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Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama

The MCRC is located on the 3rd floor of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library. Photo courtesy Jeff Bennett.

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TIPS TO RESEARCHERS: We suggest you check for your primary person of interest not only under that name in our indexes, but also check for court records of related names. Often the index has only principal parties and not all of those. Several names involved in a suit will be included within the phrases "et al" or "and others" in the case title. Your person may be mentioned even as a principal party, witness, or deponent, but not be included in the index listings. We suggest either using the FIND function in your menu or using our Reverse Master Index to locate surnames in the Defendants column. Expect various misspellings by either the court clerk or the transcriber. Examples, Estill, Estelle, Esteele, Cole, Kole, Coal, etc. Because of hand writing conventions of the time period, o and a, r and s, and S and L may not be readily determined. Thus surnames like Mastin and Martin should both be looked at by the researcher.

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**** MASTER INDEX ****

We have created a Master Index spreadsheet of most of the court books on this page. This does not include Deeds or Probate, but is comprised of all other courts. All books in the 1800s have been completed. Minute books are not included at this time. This is an Excel file with over 60,000 entries. Current as of February 13, 2017.
And here is a Reverse Master Index.


Superior Court of Law and Equity Minutes 1811-1819 Madison Co., Miss. Territory
Superior and Circuit Court Record 1819-1823 State cases


Circuit Court Record Books 1 - 88 1811-1903 Cumulative index.

A total of 94 volumes. (Vols. 2 and 16 are lost books.) .xlsx spreadsheet

Circuit Court Law & Equity Files 1907-1951. Original documents in folders. Alphabetical index.
Circuit Court Loose Files.xls. Original documents in folders
Loose Circuit Court Records 1829-1849.xlsx.
Documents found separated from their original files.

With some exceptions, Minute Book entries are quite brief - usually only a sentence or two.

The Record Book entries, preferred by researchers, are longer and give details of the case.

Superior Court 1813-1814 Circuit Court Minute Book No. 1
Superior Court Minutes 1815 Circuit Court Book No. 2
Superior Court Minutes 1817 Circuit Court
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 6 1820-1821
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 8 1821
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 7 1822
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 9 1822
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 14 1825
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 15 1826
Circuit Court Minute Book No. 56 1877-1879
Additional Circuit Court Minute Book Indexes (Spreadsheet format)


Orphans Court Minutes 1810-1819 Madison Co., Miss. Territory (Probate)


County Court Minutes 1818-1819
County Court Minutes 1823-1824
County Court Minutes 1824-1825
County Court Minutes 1827-1828
State Cases - County Court Minute Books 1877-1911. Detailed examination has shown the following six volumes to be a sort of hybrid between minute books and record books in that they often (but not always) contain considerably more information than a typical court minute book. This is especially true of Book 5 which contains over 300 divorces.

County Court Minute Books (6 volumes) 1877-1911.xlsx spreadsheet

County Court Records - Case Files. 1824-1842. Original documents in folders.
County Court Record Books COMPLETE. Master Index - 25 volumes (2 are missing). 1820-1850; 1877-1881 .xlsx


A wonderful but little used resource. Great detail within cases. All 66 volumes 1811-1917 complete. Here is a sample Divorce Case from Chancery Book A
Chancery Court Record Books Master Index 1811-1917 COMPLETE. All 66 volumes. Excel .xlsx spreadsheet download.
Chancery Court Record Books Reverse Master Index 1811-1917 complete. All 66 volumes. Excel .xlsx spreadsheet download.

Chancery Court Minute Book 1839-1841
Chancery Court Minute Book 1841-1845
Chancery Court Minute Book 1846-1855

Richard B. Purdom vs John McAllister 1820 Chancery Court Record
Chancery Court Record 1872 - 1874 Francis Ward vs LeRoy Walker et al
Chancery Records John S. Moon vs Crowder and Newman


This mercantile business operated on the Tennessee River south of Huntsville. This interesting ledger lists the buyers, their purchases, and the cost of the items. It is possibly from the Asa Shelton and Joel R. Love General Store.

Whitesburg Ledger 1848-51.xls
Sample page from the Whitesburg Ledger


Madison County Alabama Naturalizations & Declarations
The Bragg Collection. Over 60 years ago, attorney William Bragg borrowed thousands of court files for his research. The 35 moving boxes, packed full of documents, were recently returned by his descendants. In some instances only one document was taken from a file, and in others the entire file was taken. A few volunteers are currently indexing these documents and placing them in file folders. This spreadsheet will be periodically updated. Last updated October 2, 2016.
FOUND! Original Probate documents returned after borrowed over 60 years ago. File may vary from 1 page to over a thousand. Much listed as missing in our earlier index.
Spreadsheet of the 1890 Tax List. Scans from this and other years are available from the Tax Assessor's Annex next door to the Madison Co. Records Center. email Ph: 256-532-2366
Criminal Docket Book 1816
Circuit-Superior Court Appearance Docket 1816-1819
Wills, Inventories, Other Returns 1818-1820.xls

Governor's Certificate of Recognition to the Madison County Records Center

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