Will of William FITZGERALD

Will of William FITZGERALD

Will Book A page 142

Known to all men by these presents that I, William Fitzgerald Sr., of Lawrence County and State of Alabama, being of sound mind and memory and knowing that it is ordained for all men once to die do make and ordain this my law wil and testament in the form and manner following:

I leave to my nephew Willliam Fitzgerald my silver watch and stock buckle with a request that should he ever marry and have a son to be called William that the said watch and stock buckle shall descend to him, they being old family peiced handed down to me through my father, William Fitzgerald.
Item I. After the payment of all my just debts, I leave to my affectionate wife, Lettice G. Fitzgerald all the property that I may died possessed fo every description whatsoever with a request that she shall give and secure to my nephew William Fitzgerald a negro woman named Matilda together with her and their increase from this fate (the wife of Preston). The balance of said property so left to my affectionate wife shall be at her free will and disposal.
Item II. I leave my affectionate wife L.G. Fitzgerald whole and sole exectrix of this my will with a positive request that she sall not be held and bound to give secutity for her administration on my estate.
Item III. And lastly, that it is my request that there shall be no inventory of my estate whatsoever.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged 22 of September 1840

Richard H. Bur

Contributed by Sam Hill