Marengo County Family Histories
Marengo County Families
Short Histories of Some Early Families

Contributed by Bill D. Boyd


The Abernathy Family

Thomas S. Abernathy, a Methodist minister, was born March 26, 1803 in Brunswick County, VA, and died April 13, 1882, at Dayton, Marengo County, AL. He was one of five preachers to organize the first Methodist Conference of Alabama.

James C. Abernathy was born September 6, 1835 in Old Spring Hill, Marengo County. He joined the CSA and fought in every engagement of the Army of the Tennessee from Murphreesboro to the end of the war. He died in Birmingham Feb 28, 1915. Thomas Y. Abernathy, Methodist minister, was born Oct 13, 1851, at Old Spring Hill, son of William Henry and Rebecca (Grayson) Abernathy. He married April 19, 1876 to Lizzie Johnson of Monroe County.

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The Alexander Family

John D. Alexander was born Sep 15, 1829 in Mecklenburg county, NC and died Feb 24, 1901 at his home near Faunsdale. His father, Joseph Alexander, was born Feb 3, 1793 in NC and died at his home near Dixon Mills, Marengo County.

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The Allen Family

Horatio G. Allen was born at Newburyport, MA, Jan 5, 1792, and died at Dixon Mills, Marengo County, Aug 24, 1862. He and his brother, William Allen, removed from New York to Cahaba when that place was the capital of Alabama. They established a printing office at Cahaba and published or printed the Code of Alabama 1822. Horatio G. sold his interest in the printing office to his brother William, and removed to Marengo County, settling at Dixons Mills, where he died. He taught the first school that was ever taught at Dixons Mills, at what is knows as the Vice graveyard. William C. Allen married Julia Fince of NC. They reared four children. Their only son, Weldon Gray Allen was born Nov 12, 1870.

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The Anderson Family

John C. Anderson and his wife, Elizabeth, natives of Spartanburg Dist., SC, moved to Alabama and settled in Greene County in 1839. Their son, John Crawford Anderson, was born Aug 5, 1863. He was a grandson of James M. Anderson, whose parents immigrated from Scotland to America, settling in SC.

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The Baptist Family

Edward Baptist was a Baptist minister and was born in Mecklenburg Co., VA, May 12, 1790 and died near Faunsdale, Marengo Co., March 31, 1863. He was ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1815. He settled in Powhatan Co., VA and was the prime mover in the organization and drafted the constitution of the general association, 1822 and was the orginator of the Baptist educational society and seminar.

He removed to Marengo Co. in 1835 and was pastor of many country churches. He married in 1815, to Eliza J. Eggleston, and his children were Edward Glanville, who was a Baptist minister, and returned to Virginia. The second child was Powhatan Richard, a student at the U of A 1857-58, unmarried. He was a private in the 4th Al inf reg., CSA. He was wounded in battle and died soon afterwards at his home in Faunsdale. The third child was Eliza E., married Benjamin C. Gay. There were four other children: William H., Ann, Margaret, and Laura.

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The Barkley Family

Robert Barkley was born November 12, 1753 in Ireland, and came with his father to SC in 1769. He died July 26, 1848. He was a soldier of the American Revolution, serving as a private under Sumter toward the close of the war. He emigrated to Tennessee in 1802 and afterward, in 1816 moved to Marengo County, where he died, being one of the first pioneers who crossed the Tennessee River into Alabama. He joined the Baptist Church after coming to Marengo County. He left one son and one daughter to mourn his loss. He was the last of the Revolutionary soldiers who lived in Marengo County. He left a son, George Barkley, who settled near Shiloh, and served as justice of the peace for many years, and held the office at the time of his death in 1874. He was married twice and reared two sets of children. Sons of the first marriage were: William, Wash, and Tobe, all of whom settled in Marengo County. One of his daughters married a Mr. Peppenhorst. The second set of children consisted of three sons and three daughters. The sons were Henry, Robert, and Lawson.

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The Blunt Family

Richard Eugene Blunt was born Jul 31, 1852 near Laneville, just north of Faunsdale. He was the son of Alexander Pete and Margaret Ann (Davies) Blunt. The father a native of Sussex Co., VA, who removed to Hale County, in the early forties. Grandson of Thomas Alexander and Agens (Archie) Blunt, of England. Mr. Blunt was reared on a farm, received his education in the common schools of Hale and Marengo Counties, and also attended the old East Alabama male college at Auburn, 1863. Richard married January 7, 1873 at Spring Hill, Marengo Co., AL to Sallie Agnes, duaghter of Arnett W. and Louisa (Strong) Harrell. His second wife was Mrs. Laura (Collins) Walker, daughter of John H. and Cornelia (Skipworth) Collins. He had no children.

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The Boddie Family

John B. Boddie was born in Dayton, in October 1849 and died in Birmingham prior to 1890. His father's ansestry was fo French Extraction, his mother of Scotch-Irish descent. He was a great-grandson of Gen. Winchester of Revolutionary War fame, and was a nephew of Gen. E. W. Rucker, of the Confederate Army. He was twice married, first to Annie Perryman of Mobile, and second to Jennie Cleves of Memphis, TN. He had two children: John B. Jr., and Mary.

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The Cade Family

Prior to 1825, Guilford Cade and two brothers came from Georgia and assisted in driving the Creek Indians from Clarke County. After order was established, Guilford Cade and his brothers with their young families settled near Pineville in Marengo County. During the year of 1827, James C. Cade, son of Guilford Cade, was born at Pineville. In the year of 1831 Guilford Cade died at Pineville and was buried at Friendship Church. Two years later Mrs. Cade moved to Linden to send her children to school. About a year later Mrs Cade married Edward Easley who removed with her to Perry County, where about six years later she died.

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The Calhoun Family

Andrew P. Calhoun was born October 15, 1812 in Abbeville Dist SC and died March 16, 1865 at "Fort Hill," his plantation home in SC. In 1835 he removed with his family and numerous slaves to Marengo County. He built a large log house, where his children were born, and named his home "Tulip Hill." He built a log school house which he named "Thalian Academy" where his children received their early education. In 1855 he sold his home to Col. T. B. Bethea, and returned to SC. He married May 5, 1836, to Margaret Gren, of Kentucky. His children were John C., Linnie A., Andrew, James, Patrick, Margaret and Lucretia.

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The Carlton Family

Nathaniel Green Carlton was born in Linden, Alabama, December 16, 1861, and died at his home at McKinley, Alabama, October 25, 1936. He was married to Miss Thomas Reulah Collier, of Hampden, Marengo County, Dec 15, 1881. Mrs. Carlton was born at Hampden, April 2, 1863.

Oba Dumas Carlton was born at Clifton, Alabama, September 8, 1882, and was married June 19, 1905, to Miss Arcola Raines. Born to this union were the following children: Thomas Orman, Alfred Russell, Raymond Mondell, Beulah Evelyn, Maida Willis, and Nell Carolyn.

James Thomas Carlton was born at Clifton, Alabama, September 8, 1882, being a twin brother of Oba Dumas Carlton. He married Miss Corinne Dunaway, and born to them were two children, Marie Law and Ogdene Dunaway.

Alexander Cleveland Carlton was born at Rembert Hill, October 14, 1884, and died December 6, 1938. He married June 20, 1910 to Miss Ida A. Lyles, and made his home in Camden, Al.

Richard Edward Carlton was born in Clifton, Alabama, August 13, 1887, and died October 14, 1931. He married Miss Clyde McConnell, and born to them were the following children: Richard Edward Jr., Edith Earl Wilson, Bessie Trammell, Charles McConnell, Mary Clyde Auton, John Winston and James Alexander. Carnathan Bailey Carlton was born at Clifton, Alabama, January 23, 1897, and died January 17, 1944. He married August 23, 1925, to Miss Teresa Ellis. born to this union were two children: Teresa Ellis and Carnathan B. Jr.

Viola Ethel Carlton was born at Clifton, June 22, 1890, and died March 3, 1944. She married March 14, 1914, to Ernest Bailey, and born to them were two children: Irene Mosley and Jack J. Rebecca Jane Carlton was born in Mobile, January 24, 1897, and died December 17, 1920. She married John J. Carter.

Mary Beulah Carlton was born at Lamison, May 13, 1900. She married August 28, 1923, to Arthur Coker Jr. Beatrice Carlton was born at Lamison, November 2, 1902. Nathaniel Gray Carlton was born at Lamison, May 4, 1905 and was married May 30, 1936 to Miss Margaret Buck.

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The Clarke Family

William Edward Clarke was born in Petersburg, Chesterfield Co., VA., in 1815, and died in Demopolis. He was the son of Thomas and Mary (Pegram) Clarke, who removed from Petersburg, VA to Dayton. Thomas Clarke served in the War of 1812, with the rank of major. Robert Clarke, was an uncle of William E. Clarke, and represented Marengo County in the State legislature in 1838 and 1839.

William E. Clarke, graduated at law, at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA in 1837 and came to Marengo County and practiced law at Dayton. He married Rebecca Raincock, daughter of George and Rebecca (Potham) Raincock, who lived at Norfolk, VA. He had several sons, among them was Carter Pegram Clarke, who was a Civil Engineer, and died Sep 25, 1873, at Beaver Meadow, of yellow fever. Richard Henry, his oldest son, was born Feb 9, 1843 at Dayton and died at Mobile, Sep 26, 1906.

Richard married August 15, 1877 to Helen Gains Foote, daughter of Charles King and Sarah (Lyon) Foote, fo Mobile. His children were William Edward, died young, Mabel Radford, who married J. Manley Foster of Tuscaloosa, Kathleen Mary, died young, Mary Clifton, also died young, Helen Gains, married Henry G. Smith of New York, Mary Morris married Carl H. Seals of Birmingham.

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The Drinkard Family

The Drinkard family was among the first settlers of Marengo county. Three Scotch brothers came to this country from Scotland and settled in Maryland. One of the brothers, George, was a Baptist preacher and the Colonial officials believing that doctrine heretical, had preacher Drinkard thrown into jail. Later he was released with the understanding that he would leave Maryland. The Drinkards migrated to VA.

Dr. A.W. Drinkard, one of the three brothers, was killed in a battle with the Indians. W. G. Drinkard emigrated from SC to Ala in 1816 and settled in the hills of Horse Creek. His children were: George, Francis, William J., David H., Samuel, and Jesse. George was born in 1840 and settled near Dixon Mills. George fought in the Civil War. He lived to be 101 years old. Two of his sons were Marion and Adolph. Jesse Drinkard was killed in 1873 by a man named Jackson. David H. Drinkard lived at Dixon Mills until his death. Two of his sons were John W. and Wesley.

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The Duggar Family

Henry and Alice Duggar, natives of VA moved to Alabama in 1844 and brought with them their youn son, Reuben Henry Duggar, who was born June 16, 1837, in Petersburg, VA. They settled in Marengo County and became planters. Reuben H. Duggar studied medicine and began the practice of medicine two years before the start of the Civil War, after which he married Miss Margaret Minge and settled in Marengo County near Faunsdale.

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The Dunning Family

Thomas H. Dunning was the youngest son of Lee S. Dunning. Thomas married Willie P. Jackson, daughter of S.P. Jackson and Martha Jones. After the death of his first wife he married her sister, Rebecca. Their oldest daughter, Judie, married John Griffin of Bashi. Ann, the next oldest daughter, married James A. Day of Thomasville. Jane, the third daughter, married Richard Tucker. Alice, the fourth daughter, married Jesse B. Doyle.

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The Elmore Family

Benjamin F. Elmore was born in Montgomery, July 22 1861 and died in Demopolis June 7, 1943.. He was the son of Maj. Albert Stanhope and Mary Jane (Taylor) Elmore. His father was born June 12, 1827, and died June 11, 1909 in Elmore County. His grandfather, John A. Elmore, was born August 21, 1762 in VA and died April 24, 1834 in Elmore County.

Ben F. is a grandson of Col. William Henry and Mary Elizabeth (Hails) Taylor of the Taylor family of SC. He is a great grandson of Capt. Robert Hails, Rev soldier of SC and Gen. John Archer Elmore. Ben was educated in Canada, graduating at St. Michael's College, Toronto. He graduated from law school at University of Alabama in 1882 on his 22nd birthday. He moved to Demopolis in 1890. He was clerk of the house of representatives in 1886-1887, and 1888-89. Benjamin's father had 18 children, he being the last. Benjamin married January 3, 1894, in Carrollton to Eliza Bostick, a daughter of Maj. Elbert Decatur and Candace Mentora. His children were Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Jr., died 1899, Willett and Ellizabeth Bostick.

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The Fitts Family

James H. Fitts was born March 12, 1796 in NC and died in Marengo County, AL, July 16, 1832. He moved to Alabama July 16, 1816 and settled in Washington County, near St. Stephens. In 1821 he removed to Clarke county, near Jackson, where he purchased a large tract of land. He was killed by one of his superintendents on his plantation in Marengo County.

Samuel A. Fitts was born May 15, 1815, in Warren County, NC and died i marengo county, Al, April 2, 1869. He was a son of James H. and Rebecca (Alston) Fitts, and was brought to Al as an infant by his parents. He purchased a large tract of land in Marengo County, where he built a home called "Roseland," just west of Uniontown. He married November 29, 1838 to Sarah E. Alston of Clarke County, but originally from NC. They had eleven children, among them were Edward A. and Haywood Fitts of Faunsdale

Dr. William F. Fitts was born February 14, 1829, near jackson, Clarke County. In 1852 he settled in Marengo county where he practiced medicine until 1862, when he joined a company of cavalry under Captain H.S. Whitfield. Dr. Fitts was killed December 27, 1862, at Stewart's Creek, just preceeding the Battles of Murphreesboro, TN, and was buried where he fell. The body was later removed to Tuscaloosa.

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The Gilder Family

Benjamin F. Gilder was born December 3, 1852 at Pushmataha, Choctaw County. He was a son of Dr. James Aden Gilder, who was born in Newberry County, SC and moved to Spring Hill, Marengo Co., AL in 1833, where he married Susan McCarth and moved to Choctaw County in 1841, where he was a practicing physician. Benjamin F. was a grandson of Preston and Mary (Culpepper) Gilder, who lived at Newberry, SC and Spring Hill. Also a grandson of John and Susan (Brock) McCarty, who first lived in Tenn, and then in Marengo County. He was a great grandson of a Gilder immigrant, with a brother, from England to SC, the brother going to the North. His paternal ancestors were of Welsh descent.

He practiced law in Choctaw County, but in 1900 moved to Linden, Marengo Co., and practiced a period of eight years. In 1917 he was appointed register of chancery. He married October 5, 1876, at Pushmataha, to Donnie, daughter of John J. and Kate (Bunn) Williams. Mr. Williams was born in Richmond, Va. He moved to Sumter County and married at Livingston. Mrs. Williams was a daughter of Martha Bunn, a widow who moved from NC to Sumter Co. Benjamin Gilder was the father of 6 children: 1) William Franklin, 2) Leroy A., 3) Henry Grady, 4) Wayne, 5) Kate E. (married Emmett S. George), 6) Donnie Ben.

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The Glass Family

Williamson Glass, one of the first settlers of Marengo County, settled in 1816 in Beaver Creek Hills, a few miles northeast of Sweet Water. He was the father of Jonathan Glass.

Jonathan Glass was born December 5, 1817 and died July 4, 1900. He married Mary Tucker Dec 21, 1837. They had 14 children, nine of which lived to be grown. The oldest was Franklin who was born September 24, 1838, and married Nancy Dixon of Dixon Mills. They are buried at Dixon Mills. Dallas married Macklin Tucker of Shiloh and they raised five sons and a daughter. Dallas and wife are buried at Shiloh Church. Polk married Nora Corley. Preston Brooks Glass was born October 22, 1854 and died February 1923. He married Rosa Copley of Mobile.

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The Glover Family

Allen Glover was born Apr 6, 1770 in Edgefield Dist., SC and died Sep 1840 in Marengo County. He was a son of Colonel Joseph Glover, of SC, a Revolutionary soldier, who commanded the first regiment of the state in 1775, and who died at his plantation August 6, 1783. In 1819, he moved with several of his brothers to Marengo County where they bought land from the French Colonist. He was one of the founders of Demopolis.

He married, first, Apr 17, 1803, in SC, to Sarah Serena Norwood. His second wife was a Miss Pearson. His children were: Allen Williamson, who married Amelia Walton, Sarah Serena, who married F.S. Lyon, Mary, who married Col. Thornton, Aletha, married first Dr. James Davenport, who established the first Episcopal church in Demopolis. Her second husband was Col. Graham of Eutaw. His only child by his last wife was Pearson Glover, who married Mary Walton, of Dayton. Benjamine R. Glover, was a surveyor, and was born April 21, 1832, at White Hall, near where Thomaston is located and died January 22, 1872 at Greenwood, FL. He was a nephew of Allen Glover, being the son of Benjamin Glover.

Benjamin R., married Jul 6, 1859, in Dayton to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. John C. Dansby. Col. Joseph Glover, father of Allen and Benjamin Glover was a Rev sol and died in Edgefield Dist., SC Aug 6, 1783. Phillip S. Glover was a nephew of Allen Glover, and was born in Livingston, where he died Feb 11, 1848. Cato D. Glover, who was born Jun 10, 1863, at Forkland, Greene County. He was a son of Williamson A. and Mary S. (Hayden) Glover and a grandson of Allen Glover. He died in Forkland.

Cato D. Glover received his early education in the schools at Forkland and was graduated from the University of Alabama las school in 1891, and later moved to Texas. He returned to Alabama, settled in Centreville, and practiced law in Bibb County for twelve years. He moved to Gadsden, June 20, 1904 and remained there until Jun 23, 1913 when he was appointed register of the US land office at Montgomery. He married January 10, 1893 in Tuscaloosa, to Emma D., daughter of Charles Clinton and Mattie (White) Seed. She was the granddaughter of Charles White of Hope, AR. His children were Charles Williamson, Cato D. Jr., and Williamson Allen.

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The Grant Family

Isaac Grant was born Apr 17, 1828 at Swansboro, Onslaw Co., NC and died at Grove Hill, Clarke Co., AL, Dec 4, 1907. He was a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hellen) Grant. His father emigrated from NC to Alabama in 1831 and settled about six miles west of Linden, where he lived until his death in the spring of 1834, or 1835. Isaac, was a grandson of Basil and Elizabeth (Watson) Grant and the great-grandson of Stephen Grant, whose father, several years before the American Revolution, emigrated from Pennsylvania to NC. The Grant family is of Scotch descent.

After the death of her husband Mrs. Basil Grant married a Mr. Pitts, to whom she bore three children. The Hellen family were emigrants from Maryland to NC as was also the Newbold family. Isaac Grant, Jr., was reared in Marengo Co., AL. In 1835 he became a partner with his brother, Walter H. Grant in the publication of the "Linden Jeffersonian," taking the place of David B. Hooper who was one of the founders. Isaac Grant married September 22, 1858, in Grove Hill, to Mary Melissa, daughter of Elijah Stewart and Amelia Benson (Chapman) Pugh of Grove Hill. She was a granddaughter of Joseph Chapman, who settled in the vicinity of Grove Hill just before the outbreak of the Creek War of 1813-14. Mrs. Grant died Sep 8, 1896. They had five children.

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The Griffin Family

Goodman Griffith Griffin, a Physician and planter was born in Pendleton Dist, SC, in 1808 and died in Demopolis, Alabama, Jul 30, 1863. He was a son of James Griffin, who early settled in Pendleton. He moved to Alabama in 1830. He located first at Tuscaloosa, and later removed to Demopolis to practice medicine. He was a Democrat and a Baptist, but attended the Episcopal church, and he was a trustee of Judson College.

He married Feb 10, 1831 to Willey Ann, daughter of Allen And Sarah (Norwood) Glover. His children were Norman Allen, died unmarried; Willey Glover, married Walter Winn; Jaes Francis, married first Ann Strudwick and second Willey Glover Eaton, and was the father of Goodman G. Griffin by this last union; the youngest child was Goodman Glover, who died in the CSA in 1864.

Goodman G. Griffin, the lawyer, was born Feb 18, 1869 at Demopolis. His father was a native of Demopolis and a lieutenant in the CSA. He is a grandson of Thomas R. and Sara Ann Eaton, of Dayton. He was married Feb 14, 1910 at Linden to Mary Annie, daughter of Joe Scott and Julia (Wilbur) Quinney, who llived at Old Spring Hill. Mary died in July 1922 and Goodman married second to Edna Gibson. His children are: Goodman G., Jr.

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The Hargrave Family

William Hargrave, soldier of the American Revolution, lived in Marengo county, being one of the first settlers. He settled in the county in 1818, and was 75 years of age at that time.

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The Hasty Family

Robert Hasty was born in Rockingham, NC in 1821, and came to Alabama before the Civil War. With hime came his younger brother, Benjamin, his mother and two sisters. Robert's first wife was a miss Martin and to this union were born 5 sons: Robert, Lee (Dink), Williams, John Price, and James. They also had three daughters: Nancy, who married Calvin Downey, Margaret Ann, who married Tom Pope, and Sarah who married J. Bart Loftin.

Robert's second marriage was to Sarah Ellen Etheridge, 19 years old, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Prudence (Buck) Etheridge. They had eight sons: Joseph LeRoy, Alonza, LaFayett, Jasper Bruce, Nathan Ludie, Samuel Gaines, Matthew M., and Elijah N. and one daughter, Elizabeth Prudence. Mr. Hasty died in 1885. Joseph LeRoy married Miss Daisy Boyles. Judge A.L. Hasty married Miss Mamie Westbrook, Jasper Bruce maried Fannie Nichols, Nathan Ludie married Mary Williams, Samuel Gaines married Phoebe Hall, Matthew M. married Willie Coats, Elijah N. married Inez Turner, George Washington married Esther White.

Nathan and Mary Hasty had five children: Sara B., Ludie Jr., Joseph Gaines, Mary Catherine, and Max. Samuel Gaines and Phoebe Hasty had three children: Frederic, Austin, Robert Howard, and Dolores. Matthew M. and Willie Hasty had one son, Edward. Elijah N., and Inez Hasty had two children: Elijah and Bettyjo. Benjamin Hasty, brother of Robert, settled in Horse Creek Hills south of Dixon Mills. Benjamin reared a family of six sons and two daughters. The sons were William H., Benjamin Jr., Thomas W., Robert, John, and George W. Hasty.

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The Jones Family

Claiborne Jones married Ann Eliza Tucker March 29, 1859. Claiborne Jones joined the CSA in May 1861 and died in service in 1865. Their son, Joel D. Jones was born January 5, 1861 at Sweet Water. Ann Eliza Tucker Jones married second Braswell Tucker on Jan 7, 1869.

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The Lisenbe Family

Holden S. Lisenbe was born October 14, 1814 in Anson County, NC, and died in Marengo County, AL, May 7th 1908. He came to AL from NC in 1858, bought land and settled between Vineland and Magnolia, where he reared a large family. He married first to Rebecca Threadgill, daughter of Randall Threadgill. Their children were: Fletcher, Matilda, Martha, Scott, James, Elizabeth, Marrah, and Green Lisenbe.

He married the second time to Margaret, daughter of John Henley, and their children were: John, Marvin, and Anna Lisenbe. John Lisenbe was born September 19, 1866. He married Julia McGee. Their children were: Hollen, Ruth, John, Slade, and Howard. The Lisenbe family were all Methodist.

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The Miller Family

George Oliver Miller was born in NC and came to Alabama. He settled in Greenville, where he taught school. He married Susan Trussell. He moved to Wilcox County, where he became a merchant. He joined the CSA and served in Company I, but later in Company B. first Al inf reg. After the war he settled in Marengo County. His children were Jule, Willie, Charles and James. Jule married a Miss Rogers.

Charles Miller was born Feb 22, 1857, at Allentown, Wilcox county. He was a grandson of James and Mary (Thornton) Miller, and of Mathews Trussell. The Millers were natives of NC and the Trussells of Hale county, ALabama. The Millers are of German orgin, the Trussells are Scotch-Irish. Charles Miller married first, February 2, 1886 to Maggie Elan, daughter of Benjamin f. and Mary (Owens) Watts. After her death he married December 3, 1895, at Atlanta, GA, to Mary Caroline, daughter of George W. and Placidia (Wright) Thomas, who llived at stanton, Chilton County, AL..

James M. Miller was a lawyer and was born in Allentown, Wilcox County and was graduated from Southern University. He studied law and was admitted to the bar Sep 26,1889. He practiced law at Linden and was editor of the Marengo Democrat, a Populist paper, from 1892 to 1896. He was elected to the legislature in 1898 by the Democrats. He was a Baptist and a Mason. He married November 9, 1898 at Jefferson, to Jennie C. Allen. He removed to Gadsden, where both he and his wife died.

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The Minge Family

David Minge and wife Elvira (Adams) Minge was a native of Charles City County, VA. He moved to Alabama in 1833. His wife was a daughter of Dr. John and Margaret (Winston) Adams, of Richmond, Va. David Minge's mother was a sister of President William Henry Harrison, and her grandmother was a sister of Judge Cyrus Griffin, president of the first congress that met in Philadelphia. The Adams family came from Scotland and the Minge family from Wales, both settling in VA.

John Minge was born near Faunsdale, Marengo County May 25, 1851 and died in 1908. He was a son of David and Elmira Minge. He attended schools of Marengo County, the St. Wilifred School at Marion, and the Hanover Academy in Hanover County, VA. In 1875 in went to Texas to live, but returned the next year. He was elected representative in the State legislature in 1886, and elected State senator in 1890.

He was married March 24, 1874, to Bessie Croom, daughter of Jackson N. and Mary (Croom) Chadwick. He had a son, John Henry, Jr., who was born February 3, 1875, on the Norwood Plantation near Faunsdale, Marengo County. He married november 10, 1897 in Birmingham, to Rosa, diaghter of Col. James W. and Mattie (Lundie) Sloss. They had two children, Martha and John Henry.

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The Monnier Family

Henry Augustus Monnier was born October 3, 1841 at Orbe, Switzerland. He was the son of Paul and Jane Monnier. His father was born at Orbe, Switzerland in 1819. He emigrated to America and settled in Demopolis, where he lived until his death in 18148. Henry Augustus received his early education in the schools of Demopolis.

In 1856 he entered Spring Hill College at Mobile. In 1861 he enlisted in Company A 43rd Alabama Inf and served as a private until the end of the war. He served as chief of police of Demopolis. He married October 25, 1877, at Demopolis, Laura Irene, daughter of John and Ameline McClelland. Their children were: John Edward, who married Emma George; Clara Amelia, married Thomas Simon; Maude Omaha, married Roulhac Gewin; Annie Laurie, died single; Henry A. Jr., married Donnie Ben Filder; Marland J.; James; and Ruth. All lived at Demopolis.

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The Nelson Family

Samuel M. Nelson , a Presbyterian minister, was born January 14,1804, in county Downs, near Belfast, Ireland. He was a son of Robert Nelson, on officer in the Irish Rebellion of 1798 whose importance was such that a large reward was ordered for his head by the English government, and he was forced to flee the country, landing in New York in 1805, but finally located in Alabama. Samuel M. Nelson became a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church soon after the death of his parents and preached on the circuit composing of Marion and Fayette Counties, and Monroe and Lowndes Counties, for about six years where he organized several churches.

In 1834 he went to Selma and Cahaba for six years, and organized a church at Selma. In 1840 he went ot Carlowville, Dallas county, where he preached for three years and organized several churches. He then moved to Cahaba in 1848 and thence to Marengo County. He married August 13, 1839 to Martha V. Campbell, of Pine Hill, where he was living at the time of his death. He is buried at Pine Hill.

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The Rembert Family

Daleb and Mary Rembert were natives of South Carolina but removed to Marengo County and brought with them a son, James Monroe, who was born in Camden, SC in 1819 and died from wounds received at the battle of Shiloh. James married Elizabeth, daughter of Gen. Julius and Elizbeth Poellintz, to which union was born six children: James, died in infancy, Celeste, married Frank N. Kitchell, Mary Louise, died in infancy, Caleb, married Gus Askew, Elizabeth, died in infancy, Julius, married Susie Lyon.

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The Thronton Family

James I. Thronton, was born October 28, 1800 in VA and died September 13, 1877, in Greene County, just across the river north of Demopolis. He was a son of Francis and Sarah (Innes) Thronton. He was educated at what is now known as Washington and Lee University, and began the practice of law in 1820, in partnership with his brother, Harry I. Thronton, at Huntsville, AL. He was elected Secretary of State of Alabama in 1824, and was kept in office until 1834, when he resigned.

He married first, in 1825 to Mary Ann Glover, who died in a few years after the marriage. He married the second time in 1831 to Ann Amelia Smith of VA, who died August 2, 1864. He married the third time in 1870, to Mrs. Sarah Williams Gowdy, who died August 25, 1885. His children were: Delia Frances, married Captain J. McHee, and she died in December 1910; James Innes, died December 12, 1837; Fitzgerald, died July 6, 1893; George F. was a surgeon with rank of major in the CSA, and he married Susan Adeline Perrin, and died August 15, 1893 in CA; Catherin M., died October 27, 1870; Innes, married W. N. Brown, and died September 30, 1878; Frayne B., married Murry F. Taylor and died May 24, 1905; Harry, was a private in the Seventh Al Cav CSA and married Amelia Blocker, and their son, John Blocker was a lawyer at Mobile.

Harry I. Thronton, was a lawyer and associate justice of the supreme court of Al. He was born in 1797, in Fredericksburg, Va and died in 1862. His father was a descendant from one of the original colonist.

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The Threadgill Family

Harvey C. Threadgill, was a minister of the Methodist Church, and was born September 7, 1862 at Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama. He was a son of Harvey and Brunetta (Cook) Threadgill. His father, a native of Wadesboro, Anson county, NC, was a physician and lived at Clifton, on the Alabama River. Harvey C. Threadgill's grandparents were Thomas and Letha Threadgill, who lived at Greensboro, NC, and Enoch H. and Bettie (Selman) cook, who llived at Dayton, Marengo County. He married July 13, 1893 at Chadwick, Perry county, to Miss Loraine Jones, daughter of Israel and Cordine (Steel) Jones. Their children were: Loraine, Harvey, and Junius.

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The Tucker Family

James Tucker was among the first settlers of Marengo county. He came from SC and settled near Shiloh and married Martha Perkins. Their children were sons: Perks, John, Lee, and Price; six daughters; Mary, Frances, Ann Eliza, Josie, Kittie and Macklan. Perks married Alice Bates. John married and lived at Newbern in Salem county. Frances married Lee Madison of MS, Josie married John Thompson of MS. Eliza married Clairborn Jones of MS.. Mary married Napoleon Bates of Sweet Water. Kittie married G.D. Glass of Linden.

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The Winn Family

Walter Emmett Winn, a lawyer, was born in Green County in 1833 and died in Richmond, VA Jul 11, 1864 from wounds received in battle. He was a son of Captain Asa Barney Winn and his second wife Ann Elizabeth Winn, who came to Marengo County from VA. He was a grandson of John Archer Robinson of VA. Mr. Winn graduated from the University of Alabama. He taught in the the Tutwiler school at Greene Springs and practiced law at Uniontown until 1857.

He married in May 1857 to Willey Glover, daughter of Dr. Goodman G. and Willey and (Glover) Griffin. Their children were Norman Griffin, Henry and Mary Elizabeth. Norman Griffin Winn married Natalie Whitfield. Henry died young. Mary Elizabeth married William A. Gayle of Montgomery.

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The Witherspoon Family

Andrew Jackson Witherspoon was born Jul 10, 1824, at Waxhaw, SC, and in 1851 he moved to Marengo County. He was a Presbyterian minister and preached in the churches at Shiloh and Geneva, 1856-1861. At the beginning of the Civil War th raised a company called the "Witherspoon Guards" was offered its command, but declined, later to become chaplain of the 21st Al inf reg. He was taken prisoner at Shiloh, MS and was held for five months. After his release he returned to his command. After the war he was pastor and evangelist at Mobile and later moved to New Orleans where he died Oct 25, 1891.

James Monto Witherspoon was a physician and was born Jan 15, 1801, in Williamsburg Dist., SC, and moved to Alabama in 1828 and located at Tuscaloosa and later in Green County. He moved to Marengo County in 1858 where he resumed the practice of medicine until his death March 22, 1863.

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The Woolf Family

Henry Ashby Woolf was born on his father's plantation on April 24, 1826 and died October 23, 1879. He was a member of the constitutional convention of 1875 from Marengo County, and he was the father of Samuel Gholson Woolf, who was born at Linden, May 20, 1853. Henry Ashby Woolf was a native of Marengo county, and studied law under Judge William M. Brooks, and he represented Marengo County in the legislature several sessions. He married Frances Gholson. He is buried in Linden.

Samuel Gholson Woolf's grandfather, James B. Woolf, a native of Kentucky and his wife, a Miss Cook, removed to Alabama in 1818 and was one of the pioneer settlers of Marengo County. Samuel G. Woolf, was educated in the common schools of Linden, attended the Kentucky University, 1869-1870, but did not graduate. He began the practice of law at Linden in 1881. In 1882 he was elected probate judge, and was elected to the legislature in 1888, again in 1900 and to the state senate in 1902. He married first, January 8, 1879 to Fanny Pickering, to which union was born three children. He was married the second time, Aug, 26, 1896, to Mrs. Sara Lyon, and made his home in Demopolis, until the death of his last wife when he lived with his daughter in Forkland, in 1931. He is buried in the cemetery at Dayton.

Henry Walthall Woolf, a prominent pioneer railroad executive, was born in Dayton March 6, 1856 and died April 17, 1944. He was the son of Thomas Jefferson Woolf who held the office of probate judge of Marengo County for many years until removed from the office by the 'carpetbaggers' of Reconstruction.

Judge Woolf was the son of James Brandon Woolf, a nephew and namesake of General James Brandon Woolf who defeated Montcalm at the Battle of Quebec, Canada in 1759. He with his wife, Levicey Cook, pioneered from Natches, MS to Dayton in 1818, in the Indian days when Thomas Jefferson Woolf was an infant. Judge Thomas Jefferson Woolf married Lucy Ann Walthall of Petersburg, VA, in 1841. She had come to Dayton as a school teacher in 1840.

Henry Walthall Woolf, youngest of the sons, left Marengo County at the age of 16 years and began his career in railroad telegraphy. At the age of 29 years he had risen to the office of auditor for the Southern Railway system. In 1915 he became vice president and manager of the St. Andrews Bay & Atlanta Railroad.

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Source: Extracted from Marengo Families, written by Joel D. Jones and published in the Democrat Reporter
Created: March 25, 1999
Sept, 2005
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