Estate of John Armor Estate of John Armor
(Contributed by:
Sunni Evan Montgomery )

Moulton Democrat
Vol. 2  No. 4
7 February 1856
The State of Alabama, Lawrence County

Probate Court, January Term 1856
Thomas K. HARRIS, adm'r
John ARMOR, dec'd.
Petition to sell land,

Came the Plaintiff as administrator of the estate of John ARMOR, deceased, and filed his Petition for the sale of the following described land, which Plaintiff alleges belongs to the estate of said decedent, for division to wit; E half of N half of E half of SE quarter of section 22 township 7 range 8 west.
Plaintiff shows that the following named persons are the heirs at law of decedent to wit; Susanna ARMOR, widow of decedent, Martha MORGAN, wife of Tarlton MORGAN, Elizabeth ROBERSON, wife of Calvin ROBERSON, Parmelia NORTON, wife of William NORTON, James M. ARMOR, and Polly ARMOR, all over the age of twenty-one years.
Martha S. CHILCOAT, Jane CHILCOAT, Caroline CHILCOAT and Mary CHILCOAT who are minors under the age of 21 years, all of said heirs reside in Lawrence County, Alabama.
Petitioner further shows that said land cannot be fairly, equitably and beneficially divided among said heirs without a sale thereof, and prays all necessary Orders to authorize a sale thereof.
It is therefore Ordered that the second Monday in March next be set for the hearing of said Petition, that Citations issue to bring said heirs before the judge of Probate on the 2nd Monday in March next; that Wm. (H.?) SALMON be appointed Guardian ad litem of said minor heirs, to guard their interest on the final hearing of said Petition, and that the same be made known to him, that forty days notice be given by publication in the Moulton Democrat, a newspaper published in the town of Moulton, requiring all persons interested therein to appear and contest if they choose.
                                                                         H. A. McGEHEE, p.j.