Walston Cemetery (black section)


(Black Section)

Surveyed by Orlan Irons, 12 Sep 1990

On the western side of Walston Cemetery is a large section that is used by the Black people for burial. This part is fenced with a woven wire fence, and is joined by the white section that is fenced with chain link. A barb wife fence separates the two sections of this cemetery. There are many sunken holes all through this cemetery that would indicate many unmarked graves. The slaves also used this cemetery, and are buried here. The few graves that have markers are in two different places in the cemetery, and are close together, and not scattered throughout the cemetery.

To reach this cemetery from Florence, turn off AL 20 (Savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 14 (Waterloo Road); go 5.5 miles and turn left on Lauderdale 15; go 1.2 mile and turn right on a gravel road (there is a sign there with Walston Cemetery on it); go 0.1 mile to the cemetery. Both sections of this cemetery are still being used. This cemetery is listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description is NE4, NE4, Sec 4, T3S, R12W.

     NAME                    Born             Died       Comment
WINBURN,Fancy             25 Dec 1887      25 Aug 1960
BOYD, Rachel W.                  198              1958
WINBORN, Sylvia Andrew           1888             1953
ARMSTEAD, Revell                 1949             1950
SMITH. Lucile W.                 1915             1950
No Names                    no dates                    artificial flowers
RAGLAND, Elizabeth W.            1916             1937
WINBURN, Pearl Lee         5 Jan 1924       4 Apr 1986
ABERNATHY. Barbara A.     12 Jul 1955       2 Jan 1976
No Names                     no dates                    artificial flowers
HARRIS, Mr. Gifford       12 Oct 1924      28 Mar 1990   funeral home marker
THOMPSON, Frank D.        31 Mar 1946      20 Feb 1982
WATSON, Eugene            15 Feb 1900      10 Dec 1980   Pvt, US Army, World War I
PERKINES, Willie          27 Jan 1869      19 Mar 1916   this marker is leaning against a tree, near the fence.

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