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1970 - 1979

Shelby County Alabama

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This OBITUARY INDEX includes all of the obituaries that were found in The Shelby County Reporter for the years 1970-1979. We also maintain the Bolton (a.k.a. Bolton-Walton) Funeral Home Records from 1957 through 1996.

Note: We also have the following newspapers that obituaries were not taken from: (1) SHELBY COUNTY ADVERTISER 1975-1976  (2) SHELBY NEWS-MONITOR 1975-1976  (3) SHELBY COUNTY NEWS 1977-1979. To request a copy of an obituary that may be listed in these newspapers please mail $10.00 search fee for each obituary along with your request (request must have name of deceased and month/day/year of death) to  Shelby County Historical Society, Inc.,  P.O. Box 457,  Columbiana, AL 35051. [Search fee is non-refundable.]


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       NAMEOF DECEASED        NEWSPAPER DATE             

Abbott, R.A., Mrs.	08-Oct-70	
Abbott, Robert A.	15-Nov-73	
Acton, Davis	08-Nov-73	
Adams, William Walter, Sr., Dr.	29-Dec-77	
Albright, Cora, Miss	28-Nov-74	
Aldridge, Ida J.	29-Mar-73	
Aldridge, Jessie Coleman	05-Mar-70	
Alexander, Wayne	02-Jun-77	
Allarde, Abdon, Dr.	10-Jun-76	
Allen, Arthur, Jr.	23-Jun-77	
Allen, Artie Ozella	19-May-77	
Allen, Bruce Graham	16-Sep-71	
Allen, Fred, Mrs.	09-Apr-70	
Allen, Harold F.	29-Nov-79	
Allen, Hazel Marie	08-Mar-79	
Allen, Hazel Marie	15-Mar-79	
Allen, James Alfred	22-Nov-79	
Allen, Mattie Kay	03-Aug-78	
Allen, Rufus Calvin	02-Dec-76	
Ambrose, Frank L.	19-Apr-79	
Ambrose, Margaret Lavada, Miss	17-Oct-74	
Anderson, George J., Jr.	17-Jun-76	
Anderson, Lela, Mrs.	02-May-74	
Anderson, Porter Preston	06-Jul-78	
Andrews, Christine Virginia	19-Aug-76	
Andrews, Dorothy	08-Mar-79	
Anthony, Robert H.	06-Jan-72	
Appleby, William Clyde	04-Dec-75	
Appleton, James Lamar	25-Oct-73	
Araujo, James Arthur	15-Sep-77	
Argo, Elizabeth D., Mrs.	21-Dec-78	
Argo, R.L.	20-May-71	
Arledge, Elbert C. "Jim"	06-Apr-72	
Arledge, J.W.	15-Jul-71	
Armstrong, Hylott L., Mr.	06-Mar-75	
Armstrong, L.F.	04-May-72	
Armstrong, Margaret, Mrs.	17-Aug-72	
Armstrong, Martha Velma, Mrs.	28-Jul-77	
Armstrong, Ronald E.	08-Jan-70	
Arnett, Thomas Ed	09-Feb-78	
Arnold, Frank G.	04-Dec-75	
Arnold, Mary T.	01-Nov-79	
Arnold, Philip D.	20-May-71	
Askew, Edgar N.	21-Oct-71	
Askins, Grace Lee, Mrs.	21-Sep-78	
Atchison, Allen	03-Aug-78	
Atchison, Hubert S., Mrs.	28-Dec-78	
Atchison, Jessie Lee, Mrs.	25-Apr-74	
Atchison, Nathan	24-Nov-77	
Atkinson, Annie Bowman	11-Feb-71	
Atkinson, David Chester	22-Sep-77	
Attaway, Gladys Beatrice, Mrs.	13-Jul-78	
Attaway, Vernon Monroe	16-Feb-78	
Austin, Mary Sue	05-Jul-79	
Austin, Mary Sue	12-Jul-79	
Austin, Rex R.	25-Oct-79	
Authier, Ida Elizabeth, Mrs.	28-Jul-77	
Avery, Charles	28-Jun-79	
Babb, A.L.	18-May-72	
Babb, Elsie Battle	17-Dec-70	
Baer, Sol	25-Sep-75	
Bagwell, Lisa, Mrs.	09-May-74	
Bailey, Carl	22-Jan-76	
Bailey, Cecil B.	21-Aug-75	
Bailey, Gertrude, Mrs.	19-Nov-70	
Baker, Dixie, Miss	07-Nov-74	
Baker, Horace Claude	13-Dec-73	
Baker, Mary Louise	24-May-79	
Baker, Pearl Hughes, Mrs.	 08-Feb-73	
Banks, Sam	28-Jul-77	
Bannon, Marvin Paul	11-Jan-79	
Barefield, Lilly Bell	06-Apr-78	
Barfield, Dennie Cecelia, Mrs.	27-May-76	
Barnes, Betty	12-Apr-79	
Barnett, James A.	02-Mar-72	
Barrera, Leandro, Sr.	22-Jun-72	
Barrera, Manuel	22-Jun-72	
Barrett, Mollie Hughes, Mrs.	10-Sep-70	
Basemore, Lula Bell	20-Mar-75	
Bates, Ray	24-Jan-74	
Battle, Willie Mae, Mrs.	04-May-78	
Baucum, George French	16-Dec-71	
Beale, Linda	23-Aug-79	
Bean, Lorene	12-Apr-79	
Beane, Ralph Lee	18-Mar-71	
Beard, Ruth H.	24-Jan-74	
Bearden, Jerry Edward	28-Nov-74	
Bearden, Michael Anthony	18-May-78	
Beasley, Frances S., Mrs.	14-Aug-75	
Beavers, Spencer Morgan	27-May-76	
Belew, Mary F.	08-Jun-78	
Bell, Andrew	10-Jul-75	
Bell, Ora Estell, Mrs.	16-Oct-75	
Benefield, Andrew W., Rev.	19-Oct-72	
Benefield, Ilene, Mrs.	02-Nov-72	
Bennett, James S.	25-Oct-79	
Benson, Charles "Cowboy"	01-Sep-77	
Benson, James Leary	05-Feb-76	
Bentley, Almeda Adams, Mrs.	10-Jan-74	
Bentley, Edward Houston	11-Oct-73	
Bentley, Elbert Ward	27-Aug-70	
Bentley, John H., Mr.	02-Jun-77	
Bentley, Lallage Powell	27-Feb-75	
Bentley, Mary Rasco, Mrs.	20-Oct-77	
Bentley, Wayman	24-Aug-72	
Benton, Clifton Howard	22-Jan-76	
Betts, Catherine Ann Cupit	22-Apr-76	
Betts, Catherine Ann Cupit	29-Apr-76	
Betts, Catherine Ann Cupit	13-May-76	
Betts, Catherine Ann Cupit	11-Nov-76	
Bevan, Roger	14-Mar-74	
Bice, Emryas Bert	24-Nov-77	
Bice, James Blane	18-May-78	
Birchfield, Lorenzo Dow, Mr.	02-May-74	
Bird, Jim Henry	26-Sep-74	
Bishop, Gertrude, Miss	 24-May-73	
Bishop, Irene C.	06-Dec-79	
Bishop, Mamie	14-Apr-77	
Bishop, Walter	01-May-75	
Blackerby, Ethel, Mrs.	03-Dec-70	
Blackerby, Hattie May, Mrs.	24-Feb-72	
Blackerby, Margie	15-Feb-79	
Blackerby, William H.	02-May-74	
Blair, Arthur	22-May-75	
Blalock, Hoyt	04-May-78	
Blanchard, D.B. Jerry	13-May-76	
Blankenship, Cassie B.	17-Aug-72	
Blankenship, Henry B.	01-Jan-76	
Blaylock, Jeffie Lonnie	13-Jul-72	
Blevins, Henrietta Winn	05-May-77	
Blewster, Reese G.	 03-May-73	
Boaz, Lucille Finley, Mrs.	28-Mar-74	
Boaz, Walter Garnett, Mr.	28-Feb-74	
Bockhaldt, John Arnet	06-Apr-72	
Boggs, Isaac Clarence	27-Jan-77	
Boggs, Mary Maude	08-Dec-77	
Boggs, Ollie W.	29-Jan-70	
Bohanon, James G.	31-Jul-75	
Boles, Delyne Wilson	05-Mar-70	
Bolton, Willard	05-Sep-74	
Boockholdt, John R.	19-Apr-79	
Booth, Ellis, Mr.	15-Aug-74	
Booth, Harold Leonard	15-Dec-77	
Booth, Walter Harmon	16-Jun-77	
Boothe, Buster	19-May-77	
Boothe, Perry	25-Sep-75	
Boothe, Walter	10-Apr-75	
Bouie, George	24-Aug-72	
Bounds, Linwood T.	08-Jul-76	
Bowdon, Ettye H., Mrs.	16-Dec-71	
Boyd, Christopher Shane	30-Aug-73	
Boykin, John Thomas "Bozo"	14-Nov-74	
Bozeman, Ada M.	09-Aug-79	
Bozeman, Ada M.	27-Sep-79	
Bozeman, Isaac J.	09-Feb-78	
Bozeman, Isaac, Mrs.	23-Jan-75	
Bradford, Johnny	29-Jan-70	
Bradley, Ethel B., Mrs.	15-Aug-74	
Bradley, Geneva	12-Apr-79	
Bradley, Joe	21-Aug-75	
Bradley, Kathryn, Mrs.	16-Feb-78	
Brandenburg, Judson Alvin, Sr.	04-May-78	
Brantley, Dedra Deann	14-Oct-76	
Brantley, Thomas Henry	20-Dec-79	
Brasher, Gary Michael	23-Aug-73	
Brasher, James O.	26-Aug-71	
Brasher, R.L.	30-Nov-72	
Brasher, Rachel Jean	24-Aug-78	
Brasher, Robert A.	22-Mar-79	
Brasher, Robert S., Rev.	15-Apr-76	
Brasher, Shawn Jennings	15-Dec-77	
Brasher, William Horace, Jr.	13-Jul-78	
Brashier, Hester N.	02-Jun-77	
Braswell, James O.	24-Mar-77	
Braxton, Earnest E.	07-Dec-72	
Bridges, Owen	26-Feb-70	
Bright, Lennie Houston "Buddy"	15-Oct-70	
Bright, Virgil	02-Jul-70	
Broadhead, Bell Popwell, Mrs.	20-Dec-79	
Broadhead, Cleary C.	19-Aug-76	
Broadhead, Gus	08-Sep-77	
Broadhead, Inga Faye	25-Nov-76	
Brogden, Willie H.	05-Aug-76	
Brown, James E.	11-Sep-77	
Brown, L.O., Mr.	17-Apr-75	
Brown, L.O., Mr.	24-Apr-75	
Browne, Mae Williams Harbour, Mrs.	04-Apr-71	
Brownfield, Lelah, Miss	21-Dec-72	
Brunson, Paul (brother of Mrs. Bolin Cooper)	19-Jul-73	
Bryant, Willard	17-Aug-78	
Buckner, Richard Roy	12-Jan-78	
Bullock, Gregory	29-Jul-76	
Burton, Irene C.	06-Apr-72	
Burton, Paul A.	24-May-79	
Busby, James Hiram	 28-Jun-73	
Busby, Vernon	12-Oct-72	
Bush, Lewis F.	25-Nov-76	
Butler, James Alfred	05-Jul-79	
Butler, James Alfred	12-Jul-79	
Butler, Jeff	22-Jan-76	
Butler, Josie Emma, Mrs.	09-Mar-78	
Butterworth, Charles M.	07-Apr-77	
Butterworth, Richard H.	13-Jan-72	
Cabiness, Robert Earl	09-Feb-78	
Caddell, James Ralph	19-Sep-74	
Cadle, Dora B.	29-Nov-79	
Cain, Myrtie	30-Jun-77	
Cairns, Thomas C.	30-Apr-70	
Calloway, Clarence Edwards	02-Dec-71	
Campbell, Floyd Ray	09-Sep-76	
Campbell, Floyd Ray	16-Sep-76	
Campbell, George W.	15-Feb-79	
Campbell, John	26-Dec-74	
Cannady, Howard P.	16-Dec-76	
Carden, Betty Jean	08-Jun-78	
Carden, Elmer	04-Jan-79	
Carden, Jessie Mae, Mrs.	26-Jan-78	
Carden, John Edward	21-May-70	
Carden, John Edward	30-Apr-70	
Carden, Leila Adams	13-Jan-72	
Carden, Ruth	03-Mar-77	
Carden, Simon	23-Oct-75	
Carden, William Ernest	21-Dec-78	
Cardwell, Henry George	29-Jun-72	
Cardwell, Ina Laoma, Mrs.	03-Jun-76	
Carlisle, Claude Jesse	25-May-78	
Carlisle, Gordon Lee	05-Jul-79	
Carlson, Edgar N.	27-Oct-77	
Carlton, Virginia Inez, Mrs.	30-Jun-77	
Carmichael, P.H., Rev.	10-Feb-77	
Carmichael, P.H., Rev.	10-Feb-77	
Carrera, Oscar, Jr.	22-Jun-72	
Carroll, Aileen Mary	14-Dec-78	
Carroll, Evelyn Persons	30-Aug-73	
Carroll, J.D., Jr.	01-Oct-70	
Carter, Arthur	08-Mar-79	
Carter, Eula Taylor, Mrs.	09-Aug-73	
Carter, L.L., Mr.	01-Jan-76	
Carter, Lonnie Hayes	14-Oct-76	
Carter, Louise Vanderslice, Mrs.	03-Nov-77	
Carter, Olivia, Mrs.	22-Sep-77	
Carter, Phoebe Roberta, Mrs.	06-Nov-75	
Carter, Rex Allen	01-Jul-71	
Carter, Sarah Davis, Mrs.	08-Mar-79	
Cartrell, Hosea	21-Aug-75	
Casey, Curtis	03-Jun-76	
Cashion, Billy Wayne	10-May-79	
Castleberry, Mary Frances	06-Apr-78	
Cater, Harsel Edward	01-Mar-79	
Cayton, James	02-Jun-77	
Chamblee, Billy C.	16-Jan-75	
Champion, Willard T. "Lard"	06-Jul-78	
Chandler, Keith	29-Jul-76	
Chandler, Ruben C.	27-Oct-77	
Chandler, Wiley Haden	13-Dec-73	
Chapa, Luciano	22-Jun-72	
Chapman, Harry D., Mrs.	18-Jan-73	
Chapman, Marvin, Mr.	17-Feb-72	
Chappel, Miles	09-Apr-70	
Chapplear, Harold D.	28-Oct-76	
Chatman, Charles	01-Jan-76	
Childs, Nell, Mrs.	23-May-74	
Christian, Pearl, Mrs.	01-Oct-70	
Clark, Carrie Mae Davis	15-Nov-79	
Clark, Douglass	14-Dec-72	
Clark, Fred Hayes	29-Nov-73	
Clark, G.E., Mr. & Mrs.	13-Jul-72	
Clark, Glen	19-Oct-78	
Clark, Janie Mae	01-Feb-79	
Clark, Jasper Hubert	15-Nov-79	
Clark, Mamie H., Mrs.	24-Mar-77	
Cobb, Bill	24-Aug-72	
Cobb, Herlen Lavaughn	10-Jun-71	
Cochran, Wilbert	15-Feb-79	
Cofer, Billy Ray	23-Sep-76	
Cofer, Billy Ray	30-Sep-76	
Cofield, Eva, Mrs.	03-Aug-78	
Coker, Elbert B.	24-May-79	
Coker, Ruby, Miss	24-Nov-77	
Colburn, Ada Lorene	09-Aug-79	
Colburn, Alvender Adolph	01-Nov-79	
Cole, Dorothy May, Mrs.	27-Jan-77	
Colvin, T.W. Sr.	10-Jan-74	
Compton, Elnora Reynolds, Mrs.	05-May-77	
Compton, George Stark, Jr.	20-Sep-79	
Connell, Ermon Edward	12-Apr-79	
Connell, Ervin Lee, Mr.	14-Dec-78	
Connell, Minnie, Mrs.	10-May-79	
Conwill, Lawrence A.	20-Apr-78	
Cook, Kate Elise, Mrs.	13-Apr-72	
Cooper, Boling Z.	30-Dec-76	
Cooper, George W.	09-Feb-78	
Cooper, Jack	27-Apr-72	
Cooper, O.B.	05-Mar-70	
Cordes, Edward	02-Dec-76	
Coshatt, Ethel Mary, Mrs.	11-Apr-74	
Cost, O.H.	09-Nov-72	
Covington, Terry	29-Jul-76	
Cowart, Cecil D.	21-Sep-72	
Cowart, Kate Holcombe	 10-May-73	
Cox, James Edward, Sr.	06-Sep-73	
Cox, Kenneth Franklin	28-Sep-78	
Cox, Oscar Carlos	24-Aug-78	
Cox, William Grady	20-Sep-79	
Cox, William Melvin	16-May-74	
Craig, Alice Fellows, Mrs.	16-Dec-76	
Craig, Janet Huston	27-Aug-70	
Crane, John Irving, Jr.	17-Jun-76	
Crawford, Lionel	07-Jun-79	
Crawford, Mervin J., Jr.	20-Dec-79	
Creel, Robert Walter	02-Jan-75	
Crim, James Lester	24-Aug-78	
Crocker, A.C., Mr.	16-Feb-78	
Cross, J.W., Mr.	10-May-79	
Crowson, Gracie, Mrs.	27-Sep-73	
Crowson, Kathy Diane	02-Apr-79	
Crowson, Kenneth Wayne	21-Dec-78	
Crowson, Marion Thomas	05-Oct-78	
Crowson, Sidney L.	03-Apr-75	
Crumpton, Elbert Washington	14-Aug-75	
Crumpton, Floyde A., Mr.	09-Nov-72	
Crumpton, Shane Lee 	07-Jul-77	
Cummings, Ida Laura, Mrs.	31-Jan-74	
Cummings, James B.	28-Feb-74	
Cummings, James Elliott	13-Oct-77	
Curlee, Luther	21-Aug-75	
Curry, Cullen	04-Mar-71	
Curtis, John	04-Jan-79	
Daniel, John H.	13-Oct-77	
Daniel, Lillian Mae Allen	25-Oct-79	
Darden, Milstead S.	02-Jul-70	
Datcher, Albert "Red"	09-Mar-78	
Daughtery, Claude, Mr.	17-Oct-74	
Davidson, William Evans	03-Nov-77	
Davis, Bobbie Lee, Mrs.	 12-Apr-73	
Davis, Carrie Joiner, Mrs.	 12-Jul-73	
Davis, Columbus Nathan	26-Jan-78	
Davis, Cora Elvie	22-Mar-79	
Davis, George W.	14-Dec-78	
Davis, Herbert E.	03-Jun-76	
Davis, J.L., Mr.	04-May-78	
Davis, J.L., Mrs.	31-Oct-74	
Davis, Jessie Barnett, Mrs.	05-May-77	
Davis, John Nelson	28-Dec-72	
Davis, Johnny A.	27-Oct-77	
Davis, Kenneth Myron	03-May-79	
Davis, Lessie Mae, Mrs.	29-Nov-79	
Davis, Mose	20-Apr-72	
Davis, R. Alton	01-May-75	
Davis, Rabie, Mr.	16-May-74	
Davis, Sidney Buren	08-Dec-77	
Davis, Walter Earl	22-Nov-79	
Davis, Will W., Mrs.	07-Feb-74	
Dawson, Doris Rene	19-Aug-71	
Dawson, Linda Sue	19-Aug-71	
Dawson, Raymond	19-May-77	
Dawson, Sammy Lee	19-Aug-71	
Day, Gladys Hardin, Mrs.	27-Oct-77	
Deal, Jessie Brasher, Mrs.	30-Nov-78	
Dearing, Harry W.	27-Jul-78	
Denham, Mary Frances	02-Mar-78	
Dennis, Grace G.	22-Mar-73	
Dennis, Kester M.	01-Mar-79	
Dennison, Harold Roy	22-Feb-79	
DeShazo, Thomas E.	24-May-79	
DeWitt, Anthony	10-Jun-76	
Dickerson, Beulah Floyd, Mrs.	12-Jan-78	
Dobbs, Addie Cline	23-Apr-70	
Dorough, Birdie Mae, Mrs.	03-Aug-78	
Dorough, Birdie Mae, Mrs.	31-Aug-78	
Dorough, Brenda Lee, Miss	29-Nov-73	
Dorough, James Otis	24-Dec-70	
Dorough, Jesse E., Mr.	24-Oct-74	
Douglas, Amy Lynn	24-Mar-77	
Douglas, Elvin Roston	24-Jun-76	
Douglas, Griffie Elizabeth, Mrs.	15-Nov-79	
Douglas, Mallard A.	20-Oct-77	
Downs, Elizabeth Parker "Bonnie"	15-Jan-76	
Downs, Roy	21-Oct-71	
Downs, Roy	28-Oct-71	
Doxey, Elizabeth Latham	08-Mar-79	
Drake, Leroy	27-May-76	
Draper, Gertrude V.	29-Apr-71	
Driver, Donald Lynn	02-Mar-78	
Duboise, Dietrick	11-May-78	
Duke, Bobby, Jr.	08-Aug-74	
Duke, Eddie Irene, Mrs.	13-Apr-72	
Duke, James	05-Dec-74	
Dunlap, Oliver	28-Jun-73	
Dupree, Boyd M.	06-Jan-72	
Dupree, James Ronald	20-Oct-77	
Dupree, Nellie Irene, Miss	27-Oct-77	
Durden, Nannie Dee, Mrs.	16-Dec-76	
Durden, Wilson W.	18-Jun-70	
Durpree, Ida J., Mrs.	24-Aug-78	
Durrett, Barry Daniel	27-Jul-78	
Dyer, I.I.E.	 25-Jan-73	
Eagles, Jan, Dr.	17-May-79	
Eason, Deborah, Mrs.	27-Jan-72	
Easter, Gertrude Evelyn	31-May-79	
Eastis, G.H. "Jack"	23-Jan-75	
Eastis, Roy M.	14-Apr-77	
Eaves, W.E.	04-Jun-70	
Eddings, Mattie A.	05-Aug-76	
Eddy, Josephine	23-Apr-70	
Edmonds, Leslie Jan	04-Oct-79	
Edwards, Dean	06-Nov-75	
Edwards, Della Irene	21-Jun-79	
Edwards, Katie Goggins, Mrs.	11-May-78	
Edwards, Mary Piety, Mrs.	06-Jul-72	
Edwards, Odessa Dorough, Mrs.	14-Dec-72	
Edwards, Tillman Lee, Sr.	26-Jul-79	
Eldridge, Cleveland	03-Mar-77	
Eller, Vera Poole, Mrs.	28-Mar-74	
Elliott, Frank Curtis	19-Feb-70	
Elliott, Lewis Denson	22-Jun-78	
Elliott, Ressie, Mrs.	14-Mar-74	
Elliott, William Thomas	04-Mar-71	
Ellis, Bertha Corley	13-Jul-78	
Ellis, Jesse S.	28-Jan-71	
Ellison, Cornelious Elijah	10-Apr-75	
Ellison, Lular Robertson, Mrs.	20-May-76	
Ellison, Marvin E.	02-Jun-77	
Emfinger, Amanda Pike	07-Oct-71	
Emfinger, Henry Thomas	24-May-79	
Erdman, Cora, Mrs.	08-Sep-77	
Estes, Sulla Mae	14-Jul-77	
Etress, Alex	30-Dec-71	
Etress, Alvin Michael	27-Jun-74	
Evans, Annie Laurie	29-Sep-77	
Evans, James	15-Dec-77	
Evans, Samuel Andrew	28-Apr-77	
Falkner, Ethel B.	25-Oct-79	
Falkner, Jessie M., Mrs.	20-Dec-73	
Falkner, Joel Elmer	27-Apr-72	
Fancher, Annie, Mrs.	28-Sep-72	
Fancher, Beatrice, Mrs.	28-Jun-79	
Fancher, Beulah Blackerby	12-Oct-78	
Fancher, Dora Elizabeth	19-Jul-79	
Fancher, Ersay R.	23-Oct-75	
Fancher, Florence Walker, Miss	05-Jan-78	
Fancher, Lilla Elliott, Mrs.	26-Oct-72	
Farmer, W.C.	28-Mar-74	
Farr, Emmett, Mrs.	01-Apr-71	
Farr, Lillian Cora	04-Oct-73	
Farr, Maxie B.	02-Apr-79	
Ferguson, Sarah Caroline	24-Dec-70	
Fielder, Orville Henry, Sr.	 15-Feb-73	
Finch, John Edward, Sr.	31-Oct-74	
Findley, John D.	17-May-79	
Finley, Howard, Sr.	27-Apr-72	
Finley, Nora, Mrs.	19-Oct-72	
Fisher, Gwendolyn Agnes	19-Jul-79	
Fletcher, Terry Daniel	25-Sep-75	
Florey, Wilbur, Jr., Mrs.	04-May-78	
Ford, Naylor V.	14-Aug-75	
Fore, Claude Harvel	28-Oct-76	
Fortenberry, Mary, Mrs.	30-Dec-71	
Fortenberry, William Thomas	26-Aug-71	
Foshee, Ethel Kelley, Mrs.	19-Feb-76	
Foster, Fermon, Mr.	27-Jun-74	
Foster, Lamar	09-Mar-78	
Foster, Mary, Mrs.	 10-May-73	
Fowler, Elsie Murphree, Mrs.	04-Nov-71	
Fowler, Luther J.	29-Jul-71	
Fowler, Vivian Letson	28-Dec-78	
Franklin, Jessie	20-Jul-72	
Fraser, Arthur, Dr.	27-Apr-72	
Frasier, Billy R., Rev.	26-Dec-74	
Frasier, Brenda	26-Dec-74	
Fraxer, Ronnie Max	07-Jul-77	
Freeman, Joe D.	01-Jul-76	
Freeman, Mary Magnolia	19-Feb-76	
Frost, Fred Hardy, Sr.	22-Nov-79	
Frost, Gordon Reid, III	08-Sep-77	
Frost, Nathan Thomas	15-Jul-71	
Fulton, Cleedy H.	25-Oct-79	
Fulton, Frank	02-Sep-76	
Gaddis, Diana Lynn, Miss	05-Jan-78	
Gaddis, William	16-Sep-76	
Gaddy, William K.	22-Dec-77	
Gaiters, Mose Wesley	21-Mar-74	
Galloway, Martha Clyde, Mrs.	01-Nov-79	
Galloway, Mary Ellen	12-Jul-79	
Gandy, Edward L.	26-Oct-72	
Gardner, Johnny Cleburne	12-Apr-79	
Gardner, Joseph H.	13-Dec-79	
Gardner, Joseph H.	20-Dec-79	
Gardner, Thomas Lee	27-Aug-70	
Garrett, Pierce Albert	27-May-76	
Garrett, Robert Edwin	10-Jan-74	
Garrett, W.E., Mr.	07-Feb-74	
Gaskins, Vernon	27-Jul-78	
Gassaway, Lora Lee, Mrs.	31-Jan-74	
Gates, John H.	23-Sep-71	
Gaut, Rex Leon	02-Mar-78	
Genry, Dave	01-Mar-79	
Gentry, Elmer Jay	11-Aug-77	
Gentry, Lloyd	28-Nov-74	
Gentry, Mary Elizabeth	09-Sep-76	
Gentry, Nellie, Mrs.	 12-Apr-73	
George, Henry Bradford	10-May-79	
George, Mae McKay, Mrs.	20-Apr-72	
George, Quinton Ford	14-Sep-78	
Gibson, Noah Melvin	09-Mar-78	
Gidden, Karen Michele	24-Nov-77	
Giddens, Karen Michele	24-Nov-77	
Gilbert, Mary Virginia	13-Jul-72	
Gill, Arthur G.	29-Jun-78	
Gill, Vernon C.	25-May-78	
Glass, Jack	29-Jul-76	
Glass, James Edward, Jr.	08-May-75	
Glass, Louis Calloway	23-Dec-71	
Glass, Mary Etta	18-Mar-71	
Glass, Nealie Martin, Mrs.	05-Jan-78	
Glenn, John David	10-Nov-77	
Glover, Manuel L.	13-Jan-77	
Goad, Arma, Mrs.	03-Jul-75	
Goad, Sherry Lynn	03-Jul-75	
Godfrey, Hattie L., Mrs.	13-Jun-74	
Goggins, Charles Leonard	31-Jul-75	
Goggins, James Marshall	10-May-79	
Goggins, James Marshall	24-May-79	
Gomer, Paul Eugene	15-Apr-76	
Goode, Michael Steven	20-Apr-72	
Goodman, Reba R.	03-Aug-78	
Goodwin, Doris Lucille Holman	04-Jan-73	
Goodwin, Marvie Louellen, Mrs.	14-Jun-79	
Goolsby, William W.	03-Jun-76	
Gorman, James Orcutt, Sr.	12-Apr-79	
Gould, Annie, Mrs.	11-Dec-75	
Gray, Marion Glen, Mr.	18-Jan-79	
Green, Jessie M., Mrs.	19-Jul-79	
Green, Nina B.	28-Sep-78	
Green, Richard Allen	01-Jul-71	
Gregg, James M.	12-Apr-79	
Gregory, Mary Willie Brasher, Mrs.	18-Oct-79	
Grelier, Max J.	04-Feb-71	
Griffin, John A. "Jack"	22-Jun-78	
Griffith, Young Deb	12-Nov-70	
Griggs, Andrew	13-Sep-73	
Griggs, Charles Anthony	06-Apr-78	
Gullahorn, Nettie J.	01-Feb-79	
Gunlock, Robert Day	04-Nov-76	
Gunn, Estelle, Mrs.	29-Oct-70	
Gunn, Fred M.	16-Dec-76	
Guy, Albert Grady	25-Jan-79	
Guy, Callie Magdelen Davis, Mrs.	22-Mar-79	
Hale, Roland	10-Feb-72	
Haley, Edie Mae, Mrs.	23-Mar-78	
Hall, James M.	04-Jan-79	
Hamaker, Maudie B.	17-May-79	
Hamm, Ernest J.	15-Feb-79	
Hamm, Herman R.	15-Jan-70	
Hammacker, Christopher	08-Jan-70	
Hammett, Joseph Leonard	03-Aug-78	
Hanaway, Beatrice Evans	22-Dec-77	
Handley, Elbert Lee	01-Jun-78	
Hansen, Fern Burton, Mrs.	31-May-79	
Hardy, Gertrude Lester	27-May-71	
Hardy, Julian, Dr.	23-Aug-79	
Hargis, Estes H., Mrs.	20-Apr-78	
Harkins, Roberta, Mrs.	04-Mar-71	
Harlan, Nigel	15-Sep-77	
Harlan, Nigel	02-Feb-78	
Harrell, Thomas Melvin	16-Mar-78	
Harris, Clarice Christian, Mrs.	10-Aug-72	
Harris, Ethel	09-Feb-78	
Harris, Ethel May, Mrs.	22-Jun-78	
Harris, Frances Marcelle, Mrs.	22-Feb-79	
Harris, James Franklin	28-Dec-72	
Harris, James William	27-Oct-77	
Harris, Lake, Mr.	29-Aug-74	
Harris, Lillian Elizabeth	01-Mar-79	
Harris, William Elija	12-Apr-79	
Harrison, Betty L. Miles	26-Feb-70	
Harrison, Claire L., Mrs.	21-Mar-74	
Harrison, Ethel Pauline	10-Mar-77	
Harrison, George Merith	01-Jun-78	
Harrison, Paul George	15-Nov-79	
Hartley, Ruby Findley	07-Jul-77	
Hartsfield, Clarence Eustus	29-Jan-70	
Harvell, Billy Wayne	26-Jan-78	
Harvill, Gladys Harris	27-Aug-70	
Hatcher, Ardell S., Mrs.	25-Mar-71	
Hatcher, Arrie Louise	30-Jun-77	
Hatcher, Prudie Alice, Mrs.	22-Mar-73	
Hawkins, Ida May	10-May-79	
Hawton, Stanley Edward	16-Jan-75	
Hayes, Grover Cleveland, Sr.	30-Nov-78	
Hayes, Jessie C., Mrs.	21-Sep-78	
Haynes, Mike	 22-Feb-73	
Haynie, Randall	17-Aug-72	
Heacock, Sarah Frances, Mrs.	30-Jan-75	
Head, Addie Dru, Mrs.	09-Sep-76	
Head, Frank, Sr.	21-Jun-79	
Head, O.R. "Rip"	02-May-74	
Head, Walter C., Jr.	29-Jul-76	
Hembree, Jessie Dean, Mrs.	08-Mar-79	
Henderson, Addie Dison	03-Jun-76	
Henderson, Barbara Stinson	03-Apr-75	
Henderson, Thomas	27-Dec-79	
Hendrick, Robert Anthony	23-Aug-73	
Hendrix, Addie M.	06-Jan-77	
Henry, John	14-Oct-76	
Henry, Nita, Mrs.	08-Dec-77	
Hensley, Jerry	01-Dec-77	
Herman, Maude, Mrs.	14-Sep-78	
Herron, Rufus Franklin	14-Aug-75	
Hess, Ernest G., Sr.	16-Aug-73	
Hewett, John Brooks	23-Mar-78	
Higginbotham, Robert Wesley	23-Feb-78	
Hildreth, Ray E.	26-Jan-78	
Hill, Baine C.	30-Jun-77	
Hill, Elizabeth Hodges, Mrs.	23-Sep-76	
Hill, Frank	09-Jul-70	
Hill, Frank	19-Apr-79	
Hill, Howard	06-Feb-75	
Hill, James Bobby	17-Jul-75	
Hinds, Eula May, Mrs.	09-Jan-75	
Hinds, Floyd Ray	16-Feb-78	
Hinds, George	19-Jan-78	
Hitt, Clifton Lee	07-Apr-77	
Hodge, Andrew Charles, Jr.	14-Oct-76	
Hodgens, Nellie K., Mrs.	13-Jul-78	
Holcombe, Georgia B.	21-Apr-77	
Holcombe, Lapsley	19-Aug-71	
Holcombe, Lillie Shaw, Mrs.	15-Nov-79	
Holcombe, Maggie P.	29-Sep-77	
Holcombe, Ralph	06-Dec-73	
Holcombe, W.H., Sr.	01-May-75	
Holladay, Jennifer Leigh	01-Feb-79	
Hollingsworth, Mildred	10-Jun-76	
Holmes, William Fred, Rev.	18-Nov-76	
Holsomback, Dorothy, Mrs.	22-Nov-79	
Holsomback, James Alton	03-Aug-78	
Holsomback, John	06-Sep-73	
Holsomback, Lilly B.	29-Sep-77	
Holsomback, Willie Ray	16-Jan-75	
Honeycutt, Orphie, Mrs.	03-Mar-77	
Hood, Jesse C., Mr.	01-Nov-79	
Hooker, Sallie, Miss	22-Sep-77	
Hooper, Margaret Angelle	08-Sep-77	
Horan, Mark	02-Dec-76	
Horton, Charles Howard	18-Nov-71	
Horton, Clivelan Errol	29-Mar-79	
Horton, Edgar E.	22-Nov-79	
Horton, Edna Pauline	26-Jun-75	
Horton, Jessie, Mrs.	08-May-75	
Horton, John Austin	14-Jun-79	
Horton, John Austin	05-Jul-79	
Horton, Renford Leo	14-Jun-79	
Horton, Renford Leo	05-Jul-79	
Hoskin, Andrew D.	05-Feb-70	
House, Floyd	12-Dec-74	
House, Lee Roy	17-Mar-77	
Houston, Lillian Roman, Mrs.	11-Dec-75	
Houston, Merriel Lane "Rusty"	11-Jan-73	
Houston, Robert A.	10-May-79	
Howard, Isaac, Mr.	28-Jun-79	
Howard, Teresa	27-Oct-77	
Howell, W.R.	18-Mar-71	
Hubbard, Gene Lewis, Mrs.	12-Dec-74	
Hubbard, Lois, Mrs.	09-Aug-79	
Hudgins, DeWitt	25-Oct-79	
Hughes, Amos O.	18-Sep-75	
Hughes, James Walter	21-Dec-78	
Hughes, John	12-Jan-78	
Hughes, John Rainey	24-Aug-78	
Hughes, Karen Elaine	12-Aug-76	
Hughes, Laura, Mrs.	09-Jan-75	
Hughes, William C.	24-May-79	
Hughs, Jesse, Rev.	 03-May-73	
Huguley, Laurie Elizabeth	22-Nov-79	
Hunt, Ralph, Dr.	04-Sep-75	
Hunter, John Edward	12-Oct-78	
Hyde, Annie Gladys	19-Jan-78	
Isbell, Bardy, Mr.	04-Jan-79	
Ivey, James Ross	23-May-74	
Ivie, Emma Marie, Mrs.	13-Sep-73	
Jackson, Harold E. "Jack"	22-Apr-71	
Jackson, Houston Terrell	02-Apr-79	
James, Clinton Fred, Jr.	18-Aug-77	
Jenkins, Alton Douglas	23-Sep-76	
Jennings, William Jackson	03-Jul-75	
Johnson, Andrew J.	12-Aug-76	
Johnson, Charles Even	05-Feb-70	
Johnson, Columbus Lloyd	30-Dec-76	
Johnson, Dewey Lee	17-May-79	
Johnson, Earl C.	08-Dec-77	
Johnson, George H.	24-Jul-75	
Johnson, J.A., Mrs.	05-Feb-70	
Johnson, James David	17-Mar-77	
Johnson, James T.	12-Jul-79	
Johnson, James T.	19-Jul-79	
Johnson, Jesse H.	27-Sep-73	
Johnson, Julia Bell, Mrs.	16-Dec-76	
Johnson, Mary Sue, Mrs.	04-Nov-76	
Johnson, Ressie	24-Feb-77	
Johnson, Robert H.	14-Mar-74	
Johnson, Sudie, Mrs.	04-Mar-71	
Joiner, Charlie M.	10-Sep-70	
Joiner, Jack L.	15-Dec-77	
Joiner, Stella Elaine	31-Dec-70	
Jones, Carl Earnie	31-Dec-70	
Jones, Carol E. "Bo"	27-Jan-72	
Jones, Elizabeth Latham Doxey	08-Mar-79	
Jones, Garvas Dean, Jr.	01-Feb-79	
Jones, Harold Lamar	13-Dec-73	
Jones, Jeffrey Leon	03-Jun-76	
Jones, John A.	20-Oct-77	
Jones, Joseph P.	17-Mar-77	
Jones, Karen Ann, Miss	22-Nov-73	
Jones, Lester M.	06-Jan-72	
Jones, Lewie Earl	06-Apr-78	
Jones, Lewis/Lewie Earl	30-Mar-78	
Jones, Louie/Lewie Earl	04-May-78	
Jones, Louie/Lewie Earl	21-Dec-78	
Jones, Louie/Lewie Earl	30-Aug-79	
Jones, Mable Louise, Mrs.	06-Jan-72	
Jones, Malcom	05-Jun-75	
Jones, Mark C.	08-Sep-77	
Jones, N.A., Mr.	25-Dec-75	
Jones, Rodney Stephens	10-Oct-74	
Jones, Terry	12-Aug-76	
Jones, Velma Evie	29-Jun-78	
Jones, William McClain	08-Dec-77	
Jordan, Francis Boney	28-Jul-77	
Jordan, Pinkie, Mrs.	19-Feb-70	
Joyce, Charles L.	 08-Feb-73	
Judd, Bessie Spearman, Mrs.	15-Jul-76	
Juzan, T.E., Mr.	10-Jan-74	
Kappel, Howard Milton	14-Sep-78	
Keith, Wylinsky	27-Sep-79	
Kelley, Charles, Jr.	23-Dec-71	
Kelley, M.B., Mrs. "R.L."	11-Jun-80	
Kemp, Elbert Lee	27-Jan-77	
Kemp, Rusty	12-Nov-70	
Kendrick, Emma Harper, Mrs.	24-Jun-76	
Kendrick, Harry	27-Jan-72	
Kendrick, Ira Mardis	01-Jul-76	
Kendrick, Jemima Elizabeth	12-Feb-76	
Kendrick, Lavonia, Mrs.	 19-Apr-73	
Kendrick, Leo R.	14-Aug-75	
Kendrick, Luther A.	23-Nov-72	
Kendrick, Oscar Franklin "Uncle Frank"	26-Jan-78	
Kendrick, Oscar Franklin "Uncle Frank"	09-Feb-78	
Kendrick, Ressie Alma, Mrs.	03-Aug-78	
Kendrick, Robert Alton	08-Feb-79	
Kendrick, W.W., Mrs.	12-Nov-70	
Kennerly, Mildred, Miss	02-Aug-73	
Kidd, Doris Abbott, Mrs.	06-Apr-78	
Killingsworth, Lucille, Mrs.	30-Sep-76	
Killingsworth, Mollie Dorthola	10-Nov-77	
Kimbrough, B.T.	11-Nov-71	
King, William T., Jr.	27-Jan-72	
Kirby, Guy	09-Mar-78	
Kirby, Guy (missing - never found)	20-Mar-75	
Kirby, Guy (missing - never found)	22-May-75	
Kirby, Guy (missing - never found)	05-Jun-75	
Kirby, Guy (missing - never found)	02-Sep-76	
Kirby, Roy L.	10-May-79	
Kirkpatrick, Guy Phillip	10-Aug-78	
Kish, Jack Alton	19-Jan-78	
Knowles, Charles "Sam"	04-May-78	
Knowles, Mary Adelaide	26-Jun-75	
Knowles, Myrtis Brown	26-Jan-78	
Krasinski, Alphonse Frank	26-Jul-79	
Kroell, John K.	13-Dec-73	
Kunz, Charles C.	28-May-70	
Lacey, Anne Thompson, Mrs.	31-Aug-72	
Lacey, Beula Katherine, Mrs.	13-Nov-75	
Lacey, Robert Edward	14-Feb-74	
Lacey, Rosa Ethel	15-Nov-79	
Lacey, Ruby, Mrs.	11-Oct-73	
Lacey, William Franklin	19-Oct-72	
Lackey, John M.	14-Dec-72	
Lacy, Margie Brown, Mrs.	06-Jan-72	
Lafitte, Noland	17-Jul-75	
Lambert, Marshall	08-May-75	
Langham, Corda Effie, Mrs.	03-Mar-77	
Langston, Myrtle Mae	31-Dec-70	
Langston, William Gordon	22-Jan076	
Langworthy, Mary Romano	20-Mar-75	
Lankford, John Frank	04-Aug-77	
Lansford, Rosa Anna, Mrs.	28-Oct-71	
Lansford, W.C., Mr.	13-Dec-73	
Lassiter, Viola Shaw	24-Sep-70	
Latham, Howard E.	14-Oct-71	
Lau, Lai Hong	10-Mar-77	
Lauderdale, Alberta Gilmore, Mrs.	 26-Jul-73	
Lawless, Houston Wade	09-Dec-71	
Lawley, Amanda Jo	02-Feb-78	
Lawley, Donald Talmadge	03-Aug-78	
Lawley, George B.	21-Oct-76	
Lawley, James Lewis	 26-Jul-73	
Lawley, Jimmie Glenn, Mr.	07-Jul-77	
Lawley, Linda Faye, Mrs.	31-Oct-74	
Lawley, Mary Ellen	05-Aug-76	
Lawley, Pearl Harrell, Mrs.	18-Nov-76	
Lawley, Reginald Wilton	02-Oct-75	
Lawley, Reginald Wilton, Jr. "Dub"	24-Jun-76	
Lawley, Thomas Jonah, Sr.	29-Jan-76	
Lawrence, Clara Belle	02-Mar-78	
Lawrence, Clara Belle	09-Mar-78	
Lawrence, Clyde	04-May-72	
Lawrence, Fannie O.	30-Nov-78	
Lay, Donald Harley	21-Apr-77	
Layton, Patricia R.	02-Aug-79	
Lazenby, M.E., Mrs.	26-Apr-79	
Leach, Mary, Mrs.	20-Mar-75	
Ledford, Clyde Monroe, Jr.	 05-Jul-73	
Ledlow, Charles Edward	11-Aug-77	
Lee, H.J.	26-Aug-71	
Lee, Hobert "Hody"	04-Apr-74	
Lee, Irene Reynolds	01-May-75	
Lee, Leon Thomas	21-Jun-79	
Lee, Leon Thomas	04-Oct-79	
Lee, Mary Whitfield, Miss	19-Aug-76	
Lee, Mattie, Miss	15-Feb-79	
Lee, Paralee Miller, Mrs.	18-Feb-71	
Lemley, John Thomas	07-Jun-79	
Lemley, Percy Leon	12-Jul-79	
Lenning, Johnnie B.	08-Feb-79	
Leonard, Francis E.	04-Dec-75	
Leonard, Francis Eugene, Jr.	21-Oct-76	
Lester, Beulah Hartsfield	26-Aug-71	
Lester, Roland Milton	13-Aug-70	
Lester, Roy B.	11-Jan-73	
Letcher, Lucy Espey, Mrs.	27-Apr-72	
Lewey, Mary Leona	01-Feb-79	
Lewis, Evie Lee, Mrs.	27-Oct-77	
Lewis, Felix Wayne	09-Jun-77	
Lewis, Lola Lucille	22-Nov-79	
Lewis, Willie, Mrs.	26-Jan-78	
Lewis, Willie, Mrs.	09-Feb-78	
Lide, Joan, Mrs.	25-Oct-79	
Linholm, Annie M.	24-Jun-76	
Lisenby, Ann, Mrs.	27-Jan-72	
Little, Herman	03-Mar-77	
Littleton, Dennie Randall	27-Sep-73	
Lollar, Mark, Jr.	21-Jul-77	
Long, Alfred	23-Mar-78	
Long, Mary Joanna, Mrs.	16-Dec-76	
Long, Sylvia Appleton, Mrs.	13-Jul-72	
Longshore, A.P., Jr.	 12-Jul-73	
Longshore, Lallage, Miss	21-Dec-72	
Longshore, William L., Sr.	15-Jul-71	
Looney, A.R., Mr.	15-Sep-77	
Looney, James Floyd	14-Sep-78	
Love, Owen, Dr.	05-Oct-72	
Lovett, Bertie M.	14-Jul-77	
Lovett, Eva, Mrs.	20-Mar-75	
Lovett, James T.	21-Oct-71	
Lovett, Lula M.	01-Aug-74	
Lowery, Annie Sue	09-Mar-78	
Lowery, Lloyd H.	26-Jul-79	
Lowery, Mattie Guy, Mrs.	01-Jun-72	
Lowlar, Huel, Mr.	16-Oct-75	
Lowlar, Margaret, Mrs.	16-Oct-75	
Lucas, Billy Wade	08-Jul-76	
Lucas, Charlie Morgan	05-Jan-78	
Lucas, Ernest Reginal, Sr.	15-Mar-79	
Lucas, Eunice B., Mrs.	15-Jul-76	
Lucas, Gracie Lucille, Mrs.	12-Apr-79	
Lucas, Hattie Reynolds	11-Feb-71	
Lucas, J.D.	29-Nov-73	
Lucas, James Thomas	14-Aug-75	
Lucas, Jessie T., Mrs.	13-Oct-77	
Lucas, Joyce Gail, Mrs.	16-Dec-76	
Lucas, Junior Wesley	01-Mar-79	
Lucas, Otis E.	20-Jan-77	
Luck, Clarice White	15-Apr-76	
Lutz, Jackie Stewart	29-Jul-76	
Lybrand, Ella Cummings, Mrs.	28-Mar-74	
Lybrand, Erphy Merrell West, Mrs.	11-Apr-74	
Lyman, Florence Boyd, Mrs.	31-Aug-78	
Lyman, William Paul	18-Nov-76	
Lynch, Frank Morgan	06-Jan-77	
Lyon, Herbert R.	11-Jun-70	
Lyon, Luther	15-Jul-76	
Lyon, Myrtle, Mrs.	27-Jan-72	
Lyon, Polly Isbell, Mrs.	29-Jan-76	
MacMillan, Rustem Henderson	27-Oct-77	
Maddox, Cathy Lee	11-Oct-79	
Maddox, Gaddis P., Mr.	29-Apr-76	
Maddox, Marjorie Morrow, Mrs.	24-Apr-75	
Mahaffey, Charles Henry	18-Aug-77	
Mahaffey, Mabel Leslie	19-Jan-78	
Mahan, Stanley M., Sr., Mrs.	26-Aug-76	
Majors, Elvee R., Mrs.	09-Sep-76	
Maloney, Margery E.	21-Jul-77	
Marshall, Rosalie Pickens, Mrs.	 24-May-73	
Martin, Cecil B.	23-Jan-75	
Martin, Charlie	13-Oct-77	
Martin, Earler, Sr.	27-Jun-74	
Martin, Georgie Mae, Mrs.	31-Oct-74	
Martin, Gladys Hendrix	13-Jul-72	
Martin, Jessie C., Mr.	21-Oct-76	
Martin, John Ellis	28-Jul-77	
Martin, Johnny C.	25-May-72	
Martin, Louise, Mrs.	29-Apr-76	
Martin, Mary Irene	25-Jul-76	
Maske, Hershell Wade	15-Jun-72	
Maske, Hugh	25-Oct-79	
Mason, Matthew	28-Mar-74	
Massey, Earnest, Mr.	07-Jun-79	
Massey, Jackie Ray	21-Apr-77	
Massey, Jim	21-Apr-77	
Matherson, Robert M. "Pete"	29-Jul-76	
Mathias, Herbert James	24-Aug-78	
May, Blanch, Mrs.	15-Jul-71	
May, Flora Lee Hess	 24-May-73	
Maynard, William H.	08-Jan-70	
Mays, Bertie Mae, Mrs.	28-Sep-78	
Mayweather, Robert Daniel	02-Oct-75	
McAnally, Linda	16-Dec-76	
McAnally, Linda	03-Mar-77	
McCall, Lula Mae Garrett	26-Apr-79	
McCartney, Bessie L.	15-Mar-79	
McCellon, Amber	15-Jul-71	
McCellon, James	15-Jul-71	
McCluskey, Henry E.	29-Sep-77	
McCombs, Charles Adison	01-Dec-77	
McConaughy, William Dickinson	22-Nov-79	
McCoy, Minnie A., Mrs.	16-Dec-76	
McCreight, Ross Ray	25-Jul-74	
McCullers, Graham Blair	03-Aug-78	
McCullough, William	21-Jun-79	
McCune, James T.	06-Dec-79	
McDade, John Allen	02-Jan-75	
McDaniel, Charles	17-Oct-74	
McDaniel, Jane Moon, Mrs.	28-Feb-74	
McDonald, Bert	30-Aug-73	
McDonald, Vernon Edward	21-Jul-77	
McDonald, Vernon Edward	28-Jul-77	
McDonough, Lucille E.	01-Mar-79	
McDow, James T.	 05-Jul-73	
McDow, Richard H., Lt.	06-Jul-72	
McEwen, Gertrude Nall, Mrs.	10-Aug-72	
McEwen, John Frank	06-Jan-77	
McEwen, Noble, Dr.	18-Nov-71	
McEwen, Robert Travis	22-Jun-72	
McEwen, William Mabry	31-Jan-74	
McGaughy, Rodney D.	14-Jun-79	
McGaughy, Thom Thomas "Tom"	31-Oct-74	
McGiboney, Alice Barnett, Mrs.	09-Mar-72	
McGiboney, Elmer	10-Apr-75	
McGiboney, Luther	17-Oct-74	
McGinnis, Will	08-Jun-72	
McGlawn, Clora, Mrs.	30-Jun-77	
McGraw, Richard T., Sr.	15-Nov-73	
McGuire, Dudley	15-Nov-79	
McGuire, William Lelus	01-Aug-74	
McKinnon, Henry T.	19-Jul-79	
McManus, Oliver Lewis	11-Apr-74	
McNeal, Gimmie, Mrs.	04-Aug-77	
McNeel, Albert	02-Mar-78	
Mealer, Ernest	13-Jul-78	
Melton, Ed E.	21-Sep-78	
Merrell, Anna M.	24-Mar-77	
Merrell, Evie, Miss	 18-Jan-73	
Merrell, J.Z., Mr.	13-Jan-77	
Merrell, James Samuel	15-Mar-79	
Middleton, Nadine P.	23-Mar-78	
Milford, Guy	31-Jul-75	
Miller, Delilah Curry, Mrs.	24-Aug-78	
Miller, Glenn A.	01-Oct-70	
Miller, Richard Frank	08-Mar-79	
Milstead, Eleanor Lillian	26-Jan-78	
Milstead, Ruby, Mrs.	24-Jun-76	
Mims, Monroe	21-Dec-78	
Missildine, W.R., Mr.	28-Jun-79	
Mitchell, Billy	11-Aug-77	
Mitchell, Carolyn Louise	21-Dec-78	
Mitchell, Craig	14-May-70	
Mitchell, George Howard	08-Jun-72	
Mitchell, Mattie Elizabeth	19-Feb-76	
Mitchell, William Franklin	11-Jan-79	
Mitchem, James Leonard	24-Aug-78	
Mitchem/Mitchum, Mary Glass	07-Dec-78	
Moiser, George M., Sr.	27-Sep-79	
Molgedei, Charlotte Auguste, Mrs.	29-Sep-77	
Moncrief, Pellum O., Jr.	10-May-79	
Montgomery, Charles	30-Oct-75	
Moody, Jerry Neil	11-Aug-77	
Moody, Monnie Frances, Mrs.	03-Aug-78	
Moon, Tiny, Mrs.	22-Apr-76	
Moon, William Henry	01-Sep-77	
Mooney, Annie, Mrs.	09-Jan-75	
Mooney, Howard E., Sr.	24-Apr-75	
Mooney, Samuel Arthur	07-Apr-77	
Mooney, Tommy	01-Mar-73	
Moore, Bessie G., Mrs.	01-Jan076	
Moore, Buford G.	04-Jan-79	
Moore, Edna Lee	14-Dec-78	
Moore, Ever Lee, Mrs.	06-Apr-78	
Moore, Georgia, Mrs.	25-Jul-74	
Moore, Margaret Gibson	21-Feb-74	
Moore, Martha Elizabeth	24-Aug-78	
Moore, Olive Mae, Mrs.	29-Jan-76	
Moore, Robert E. Lee	05-Apr-79	
Moore, Walter E.	18-Jun-70	
Moreland, Frederick Eugene	14-Oct-76	
Moreland, James L.	24-Aug-78	
Moreland, Mike	27-Jul-78	
Morgan, Frank, Rev.	09-Oct-75	
Morris, Edna Irene	02-Mar-78	
Morris, Harry Merlin, Jr.	05-Aug-76	
Morrison, Minnie, Mrs.	08-Jan-70	
Moss, Robert Lee, Sr.	08-Jun-78	
Mowery, Paul Reid	24-Jun-76	
Mullins, Fred F.	07-Oct-71	
Mullins, Ross Bob	20-Apr-78	
Muncy, Elfie E., Mrs.	08-Feb-79	
Murphree, Sarah Catherine	24-Jul-75	
Muse, Margie, Mrs.	30-Nov-78	
Nabors, Anna Eleanor Naish	11-Jan-79	
Nabors, Anna, Miss	22-Jul-76	
Nall, S.R., Mrs.	16-Jul-70	
Napier, Mary, Mrs.	27-Jul-72	
Nash, Charlie Howard	04-Jul-74	
Neal, Dennis A., Mr.	24-Feb-72	
Nelson, Craig Jerry	16-Aug-79	
Nelson, Pearl C.	05-Mar-70	
Newell, John Edgar	23-Sep-76	
Nichols, Greg	28-Mar-74	
Nichols, James Offie	21-Dec-72	
Nichols, Vernell	14-Sep-78	
Nickerson, Edwin Briggs	15-Feb-73	
Niven, Annie, Mrs.	09-Feb-78	
Niven, Elizabeth	 25-Jan-73	
Niven, James	09-Mar-78	
Nivens, Clay L.	07-Jun-79	
Nix, Bliss "Pete"	20-Jun-74	
Nixon, Dayle W.	13-Jul-72	
Nixon, Helen Aline	03-Aug-78	
Nolan, Paul	07-Aug-75	
Nolen, Thelma Evert D.	25-Feb-71	
Norene, Maude Platt	15-Dec-77	
Norris, Brenda Cheryl	02-Mar-78	
Norris, Franklin	13-Aug-70	
Norris, Kitty, Mrs.	13-Sep-73	
Norton, William Windson	01-Apr-71	
Norwood, Stella F.	01-Jul-76	
Oden, Ardell	09-Mar-78	
Oden, Mary Ann, Mrs.	15-Dec-77	
O'Grady, Sharon, Mrs.	18-Oct-73	
O'Kelly, Velma David, Mrs.	14-Nov-74	
O'Neal, William J.	06-Feb-75	
Orr, Milton Lee, Sr.	13-Feb-75	
Osborne, Larry	29-Nov-79	
Osborne, Larry	06-Dec-79	
Owens, Gladys Elizabeth	19-Aug-76	
Owens, John H.	23-Sep-76	
Owsley, Mabel	14-Sep-78	
Ozley, Bernice T., Mrs.	13-Jul-78	
Ozley, James Bruce	09-Feb-78	
Ozley, Jessie Evans, Mrs.	12-Oct-78	
Pacifico, Maureen Harman, Dr.	07-Dec-78	
Pair, Bertie, Mrs.	04-Mar-71	
Parker, Henry Grady	21-Dec-72	
Parker, W.J., Jr.	19-Oct-72	
Parker, William A.	05-Feb-76	
Parks, Rebecca Ann, Miss	04-Apr-74	
Parnell, Nell Jackson, Mrs.	03-Apr-75	
Parrish, O.T., Mrs.	30-Apr-70	
Partridge, Edward, Mr.	07-Oct-76	
Partridge, John Henry	11-Jul-74	
Pascal, Rufus	15-Oct-70	
Pate, James W.	25-Jul-74	
Patterson, Lonnie L, Sr.	04-Apr-74	
Patterson, William M.	28-Sep-78	
Payne, Edna Florence	20-Mar-75	
Payne, John Oscar	09-Mar-72	
Payne, Thelma Lee	21-Dec-78	
Payne, William Dorman	22-Sep-77	
Peacock, W.C., Mrs.	10-Apr-75	
Pearce, Aubrey Eugene	06-Dec-79	
Pearson, Alfred, Jr.	12-Aug-71	
Pearson, Charles Benton	10-Nov-77	
Pearson, E. Pauline	16-Aug-79	
Pearson, Thelma Tumlin	10-May-79	
Pearson, Willie Earl	10-Dec-70	
Peeples, J.C.	07-Jan-71	
Pemberton, Larry Charles	28-Sep-78	
Penhale, William John	22-Feb-79	
Pennington, James Harold	11-Dec-75	
Perkins, Solly Howard, Sr.	05-Aug-76	
Perrin, Charles Preston	15-Dec-77	
Perry, Bruce Harvey	20-Jan-72	
Perry, Lanis, Mrs.	20-Nov-75	
Perry, Zula Iris	28-Sep-78	
Peters, Ella, Miss	04-Aug-77	
Peters, George	03-Aug-78	
Peters, Herbert L.	20-Jan-72	
Peters, Mary Miss	01-Jan-76	
Peters, Nellie, Mrs.	14-Sep-72	
Peterson, Nell Winston, Miss	29-Mar-79	
Pfister, Cletus L.	16-Jan-75	
Phelps, Leland	06-Jan-72	
Phillips, Clara Bell, Mrs.	27-Oct-77	
Phillips, Ida J., Mrs.	12-Nov-70	
Phillips, Joseph Austin "Bud"	09-Feb-78	
Phillips, Nathan Edwin	23-Jun-77	
Phillips, Walter, Mr.	26-Jun-75	
Pickett, Calvin Roscoe	01-Mar-79	
Pickett, Martha Frances, Mrs.	25-May-78	
Pickett, Stella Lawley	03-Oct-74	
Pickett, Thomas J.	05-Dec-74	
Pickett, William Joseph "Bill"	 07-Jun-73	
Pierce, Frances Geneva	06-Jan-77	
Pierce, Sam	26-Feb-76	
Pilgreen, James H.	14-Jun-79	
Pilgreen, Mattie Ella	25-Jan-79	
Pippens, Douglas	29-Jul-76	
Pitts, John, Mrs.	15-Jun-78	
Plier, Doyle	21-Mar-74	
Poe, Bradley Wayne	13-Jan-72	
Poe, Sally A.	16-Aug-79	
Poe, Thomas Walter	29-Jan-76	
Poland, Clarence "Pat"	02-Apr-79	
Polk, Burl Samuel	18-May-78	
Polk, James K., Jr.	24-Aug-78	
Polk, James K., Jr.	14-Sep-78	
Polk, Joseph Elmer	05-Feb-76	
Pope, John	14-Dec-78	
Popwell, Adolphus Earl, Sr.	22-Jul-76	
Porch, William	11-May-78	
Pounders, Louie Alvie, Mr.	02-May-74	
Pratt, Lorene Brasher, Mrs.	16-Jan-75	
Prescott, Beatrice Moore	05-Aug-76	
Price, Edward L.	29-Sep-77	
Printess, Robert	06-Sep-73	
Priola, Vincent, Mrs.	03-Feb-77	
Pritchett, William A., Sr.	22-Jul-76	
Pruitt, Donald Ray	07-Jul-77	
Pruitt, John Franklin	20-Apr-72	
Pullen, Dora Perry, Mrs.	29-May-75	
Putman, James Anthony	03-Feb-77	
Putman, Mary Waldrop	20-Sep-79	
Radcliff, Ruby	15-Nov-79	
Raley, James T.	14-Oct-71	
Ralston, Howard E.	16-Jun-77	
Ramsey, Duane	12-Sep-74	
Randolph, Flyent E.	23-Jun-77	
Rape, Mary Etta Thornton, Mrs.	29-Jun-72	
Ratliff, Carol S.	06-Dec-79	
Ray, Audrey, Mrs.	17-Oct-74	
Ray, Ethel Whorton, Mrs.	04-Apr-74	
Ray, John Cecil	29-Mar-79	
Ray, Mary Frances "Mollie"	21-May-70	
Ray, Mary Inez	04-Jan-79	
Ray, Nettie Walton, Mrs.	14-Mar-74	
Ray, Ottice Perry	 25-Jan-73	
Ray, Raymond Charles	19-Oct-78	
Ray, Revie D.	19-Oct-78	
Ray, Robert Jasper	19-Jun-75	
Ray, Robert M., Mrs.	17-Feb-77	
Ray, William Edgar	23-May-74	
Raybon, Gladys A., Mrs.	09-Feb-78	
Reach, Charles Luther, Sr.	03-Feb-77	
Reach, Huey A.	10-Mar-70	
Reach, Sam C.	19-Jun-75	
Reach, Samuel A.	16-Sep-76	
Redmond, Howard R. "Ray"	 07-Jun-73	
Reed, George C., Sr.	25-Nov-76	
Reed, Michael Tony	27-Feb-75	
Reed, William	08-Apr-76	
Reeder, Lonnie, Mrs.	16-Jan-75	
Reid, James Robert	21-Oct-76	
Reid, Lucile Horn	12-Jan-78	
Reinhardt, Lillian, Mrs.	06-Apr-78	
Reneau, Willard P.	19-Feb-76	
Reno, Infant Twins of Mr. & Mrs. James W., Jr.	06-Jan-77	
Reno, James W., Jr.	15-Feb-79	
Reynolds, Jamie, Mrs.	07-Aug-75	
Reynolds, Mary Frances	24-Jun-76	
Rhinehart, Albert	14-Dec-78	
Rhoden, Aline Clara	29-Jul-76	
Rhodes, Arthur, Sr.	19-Feb-76	
Rhodes, Luvella S., Mrs.	22-Dec-77	
Rich, Theodore, Rev. "Ted"	27-Oct-77	
Richards, Clarence	25-Nov-76	
Riddle, J.D., Mr.	06-Jun-74	
Riddle, Lula Hunter, Mrs.	02-Nov-72	
Riffe, George D.	19-Apr-79	
Riley, James E.	29-Mar-73	
Ritch, Isaac Sherman	01-Feb-79	
Roach, George	25-Mar-76	
Roach, James Newton	04-Mar-71	
Roach, Lyle Edwin	02-Nov-78	
Roach, Wiley Houston	14-Sep-78	
Roberson, William Edward	17-May-79	
Roberts, Harry Mims, IV "Robin"	04-Oct-73	
Roberts, Hubert Erbane	30-Mar-78	
Robertson, J.C., Mr.	27-Jun-74	
Robertson, William Franklin	03-Nov-77	
Robinson, Arthur Winston	14-Sep-78	
Robinson, Charles Huston	07-Jul-77	
Robinson, James	10-Jul-75	
Robinson, Julia Grenhaw, Mrs.	30-Mar-72	
Robyns, Louis	30-Dec-71	
Rochester, Jack D., Rev.	02-Mar-72	
Roe, Vivian I.	12-Sep-74	
Rogers, Robert M.	25-Mar-71	
Rogers, Wallace	11-Dec-75	
Roland, Albert C., Sr.	27-Apr-72	
Roland, Ethel Desmond, Mrs.	15-Jun-78	
Rosser, Tina	15-Jan-76	
Roudebush, Gladys Jones-Williams, Mrs.	08-Feb-79	
Rowland, Polly Coatney, Mrs.	24-Jun-71	
Rubin, J., Mrs.	27-Jan-72	
Rummel, Bernard G.	27-Sep-79	
Rummell, Elan Elizabeth, Mrs.	18-Jul-74	
Rush, Mary Adeline	18-Jan-79	
Rush, T.C., Sr.	02-Sep-71	
Rush, Thomas Lyon	01-Nov-79	
Ryan, Albert T.	18-Nov-71	
Rylant, Maurine, Mrs.	09-Aug-73	
Salser, Jessie B., Mrs.	22-Apr-76	
Salser, Robert Lee	03-Mar-77	
Sammons, Rosa Eva Varden	20-May-71	
Sample, John Robert	29-Sep-77	
Sanders, Albert H.	04-Aug-77	
Sanders, Newt E.	02-Jun-77	
Sandlin, James David	18-Jan-79	
Santos, Rimagio	22-Jun-72	
Satterwhite, Mike	25-Mar-76	
Sawyer, Johnny, Sgt.	02-Aug-73	
Scarborough, Albert A.	04-Mar-71	
Scarborough, Samuel M.	26-Feb-76	
Schrader, Claude Jackson	24-Mar-77	
Schrader, Robert C.	08-Feb-79	
Schrader, Sylvia Sue	03-Aug-78	
Scoggins, Joseph V.	08-Mar-79	
Scoggins, Larry J.	24-Feb-72	
Scoggins, Minnie Dovie	22-Jul-76	
Scott, Albert L.	29-Nov-79	
Scott, Edom A.	09-Mar-78	
Scott, Leila, Mrs.	10-Sep-70	
Scott, Myra Frances Frost	12-Apr-79	
Scott, Wilma Nickerson, Mrs.	27-Dec-79	
Seale, Earl Leslie, Jr.	18-Dec-75	
Seale, Ermon Vaughan	18-Nov-76	
Seale, Gladys Rebecca, Mrs.	15-Mar-79	
Seale, Henry Dewey	17-May-79	
Seale, Nellie Church, Mrs.	25-Oct-79	
Sears, Margaret P.	28-Jan-71	
Seely, Harmon Ambrose	07-Jul-77	
Sellers, Jason Darrell	02-Dec-76	
Sexton, Myrtle Irene, Mrs.	07-Oct-71	
Sexton, William R.	13-May-71	
Sharbutt, Ira Leroy	17-Oct-74	
Shaw, Adron C., Mr.	28-Mar-74	
Shaw, Cecil	30-Jul-70	
Shaw, Melvin	02-Jan-75	
Sheets, Howard Taft	06-Jan-72	
Sherrell, Thomas Alvin, Sr.	22-Mar-79	
Sherrer, Charles Dewitt	07-Jun-79	
Sherrer, William Alton	19-Sep-74	
Shifflett, Wayne	27-Apr-72	
Shiflett, Ray Eugene	18-Oct-79	
Shiflett, Raymond Eugene	25-Oct-79	
Shirley, Clarence A.	21-Sep-78	
Shirley, Herman	30-Nov-78	
Shoemaker, L.E. "Red"	26-Mar-70	
Shoffit, Ella Blanche, Mrs.	19-Jul-73	
Shrum, June Taylor	15-Nov-79	
Simmons, Allen Murrel	16-Jun-77	
Simmons, Clarence G.	29-Sep-77	
Simmons, Vera Mullins, Mrs.	14-Sep-78	
Sims, Eula Margaret	01-Nov-79	
Sims, Irey, Mr.	02-Aug-73	
Sims, Johnie Haynes	19-Jan-78	
Sims, Kate F.	25-Mar-76	
Sims, Mary Estelle, Mrs.	02-Mar-72	
Skinner, John F.	 12-Jul-73	
Smalley, Roy	02-Apr-70	
Smith, Annie T.	19-Aug-76	
Smith, Bertha	03-Nov-77	
Smith, C.A., Mr.	28-Jun-79	
Smith, Debra	29-Mar-79	
Smith, Dovie Frances	19-Oct-78	
Smith, Ethel Seale	30-Nov-78	
Smith, Gary Wayne	18-Dec-75	
Smith, Georgia Ann	24-May-79	
Smith, Harry	01-Jul-76	
Smith, James E.	11-Jul-74	
Smith, James Edward	27-Sep-73	
Smith, James L.	28-Apr-77	
Smith, James Marvin	24-Mar-77	
Smith, Jannie Lou, Mrs.	22-Dec-77	
Smith, John Obed	01-Nov-79	
Smith, John Obed	08-Nov-79	
Smith, John W.	24-Jun-71	
Smith, Katherine Powell Noland	27-Jan-77	
Smith, Lena Gill	03-Feb-72	
Smith, Lucian, Mr.	09-Aug-79	
Smith, Mary Lee	30-Jun-77	
Smith, Milton Myron	22-Sep-77	
Smith, Nora Hyatt, Mrs.	05-Feb-70	
Smith, Paul S.	13-Sep-73	
Smith, Ricky Lynn	15-Aug-74	
Smith, Robert P., Sr.	06-Jan-72	
Smith, Sherry Shoemaker, Mrs.	13-Jul-78	
Smith, W.B.	01-Jun-72	
Smith, Walter Scott, Jr.	10-Dec-70	
Smith, Wiley L.	05-Feb-70	
Smith, William Arthur, Jr.	28-Aug-75	
Smith, William I.	05-Apr-73	
Smitherman, Andy, Mr.	18-Jan-79	
Smitherman, Floyd	21-Sep-78	
Smitherman, Mary, Mrs.	 31-May-73	
Smitherman, Ollie Columbus	25-Sep-75	
Smock, Grace Ogden, Mrs.	07-Dec-78	
Smoke, Sallie Holladay, Mrs.	02-Dec-76	
Snell, Vesta Love, Mrs.	19-Aug-76	
Sorrell, Rancy	25-Mar-76	
Sorrells, Lula H., Mrs.	29-May-75	
Spain, John Wesley	26-Jul-79	
Spates, Elven Samuel	12-Oct-78	
Spicer, John Harold	11-May-78	
Spidel, James	02-Aug-73	
Splawn, Samuel Paige	27-Oct-77	
Spradley, Amos. J.	17-Dec-70	
Spradley, Ronald P.	02-Mar-78	
Spruiell, Marie B., Mrs.	30-Dec-71	
Srygley, Milton Don	12-May-77	
Staffney, Betty Jean Purnell	02-Jan-75	
Stagner, Willie, Mrs.	30-Nov-78	
Standifer, Dan	29-Jan-76	
Steel, Gerald	02-Mar-78	
Steele, Lloyd, Mr.	17-May-79	
Stewart, T.T., Mr.	13-Sep-79	
Stinson, A.D., Mrs.	19-Feb-70	
Stinson, Annie Kate	04-Apr-74	
Stinson, Billy Guy	01-Jul-71	
Stinson, Flossie	 17-May-73	
Stinson, John Firmon	01-Oct-70	
Stinson, Offie	12-Oct-72	
Stinson, Roy	02-Mar-78	
Stinson, Thomas Cleburn	11-Nov-76	
Stinson, Tom, Mrs.	11-Jun-70	
Stinson, William S., Dr.	08-Jul-71	
Stockdale, Lydia Aileen Virgin	15-Jan-70	
Stone, Dellie Ray, Mrs.	19-Nov-70	
Stone, Maggie W., Mrs.	11-May-72	
Stone, Sam	06-Feb-75	
Streeter, Chester	 10-May-73	
Strickland, William Herschiel	15-Jun-78	
Stricklin, Ervil R.	29-Sep-77	
Stringfield, Jackie, Mrs.	20-Apr-72	
Strother, Henderson W.	14-Nov-74	
Stroud, Archie Lee	09-Feb-78	
Stubbs, Mable W.	29-Mar-79	
Sullivan, E.J., Mr.	05-Dec-74	
Sumners, Charles E.	28-May-70	
Swann, Clarence Forney	03-Jun-71	
Swann, Lucy, Mrs.	 17-May-73	
Sykes, Clarence M.	16-Dec-71	
Sykes, Ethel	29-Jan-70	
Talley, Dale	13-Jul-72	
Talton, John Harold	30-Jan-75	
Talton, Lela Shaw, Mrs.	11-Jul-74	
Tatum, Roy Samuel	22-Apr-76	
Taylor, Betty M.	06-Apr-78	
Taylor, Garvin	16-Aug-79	
Taylor, Gertrude, Mrs.	25-May-78	
Taylor, Hugh Lawrence	06-Mar-75	
Taylor, Imogene, Mrs.	14-Feb-74	
Taylor, James T.	21-Jul-77	
Taylor, Jennie, Miss	22-Mar-79	
Taylor, Jennie, Mrs.	23-Dec-71	
Taylor, Jesse M., Mrs.	05-Jan-78	
Taylor, Lawrence "Larry"	26-Apr-79	
Taylor, Lester	03-Nov-77	
Taylor, William A. "Buddy"	18-Apr-74	
Templin, Fred Wilton	26-Jan-78	
Templin, John B.	26-Jan-78	
Terry, Allen L., Dr.	13-Jan-72	
Terry, Besse Tate, Dr.	23-Feb-78	
Terry, Helene M., Mrs.	08-Jul-76	
Thames, Harold Burton	23-Mar-78	
Thomas, Anna May	22-Jan-70	
Thomas, Edgar	27-Sep-73	
Thomas, Eloise Lawley, Mrs.	21-May-70	
Thomas, Henry	22-Jan-70	
Thomas, Pinkie, Mrs.	01-Apr-71	
Thomason, Lillie, Miss	 08-Feb-73	
Thompson, Charlotte Adel	22-Nov-79	
Thompson, Hollis B.	25-May-78	
Thompson, Jeff David	16-Feb-78	
Thompson, Lorene Bertram	29-Mar-79	
Thompson, Richard Aubrey	22-Apr-76	
Thornburg, Evie Lee, Mrs.	17-Feb-72	
Thrash, Amos Y.	19-Jan-78	
Thrash, Isaac E., Mr.	05-Feb-70	
Thrash, Isaac E., Mrs.	05-Feb-70	
Thrasher, Cecil Cicero	23-Sep-76	
Thweatt, Lillie Moore, Mrs.	25-Feb-71	
Tidmore, Della Faulkner	12-Oct-78	
Tinney, C.R.	06-Jul-72	
Tinney, C.R.	13-Jul-72	
Tinney, Marvin Otis	31-May-79	
Tinsley, Florence Yeates, Mrs.	19-Jun-75	
Tinsley, George F.	21-Sep-78	
Townsend, David	04-Nov-76	
Traub, Joseph	20-Sep-79	
Trott, Jessie Frances	24-Jun-76	
Trotter, L.A., Rev.	26-Dec-74	
Trumbauer, Walter H., Mrs.	28-Oct-76	
Tucker, Ada, Mrs.	19-Feb-70	
Tucker, Alice Belle, Mrs.	06-Jan-77	
Tucker, John Allan	29-Nov-73	
Tullos, Frank	19-Dec-74	
Turnbloom, Marjorie Elizabeth "Lib"	07-Jul-77	
Turner, Henry Ford, Dr.	30-Dec-76	
Turner, John Guy	31-Mar-77	
Turner, Joseph B., Sr.	 10-May-73	
Turner, Travis Edward	16-Jan-75	
Tyler, Louis Elvin	25-Oct-79	
Unidentified, Young Woman (see Betts)	01-Apr-76	
Unidentified, Young Woman (see Betts)	08-Apr-76	
Unknow, Infant Boy  "Mystery Baby"	05-Oct-78	
Upton, James H.	29-Nov-73	
Van Wagner/Vanwager, Robert Earl	27-Oct-77	
Vanderslice, Lura Odell	16-Jun-77	
Vanderslice, Shelby T.	18-Mar-76	
Vansant, Mary Ellen	07-Jun-79	
Vardaman, John I.	04-Nov-71	
Varden, Mary Jane	10-Mar-77	
Vaughan, Howell Taylor	30-Jun-77	
Veazey, R.L., Mrs.	20-Jul-72	
Viars, Lillie Parlee	11-Feb-71	
Vick, Alice, Mrs.	24-Jan-74	
Vick, Alice, Mrs.	31-Jan-74	
Vickery, Clyde W. "Buck"	12-Dec-74	
Vickery, Ida Florence	02-Apr-70	
Vickery, Katherine, Dr.	24-Aug-78	
Vines, Howard H., Rev.	08-Nov-73	
Vital Statistics for April 1970	14-May-70	
Vital Statistics for April 1972	06-Jun-72	
Vital Statistics for August 1970	08-Oct-70	
Vital Statistics for December 1971	24-Feb-72	
Vital Statistics for February 1970	02-Apr-70	
Vital Statistics for February 1971	08-Apr-71	
Vital Statistics for January 1970	26-Feb-70	
Vital Statistics for July 1970	27-Aug-70	
Vital Statistics for June 1970	16-Jul-70	
Vital Statistics for June 1971	22-Jul-71	
Vital Statistics for March 1972	11-May-72	
Vital Statistics for May 1971	22-Jul-71	
Vital Statistics for May 1972	22-Jun-72	
Vital Statistics for October 1970	17-Dec-70	
Vital Statistics for October 1971	02-Dec-71	
Vital Statistics for September 1971	04-Nov-71	
Vizzina, John	09-Nov-78	
Wade, Stella Alice	24-Aug-78	
Waggoner, Scott Mitchell	19-Jul-79	
Waites, Cornelia, Mrs.	16-Aug-79	
Wakefield, Thomas M.	04-Nov-76	
Walden, J.F., Mrs.	25-Dec-75	
Walden, Joseph F.	25-Nov-71	
Waldrop, John T.	08-Feb-79	
Waldrop, Mary J.	12-Jan-78	
Walker, Ada Belle	15-Feb-79	
Walker, L.A., Mr.	03-Aug-78	
Walker, L.C., Judge	19-Aug-76	
Walker, Russell	07-Apr-77	
Wallace, Donald F.	23-Dec-71	
Wallace, Idiller Baker	03-Aug-78	
Wallace, Jasper A.	24-Aug-72	
Wallace, Jessie Davis, Mr.	19-May-77	
Wallace, Tammy	 30-Aug-73	
Waller, Curtis Thomas	24-Feb-72	
Walters, Emily Read, Mrs.	29-Nov-79	
Walters, John Bennett, Jr., Dr.	02-Aug-79	
Walton, Albert C.	04-Nov-76	
Walton, Elbert A.	10-Apr-75	
Walton, Gaston W.	16-Jun-77	
Walton, Homer J.	27-Jul-78	
Walton, Horace E., Sr.	01-Dec-77	
Walton, Joseph Benjaman	01-Apr-71	
Walton, Mary McGuire	05-Jan-78	
Walton, Robert Lewis, Jr. "Bob"	05-Jan-78	
Walton, Sadie Mae	20-Sep-79	
Walton, Walter Daniel	14-Dec-78	
Ward, Silas Jetson, Mr.	10-May-79	
Warren, Mary, Mrs.	08-Nov-79	
Watkins, Nellie Alberta	27-Jan-77	
Watson, Beula C., Mrs.	09-Dec-76	
Watson, William T.	30-Nov-78	
Watts, John W.	12-Sep-74	
Weaver, Curtis	21-Jun-79	
Webb, Johnny Emory	03-Mar-77	
Weber, Eula T., Mrs.	15-Nov-73	
Weems, Virginia B.	18-Nov-76	
Weldon, Anna B. (Mrs. John Weldon)	02-Jun-77	
Weldon, David Wayne	18-May-72	
Weldon, John Sherrell	28-Aug-75	
Weldon, John, Mrs. (Anna B. Weldon)	09-Jun-77	
Wells, Frank	24-Jun-71	
Wells, J. Wayne	10-Mar-77	
Wells, Milton Leroy	28-Sep-78	
West, Josie, Mrs.	07-Mar-74	
Whatley, Theo Almedia Parks, Mrs.	04-Mar-76	
Wheatley, Lillie Harris, Mrs.	24-May-79	
Wheeler, George McGruder	17-Apr-75	
Wheeler, Joseph Howell "Bill"	28-Jun-79	
Whisenhunt, Charlie	29-Jan-76	
Whitaker, Robert M.	21-Jul-77	
White, Carl	12-Apr-79	
White, Carl Dover	16-Sep-71	
White, Claude Peyton, Jr.	30-Nov-78	
White, Grady Benjamin	29-Sep-77	
White, Olean, Miss	30-Dec-71	
White, Sandra Kemp, Mrs.	02-May-74	
Whitfield, Odeas Hancil, Jr.	02-Dec-76	
Whithurst, Cheryl	08-Mar-79	
Whitsell, Mattilene Sharbutt	01-Jun-78	
Whitten, Bruce	08-Nov-73	
Whittle, I.C., Mr. "Pop"	01-Jun-78	
Whorton, Arthur H.	08-Jun-78	
Whorton, Mary Dew, Mrs.	19-Jul-79	
Whorton, Mary Dew, Mrs.	09-Aug-79	
Wildman, Marshall E.	09-Mar-78	
Williams, Anna Izola	03-Mar-77	
Williams, Effie Mae Fulton	28-Jul-77	
Williams, Eloise Milstead	25-Oct-79	
Williams, Howard Leon	03-Feb-77	
Williams, John	14-Feb-74	
Williams, Joshua	15-Dec-77	
Williams, Leslie	15-Dec-77	
Williams, Louise Gray, Mrs.	19-Oct-78	
Williams, Lula A., Mrs.	22-Jun-78	
Williams, Sammy	15-Jun-72	
Williams, Uyless Lester	21-Sep-78	
Williamson, Mattie Lee	02-Mar-78	
Williamson, William Ervin	21-May-70	
Willis, Edward L.	17-Jun-76	
Willis, John Lee	29-Apr-71	
Wilson, Ada Eckard, Mrs.	27-Jan-72	
Wilson, Elizabeth, Mrs.	04-May-78	
Wilson, Gracie Baker, Mrs.	28-Oct-76	
Wilson, James A.	22-Apr-71	
Wilson, John Henry	13-Jul-78	
Windson, Ze Noma G.	30-Jun-77	
Windsor, Ze Noma G.	30-Jun-77	
Winslett, George H.	03-May-73	
Winslett, Henry Dillard	19-Jan-78	
Winslett, Hubert Franklin	12-Aug-76	
Witcher, William L.	13-Feb-75	
Wix, Ollie M., Mr.	11-Jan-79	
Wolfe, Robert	22-Feb-79	
Wood, Clyde	29-Jul-76	
Wood, Johnie R. , Mr. "Onnie"	14-Jun-79	
Wood, Kenneth Doyle	20-Apr-78	
Wood, Kenneth Doyle	27-Apr-78	
Wood, Roy Calvin	14-Jun-79	
Wood, Terry	28-Jul-77	
Woodruff, Ollie Davis, Sr.	 31-May-73	
Woods, David Belton	25-May-78	
Woods, Zola Mae	29-Mar-79	
Wooley, Claudie, Mrs.	30-Nov-78	
Wooley, James Brooks	27-Jul-72	
Wooley, Nattie Lou Graham	02-Feb-78	
Woolley, Adrian Reid, Sr.	19-Jul-79	
Woolley, Carrie Mae, Miss.	06-Nov-75	
Woolley, E.L., Mr.	08-Apr-76	
Woolley, Mary Ida	17-Mar-77	
Woolley, Samuel Reason "Reese"	08-Jun-78	
Wooten, Christina M.	18-Jan-79	
Wooten, Luther William	12-Mar-70	
Wright, Honest B.	12-Jan-78	
Wyatt, Georgia E., Mrs.	31-Aug-72	
Wyatt, Henry Grady	19-Feb-70	
Wyatt, James Roy	16-Dec-76	
Wyatt, John E.	08-Mar-79	
Wyatt, Leonard N., Mrs.	03-Jul-75	
Wyatt, Leonard Newton	18-Apr-74	
York, Linda Smith (missing)	19-Jun-75	
Youell, Janet Riddle, Mrs.	13-Dec-73	
Young, Alton	28-Jul-77	
Young, E.M., Mrs.	16-Jan-75	
Young, Edna, Mrs.	12-Oct-78	
Young, Maureen Chapman, Mrs.	11-Nov-76	
Young, Mitchell	21-Sep-78	
Young, Oscar Forney	13-Dec-73