Wright Cemetery T2 R14



Surveyed 20 Aug 2000
Robert Ellington Torbert

From Florence, go west on AL 20; left on County Road 14 for about 20 miles to the Bushy Creek Store in the Wright Community. The cemetery is across the side road by the store. The legal description is SW4, Section 2, Township 2, Range 14.

     NAME                         DOB        DOD         COMMENTS
BEVIS, Cora                    18MH1889   18MY1889  d of W.J. & E.E.
CANNON, John W.                22JA1827    8OC1901  h of Harret
CANNON, Harret H..             18JA1835   25MH1879  w of John W.
MILTON, V.T.                   27SE1838   21AU1890
YOUNG, Della Parish             2DE1886    9JL1911  w of Bob
MURPHY, Wiley E.                          10MH1913  father of Addie Lee MELTON
LONG, Sarah                    21AP1829   24AU1910  w of John
LONG, John                     26SE1822   30NO1901  Pvt Co C 27 AL Inf CSA
LINDSEY, Nancy B.                1854       1900
WHITSETT, N.P.                 18FE1838   14MH1908  w of John W.
WHITSETT, John W.              15FE1837   20DE1899  h of N.P.
JAMES, Henry                    2NO1915   11AP1918  s of Willie & Mary Janet
JAMES, Maggie                  21SE1911    3JL1912  d of Willie & Mary Janet
JAMES, Mary                                 1942    killed by tornado in Waterlo
JAMES, Willie M.                            1942    killed by tornado in Waterlo
YOUNG, Paralee
PARISH - see YOUNG, Della
VINSON, Allen D.                1SE1880   21AP1968  87 yrs, 7 mo, 20 days old
HERRON, Offard Clyde           13OC1901   19OC1907  s of C.M. & N.A.
OFFARD - see HERRON, Offard
PARRISH, G.W.                   2JE1889*   6JL1924  h of Effie
PARRISH, Effie                 29AU1887*   4MY1920  w of G.W.
HAWKENS, Minnie                26SE1882             w of John
PICKENS, Hinkle A.             23MH1891   22MH1907  s of W.B. & A.J.
PICKENS, Amanda Joe             4SE1852   14MH1938  w of Wm. B.
PICKENS, William Benton        22JE1850    9AU1925  h of Amanda
HINKLE - see PICKENS, Hinkle
SHARP, Callie                    1846       1934    next to Carroll
SHARP, Carroll                   1842       1896    next to Callie
MANSEL, Judy                   28AP1949    4JL1949  d of Rev. & Mrs. Thomas
SADLER, Cora                    7JA1883   17SE1943  w of John H.
SADLER, John H.                 8JL1880   22JA1949  h of Cora
WESSON, B.W.                   20FE1848   24NO1902
BELEW, Martha C. Wesson Higgin             9JA1908  w of C.O. HIGGINS
LINDSEY, Samuel S.             16OC1880   20JA1917
LINDSEY, G.B. Sr.              14NO1853   12NO1930
SHARP, Tom Leslie              17DE1887    1JA1963  h of Mollie
SHARP, Mollie F.               25SE1891   21FE1913  w of Tom
HANBACK, Elizabeth             22OC1858   21JA1958  next to Samuel
HANBACK, Samuel E.              3AP1862    7FE1916  next to Elizabeth
SHARP, Laura Moody             19MY1874   26FE1966  w of Buck
SHARP, Buck                     9JA1870    2MH1949  h of Laura
MOODY - see SHARP, Laura
PARRISH, Will                  14FE1886   26NO1944  next to Docia
PARRISH, Docia H.              12NO1880   20OC1925  next to Will
PARRISH, Pearl                 16MH1910    4NO1921  next to Will
ROBERTS, Roma Dee              25FE1917   25MH1936  d of J.R.
JOHNSON, Pearl Ann             20SE1891   31MH1969  w of Jack
JOHNSON, Jack                    1884       1954    h of Pearl
SMITH, Betty Joe                7MH1941   10JE1942  d of W.C.
WOODS, William Edward           8NO1889   15AP1953  h of Fannie
WOODS, Fannie Bell             30JA1894   16AP1937  w of Wm. E.
WOODS, Earlie Joyce                       19NO1942  d of Earl & Elizabeth
WOODS, Ruthey B.                 1841       1903    w of B.H.
HARBISON, Carlos E.             2AP1925   22MY1999
LINDSEY, Hunter                  1876       1900
SMITH, Winnie                    1899       1928
CLEMMONS, Virgie               30OC1903   29MY1905  d of R.P. & L.E.
CLEMMONS, Laura E.              6AP1882   24MH1947  w of R.P.; mother of Virgie
ROBERTSON, Mary Joe             8SE1871    6DE1938
JACKSON, Jack                    1884       1954
PAIRSH, George                 22JE1874   11AP1909  h of Mollie
KELLEY, Eliza                   7DE1870   13FE1951  w of Robert
KELLEY, Robert Owen            22JA1898    5NO1974  h of Eliza; 75y9m13d old
BALENTINE, Elmer L.            28OC1898   14JA193?  next to Andrew
BALENTINE, Andrew                1869       1925    next to Abbie
BALENTINE, Abbie                 1870       1902    next to Andrew
MURPHY, Lewis                             10JE1942  AL Pvt Ord Dept.
LANDRUM, J.M.                  c.AP1847   15JA1896  next to Charlie; 48y9m
LANDRUM, Charlie               25DE1808    6AU1896  next to J.M.
LANDRUM, Charlie               25DE1808    6AU1896  next to J.M.
DEAN, C.M.                      1MH1880   22JA1931  next to Nancy
DEAN, Nancy Elizabeth          13JA1871   12MY1908  d of Jeremiah & Nancy
DEAN, Jeremiah                  5AU1831    8JL1895  h of Nancy
MURPHY, Edward                 18SE1916   28MY1936  next to Carl
MURPHY, Carl                   31JL1925   29AP1948  next to Edward
MURPHY, Alice Burns                        4NO1953  mother of Addie Lee MELTON
MURPHY, Velma                             15DE1935  mother of Alfonso R.
MURPHY, Irene (baby)
MELTON - see MURPHY, Alice
POTTS, Nora Garridine          15OC1904    5NO1906  d of O.C. & L.P.
RAYBURN, Willie                28SE1880   13DE1880  s of R.W. & A.D.
RAYBURN, Eddie                  1SE1891   16NO1896  s of R.W. & A.D.
RAYBURN, George                 8FE1893   11OC1895  s of R.W. & A.D.
JONES, Dora E.                  7SE1857   14AU1936  next to J.W.
JONES, J.W.                     2NO1847   17OC1926  next to Dora; CSA
REED, Ephraim                  16MY1827   11AP1900  h of Cynthia
REED, Cynthia M.               28AP1824   26FE1900  w of Ephraim
TICER, R.C.                    23SE1827    8MH1897  h of Sarah
TICER, Sarah A.                 8OC1833    1OC1890  w of R.C.
PETTIPOOL, Susan               23NO1804    8SE1881  w of John
PETTIPOOL, David Jones         24SE1845   28OC1909  Pvt Scout 4 AL Cav CSA
MELTON, Mattie                  1AU1870   15JE1910  w of H.J.
RAYBURN, H.J.                  23FE1818   28MH1899
MILTON, V.T.                    SE1838    21AU1890
FAIRES, A.C.                   26OC1848   21JE1892  h of Hettie Ann
ROBERTSON, Lile                 4JE1895    7DE1915
McKELVEY, Lydia                21FE1826   20AP1904
ROBERTSON, Mary Jane McKELVEY  25MH1852   16JA1930  next to Wm. W.
ROBERTSON, William W.          25NO1850   12OC1907  next to Mary J.
ROBERTSON, Mary F.              2JL1882   16JE1898  next to Georgie
ROBERTSON, Georgie             20OC1877    7JL1898  next to Mary F.
SHARP, Patsy Ann               14SE1937   16JE1938  next to Willie
SHARP, Willie C.               28JE1897    4MY1898  s of J.P. & M.A.
SHARP, Carroll                 11JA1842     1886    CSA
HANBACK, Stelar Mae            21FE1918   22MH1918  next to Hugh
HANBACK, Hugh L.               14OC1933    2JL1934  next to Stelar
STELAR - see HANBACK, Stelar
McFALL, Lizzie Johnson          2FE1873   12MH1899  w of W.W.
JOHNSON - see McFALL, Lizzie
TICER, M.V.                    29AP1863   27FE1920
WILSON, Lyda May               24JA1915   25MY1916  d of J.E. & V.G.
WILSON, Madgie Estell          25JL1890   14DE1906  next to Bennie
WILSON, Bennie Noble            1DE1892   31MH1894  s of T.J. & M.M.
CALL, infant son               25AU1906   27AU1906  s of A.T. & S.E.
HOUSTON, David T.              16OC1825   16FE1888  next to D. Sarah
HOUSTON, D. Sarah A.           21SE1875   30AU1897  next to David
POTTS, Mary E.                  9NO1842    3AU1868  w of W.M.
WATERS, Maxie                    1863       1931    next to D.J.
WATERS, D.J.                     1854       1931    next to Maxie
ROBERTSON, infant dau          28AP1892    7MY1892  d of T.J. & V.O.
ROBERTSON, infant son           2NO1987    2NO1987  s of T.J. & V.O.
ROBERTSON, Thomas Boice         1OC1901   23JE1902  s of T.J. & V.O.
ROBERTSON, Lizzie               1AP1887    3JA1895  d of M.B. & S.L.
ROBERTSON, Grover               4AU1893    7FE1895  s of M.B. & S.L.
ROBERTSON, Henry               28DE1891   16AU1899  s of M.B. & S.L.
ROBERTSON, Luanzy              20OC1862   18OC1905  w of Miles
ROBERTSON, Miles B.            14FE1861   22JA1937  h of Luanzy
GLASCOCK, Myrtle                                    w of Walter
GLASCOCK, Walter                                    h of Myrtle
GLASCOCK, Mary L.              11AP1870   10OC1918  w of John
GLASCOCK, John E.              28OC1868   22DE1942  h of Mary L.
RAYBURN, Samuel M.               1857       1931    h of Sarah
RAYBURN, Sarah                   1859       1940    w of Samuel
YOUNG, John R.                  8AP1886   12FE1950
TICER, William A.              11MY1859   16MY1896  next to Mattie
TICER, Mattie V.               29AP1863   27FE1920  next to Wm. A.
JONES, J. Thomas               16JL1910   25MY1955  h of Lois
JONES, Lois V.                 29NO1911             w of J. Thomas
JONES, James Fred              13JE1877    8JL1955  h of Blanche
JONES, Blanche R.              30NO1888   21JA1972  w of James F.
WHITE, Murray Don                          3OC1947  s of R.M. & R.N.
COLE, Elwood                   26SE1934   26AU1937  s of J.E. & M.S.
ROBERTSON, child               26NO1919    9MY1923  d of Clyde & Irene
ROBERTSON, Viola O.            16SE1866   16JE1902  w of T.J.
ROBERTSON, T.J.                11MY1863   26MH1925  h of Viola
ROBERTSON, Martha E.           25MY1869   25DE1934  next to T.J.
ROBERTSON, Louie W.            19MH1944    9JL1999  next to Johnnie
ROBERTSON, Johnnie             14JL1918             w of Amos
ROBERTSON, Amos Jones          26SE1912   17NO1995  h of Johnnie
ROBERTSON, George W.           15SE1891   21JE1967  h of Mary E.
ROBERTSON, Mary E.             22AU1892             w of George W.
ROBERTSON, Noel W.             19JE1910   13DE1910  next to Dorcas
ROBERTSON, Dorcas                                   infant of Jones & Johnnie
ROBERTSON, Tommy                                    infant of Jones & Johnnie
WILSON, Virgie G.               5JA1894             w of J. Emmett
WILSON, J. Emmett              24JA1888   23AU1945  h of Virgie
WILSON, Mary Mildred           15DE1860   25MH1948  w of Thomas J.
WILSON, Thomas Jefferson        8AU1857   29JE1942  h of Mary M.
SMITH, Isobelle                21SE1849   14JL1932  w of Rev. M.A.
SMITH, M.A. (Rev)              19JA1852    5JE1935  h of M. Isobelle
SMITH, Mina A.                   1880       1885    d of Rev. M.A. & M.I.
HOUSTON, Sarah Ann             10JL1839   21DE1897  w of David
YOUNG, Ardell                   8DE1923    5MH1924  d of J.D.
WILSON, Eugene                  5SE1897   10JE1953
HOUSTON, David & Sarah         21SE1875   30AU1897
HOUSTON, Eddie                                      13 yrs; s of David & Sarah
HOUSTON, Johnny                                     2 yrs; s of David & Sarah
HOUSTON, Myrtie Lee             9NO1873   22MY1966  next to Annie
HOUSTON, Annie Bell            13JL1868   11FE1956  next to Myrtie
WRIGHT, George M.              27AU1877    2FE1955  h of Nora
WRIGHT, Nora Sharp             25AP1884   25DE1963  w of George
SHARP - see WRIGHT, Nora
CAGLE, Larry                    3NO1939   16NO1939  next to Marleen
CAGLE, Marleen                 26AP1941   24JL1941  next to Larry
KELLEY, Jonathan Dale          24OC1956   27OC1956
ELLIOTT, Wanda L.              26DE1940   29DE1940
WRIGHT, Ida May                25MH1873    6SE1925  next to Phillip
WRIGHT, Phillip Washington      7SE1836   25JE1918  h of Elizabeth; Pvt Co I CSA
WRIGHT, Elizabeth N.             1840       1915    w of Phillip
SADDLER, Charlie P.            14JL1885   29MY1951  h of Mary E.
SADDLER, Mary Etta             13SE1890   16JA1975  w of Charlie P.
SADDLER, Homer Doyle           13MH1913    5MY1936  next to Charlie
STRANGE, J.W.                  22OC1869   24AP1950  h of Cora
STRANGE, Cora                   2AU1873   18AP1943  w of John
SADDLER, infant                           21JA1923  s of Turner
SADDLER, Melissa E.             5AP1856    1JL1932
WILSON, Mary L.                15MH1915    5DE1944
SHARP, O.B. (Doc)              23DE1860   21AP1923  next to Nancy
SADDLER, Nancy G.              22JL1876   29OC1879  d of J.W. & M.E.
SHARP, Tom                      6SE1855   22JL1895  next to Betty
SHARP, Betty                     1823     19FE1840  next to Betty
SHARP, Ballie                  15SE1895   25FE1916  next to Viola
SHARP, Viola W.                25AP1890    9AU1900  d of H. & L.L.
HAWKINS, Ada Frances Saddler   21JA1887    1AP1928  w of John
HAWKINS, John                    1885       1959    h of Ada
SHARP, Vernon                  11AP1917   15JE1918  s of T.L. & L?
SHARP, Lawrence                  1933       1935    next to Eloise
SHARP, Eloise                    1934       1935    next to Lawrence
POTTS, Percy                   22JA1883    9AU1929  next to infant
POTTS, infant                             16AP1913  s of P.H. & L.P.
WESSON, Arthur F.              10OC1879    1MH1917  next to Edna
WESSON, Edna                   22AU1853    4SE1892  d of Joe & Emma
WESSON, Joseph W.              17NO1848   22AU1914  h of Emma
WESSON, Emma W.                20NO1854    4FE1898  w of Joseph
McCORKLE, William T.           26JE1855    2OC1937  next to Cam H.
McCORKLE, Cam H.                9JL1877   25AP1964  next to Marietta
McCORKLE, Marietta (Mary)      13AP1897   28AU1879
POTTS, Betty                   29OC1857    1NO1906  w of G.F.
POTTS, G.F.                    27OC1859   14JE1932  h of Betty
WESSON, Nancy Elizabeth        14JA1887    5NO1966  next to Wade
WESSON, Wade                   14MY1876    8SE1947  next to Mattie J.
WESSON, Mattie J.              29JA1882   21AP1911  next to Bennie
WESSON, Bennie R.              28FE1911   14JL1911
YOUNG, Col. Carl               23SE1892   11NO1961  next to Will
YOUNG, Will                    12MH1870    4FE1951  h of Willie
YOUNG, Willie                  14AP1867   24MH1934  w of Will
HOLCOMBE, Allen J.              4SE1930    4JA1931
SHARP, V. Waymon               25AP1899    9JL1900
PARRISH, Lizzie                23AP1859   27JE1933  w of Felix
PARRISH, Neal                  17DE1915    6SE1947  next to Felix
PARRISH, Felix                 11JA1857   16MY1925  h of Lizzie
PARRISH, Edward C.              8DE1877   16DE1959  next to Nona
PARRISH, Nona P.               28JE1884   24JE1917  next to Edward
SHARP, Reeder Earl              1JL1913    4DE1938
SHARP, Lee H.                  15FE1867   16MH1951
ROBERTSON, J.W.                 5FE1867   31JL1943  h of Nettie
ROBERTSON, Johnny W.            4AP1905   15SE1907  s of J.W. & Nettie
ROBERTSON, Nettie              29MY1877    3MH1950  w of J.W.
COLE, Jamie Lynn               13OC1957   14OC1957  next to Jimmy D.
COLE, Jimmy Dale                2MH1959    4MH1959  next to Jamie
WILSON, Naomi R.               14NO1898   22MH1974  next to John L.
WILSON, John L.                23OC1919   10AP1962
JONES, Dalton Earl             19MH1925   20FE1939  s of Homer L.
REEDER - see SHARP, Reeder
REEDER - see JONES, Thomas
JONES, Thomas Reeder           16MY1882    5DE1940
SEAGO, Lizzie M.                 1886       1943
JONES, Ray D.                  10MH1915   14MH1948
JONES, Sally O.                  1880       1954
JONES, Ida Cannon               2AP1862   18OC1912  next to Janes
JONES, James J.                 2JL1852   14SE1919  next to Ida
MELTON, Henry Jack             18SE1870    1JA1957  h of Sarah
MELTON, Sarah Martha Faires                         w of Henry Jack
SHARP, Harl E.                  2MY1892    3FE1946
SHARP, Lulu A.                  6FE1887   22FE1941
SHARP, Fannie                   8FE1861   18DE1943  w of O.B.
LINDSEY, Nettie                 8JL1888   10NO1950  w of K.W.
LINDSEY, Keron W.              17JA1885   25OC1957  h of Nettie
LINDSEY, Elizabeth V.           9NO1915             w of Coleman; (m4AP1936)
LINDSEY, Coleman E.             4JL1909   15FE1981  h of Elizabeth
COLEMAN - see LINDSEY, Coleman
TICER, Verta E.                17JL1889   30AU1964  w of Ottis
TICER, Ottis C.                22AU1887   29AP1972  h of Verta
BEVIS, Katherine               22AU1922             w of Lewis
BEVIS, Lewis D. Jr.            31JA1922   22OC1968  h of Katherine
LINDSEY, Estelle                5JA1927             w of Lynwood
LINDSEY, Lynwood C.             5MY1928   19MY1967  h of Estelle
LINDSEY, Jewel T.              16NO1907   23JA1998  w of Clyde
LINDSEY, Clyde R.              17OC1901   28SE1979  h of Jewel
SHARP, Edgar Lee               28JA1891   15JA1965  h of Lonie
SHARP, Lonie Alberta           23JA1892   19MH1981  w of Edgar
WHITE, Jewel                    5DE1898    7AU1996  w of Edgar
WHITE, Edgar                    2SE1889   27NO1972  h of Jewel
HANBACK, Susan W.              12MY1897    5MH1973  w of Turner
HANBACK, Turner                 8SE1894    9AP1992  h of Susan
TURNER - see HANBACK, Turner
SHARP, Lillie S.               13JE1889   23FE1974  w of Jim
SHARP, Jim                     24MY1886   31MH1973  h of Lillie
LINDSEY, Quinnie S.            20SE1892    7MY1980  w of Greene
LINDSEY, Greene B.             19NO1886   15NO1974  h of Quinnie
GREENE - see LINDSEY, Greene
REYNOLDS, Jack T.              17AP1927    6JA1969  masonic
GIBBS, Lloyd Houston           10JE1934    3SE1977  SP4 USA Korea
HOUSTON - see GIBBS, Lloyd
SHARP, Lillian V.                          4MY1914  one date only
McKELVEY, Glen                 29JL1934   16FE1992
PERKINS, Bessie E.             23SE1910    4FE1999  w of Jesse
PERKINS, Jesse E.               8JL1905   17OC1980  h of Bessie
ROGERS, Jody W.                15DE1916   29MH1964  h of Julia
ROGERS, Julia E.               23DE1925             w of Jody
WARHURST, Mattie               28JA1884   23FE1965
SMITH, Dora E.                  2MH1890   29DE1966  w of Stanley
SMITH, Stanley                 19AU1883             h of Dora
WOMBLE, Leslie B.              23SE1927   15JL1999  h of E. Emogene
WOMBLE, E. Emogene             12AP1932             w of Leslie; (m8AP1949)
WITTMAN, Sandra K.             19MY1950   19FE1970  w of Deryl
WITTMAN, Deryl D.              13DE1942   19FE1970  h of Sandra
JONES, Homer L.                26NO1896   23DE1969  h of Lillian
JONES, Lillian T.              27AP1906             w of Homer
JONES, Kenneth R.               2OC1942    7MH1970  h of Lois
JONES, Lois S.                 24NO1944             w of Kenneth
JONES, James E.                30MY1931    2JA1985  next to Wheeler
JONES, Wheeler W.              20JE1889             h of Rubye
JONES, Rubye B.                14JA1897    3SE1972  w of Wheeler
McKELVEY, Mabel W.             14JE1895   26AU1968  mother of Jones A. Jr.
McKELVEY, Jones A. Jr.         26OC1915    6OC1964  s of Jones & Mabel
McKELVEY, Irene                16AP1917    6DE1990  next to Jones Jr.
SADDLER, John R.                7JE1924    5JL1966
ROBERTSON, Sherry Ann                     19JL1960  d of Kenneth
SADDLER, Annie                 10JL1898             w of Turner
SADDLER, Turner                26FE1895    5SE1955  h of Annie; Pvt USA  WW1
TURNER - see SADDLER, Turner
LONG, Virginia E. Saddler      30SE1920    1JE1993  w of Earl
LONG, Earl James               25JL1924   20MY1980  h of Virginia; Pvt USA WW2
CAMPBELL, Millie Augusta        8AU1924   12JE1981
SADDLER - see LONG, Virginia
ROBERTSON, Dona E.                                  next to Thomas M.
ROBERTSON, Thomas M.             1885       1957    next to Billie
ROBERTSON, Billie Fay          12FE1923   26OC1962
HIGGINS, Lee                    4SE1899    8AU1965
RICHARDSON, Estelle Young       5JA1927   28DE1998
WHITE, Laura B.                 4JA1886   16AP1975  w of Jones
WHITE, Jones O.                 8SE1886    8AU1969  h of Laura
JONES - see WHITE, Jones
SADDLER, Bertie M.              9JA1918   21MY1991  next to Eunice
SADDLER, Eunice R.             31DE1914   14DE1970  next to Bertie
YOUNG, Ethel Ann               17JE1892   11MH1965
YOUNG, W.G.  (Doc)              2DE1912   13JE1990
FAIRES - see MELTON, Sarah
COLE, Mattie S.                20OC1909   30JA1999  w of James
COLE, James E.                 19FE1900    7JA1972  h of Mattie
COLE, Mark                      3AU1964   16SE1980  s of Larry & Jeanne
HAYES, Johnnie P.               4MY1918   30AP1985
MANN, Katie Rae                 8AU1938   31MH1987
PITTS, Eardie R.                2OC1939             h of Vera
PITTS, Vera M. (Curly)         20SE1939   13NO1976  w of Eardie
PITTS, Omie                    10AP1922             w of Orbie; (m22OC1938)
PITTS, Orbie  (Coon)            6JE1917   24JL1980  h of Omie
SADDLER, Frances J.            29JL1926   21SE1998  next to Madolyn
SADDLER, Madolyn               18DE1909   18FE1981  next to Frances
TICER, Roy Elree               29JA1916   16JA1994  next to Anthony
TICER, Anthony Loyd (Tony)     26OC1958    5SE1984  next to Roy
LACK, Betty S.                 28FE1933   27MY1991  w of Ben
LACK, Ben Franklin              5JL1926    4OC1988  h of Betty; Cpl  USA  WW2
WEAVER, Virginia A.            25FE1940             w of Leonard
WEAVER, Leonard D.             10MH1940   10SE1984  h of Virginia
YATES, Ethel                    1SE1924   26OC1994
WOODS, H.L.                     7SE1916             h of Pearl
WOODS, Pearl                   27JE1914   22JE1988  w of H.L.
SHARP, Mary N.                 16DE1919             w of Earl
SHARP, Earl L.                 15SE1912   20JA1999  h of Mary N.
WOODS, Alma W.                 28JL1913   17JA1994  w of Wm. E.
WOODS, William E.              25MH1906    7FE1995  h of Alma
RODEN, James Lester            10OC1949             h of Betty
RODEN, Betty Ruth              25FE1962   16JE1989  w of James L.
MOORE, Thelma F.                4MY1911   21MY1988
YOUNG, Dorothy B.              27FE1916    8DE1992  w of Doyle
YOUNG, Doyle L.                18JL1913   30JA1991  h of Dorothy
YOUNG, Marvin D.               25SE1906    3DE1991  h of Emma
YOUNG, Emma Fisher              3NO1908   18FE1989  w of Marvin
FISHER - see YOUNG, Emma
ROBERTSON, Irene               16JL1897    5AU1992  w of Clyde
ROBERTSON, Clyde                5NO1893   16OC1976  h of Irene
WOOD, William Howard            9FE1914   21JE1975
GIBBS, Turner H.                8NO1904   12JE1978
TURNER - see GIBBS, Turner
SOUTH, Inez                     8NO1915             w of Ower
SOUTH, Ower                    10JL1912   15MY1978  h of Inez
SHARP, Irene F.                 7JE1913             w of Ellie
SHARP, Ellie B.                11JL1910   26FE1975  h of Irene
SHARP, Ellie B. Jr.             2JE1930   10AU1997  TSgt USAF Korea Vietnam
SMITH, James L.                11JE1912   28DE1985  h of Hazel
SMITH, Hazel M.                 2JE1914    4AU1986  w of James L.

*12 Feb 2002. Birthdate correction by Anita Westberry

PARRISH, Wesley (brother of Felix) 1869       1935  unmarked -
   information provided by grandson, Bill Parrish

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