Submitted by a 3rd gr grandaughter, Erma Lee Judkins Masters
Lawrence County State of.Alabama this Fourth day of August One thousand Eight hundred and Sixty
nine. I Jonathan GRAY being of low health and not Knowing the day of my death make this 
memoranda, not having property enough to justify a will & beleiving my Seven Children will 
devide what I have fairly amongest
themselves after my death.  After my funeral expenses is paid, I wish to be
buried in the pen near my wife grave in a plain pine Coffin with as little expense as possible.
George W. GRAY my Son I Appoint as executor of my estate full confidence in his honesty and 
ability to settle up my Estate and I do not wish him to be required to give security for the 
same.  I wish him when he may think proper to sell my Barbee place of 200 Acres also my Mount 
Sandy place 320 acres reserving 50 feet each way from the pen where our graves are forever. 
Also the N.1/2  of the W.1/2 of N. W.1/2 40 acres also N.1/2 of E.I/2 of N.W.1/4 40 of N W 
quarter Section in 16th Section Township 5 Range 7 Also the 40 acres on the Mountain Section 9 
if Mr. Hamner does not pay $100.00 for the same. I give my horse and Buggy to my Daughter 
Betsey and my steer that is yoked with hers. I give to Mary GRAY George's wife, my cow and calf
my bed and any other things to be Sold my daughter Betsey to have my `bed clothes. Any money 
that I may have on hand I give to my Son George after paying all my expenses when the rent of 
the Barbee place is collected I give Mary & Georges wife five dollars and Betsey my daughter fifty 
dollars I give my Gin and runing gear to my Son George. My gun I give to my grandson 
Jonathan B. GRAY Son of George & Mary. I give to each of my granddaughters children of 
George & Mary a nice dress each an to the youngest child Joel a good pair Boots. My Son Milton 
to have an equal division with the rest To my grandson William Son of James GRAY I give the use 
of my plantation the Barbee place for the next (1870) free of rent. Also a colored woman Levina 
I wish & desire to have a home on the same place for next year (1870) free of rent. Any other 
property not specified in the above I give to my daughter Betsy hoping the above will or 
request may be carried out faithfully and agreeably to all my family I hereto set my hand an 

Test W. T. Watts                                       Jonathan GRAY
       M. Vaughan

The State of Alabama I J. H. McDonald Judge of The court of Probate in and
Lawrence County for said County hereby certify that the foregoing instrument
was probated as the last will and testament of Jonathan GRAY deceased on
the 25th day of October 1869 and was recorded with the proof in Probate Court
Inventory & Will record book C this 25th Oct. 1869 on pages 229 & 230

                                            J. H. McDonald J.P.C.