Estate of William D. Williams
Estate of William D. Williams  
 Contibuted by C.M. Beavers
Edward BALCH, administrator of William D. Williams, deceased,
filed his petition, setting forth that said deceased, died, seized
and possessed of the following tract of land, lying in said county and State.
The W half of the NW quarter of section 7, in Township 6, and Range 9
of Huntsville. That the following is a list of Heirs of said Estate,
and their places of residence are known, Nancy BEAVERS, formerly WILLIAMS, Jane BEAVERS,
wife of James. H. BEAVERS, formerly WILLIAMS, the minor children of Rachel A. BLACH, 
deceased, formerly WILLIAMS, Sarah A, John W, Nancy E., James W., & Mary E. Balch; and 
the minor children of Margaret ARCHER, deceased, formerly WILLIAMS, William R., Caroline,
John & Jackson ARCHER- all of the county of Lawrence Ala., except said Caroline ARCHER,
whose place of residence is not known: Mary KING, wife of Berry KING, formerly WILLIAMS, 
of Franklin County, in said State, Lucy B. DOWNEY, of the State of Tennessee, and Elizabeth 
Patterson, wife of Thomas PATTERSON, formerly WILLIAMS, of the State of Mississippi. 
Petitioner alleges that said tract o fland cannot be equitably divided among said heirs 
without a sale thereof.