Wesley Chapel Cemetery



Photo by Pat M. Mahan 11 May 2002

Surveyed 6 Nov 2000
Robert Ellington Torbert

     From Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, go West on AL 20 for about 0.5 miles; Right on County Road 200 to the Central Heights Community; Right on County Road 15 to the Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church and the cemetery. County Road 15 runs North & South, as do the cemetery rows. (Sec 3, Township 2, Range 12)
     For the purpose of this survey, the cemetery was divided into four Sections as follows, with the rows numbered from East to West:
     Section 1 - From the South driveway to the first walk-through gate.
     Section 2 - From the walk-through gate to the South side of the church building.
     Section 3 - Directly behind the church building.
     Section 4 - From the North side of the church building to the North driveway.
     This survey was compared with Garrett’s transcription and the differences field verified. Several tombstones and/or funeral home markers transcribed by Garrett were no longer readable and her records are included in this survey with appropriate notations in the “Notes” column.
    Section 5 - This is a new section, opened in 2005. Burials are listed here as they occur.

Updates for all sections are from Doris Whisenant.
They are listed at the bottom of the sections.

     NAME                         DOB        DOD      SEC-    NOTES
DAVIDSON, Donnie Ray           23AP1954    24AP1954   1-01 s of W.J. & Corine
DAVIDSON, William J.           15JA1913    24DE1989   1-01 h of Alma C.
DAVIDSON, Alma Corine          1AU11921               1-01 w of Wm. J.
HYDE, Ancil Thomas             14AP1921    30AP1958   1-01 h of Lula; AL Pfc WW2 OLC-PH
HYDE, Lula M.                   6NO1919               1-01 w of Ancil
HOLMES, Mary Bell               5DE1921    24MY1987   1-01
HOLMES, Ran M.                  7AP1894    8JE1967    1-01 h of Maudie
HOLMES, Maudie M.              12FE1903    9MY1989    1-01 w of Ran
HARGROVE, M.C.                 19FE1874    23AP1947   1-01
BREWER, Nettie Katie            6AP1909    6DE1982    1-01
DAVIS, Cecil F.                23MH1925    9JL1989    1-02 h of Onita; SSM3 USN WW2
DAVIS, Onita B.                16SE1925               1-02 w of Cecil
DAVIS, Andrew H.               17NO1890    12MH1976   1-02 h of Edna; Pfc USA WW2
DAVIS, Edna F.                  5MY1893    28OC1982   1-02 w of Andrew
DAVIS, Lloyd George             7MY1923               1-02 h of Jewel
DAVIS, Jewel Haddock           11MH1925    12JE1995   1-02 w of Lloyd; (m 24DE1946)
HADDOCK - see DAVIS, Jewel                            1-02
HADDOCK - see DAVIS, Jewel                            1-01
HOLDER, Calvin T.                18??      16MH1947   1-03
MILLER, Sallie M.              31AU1903    3SE1971    1-03 w of Charles
MILLER, Charles T.              4AU1894    11JE1961   1-03 h of Sallie
HADDOCK, Vester T.              1OC1898    12DE1993   1-03 h of Ethel
HADDOCK, Ethel L.               3OC1902    27MY1983   1-03 w of Vester
MORRIS, Luke C.                29AU1878    16JL1948   1-03 h of Martha
MORRIS, Martha J.              27SE1882    12JL1976   1-03 w of Luke
MORRIS, Caroline Isabell       23SE1918    22NO1972   1-03 w of Wm. T.
MORRIS, William Turner          9JA1913    18OC1978   1-03 h of Caroline
TURNER - see MORRIS, Wm.                              1-03
THORNTON, William G.            7AU1902    20AP1969   1-04 h of Eliza
THORNTON, Eliza Mae            30DE1903    27AP1975   1-04 w of Wm. G.
DANIEL, Billy C.                1MH1933    8NO1981    1-04 TSgt USAF Vietnam
DANIEL, Ethel                  14MH1898    25AP1986   1-04 w of Wm. C.
DANIEL, William C.             28JE1889    1JE1953    1-04 AL Pvt Co C 305 Inf WW1
MOORE, Vida S.                 24FE1892    14SE1966   1-04 w of J. Wayne
MOORE, J. Wayne                12JL1886    24MY1981   1-04 h of Vida
MOORE, Mary Ruth               12SE1914    17AU1949   1-04
LLEWELLYN, Marvin T.           10AP1910    1MH1960    1-04 AL Cpl WW2; h of Mary A.
LLEWELLYN, Mary A.             16MH1912    11DE1976   1-04 w of Marvin
BREWER, Aunt Becky                                    1-04 w of Doc
BREWER, Uncle Doc                                     1-04 h of Becky
RANEY, Laura Belle             11MH1891    4OC1962    1-04
RANEY, George W.               22SE1874    28OC1942   1-04
RANEY, Mary O.                 16JL1872    8JL1957    1-04
YERBEY, Sarah A.E.             22AU1856    2SE1920    1-04
YERBEY, Ethel Linda            18MH1876    12MY1954   1-04
YERBEY, Frances L.              9OC1854    22JL1943   1-04
YERBEY, Robert Lee             22DE1869    26AP1933   1-04
YERBEY, Mattie A.               4AU1882    7AP1973    1-04
HART, Anie Mae                  1DE1900    23MH1972   1-06
HART, Joseph H.                30AP1896    24NO1932   1-06 h of Myrtle
HART, Myrtle A.                27MY1904    11O1988    1-06 w of Joseph
HART, Mancel D.                20FE1892    15MY1929   1-06
MAXWELL, Janice Ruth                       15JA1939   1-06 d of Howard & Mae
WRIGHT, Lester W.               1MH1921    4DE1921    1-06
WRIGHT, Odell                    1926        1939     1-06 w of Lester
WRIGHT, Emma E.                25SE1890    25AP1931   1-06 w of Lester
MURPHY, baby                               21MY1946   1-06
MURPHY, Delilah "Tot"                      13JL1911   1-06
MURPHY, Cecil C.               18AU1907    3JL1997    1-06
YOUNG, Pugh A.                 27AU1879    4NO1953    1-06 h of Cora
YOUNG, Cora W.                  7AP1889    28AP1968   1-06 w of Pugh
DAVIDSON, Peggy Austin         26MH1942               1-06 w of Percy
DAVIDSON, Percy J.             12JE1941               1-06 h of Peggy
DAVIDSON, Marsha Dee           29AU1972    24MH1998   1-06
AUSTIN - see DAVIDSON, Peggy                          1-06
CROUCH, Charlie                15OC1897    10MY1968   1-07
ANGEL, Floyd R.                12FE1906    19AP1992   1-07 h of Clura
ANGEL, Clura B.                27DE1910               1-07 w of Floyd
ANGEL, Eathel B.                 1936                 1-07 w of Bobby
ANGEL, Bobby R.                  1932        1957     1-07 h of Eathel
McGEE, Susie                   12NO1920               1-07 w of Daniel
McGEE, Daniel                  20JA1916    14AU1955   1-07 h of Susie
JACKSON, Earl T.               20NO1914    24JE1950   1-07
DARBY, John M.                  4SE1967    6SE1967    1-07
DARBY, Andrew J.               26JA1897    8OC1980    1-07 h of Pearl; Pvt USA WW1
DARBY, Pearl M.                21OC1900    4OC1972    1-07 w of Andrew
KEPHART, Julia L.              28OC1909    11AP1994   1-07 w of W. Henry
KEPHART, W. Henry              10OC1902    17DE1974   1-07 h of Julia
McCORKLE, David M.             27OC1884    25OC1973   1-07 h of Mary L.
McCORKLE, Mary Leola           15MH1884    1FE1965    1-07 w of David
McCORKLE, Johnnie V.           30AP1863    23FE1948   1-07 w of George
McCORKLE, George L.             1JA1862    29NO1950   1-07 h of Johnnie
PALMER, L.C.                    5MY1936    8MY1936    1-07 s of K.T. & Vivian
PALMER, infant dau              2OC1937    5OC1937    1-07 d of K.T. & Vivian
PALMER, Charlie L.              9JE1885    24MH1937   1-07
PALMER, Leona                  14DE1927    22JA1928   1-07 d of C.L. & L.P.
PALMER, Pearl                   5AP1890    17AU1951   1-07 w of Charlie
PALMER, Houston E.               1890        1965     1-07
PALMER, Henry W.                                      1-07 h of Mary
PALMER, Mary                                          1-07 w of Henry
PALMER, Mattie L.                1887        1950     1-07
PERKINS, J. Harvey              2JE1909    26JA1946   1-08
PERKINS, McCoy                 18FE1915    16AP1920   1-08 double w/J. Harvey
WESSON, Amanda M.               2SE1862    24JE1929   1-08
WESSON, J. Lester              14AU1892    16AU1943   1-08 double w/Hulet J.
WESSON, Hulet J.               29OC1930    1MH1936    1-08 double w/J. Lester
WESSON, Emma L.                 3DE1891    6JL1984    1-08 w of Virgil
WESSON, Virgil L.              12FE1892    20MH1978   1-08 h of Emma
SIMMONS, Iris Paulk            21MY1917    14MY1994   1-08 w of Robert
SIMMONS, Robert                28NO1911    6NO1949    1-08 h of Iris
SIMMONS, L. Granville          26DE1889    15AU1970   1-08 h of Madge
SIMMONS, Madge A.              24NO1891    20OC1973   1-08 w of L. G.
BAILEY, Martha H.              16MY1880    3MY1949    1-08 w of Jasper
BAILEY, Jasper N.              15JA1877    17DE1964   1-08 h of Martha
HARBIN, Lee Ellis               3JA1917    18JA1969   1-08
MARKS, Henry Eugene            17JE1916    15OC1991   1-08 h of Earline
MARKS, Earline Austin          28JE1921               1-08 w of Henry; (m 2JL1938)
AUSTIN - see MARKS, Earline                           1-08
BALLEW, A.A.                    7MH1893    19SE1978   1-08 h of Annie
BALLEW, Annie                   9NO1893    25DE1980   1-08 w of A.A.
ROBERTS, Howard M.              1JA1913    27MY1987   1-08 h of Grace
ROBERTS, Grace B.              19DE1917               1-08 w of Howard
ANGEL, Jerry Wayne              4JA1976    8JA1977    1-09
BAILEY, infant son             17JE1957    19JE1957   1-09 s of John & Haskell
BAILEY, John T.                 6SE1903    20JA1982   1-09
WALLACE, Annie H.              22NO1899               1-09 w of Bruner
WALLACE, Bruner E.             10JL1900    9OC1983    1-09 h of Annie
WALLACE, Marjorie              19NO1924    7OC1965    1-09
HARRIS, Melissa J.               1864        1938     1-09 w of John D.
HARRIS, John D.                  1876        1936     1-09 h of Melissa
WRIGHT, infant son                         6JE1931    1-09 s of I.E. & M.S.
NEWTON, J. Foy                 29JA1922               1-09 h of Dorothy
NEWTON, Dorothy W.             18MY1919               1-09 w of J. Foy; (m 11JA1947)
CLARK, E.F.                    12MH1854    2AP1925    1-10 w of William
MANN, Henry E.                  8FE1906    3NO1984    1-10 h of Myrtle
MANN, Myrtle O.                25MH1905    15DE1943   1-10 w of Henry
LOVELACE, James E.               1872        1948     1-10 h of Dora
LOVELACE, Dora A.                1879        1965     1-10 w of James E.
LOVELACE, James F.             23MY1908    24NO1966   1-10 h of Exa
LOVELACE, Exa G.                9JA1914               1-10 w of James F.
LOVELACE, Elvin Koonce           1901        1973     1-10
LOVELACE, Vernon Dowdy         15OC1899    10FE1996   1-10
KOONCE - see LOVELACE, Elvin                          1-10
DOWDY - see LOVELACE, Vernon                          1-10
WILLETT, Bertha E.               1882        1967     1-10 w of Morris
WILLETT, Morris C.               1869        1954     1-10 h of Bertha
WILLETT, Susie                 28SE1913    20MH1991   1-10 w of John A.
WILLETT, John A.               19MY1908    8FE1996    1-10 h of Susie
WILLETT, infant dau                        13AU1971   1-10 d of John & Ann
GRABEN, Vera                    7SE1920    6JA1958    1-10
GRABEN, Bulah A.               30JA1890    2AU1982    1-10 w of Joseph
GRABEN, Joseph L.              28JA1888    27AU1972   1-10 h of Bulah
WILLETT, Vicki L.              15AP1951               1-11 w of Terry
WILLETT, Terry W.              13FE1949               1-11 h of Vicki
COOPER, Nannie D.              17JL1886    12JE1978   1-11 w of Wm. T.
COOPER, William T.             20OC1880    5AP1966    1-11 h of Nannie
WILLETT, Margie W.             22JA1926               1-11 w of Clarence
WILLETT, Clarence               3JL1920    1NO1969    1-11 h of Margie; Tec 4 USA  WW2
MONTGOMERY, Daniel H.            1946        1955     1-11
MORRIS - see WILLETT, Morris                          1-10
MANN, Lillian Parker             1908        1933     1-12
PARKER - see MANN, Lillian                            1-12
COBB, Richard Hermon            4JA1911    17OC1984   1-12
COBB, James A.                  2FE1878    10MY1967   1-12 h of Willie C.
COBB, Willie C.                 5MH1883    30MH1936   1-12 w of James A.
MITCHELL, James F.               1894        1966     1-12 h of Versie
MITCHELL, Versie F.              1903        1985     1-12 w of James F.
MITCHELL, W. Walter              1868        1950     1-12 h of Annie
MITCHELL, Annie B.               1869        1959     1-12 w of W.W.
HARRIS, Bertha Viola           15JE1901    28NO1994   1-12 w of John P.
HARRIS, John Pearson           27NO1900    17SE1950   1-12 h of Bertha; AL SP3 USNR WW2
PEARSON - see HARRIS, John                            1-12
AUSTIN, James R.                 1876        1951     1-12 h of Minnie
AUSTIN, Minnie S.                1885        1956     1-12 w of James R.
AUSTIN, Ruth A.                 6JL1916               1-12 w of Douglas
AUSTIN, Douglas C.              5NO1913    21OC1976   1-12 h of Ruth
CROUCH, Peggy A.                6JL1939               1-13 w of D. Gene; (m 5OC1957)
CROUCH, D. Gene                29MY1938    26MH1996   1-13 h of Peggy
CHURCH, John E.                  1922        1952     1-13
COLE, Ruby Holcombe            26SE1922               1-13
HOLCOMBE - see COLE, Ruby                             1-13
YOUNG, infant son              30AP1927    30AP1927   1-13 s of H.L. & H.L.
YOUNG, Hettie L. Wesson         8AU1888    3MY1954    1-13 w of Hulet L.
YOUNG, Hulet Lester             7MH1893    22JE1965   1-13 h of Hettie
WESSON - see YOUNG, Hettie                            1-13
COUCH, Mary V.                 25DE1861    21MH1930   1-13 w of John A.
COUCH, John A.                 19DE1848    7JA1930    1-13 h of Mary V.
FORD, Mary V.                              12JA1924   1-13
BREWER, W.T.                   11SE1855    26JA1930   1-14
BREWER, Martha T.                1883        1937     1-14
GIVENS, Irene B.               18AP1904    10OC1987   1-14
HARGETT, Julia Young            4JA1931               1-14 w of Charles
HARGETT, Charles Thomas        19FE1927    21MH1997   1-14 h of Julia; USAF WW2 Korea
YOUNG - see HARGETT, Julia                            1-14
YOUNG, Lillie Kathrine          1SE1927    24FE1930   1-14
YOUNG, Annie Bert              10AU1894    17DE1981   1-14 w of James E.
YOUNG, James E.                 3JL1891    23AU1967   1-14 h of Annie
BERT - see YOUNG, Annie                               1-14
HARRISON, Ross                 18MY1915               1-14 h of Deedy
HARRISON, Deedy W.             20FE1917    4MY2006    1-14 w of Ross
AUSTIN, William Earl            7OC1911    3MH1991    1-14 h of Alta
AUSTIN, Alta C.                14FE1931               1-14 w of Wm. E.; (m 11JL1959)
MURPHY, Rita Carol              2AP1974    2AP1974    1-14 "Day 0, Hours 0"
JOHNSON, Mamie I.               8SE1916               1-15 w of Joe J.
JOHNSON, Joe J.                 2AU1914    15AP1981   1-15 h of Mamie
JOHNSON, Ronald Gene           14AP1957    6FE1973    1-15
JOHNSON, Bobby Joe             11SE1935    11MY1983   1-15 h of Betty; (m 1SE1956)
JOHNSON, Betty Jean            23NO1934    12JE2000   1-15 w of Bobby J.
JOHNSON, Gary Michael          17AU1963    24JL1988   1-15
DANIEL, Annie P.               26JL1896    23FE1958   1-15 w of A.R.
DANIEL, A. R.                  17JE1894    9OC1966    1-15 h of Annie P.
FAULKNER, Annie Gertrude       28AP1914    24DE1993   1-15
FAULKNER, Jimmy J.              1MH1895    28NO1971   1-15 h of Fronia
FAULKNER, Fronia R.            22NO1892    6MH1993    1-15 w of Jimmy J.
MITCHELL, Garland              21AP1906               1-15 h of Ruby; (m 9JL1932)
MITCHELL, Ruby                  8AP1914               1-15 w of Garland
MITCHELL, Marvin Farmer         1NO1899    27FE1986   1-15 h of Opal
MITCHELL, Opal Young           26NO1903    1FE1985    1-15 w of Marvin; (m15MY1927)
MITCHELL, Leslie Claud          5AP1897    21AP1971   1-15 h of Ethel; AL Pvt USA WW1
MITCHELL, Ethel D.             14MY1907    2DE1976    1-15 w of Leslie
FARMER - see MITCHELL, Marvin                         1-15
YOUNG - see MITCHELL, Opal                            1-15
DIXON, C. Boyd                 14DE1883    1AU1955    1-15 h of Lelia
DIXON, Lelia J.                17DE1885    4SE1962    1-15 w of C.B.
FULMER, George Edward           1AP1880    9DE1960    1-15
FULMER, Ella N.                10JA1853    9AP1932    1-15
HADDOCK, Clarence L.            5AP1903    11MH1985   1-15 h of Clara; Pfc USA
HADDOCK, Clara J.               2JE1906    6NO1961    1-15 w of Clarence
HADDOCK, Charles William        2NO1938    23AP1940   1-15 s of C.L. & Clara
TAYLOR, Alma Jackson           20FE1912    9MY1934    1-15
JACKSON - see TAYLOR, Alma                            1-15
JACKSON, Jimmie Lou            11FE1886    25NO1962   1-16 w of John T.
JACKSON, John Thomas            8JE1882    20MY1934   1-16 h of Jimmie
DAVIS, Deedy Fay                           19JE1933   1-16
DAVIS, Perry Wheatley                      3AU1937    1-16 41 yrs old; AL Pvt USA
BURCHEL, Lillie Mae Davis      20MY1904    8MY1999    1-16 w of Clarence
BURCHEL, Clarence J.           19JA1908    16JL1954   1-16 h of Lillie; AL Tec5 Engr WW2
WHEATLEY - see DAVIS, Perry                           1-16
DAVIS - see BURCHEL, Lillie                           1-16
BROWN, infant son                          16AP1931   1-16 s of W.T.
BROWN, infant son                          29AU1928   1-16 s of W.T.
BREWER, Elizabeth Ann          25SE1935    15AU1997   1-16
BREWER, Vernon F.              31MY1913    1OC1990    1-16 h of Inez
BREWER, Inez B.                 9OC1910    29MH1984   1-16 w of V.F.; (m 22JL1933)
WESSON, Bobby C.               23JE1939    21JE1962   1-16
WESSON, Evelyn E.              26AP1908    2AU1966    1-16 w of Robert D.
WESSON, Robert D.              26MY1907    4MY1969    1-16 h of Evelyn
WESSON, Gerald Thomas          22MY1947               1-16
WALLACE, Virginia Murphy       30MY1926    14AP2000   1-17 w of Clarence
WALLACE, Clarence Lester Jr.    1AU1922               1-17 h of Virginia
WALLACE, Myra Kathryn Lovelace 17AP1926               1-17 w of A.J.
WALLACE, A. J.                                        1-17 h of Myra
LOVELACE - see WALLACE, Myra                          1-17
ROBERSON, Douglas Brent        22JL1962    2JE1985    1-17
ROBERSON, Polly                 7JA1923               1-17 double w/Douglas
ROBERSON, Randle               26AU1923               1-17 h of Polly
MAY, Clyde                     16JA1904    28SE1992   1-17 h of Eula; (m 25AP1926)
MAY, Eula W.                   19SE1905    20JL1990   1-17 w of Clyde
HARDISON, Lucille              23SE1907    21FE1977   1-17
ANDERSON, James D.              8FE1884    10OC1965   1-17 h of Ida
ANDERSON, Ida E.               29OC1884    3NO1975    1-17 w of James D.
GIVENS, W.C.                   22JA1887    28SE1961   1-17 h of Fannie
GIVENS, Fannie J.               1JA1883    17NO1955   1-17 w of W.C.
BROWN, William T.              24OC1875    18MY1956   1-17 h of Mary J.
BROWN, Mary J.                 17JL1890    27MH1978   1-17 w of Wm. T.
BROWN, Orville R.              16DE1911    26AU1939   1-17
BROWN, Mahala                   2JL1867    15NO1937   1-17 w of Thomas G.
BROWN, Thomas G.                5FE1844    20NO1933   1-17 h of Mahala
DANIEL, infant daughter                    7AU1953    1-17 d of Buford & Clara
DANIEL, Betty J.                FE1936      FE1937    1-17
DANIEL, Bobbie                  6JE1934     DE1934    1-17
DANIEL, Rebecca                27AU1931    12JA1933   1-17
HADDOCK, Orlan V.               2JL1926    25DE1929   1-17 s of V.T. & M.E.
WALLACE, Elbert E.             15AP1890    24OC1979   1-18 h of Mamie
WALLACE, Mamie B.              27DE1896    25AP1927   1-18 w of Elbert
HADDOCK, Joseph Leon           18SE1928    18OC1933   1-18
HADDOCK, Essie Broadfoot       11JA1904    16FE1987   1-18 w of Emmett
HADDOCK, Emmett Benton          4FE1893    4JL1978    1-18 h of Essie
RICHARDSON, James E. Sr.         1886        1963     1-18 h of Annie
RICHARDSON, Annie A.             1887        1953     1-18 w of James E.
RICHARDSON, Franklin A.         1FE1913               1-18
McCANLESS, Lora E.               1906        1980     1-18 w of Breta
McCANLESS, Breta O.              1902        1959     1-18 h of Lora
HARGROVE, Margaret E.          24JA1910               1-18 w of Jim
HARGROVE, Jim L.               28JL1906    20SE1960   1-18 h of Margaret
CROUCH, Homer                   4JE1904    14MH1975   1-18 h of Ruby
CROUCH, Ruby                    7JE1917    14DE1994   1-18 w of Homer
CARTER, Derek Steven           11AU1979    6JL1997    1-18
BROADFOOT - see HADDOCK, Essie                        1-18
BENTON - see HADDOCK, Emmett                          1-18
MURPHY, Christopher Lane       19OC1971    7OC1991    1-19
SIMPSON, Courtney Crouch       11AU1986    14AU1986   1-19
CROUCH - see SIMPSON, C.C.                            1-19
SMITH, Robbie J.                8MY1938    28OC1989   1-19 w of Gaines
SMITH, Gaines E.               18FE1934    3JL1993    1-19 h of Robbie; (m 25DE1955)
SMITH, Troy                     5FE1909    18FE1965   1-19 h of Mary
SMITH, Mary                    16DE1911               1-19 w of Troy
SMITH, Earl Edward             30AU1929    22AU1964   1-19
SMITH, Debbie Lynn             22NO1956    3FE1957    1-19
AUSTIN, Faires S.                1898        1967     1-19 h of Norma
AUSTIN, Norma R.                 1899        1993     1-19 w of Faires
JULIANO, Bennis Ruth            4JL1927    27AP1994   1-19
YOUNG, Bennie Scruggs           4NO1892    21MH1956   1-19 h of Grace
YOUNG, Grace D.                20NO1900    23SE1975   1-19 w of Bennie
SCRUGGS - see YOUNG, Bennie                           1-19
ROBERSON, Asenith               3JL1872    8JL1933    1-19 w of BAS
ROBERSON, BAS                  25FE1867    4JA1934    1-19 h of Asenith
HENDRIX, Grover D.             22MY1887    13SE1963   1-20 h of Addie
HENDRIX, Addie M.               1NO1899    7OC1970    1-20 w of Grover
HENDRIX, Betty Ann              2JL1933    6FE1934    1-20
AUSTIN, Dalton S.                1904        1963     1-20 h of Cornelia
AUSTIN, Cornelia D.              1909        1951     1-20 w of Dalton
BALENTINE, Margaret Louse A.   29MY1929    29SE1967   1-20
BALENTINE, Charles Fredrick    22FE1958    23OC1999   1-20
AUSTIN, Verginia Daniel        28JE1915               1-20 w of Ray; note "Verginia"
AUSTIN, Ray Clivers            21OC1910    7SE1976    1-20 h of Verginia
DANIEL - see AUSTIN, Verginia                         1-20
CLIVERS - see AUSTIN, Ray                             1-20
DAVIS, Annie B.                17JE1912               1-20 w of Dudley
DAVIS, Dudley R.               20AP1908    24AP1974   1-20 h of Annie; AL Pvt USA WW2
HARBIN, Eula May Dowdy          8JE1912    17AP1996   1-20 w of Joe
HARBIN, Joe Grady Sr.           4DE1906    27NO1967   1-20 h of Eula; AL Pvt 6 Cav
DOWDY - see HARBIN, Eula                              1-20
MAY, Jeanette Harbin           23NO1930    14FE1990   1-20
MAY - see HARBIN, Eula                                1-20
HARBIN - see MAY, Jeanette                            1-20
AUSTIN, Clyde Carlton          31JL1934               1-21 h of Rosalie; (m 8DE1953)
AUSTIN, Rosalie Bullion        23NO1937               1-21 w of Clyde
BULLION - see AUSTIN, Rosalie                         1-21
McCORKLE, Monetta J.           19MY1910    19AP1996   1-21 w of D. Roy
McCORKLE, D. Roy                7SE1901    24OC1973   1-21 h of Monetta
McCORKLE, Jack J.              29JL1928    6AP1986    1-21
McCORKLE, James A.             19SE1908    3NO1961    1-21 AL Pfc Mil. Police WW2
AUSTIN, Avery J.               16NO1912    4NO1967    1-21 h of Methral
AUSTIN, Methral P.             17OC1916               1-21 w of Avery
PENNINGTON, Effie S.             1881        1966     1-21 w of Jay
PENNINGTON, Jay H.               1881        1951     1-21 h of Effie
PENNINGTON, infant                         18DE1935   1-21 infant of H.J. & M.I.
PENNINGTON, Herschel J.        11JA1914    22DE1947   1-21 h of Inas; AL Sgt WW2
PENNINGTON, Inas A.            15FE1909    7AU1988    1-21 w of Herschel
PHILLIPS, Hugh M.                1892        1949     1-21 Cpl Co F Inf WW1
PHILLIPS, Belle Gray           15DE1860    8AU1950    1-22 w of Jim
PHILLIPS, Jim Mack              1AP1864    24SE1936   1-22 h of Belle
GRAY - see PHILLIPS, belle                            1-22
THORNTON, William Shannon      26MY1893    14AP1942   1-22 h of Norma
THORNTON, Norma Phillips       27OC1884    10JA1966   1-22 w of Wm. S.
SHANNON - see THORNTON, Wm.                           1-22
PHILLIPS - see THORNTON, Norma                        1-22
HARRISON, Etta                  8DE1890    22FE1937   1-22
HARRISON, Herby G.              7MH1890    8SE1957    1-22 h of Minnie
HARRISON, Minnie Viola         29JA1904    29AP1996   1-22 w of Herby
COBB, Albert                   23MY1922    23AU1982   1-22 h of Rozella
COBB, Rozella M.               10MY1938    17FE1977   1-22 w of Albert
YODER, Carolyn Austin           2JL1938    8JL1997    1-22
AUSTIN - see YODER, Carolyn                           1-22
PARRISH, Vernon A.             16NO1932    4DE1991    1-23 w of Jessie
PARRISH, Jessie L. Jr.         26FE1932    5MH1977    1-23 h of Vernon
PARRISH, Jesse                   1911        1996     1-23
CANNON, Sam B.                  2OC1902    1MH1980    1-23 h of Elizabeth
CANNON, Elizabeth L.           28MH1909    17NO1982   1-23 w of Sam; (m 3SE1927)
LANEAVE, Coy                   28MY1875    8JA1965    1-23 h of Blanche
LANEAVE, Blanche                7DE1870    10MY1944   1-23 w of Coy
DAVIS, Marvin Glenn            25JL1936    11MH1937   1-23 s of L.F. & C.V.
DAVIS, Paul W.                  5AU1933    16JE1952   1-23
PALMER, infant                             20MY1943   1-24 s of K.T. & Vivian
PALMER, R. David               20MH1941    23MH1941   1-24 s of K.T. & Vivian
PALMER, James B.               11AP1940    14AP1940   1-24 s of K.T. & Vivian
PALMER, infant                             12NO1944   1-24 s of K.T. & Vivian
SHARP, James C.                  1861        1939     1-24 h of Lizzie
SHARP, Lizzie R.                 1877        1947     1-24 w of James
JACKSON, Margarett             23MH1958    24MH1958   1-24 d of Earley
JACKSON, Earley Dean           24FE1917    29JE1993   1-24 h of Julia; USA WW2
JACKSON, Julia L.               4DE1933    16FE1993   1-24 w of Earley
COBB, Harvie W.                 6MH1916    24AP1980   1-25 h of Louise
COBB, Louise M.                25MY1935               1-25 w of Harvie
FULMER, Annie C.               22DE1889    12NO1977   1-25
DANIEL, Homer B.               17OC1905    12FE1970   1-25 h of Donna
DANIEL, Donna L.               28AP1905    12AU1967   1-25 w of Homer
DANIEL, Jerry Don              16JL1933    23MY1957   1-25
DANIEL, James H.               29SE1937    14FE1942   1-25
WALLACE, Odis Wilburn          28AU1911               1-25 h of Mattie
WALLACE, Mattie Lee             2SE1908    26NO1993   1-25 w of Odis
WILBURN - see WALLACE, Odis                           1-25
DANIEL, Olen C.                29SE1922    14AU1995   1-25 h of Clara; (m 30SE1943)
DANIEL, Clara D.                4NO1926               1-25 w of Olen
MAY, Birdie H.                   1909                 1-26 w of Ernest
MAY, Ernest C.                   1905        1982     1-26 h of Birdie
MCLENDON, Helen Ruth           13JA1945    18MY1988   1-26
DANIEL, Clara                  29NO1915    12MH1986   1-26 w of Buford
DANIEL, Buford D.               4OC1912    4SE1990    1-26 h of Clara
SMITH, Barbara A.              24DE1953    31MH1986   1-26
ANDERSON, James H.             17MH1922    30SE1990   1-26 h of Delores; (m 13FE1953)
ANDERSON, Delores Joly         24MY1929               1-26 w of James H.
JOLY - see ANDERSON, Delores                          1-26
CROMWELL, Shelia Sue           29AP1948               1-27 w of Danny; (m 1966)
CROMWELL, Danny Allen          25JA1945    31DE1993   1-27 h of Shelia; masonic
HAATAJA, Iver Virgil           11JL1913    4AP1988    1-27 h of Nellie; Pvt USA WW2
HAATAJA, Nellie D.             15JE1918    16DE1991   1-27 w of Iver; (m 29JE1940)
SMITH, David Earl               9SE1957    27DE1998   1-27
COBB, Audrey R.                27DE1920    28AP1984   1-27 Pfc USA WW2
HUBBERT, Paul Kaley            31JA1912    13DE1986   1-27 h of Esther
HUBBERT, Esther M.             17JL1912    5NO1997    1-27 w of Paul
HARRISON, Granville E.          1NO1927    22JE1997   1-28 h of Aillen; USN WW2
HARRISON, Aillen C.             4AP1922    1JA1983    1-28 w of Granville
JACOBS, Thomas Eugene           6SE1938    16MH1998   1-28 h of Mary;  USAF
JACOBS, Mary Frances            6OC1930               1-28 w of Thomas

Updates are from Doris Whisenant

Update 18 Mar 2001
LOVELACE, Sarah                 6 Aug 1946 - 27 Nov 2000
ROBERSON, Pauline Morris        7 Jan 1903 - 23 Nov 2000

Update 17 Apr 2001:

ANGEL, Clura Jackson           27 Dec 1910 - 12 Apr 2001
RICHARDSON, Franklin Alexander  1 Feb 1913 - 15 Apr 2001

Update 2 May 2001:

DANIEL, Clara Dee               4 Nov 1926 - 30 Apr 2001

Update 20 June 2001:

MITCHELL, Billy Porter         23 Feb 1929 - 18 Jun 2001
    son of Marvin and Opal Mitchell

Update 18 Sep 2001:
HOLMES, Hubert Owen            27 Aug 1942 - 14 Sep 2001

Update 29 Jan 2002:
LOVELACE, Exa G.                9 Jan 1914 - 26 Jan 2002

Update 7 Feb 2002:
DAVIS, Mr. Lloyd George         7 May 1923 -  3 Feb 2002
     Husband of Jewel Haddock Davis

Update 3 Apr 2002:
AGEE, James Thurman            19 Mar 1957 - 30 Mar 2002
     son of Helen Haddock Provencher
MAY, Birdie Ollie Haddock             1909 - 30 Mar 2002
     wife of Ernest May Sr.
Update 9 May 2002:
ANGEL, Brandon Heath             2 Jun 1978 - 1 May 2002

Update 10 Nov 2002:
WOODS, Shirley Parrish           8 Nov 1957 - 22 Oct 2002

Update 27 Feb 2003:
WALLACE, Odis                   28 Aug 1911 - 20 Jan 2003

Update 28 May 2003:
WESSON, Sherman A.               9 Nov 1928 -  5 May 2003
JACKSON, Sarah B.                3 Jul 1928 - 22 May 2003

Update 14 Sep 2003:
MURPHY, Delilah "Tot" Peeler    13 Jul 1912 - 10 Sep 2003
      wife of Cecil Carroll Murphy
Update 23 Oct 2003:
HARRISON, James Ross             18 May 1915 - 26 Sep 2003
       Husband of Deedy Wesson Harrison
HENDRIX, G. D.                    7 Nov 1931 - 21 Oct 2003
      husband of Mavelean Hendrix 

Update 30 Dec 2003:
MURPHY, Thomas Wade              22 Jan 1962 - 23 Dec 2003 

Update 2 Nov 2005:
AUSTIN, Alta C. Hanback          14 Feb 1931 - 2 Feb 2004
         Husband: William Earl Austin
AUSTIN, Virginia Daniel          28 Jun 1918 - 28 Aug 2004
BAILEY, Christine                 8 Jul 1923 -  6 May 2004
MITCHELL, William Garland        21 Apr 1906 - 11 Oct 2004
         Husband of Ruby Brown Mitchell
TIDWELL, Beverly Elaine          23 Jul 1954 - 11 Apr 2004
         Daughter: Ruby Holcombe Cole
Update 12 Mar 2006:
HYDE, Randy Mark                 17 Nov 1956 - 28 Jan 2006
          Mother: Lula Holmes Hyde
Update 3 May 2006:
ROBERTS, Grace Ballew            19 Dec 1917 -  1 May 2006
     [Mrs. Roberts gave many gifts to Wesley Chapel Church and
     cemetery. She was one of the persons who helped purchase
     the new addition to the cemetery.]
Update 23 Dec 2006:
NEWTON, Dorothy Elizabeth        18 May 1919 - 22 Dec 2006

Update 15 Jan 2007:
MARKS, Earline Austin            28 Jun 1921 - 12 Jan 2007

Update 10 Apr 2007:
Austin, Methral (Pennington)     17 Oct 1916 -  5 Apr 2007
     wife of Avery J. Austin; daughter: Jessie Elaine Moody
Update 10 Oct 2007:
HARGETT, Julia Young              4 Jan 1931 - 12 Oct 2007
HARRISON, Deedy Wesson           20 Feb 1917 -  4 May 2006 [death date added]
HYDE, Lula Mae Holmes             9 Nov 1919 - 16 Sep 2007
WILLIAMS, Glenda Faye Daniel     26 Aug 1943 - 30 Jul 2007
TOMBSTONE FOR OWENS - large, flat, 3 names:
OWENS, Margaret E. Lizzie               1861 - 1951
OWENS, Uncle Andrew Clark               no dates
OWENS, Margaret Elizabeth (baby)        no dates

Update 11 Mar 2008:
Keeton, Adam Andrew              22 Apr 1993 -  2 Jan 2008
Johnson, Mammie Whitten           8 Sep 1916 -  9 Mar 2008

Update 4 Feb 2008:
Mitchell, Dorothy Aycock          3 Oct 1931 - 13 Aug 2008
Mitchell, Ruby Lee Brown          8 Apr 1914 - 30 Oct 2008

Update from 2008:
Wimbish, Zeldiz A.               23 Jul 1935 - 30 Dec 2008

Update 5 Jan 2010:
Nunnery, James W. "Jay"           5 Feb 1938 - 14 Jan 2009

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