wallace, Danny Edward	17-Nov-99	
Wallace, Edward	25-Aug-99	
Wallace, Eugenia T.	09-Dec-92	
Wallace, Herman J. "Buddy"	10-Jan-90	
Wallace, Imogene Perkins	20-Mar-91	
Wallace, James Clayton	08-Apr-92	
Wallace, James Russell	 18-Nov-98	
Wallace, James Russell	 25-Nov-98	
Wallace, Jetty Lucille	10-Apr-91	
Wallace, Jo Ann Geraldine	11-Jun-97	
Wallace, John Christoher	20-Jun-90	
Wallace, Louise Pauline	26-Jan-94	
Wallace, Michael Earl	12-Jun-91	
Wallace, William Roy	22-Apr-92	
Wallis, Jack Maples	28-Mar-90	
Wallis, Rena	17-Mar-99	
Walser, Martin Edward	24-Mar-93	
Walser, Martin Edward, Sr. "Mary"	31-Mar-93	
Walsh, Raymond Alexander, Jr.	24-Jan-96	
Walters, Martha Patterson	12-Mar-97	
Walton, Albert Calvin	 07-Jan-98	
Walton, Annice M.	 18-Nov-98	
Walton, Bernice Payne	05-Feb-97	
Walton, Bernice Payne	12-Feb-97	
Walton, Charles Essington, III	 25-Nov-98	
Walton, Clyde, Mrs.	06-Feb-91	
Walton, Fern A.	01-Dec-93	
Walton, Lela M.	 18-Mar-98	
Walton, Lewis Charles "Chuck"	15-Mar-95	
Walton, Lois Adell	31-Dec-97	
Walton, Madison Renol	27-Oct-93	
Walton, Mattie Ann	16-Oct-91	
Walton, Paul S.	24-Apr-91	
Walton, Ruth Morris	 04-Mar-98	
Ward, Billie D.	26-Jan-94	
Ward, Charles Dennis	19-Apr-95	
Ward, Eric Dewayne	25-Jul-90	
Ward, Jack L., Jr.	22-May-96	
Ward, James W.	17-Feb-99	
Ward, Ulysses	11-Apr-90	
Ward, Walter Donald	20-Jul-94	
Wardlow, Margie Lilly	27-Oct-93	
Warnick, Adam	22-Jun-94	
Warnick, Adam	29-Jun-94	
Warren, Hazel Louise	25-Dec-91	
Warren, James Thomas	02-Mar-94	
Warren, Mary Elaine Higgins	16-Sep-92	
Warren, Mary Lee	28-Jul-93	
Warren, Thomas Gregory	14-Feb-90	
Warren, William E.	29-Dec-93	
Warren, William Washington, Rev.	09-Jun-93	
Warren, Willie Lee	04-Aug-99	
Warrick, Lamur Ray Mercer	23-Jun-99	
Washam, Maudie Stribling	22-Sep-99	
Washington, Ethel English	03-Mar-93	
Washington, Harry, Sr.	17-Jan-96	
Washington, Kenta	12-Jul-95	
Washington, Linda Louise	01-May-91	
Washington, Lucille Kidd	23-Dec-92	
Watkins, Catherine O.	01-Sep-93	
Watkins, Larry	26-Sep-90	
Watkins, Lillie C.	09-Nov-94	
Watkins, Lucy Peck	04-Aug-99	
Watkins, Roxianne Stanton	26-Sep-90	
Watkins, Shirley M.	17-Jun-92	
Watkins, Walter	03-Jan-96	
Watley, Darlene Lucas	23-Mar-94	
Watley, Mary Bishop	13-Feb-91	
Watson, Doris Marie	20-Jan-93	
Watson, James Walter	20-Sep-95	
Watson, Judy Ann	03-Oct-90	
Watson, Lewis R., Sr.	11-Jul-90	
Watson, Mary Martin	18-Sep-96	
Watson, Robert William, Rev.	12-Jul-95	
Watson, Thomas Edwin	01-Jul-98	
Watson, Willliam Howard	15-Oct-97	
Watts, Edgar Earl	19-Feb-92	
Watts, Jewel T. "Joe"	20-Nov-91	
Watts, Jimmie Ruth	24-Jun-92	
Watts, Lura	30-Apr-97	
Watts, Myrtice Crim	08-Mar-95	
Watts, William B., Jr.	10-Oct-90	
Weatherholt, Joan Carolyn	26-Oct-94	
Weathers, Louise Spiers	06-Jun-90	
Weaver, Clearthur	07-Nov-90	
Weaver, Julia	20-Jan-99	
Weaver, Mary Estelle	29-Aug-90	
Webb, Billy D., Rev. Lt.	 04-Nov-98	
Webb, Ernie	13-Aug-97	
Webb, June	23-Apr-97	
Webber, Daisy Mae	10-Feb-99	
Weems, Barbara Burt	05-Apr-95	
Welch, Beatrice Ivey	22-Dec-93	
Welch, John Cole	21-Feb-90	
Welch, M. L. "Bud"	28-Oct-92	
Weldon, Aaron Methus	14-Sep-94	
Weldon, Dallas Kyle	 04-Nov-98	
Weldon, Harvey O.	07-May-97	
Weldon, Jimmy E.	16-Sep-92	
Weldon, Lawrence	24-Jul-91	
Weldon, Rowland E.	09-Sep-92	
Weldon, Thomas Lawrence	17-Jul-91	
Weldon, Vera F.	19-Apr-95	
Weldon, William Hamilton "Ham"	26-Dec-90	
Wellborn, Marvin Ellis	08-Jul-98	
Wells, Clifton Peter	26-Oct-94	
Wells, Harold Douglas	16-Jun-93	
Wells, John Richard	01-Dec-99	
Wells, Kristy L.	05-Sep-90	
Wells, L.C. "Chuck"	28-May-97	
Wells, Walter, Jr.	01-Jun-94	
Welsh, Cary Dwyane	25-Jun-97	
Wesson, Joseph Scott	 22-Apr-98	
West, Cathrine Willoden	30-Oct-91	
West, Elbert A.	29-Apr-92	
West, Frances Spivey	15-Sep-93	
West, Josh Bailey	06-Jun-90	
West, Lyda Mae Clark	17-Sep-97	
West, William Edward	28-Apr-93	
Westberg, Jan McCoy	27-Jan-99	
Weston, Wilbur "Bill"	25-Sep-96	
Whalen, Edward	10-Nov-93	
Whalen, Edward	17-Nov-93	
Wheat, Zula Mae	24-Dec-97	
Wheeler, C. Jack	08-Nov-95	
Wheeler, Daisy	03-Nov-99	
Wheeler, Jerry Maxwell	30-Aug-95	
Wheeler, Ollie Ruth	13-May-92	
Wheeler, Tyla Jean	03-Jan-90	
Whetstone, Gladys	21-May-97	
Whisenant, Robert N.	14-Dec-94	
Whisenhunt,  Sarah Elizabeth	30-Jun-99	
Whisenhunt, Donald	03-Apr-91	
Whisenhunt, Rosetter	28-May-97	
Whitaker, Betty Jean	04-Dec-96	
Whitaker, William	 28-Jan-98	
White, Bernice L.	29-Sep-99	
White, Billy Harold	 20-May-98	
White, Charles M.	01-Nov-95	
White, Danette	25-Jun-97	
White, Gayle Riess	03-Feb-99	
White, Grace Briscoe	13-Oct-99	
White, Henry	20-Jan-93	
White, James M. Reese	 19-Aug-98	
White, James Marion	22-Jan-97	
White, Jessica Renee	23-Aug-95	
White, John R., Sr.	17-Jan-96	
White, Leona Woods	25-Aug-99	
White, Louella Smelley	08-Oct-97	
White, Margaret Pauline	04-Mar-92	
White, Myra Roberta	06-Jan-99	
White, Phillip Ray	06-Jun-90	
White, Stacy Dowdy	13-Jan-99	
White, Thomas Glover	17-Nov-93	
White, W. F., Mr.	07-Jul-93	
White, Wanda	13-Oct-93	
White, Wanda Kay	20-Oct-93	
Whitehead, Mitchell, Jr.	10-Sep-97	
Whiten, Vivian	22-Aug-90	
Whitfield, Blanche Helen	13-Nov-91	
Whitfield, Clarice Inez	21-Jun-95	
Whitfield, Donald Ray	15-Jun-94	
Whitfield, Dorothy Lou Vina Davis	 11-Mar-98	
Whitfield, Flora B.	17-Jun-92	
Whitfield, Hubert Fred	15-Jan-92	
Whitfield, Jean Marie Cox	 04-Mar-98	
Whitfield, Jessie Collins, Jr.	 04-Feb-98	
Whitfield, Jimmy Doyle	13-Mar-96	
Whitfield, Nora Brasher	07-Feb-90	
Whitfield, Stephen	08-Nov-95	
Whitfield, Stephen	15-Nov-95	
Whitfield, Stephen	22-Nov-95	
Whitfield, Vassie Odell	11-Aug-99	
Whitfield, William Herdie	04-Aug-99	
Whitley, Doris Ida Tubb	05-Feb-97	
Whitley, Ronald Clifford, Sr.	 30-Dec-98	
Whitner, Andrew Jackson	07-Nov-90	
Whitten, Ola Faye	16-Nov-94	
Whitten, Bobbie Nell	30-Dec-92	
Whitten, Sally Beaver	07-Aug-91	
Whitten, Zelma C.	10-Feb-99	
Whittle, Gladys Lee	21-Jun-95	
Whittner, Cassander Elaine "Cassie"	05-Dec-90	
Whitworth, Charles Franklin	30-Jun-99	
Whorton, Isaac Avery	05-Aug-92	
Whorton, Ruth Owens	05-Jul-95	
Wick, Randall Jon	23-Jun-93	
Wideman, Brenda Joy	25-Jan-95	
Wideman, Lucille Nabors	15-Feb-95	
Wiemeyer, Gladys Amelia Shimkus	19-Dec-90	
Wilder, Geoffrey MvEwen	27-Jul-94	
Wilder, Leslie O.	16-Dec-92	
Wilkerson, Donald Carey	21-Feb-90	
Wilkerson, Robert Lynn	15-Aug-90	
Wilkins, Louise C.	01-Mar-95	
Wilkins, Louise David	21-Apr-99	
Wilkins, Mark Leland	14-Aug-91	
Williams, Alphonso London	 14-Oct-98	
Williams, Annie Mary Jones	29-Sep-93	
Williams, Billie Ruth	26-Oct-94	
Williams, Billie Ruth	02-Nov-94	
Williams, Courtney	10-Aug-94	
Williams, Deborah McDonald	19-Mar-97	
Williams, Delmar Rufus	24-Aug-94	
Williams, Eddie, Sr., Deacon	05-Nov-97	
Williams, Eddy Michael, Dr. "Mike"	 02-Sep-98	
Williams, Elgin L.	16-Aug-95	
Williams, Eunice L. Etress	27-Nov-96	
Williams, Faye	21-Apr-99	
Williams, G. F., Sr. "Bill"	22-Mar-95	
Williams, Harold	06-Sep-95	
Williams, Indiana Wilson	15-Nov-95	
Williams, John B.	12-Aug-92	
Williams, Johnny Irby	11-Sep-96	
Williams, Judy Carole	13-Aug-97	
Williams, Kenneth Lane	05-Jun-91	
Williams, Lapera "Buddy"	13-Mar-96	
Williams, Luther "Gordon"	21-May-97	
Williams, Maggie Lee	31-Mar-99	
Williams, Marion Cecelia Jones	18-May-94	
Williams, Mary Elizabeth Thrower	10-Mar-99	
Williams, Nannie Killingsworth	05-Jul-95	
Williams, Odessa Sawyer	21-Mar-90	
Williams, Sadie Bell	11-Apr-90	
Williams, Sarah Dorothy	04-Nov-92	
Williams, Stephanie	10-Aug-94	
Williams, Timothy Frank	27-Jan-99	
Williams, Timothy Robert	10-Dec-97	
Williams, Vera Bee Davis	12-Feb-97	
Williams, Verna Frances Sanford	01-Dec-99	
Williams, Willard Irene	21-Feb-90	
Williams, Willie	 03-Jun-98	
Williamson, Geraldine Pike	12-Apr-95	
Williamson, Haskell Perry	17-Feb-93	
Williamson, John Osborn	15-Dec-93	
Williamson, Lois Ann Grice	 25-Mar-98	
Williamson, Spright D.	02-Nov-94	
Williamson, Tess M.	13-Jan-93	
Willingham, Mary E.	19-Dec-90	
Willis, Bessie Nona	17-Jan-96	
Willis, Clara Lee	07-Jun-95	
Willis, Elna Seale	31-Jul-96	
Willis, John H.	18-Sep-96	
Willis, Laura S.	28-Apr-93	
Willis, Louise B.	13-Oct-99	
Willis, Mabel Harvell	07-Apr-93	
Willis, Michael	06-Oct-99	
Willis, Robert H., Sr.	01-Mar-95	
Willis, Susie Irma	 27-May-98	
Wills, Dorothy Elise	02-Jun-99	
Wilson, Ada Mae	10-Nov-99	
Wilson, Betty Hobbs	11-Oct-95	
Wilson, Bobby Dale	09-Nov-94	
Wilson, Christine H.	22-Sep-99	
Wilson, Clarence Edward, Rev.	26-Feb-97	
Wilson, Donald Dewayne	13-Oct-93	
Wilson, Dustin Keith	 06-May-98	
Wilson, Frances Nabors	27-Mar-96	
Wilson, Gladys Lucille	24-Oct-90	
Wilson, Grady L.	11-Sep-91	
Wilson, Gulmer	05-Apr-95	
Wilson, Jack, Dr.	03-Jun-92	
Wilson, John H., Jr., "Jack"	19-Mar-97	
Wilson, John M.	17-Feb-99	
Wilson, Katlyn Elizabeth	 06-May-98	
Wilson, Kearney B.	14-Jun-95	
Wilson, Mary Margaret	02-Apr-97	
Wilson, Mary Martin	 14-Oct-98	
Wilson, Milton C., "Dunk"	07-Apr-99	
Wilson, Pearl C.	18-Apr-90	
Wilson, Ricky Ray	23-Jan-91	
Wilson, Ronnie Doyle	01-Mar-95	
Wilson, Sarah Luesta	29-Mar-95	
Wilson, Violet Ruth, "Sally"	09-Jun-99	
Wilson, Warren Elliott "Flint"	17-Sep-97	
Wilson, Warren Elliott "Flint"	24-Sep-97	
Windle, James A.	01-Sep-93	
Winegard, J. Michael	16-Jun-99	
Wingett, Charles	26-Mar-97	
Winslett Mary Catherine	17-Apr-91	
Winslett, Clarence Dale	06-Oct-93	
Winslett, George "Jewel"	29-Apr-92	
Winslett, Howard M., Sr.	08-May-96	
Winslett, Jessie Mae	07-Dec-94	
Winslett, Sara P.	12-Feb-97	
Winters, Hyram Ray, Jr.	16-Oct-91	
Wolfe, Betty Sue	13-Jan-93	
Wolfe, Philip O., Dr.	17-Apr-96	
Womack, Billye Page	28-Aug-91	
Wong, Chack Chiu	 04-Nov-98	
Wood, Alva S.	20-Nov-91	
Wood, Bloys Gregory, Sr.	 07-Jan-98	
Wood, Howard Jay	01-Aug-90	
Wood, Johnnie Matthew, Jr.	13-Apr-94	
Wood, Katherine Nicole	21-Feb-96	
Wood, Lida Nelson	10-Jan-90	
Wood, Mable E.	27-Mar-96	
Wood, Mary E.	11-Aug-99	
Wood, Robert William	31-Mar-93	
Wood, Sarah M.	17-Aug-94	
Woodall, Charles Pete	02-Jun-93	
Woodard, Custis Elgin	06-Apr-94	
Woodruff, Frances, "Jo"	03-Nov-99	
Woodruff, Kayla Dawn	20-Oct-93	
Woodruff, Minnie Bee	 16-Dec-98	
Woodruff, William C.	24-Apr-96	
Woods, Bertha Lorene	22-May-96	
Woods, Charles Daniel, Jr.	 04-Feb-98	
Woods, James Henry	28-Feb-96	
Woods, Linnie Mae Skipper	18-Dec-96	
Woods, Luella Millender	23-Mar-94	
Woods, Mary	03-Jan-96	
Woods, Mildred Louise	08-Jan-97	
Woodson, Bertha Cotton	23-Nov-94	
Wooley, Archie Edward	17-Jan-90	
Wooley, Edith Faye	16-Feb-94	
Wooley, George	26-Feb-92	
Wooley, Hazel Mooney	 22-Apr-98	
Woolley, Percy E.	17-Jul-91	
Woolley, Roy Willis	14-Apr-99	
Woolley, William Hawthorne	18-May-94	
Woolling, Mary Ann Kobleur	13-Jan-99	
Wooten, Annie L.	21-Sep-94	
Wooten, Ashlie Mae	12-Jun-96	
Wooten, Elvena	17-May-95	
Wooten, Elwood "Buck"	11-Dec-91	
Wooten, Herman Willard	03-Apr-91	
Wooten, Kevin Christopher	05-Sep-90	
Work, Jack L.	17-Dec-97	
Worrall, Richard F.	24-Mar-93	
Worthey, Clara Campbell	24-Dec-97	
Worthey, Courtney KaSha	05-Jul-95	
Worthey, Jimmy Lewis, Rev.	11-Aug-99	
Wright, Alice Mae Tanniehill	11-Oct-95	
Wright, Alma Jean	18-Aug-99	
Wright, Charles Robert	10-Oct-90	
Wright, Clora Bell	03-Nov-93	
Wright, Collice	24-Nov-93	
Wright, Cora Bell	27-Oct-93	
Wright, George Allen	23-Oct-96	
Wright, Geraldine	07-Oct-92	
Wyatt, Bertha Oliver	25-Mar-92	
Wyatt, Bessie Lee Nabors	07-Feb-96	
Wyatt, Carl Hobart, Jr.	14-Feb-90	
Wyatt, Clyde M.	03-Feb-99	
Wyatt, Janie J.	24-Dec-97	
Wyatt, Janie J.	31-Dec-97	
Wyatt, Margaret Louise	20-Jan-99	
Wyatt, Mickey Lee	16-Mar-94	
Wyatt, Nannie Lee	24-Oct-90	
Wyatt, Nannie Lee	31-Oct-90	
Wyatt, Nathan David "Jack"	27-Oct-93	
Wyatt, Vester Archie "Dick"	20-Feb-91	
Wyatt, Virgil	04-Dec-96	
Wyatt, William patrick "Pat"	01-May-91	
Wyllie, Cherra	27-Oct-99	
Yancy, Christopher Scott	11-Aug-99	
Yancy, Christopher Scott	06-Aug-99	
Yancy, Christopher Scott	18-Aug-99	
Yancy, Christopher Scott	22-Sep-99	
Yarber, Margaret N.	21-Aug-91	
Yarbrough, Burnice O.	08-Sep-93	
Yarbrough, Fred	10-Oct-90	
Yates, Jerry Edward	31-Aug-94	
Yessick, Jessie F.	27-Nov-91	
Yessick, Joe Clifton	19-Aug-92	
York, Edward Almon	06-Mar-91	
York, Mamie Lou	21-Jul-99	
York, Marelle Elliott	11-Jul-90	
Young, Earline Rosie	26-Feb-92	
Young, Floy	14-Dec-94	
Young, Gladys Jean	17-Mar-99	
Young, Mary Irene	14-Jun-95	
Young, Vermon "Doc"	19-Apr-95	
Youngblood, Hugh Elvin	10-Oct-90	
Youngblood, Pearlie Mae Jones	 29-Jul-98	
Youngblood, William Wiley, Jr.	28-Sep-94	
Yow, Maggie	02-Oct-96	
Zaragoza, Katie M.	20-Jan-99	
Zucco, Daniel James	08-May-96