Woodland Cemetery No. 2



Surveyed 14 Dec 1988,  by Orlan Irons

This cemetery is listed on the Lauderdale County Highway Map as Woodland Cemetery, but could also be known as Woodland Springs Cemetery, or the Old Woodland Springs Cemetery.

To reach this cemetery, turn off AL 20 (Savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 6 (Gunwaleford Road), go 6.7 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 4, go 2.4 miles. The cemetery is on the left side of the road, surrounded by some pine trees. Although it is barely off of the road, it would be best to continue on this road for about 75 yards until you reach an old house, then come back across and open field, it is just inside of the woods, and the stones that still remain are all close together. (Columbus McDougal lives in this house, he knows about this cemetery.) There are about 30 unmarked graves here, some with sunken holes, and some with stones for markers. Some of the few stones remaining have, I think,  been broken by falling limbs and trees, not by vandalism. The legal description for the cemetery is NW4, NW4, Sec 33, T2S, R12W.

SURNAMES               Born          Died          Comments
HUNT, Julious        8 Oct 1960     6 Aug 1972   age 1y 9 m 28 d
SMITH, Didama       13 Mar 1833  no death date   bottom of stone is missing.
GARNER, Libbie H.    2 Sep 1894    14 Sep 1894
     Edgar          died aged 8 years; son of J. T. & M. L. Barker
     W. K.          died aged 11 months; son of J. T. & M. L. Barker
     T. D.          died aged 12 years; son of J. T. & M. L. Barker
No Name          
No Name                no dates

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