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Macon County Schools

This list was taken from GNIS mapping service.  This is by no means all of the schools in Macon County, but it's a good start.  If you have additional information such as histories, locations or a listing of students (ancestors), please let me know and I will add the information here.

Historical Schools no longer exist.  The name of the map is not necessarily the name of the town.  It is ONLY the name of the map where you can find the post office. 

Feature Name USGS 7.5' Map
Alabama Conference Female College (historical) 322515N 0854125W Tuskegee
Armstrong School (historical) 323133N 0853627W Loachapoka
Baldwin School (historical) 322826N 0855001W La Place
Booker T. Washington High School
3803 M L K Highway
Tuskegee, AL 36083
Bradford Chapel School (historical) 322434N 0854953W La Place
Brown Hill School (historical) 323024N 0853634W Loachapoka
Brown School (historical) 322157N 0852912W Creek Stand
Brownville Number One School (historical) 322828N 0852814W Society Hill
Brownville Number Two School (historical) 322736N 0852948W Society Hill
Chehaw School (historical) 322838N 0854247W Tuskegee
Cole Station School 322708N 0855037W La Place
Cotton Valley School (historical) 321641N 0854220W Davisville
Day Care Wolfe Elementary School
4450 Cross Key Road,
Shorter 36075
Damascus School (historical) 321720N 0854947W Hardaway
East Alabama Bible College 323425N 0854447W Notasulga
Fort Hull School (historical) 322112N 0854140W Davisville
Franklin School (historical) 322735N 0854809W La Place
Golddust School (historical) 323344N 0854649W Carrville
Hannon School 321431N 0853130W Roba
Harris Barrett School (historical) 322734N 0854541W La Place
Jackson School (historical) 323411N 0854619W Carrville
Lewis Adams Early Child Center
1133 W Old Montgomery Rd
Tuskegee Inst, AL 36088
322503N 0854245W Tuskegee
Liberty Hill School (historical) 321926N 0854438W Davisville
Macedonia School (historical) 323349N 0854007W Notasulga
Macon Academy 322228N 0853943W Davisville
Magnolia School (historical) 322108N 0853530W Warriorstand
McElder School (historical) 323307N 0854437W Notasulga
Mount Nebo School (historical) 321938N 0854010W Davisville
Mount Zion School (historical) 323138N 0854334W Notasulga
New Hope School 322328N 0853302W Little Texas
Nichols Junior High School 322756N 0853347W Little Texas
Notasulga Block School 323221N 0854039W Notasulga
Notasulga High School
500 E Main St
Notasulga, AL 3686
323335N 0853945W Notasulga
Pineywood School (historical) 321613N 0852752W Creek Stand
Pisgah School (historical) 321757N 0854708W Hardaway
Pleasant Hill School (historical) 322643N 0853628W Little Texas
Prairie Farm School 322256N 0855928W Shorter
Reeltown Christian Academy
16963 Highway 49 South
Notasulga, AL 36866
Rising Star School 322608N 0854539W La Place
Saint Joseph Catholic School
2009 Old Montgomery Road
Tuskegee, AL 36088
322514N 0854255W Tuskegee
Saint Paul School (historical) 321424N 0854029W Union Springs
Shiloh School (historical) 323138N 0854040W Notasulga
Simmons School (historical) 323052N 0854608W Carrville
Solomon School (historical) 322352N 0854450W Tuskegee
South Macon High School 321642N 0853721W Warriorstand
South Macon School
6230 County Road 47
Roba, AL 36089
Southern Vocational Junior College 322413N 0854307W Tuskegee
Sun Rise School (historical) 322512N 0855803W Shorter
Swanson School (historical) 321610N 0853453W Warriorstand
Sweet Gum School (historical) 322224N 0854951W Hardaway
Tuskegee High School 322516N 0854115W Tuskegee
Tuskegee Institute Middle School
1809 Franklin Rd
Tuskegee Inst, AL 36088
322549N 0854219W Tuskegee
Tuskegee Institute High School 322554N 0854309W Tuskegee
Tuskegee Public School
101 E Price St
Tuskegee, AL 36083
Warriorstand School 321732N 0853222W Warriorstand
Washington Public School
204 Cedar St
Tuskegee, AL 36083
322550N 0854100W Tuskegee
Whatley School (historical) 322838N 0852710W Society Hill
Wolfe High School 322411N 0855423W Shorter
Wolfe-Shorter High School 322333N 0855520W Shorter


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