Waterloo Cemeteries (Name Unknown - Nos. 1 & 2)



Surveyed by Mac Lambert
Contributed 16 Feb 2000

Below is a transcription of a cemetery at Waterloo, not literal, died was spelled dide, abbreviation for years is yers, etc.  It is completely over grown, but there might be some more stones under the leaves.  Ralph Robbins is the person who told me about it and took me to it. I don't know the name of this cemetery, and can't find anyone who does know. Ralph Robbins and I refer to it as the Parker Cem, one is buried there, and the route to it is right thru a Parkers yard. It's more or less behind the fire hall on Bumpass Creek Road, at the north edge of Waterloo, not sure, but probably in the city limits.

While looking for a clue on these graves, I found where the first settler at Waterloo came in 1824 or later, which won't fit the 1823 burial very well, and there are, by my guess, at least 100 graves there, maybe more, hard to tell but it's a good sized cemetery. The stones are definitely home made and carved but really easy to read, much easier than later commercial ones. Eight stones were all I could find with inscriptions, a few more unmarked stones. 

Josiah Webb
b. April 11, 1819
d. May 10, 1840

Howard P.
Son of J. T. and M. J. Turner
b. Aug 24, 1809
d. July 28, 1823

Twin Sisters
Children of J. T. and M. J. Turner
b. May 25,  1825
d. May 30,  1825

Rebecca Parker
d. Jan, 27, 1831
33 yrs, 3m, 2 days old

Elizabeth Web(b)
d. Nov 27, 1853
Age 65

J. G. Wallis
d. June 12, 1839
age 21

Sarah Wallis
d. April 26, 1841
age 63 years

Wm. R. Johnson
d. Nov. 30, 1839
age 39 yrs, 7 m, 10 days


Surveyed by Mac Lambert
Contributed 16 Feb 2000

This small cemetery is on up the hill past Richardson Cemetery, and is as far from the other as you can get and still be in Waterloo.  The stone is the same handiwork as those in the cemetery above.

B. B. Gary, d. April 12, 1840, age 32 yrs.

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