Ambassador Program


Ambassador Program
Shelby County Historical Society

Old Courthouse

The Shelby County Historical Society Ambassador Program is a volunteer service organization.

The Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers representing the Shelby County Historical Society. They act as liaison between the Society and our membership. Their mission is to welcome, nurture, and recruit new Society members; act as goodwill representatives at Society functions, and aid in the support of other Society members.

The focus of the Shelby County Historical Society Ambassador Program is:

  • To support and actively participate in the goals and action plans established by the Board of Directors and Society Officers.
  • To welcome and involve existing members through participation in Society sponsored events.
  • To recruit new Society members.
  • To contact new members to encourage involvement in the Society.
  • To act as a host to introduce others.
  • To greet everyone at quarterly Society meetings and social functions, making them feel welcome.
  • To participate in quarterly Society meetings.
  • To represent the Society in a professional manner.
  • To nominate an Ambassador of the year for the November 2009 quarterly meeting.

    Wow ... That's a huge commitment for volunteers!

    You're right it is. However, our Society is fortunate enough to have individuals like these who believe in the value of the Shelby County Historical Society and the Shelby County Museum & Archives. They also feel an obligation as a Society member to devote their time, knowledge, and experience to work for continued growth in the Shelby County Historical Society. We are proud of our Shelby County Historical Society Ambassadors!

    If you are a member of the Shelby County Historical Society and would like to volunteer as an Ambassador to the Ambassador Program please contact Sandy Crumpton or telephone Sandy at the Shelby County Museum & Archives at (205) 669-3912.

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