Tate - Russell Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons - 14 Apr 1989

     To reach this cemetery, turn east off Cox Creek Parkway onto US 72; go 2.6 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 27; go 2.5 miles. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. You will have to walk west for 175 yards, across a pasture to get to the cemetery. It is on the side of a hill in a clump of cedar trees and has a barb wire fence around it. The fence is about torn down. All the tombstones have fallen over, but most of the bases remain in what appears to be the original place. There are about 15 to 20 graves marked with rocks. This cemetery is listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description for the cemetery is NE4, NW4, Sec 22, T2S, R10W.


Given Names





Joe B.

3 Oct 1855

1 Jun 1927


Alford H.

29 Aug 1897

27 Jan 1915


Mary A.

23 May 1864

23 Mar 1922

wife of J. B. Tate


Robert E. L.

27 Nov 1901

15 Sep 1911

son of J M & M J Russell


Mattie J.

13 Oct 1868

9 Oct 1921

wife of J M Russell


Joseph F.

15 Jan 1891

29 Dec 1893

son of J M & M J Russell


Joseph C. C.**

5 Sep 1870

15 Feb 1871

son of C W & C A Smotherm.

**This tombstone has been broken; all of the surname was not easy to read due to the break; the last letter could be incorrect. It is possible that this name is SMOTHERMAN.

UPDATE: 12 May 2004, from Les Tate

          These headstones were laying on the ground covered by a thin layer of
dirt and vegetation. I did not record the writing at the time, but took digital pictures of most of the stones, which I'm using to provide the information below. I'll go back in the next few days and record the information more accurately and look for the ones you have listed, some of which I didn't see.
          It appears that this cemetery was vandalized some years ago. The two Tate gravestones (Joe B. and Martha A., husband and wife) should have been side by side, but have been moved out of place. The way in which Saletha Smotherman's stone was broken off its base also indicates vandalism. No headstone having writing on it was standing, again indicating vandalism.

Saletha, wife of C.W. Smotherman, Apr 12, 1838 Jan 22, 1896 "In
loving memory of our mother"

James M. Russell, Jan _2, 1867 Sept 11, 1941 "The _____ _____ memory
dear" (Missing letters and words in the stone are probably sufficiently
legible to complete the missing info which I'm providing from photos.)

Jessie M., Dau of J.M & ___ Russell, ..... (the writing is legible, but
the photo doesn't show the letters and numbers sufficiently clear for

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