Woodland Cemetery No. 1



Surveyed 14 Dec 1988,  by Orlan Irons

This cemetery is listed on the Lauderdale county Highway Map as Woodland Cemetery. It is also known as Woodland Springs Cemetery.

To reach this cemetery, turn off AL 20 (Savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 6 (Gunwaleford Road), go 6.7 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 4, go 1.7 miles. The cemetery is on the right side of the road, surrounded by several large trees, mostly oak trees. It is on a hillside, and there is a steel U. S. Government Survey Marker put there by the Tennessee Valley Authority, inside the cemetery. The marker is about 4 ft. tall, and can be seen easily from the road in the fall or winter. It is about 15 feet from the road. There is one old road that leads into the cemetery. There are at least 50 unmarked graves in this cemetery, some are sunk in, and some have stones for head markers. Some graves have stones surrounding the gravesite. The legal description for the cemetery is SE4, SE4, Sec 29, T3S R12W.

SURNAME     Given Names          Born          Died                    Comments
WISDOM      Jess T.            3 Apr 1876    25 Oct 1961
ENGLISH     Tamsey A.         14 Sep 1872    18 Jul 1956
HAYS        Pairlee           11 Mar 1878     6 Mar 1917       wife of J W Hays
DARBY       Lulie Pride        3 Sep 1886    15 Mar 1901
            Henry J.          11 Sep 1903    27 Mar 1904
            Robert Howard     15 May 189_    22 Jan 1900
HOLLIS      Robert C.         22 Jul 1898     7 Mar 1900  son of NC & EM Hollis
McDOUGAL    no given name     18 Jan 1846     8 Mar 1901
            Luc                  no dates
Unmarked    Funeral home marker                             funeral home marker
HAYS        Jess L. **                       31 Mar 1930
BURROW      William D. ***                          1939
** This marker listed 10 or 12 years ago. It is no longer there.
*** This marker also listed 10 or 12 years ago. There is still an
    undertaker marker that can barely be read as Will  Burr  193_.

Additional information given to me [Orlan Irons] by Mrs. Katherine (Robinson) Cox, 
concerning some of the people buried in this cemetery, that have unmarked graves:

Tom CODY and Lulu (Robinson) CODY, and their baby.;
Will COOK and both wives, Minnie (ADAIR) COOK and Emma (ADAIR) COOK. 
    (Minnie and Emma were sisters.) 
Minnie (ADAIR) COOK and Emma (ADAIR) COOK's Mother and Daddy;
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. COOK
BURT (or BURCH), Emmitt

Additional information supplied 18 April 2000, by Bill Parrish: 
"My father and grandfather and grandmother, plus an uncle. 
They have no markers."
BURROWS, William H.           1859 - 1939
BURROWS, Sarah Robins         1860 - 1925
BURROWS, Emmitt L.         ca 1894 - 1925
PARRISH, A. J.                1890 - 1925

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