Tabernacle Cemetery


Township 1, Range 9, Sections 18/19

Photo by Laurie Morris

Contributed 9 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 and north on US 43.  At Green Hill turn right on CR 47 and go to CR 140.  The church is located at this intersection and the cemetery is beside the church.  This cemetery was surveyed by Karen & Doris McGee, Muriel Barnett, Eletha Howard and Judy Mason in 1995.  It was updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from CR 47.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
BALENTINE, Garrett Wayne Sr.     24JL1915      27AU1991     01
BALENTINE, Jessie T.             03AP1891      05FE1942     01  h of LM
BALENTINE, Lillie Mae            30JL1894      09OC1981     01
BALENTINE, Dorothy Aday          30MY1922      13AP2005     01  w of Wm; m 10AU1941
BALENTINE, William (Will)        07DE1919   see additions   01
CREWS, Thelma Agnes              04FE1923      14AU2003     02
CREWS, Denver Thomas             24JE1922      23NO2000     02  CTM  USN  WW-II
DAVIS, Louise S.                 29AP1938                   02  w of Bobby
DAVIS, Bobby R.                  25JE1935      05JE1999     02  m 3SE1956
BURGESS, Nettie S.                 1860          1948       03  w of JD
BURGESS, John D.                   1858          1936       03
SMOTHERMAN, Ester Idell          03DE1888      06MH1924     03
SMOTHERMAN, W.J.                 10MY1921      24NO1934     03
SMOTHERMAN, William T.           05JL1943      13FE1972     03  SP4  HHN 1 BN 29 Inf Vietnam
SMOTHERMAN, Homer A.             09OC1911      27MY1977     03
KILLEN, Regneald Clark           11AU1972                   03  one date
KELLEY, Elmer C.                 14JE1904      08JL1985     03  h of Flora
KELLEY, Flora Mel                22JE1908      20JL1995     03  m 6JE1926
HAYGOOD, Mary F.                   1867          1932       03  w of John
HAYGOOD, John R.                   1870          1936       03
HAYGOOD, Clifford                  1905          1954       03
NICHOLSON, Bessie                03OC1888      15AP1969     04  w of Frank
NICHOLSON, Frank                 03NO1879      10AP1965     04
NICHOLSON, William H.            17MH1852      01AU1930     04
NICHOLSON, Mattie J.             10DE1851      06DE1930     04  w of WH
NICHOLSON, Oscar P.              29JE1895      23MY1935     04
BURGESS, Bessie D.               17JE1891      08OC1966     04  w of HL
BURGESS, Hugh Lee                05FE1881      28MH1947     04
BURGESS, infant                                15FE1931     04  s of Carter & Evelyn
PRUNTY, Evelyn Doris             05SE1910      15FE1931     04
BURGESS, H.L. Jr.                17OC1919      13JE1997     04  Mason; USN  WW-II
BURGESS, Michael Lee             28SE1953                   04  USN  Vietnam
WRIGHT, infant                                 04JL1951     05  d of WH
WRIGHT, M. Elizabeth             11AP1933      03MY1938     05
BURGESS, John M. (Sonny)         18MY1935      16AP2005     05
MARKS, Arling Douglas            01DE1921      22SE1995     06  h of ML
MARKS, Mary L.                   23AP1922      15JA1990     06
WILLIS, I.                                                  06
WILLIS, O.                                                  06
SHAVER, baby                                                06
SHAVER, M.                                                  06
WILLIS, Q.                                                  06
SCOTT, Jessie F.                 28NO1896      16MY1961     06
SCOTT, Buford B.                 12JE1903      29OC1983     06
SCOTT, Joe M. Sr.                20JL1899      21DE1973     06  h of Ollie
SCOTT, Ollie Lee                 05OC1904      06FE1982     06
WHITE, Lessie Scott              10FE1932                   06  w of EC
WHITE, Edward C.                 13FE1926      28FE2005     06  S2  USN  WW-II
SCOTT, Helen E.                  11OC1926      18JE1997     06  w of Joe; m 26DE1945
SCOTT, Joe M.                    16MY1923      08AU2003     06
SCOTT, Joseph Michael (Mike)     18AP1961      11JE2005     06
STOKES, Barbara Scott            13DE1937      12FE2004     07
SCOTT, Irene Elizabeth           01DE1903      26SE1967     07  w of WE
SCOTT, Willie Elvis              03SE1894      06SE1966     07
SCOTT, Clyde                       1937          1937       07
SCOTT, Willie R.                   1934          1935       07
SCOTT, baby                        1935          1935       07
SCOTT, Ada                         1869          1956       07
SCOTT, W.T.                        1864          1929       07
SCOTT, Henry                                                07  s of WT
SCOTT, Flora B.                                             07  d of WT
PERRY, Mamie Scott               28SE1921      16SE2002     07  w of WR; m 16AP1936
PERRY, William Ralph Sr.         08DE1914      30JE1994     07  F1  USN  WW-II
LILES, William J.                28AP1852      23MY1916     09
WILLIAMS, Dora E.                13AP1911      12AU1919     09
WILLIAMS, infant                 16FE1921      16FE1921     09  s of Dudley & Jennie
BUTLER, John H.                  10SE1853      26OC1934     10
BUTLER, Lucy                     01MH1854      23AU1923     10  w of JH
BUTLER, James E.                 22FE1883      07AU1923     10
BUTLER, Major J.                 24OC1889      02AU1926     10
ALLEN?, Jackson?                 17DE1860      22DE1861     10  hard to read
MYRICK, Sarah                    15AU1827      26JE1855     10  w of James C.
BLACK, Evelyn                    31AU1918      10AP1934     11
BLACK, Mary V.                   08JE1881      26DE1961     11  w of MH
BLACK, Martin H.                 17NO1870      22DE1932     11
MITCHELL, Mamie Black            07FE1908      07AP1950     11
ISBELL, Carthel E.               13SE1928      18SE2002     11  h of Mary; m 20AU1949
ISBELL, Mary L.                  29AU1930                   11
HILL, Martha Ann                 13JA1859      14OC1861     11  hard to read
ROBBINS, Christopher Matthew     16JE1980      24MY2006     11
BURGESS, Charles Larry           01SE1926      23JL2001     11  S1  USN  WW-II
BURGESS, Elease Hill             23AU1930                   11  w of CL; m 10JA1948
BURGESS, James D.                16MH1967      07FE2006     11  s of CL & EH
LILES, Henretta V.               07JA1878      21SE1938     12
LILES, Z.J.H.                    05DE1856      18FE1928     12
LILES, infants                                              12  daughters of ZJH & Henretta
RICHARDSON, Martha B.            22MY1811                   12  w of David; born Moore Co NC
RICHARDSON, David                02MY1809      11MH1844     12  born Moore Co NC
HAYGOOD, Martha Elizabeth        24OC1890      06NO1924     12  m of Floyd/Alton/Helen/Clark
WALKER, William (Rev)            03MH1847      28MH1913     13
ANGEL, Lizzie                    26DE1872      12SE1878     13  d of JM & SA
ANGEL, Willie                    20SE1853      03MH1878     13  s of JM & M
STRONG, Lydia                    22AU1818      25JE1854     13  w of Thomas
CHISHOLM, John                   28JA1779      09MY1861     13  Capt 1Regt TN Militia War1812
CHISHOLM, Sally                  20JE1781      23OC1840     13  w of John; born Baltimore, MD
GARRARD, John H.  *              30SE1837      22FE1911     13  Pvt Co I 9 Regt AL CSA
MARKHAM, Lewis                   07OC1763      25SE1846     14  Sgt Continental Line Rev War
SWINEA, Danny Carroll            19OC1952      22OC1952     14
SWINEA, Thomas                     1865          1890       14
SWINEA, James T.                 13SE1883      24MY1887     14
SWINEA, William A.               08MY1881      19FE1897     14
SWINEA, Velma                    25JA1892      03SE1911     14
SWINEA, F.J.                     04MH1853      29DE1899     14
SWINEA, Sarah Ellin              09MH1862      15NO1915     14  w of FJ
SWINEA, Lizzie Snow              13AP1895      26AP1928     14
SWINEA, Benton                   31JA1928      26MY1928     14
SWINEA, Clinton                  31JA1928      18SE1928     14  twin
SWINEA, Thomas E.                05FE1915      01AU1929     14
HILL, Millisa                                               15  m of Tie Clemmons & Dovie P.
HILL, David Lewis   *            03MY1869      04DE1875     15  s of HR & ME
HILL, Hiram Thomas               06MH1873      30MY1936     15  s of HR & ME
HILL, Sarah E. Hartsfield                                   15  w of HT; m 14DE1893
HILL, Henry R.  (Rev)            19DE1844      13JL1923     15  Co C 16 AL Inf CSA
HILL, Mary E.                    28FE1842      25MH1931     15  w of HR (Rev)
HILL, John W.                      1872          1958       15
HILL, Mary Bessie                11MH1905      09DE1913     15  d of HT & Sarah E.
HILL, Dora Irene                 26FE1896      14JA1913     15  d of HT & Sarah E.
HILL, Polly                      03AP1808      16MY1878     15  Double
HILL, Lewis Monroe               21NO1807      04JL1856     15  Stone
HILL, Henry                      25NO1776      01DE1850     15
HILL, Judith                     25NO1777      31JL1852     15  w of Henry
HILL, Green Berry                25NO1803      08OC1852     15
HILL, Catharine                           died 08JE1825     15  aged about 24 yrs.
Hill, Martha A.                  21JA1827      05FB1827     15  dau of G. B. & N. Hill    
HAYGOOD, Columbus F.             16OC1850      18MH1937     15  double stone with Kiney
HAYGOOD, Kiney                   22DE1875      06MY1952     15
HAYGOOD, William Newton          26OC1897      18JE1967     15  h of Maggie
HAYGOOD, Maggie P.               02JA1902      14MH1989     15
HAYGOOD, James W.                22DE1894      10OC1895     16
HAYGOOD, Liddie Ann                1832          1906       16  w of JJ
HAYGOOD, James Jackson             1830          1888       16
HILL, Mary                       25JE1808      18OC1871     16  w of James
HILL, James                      14AP1811      08JE1853     16
HILL, Rosanera                   14SE1836      13JA1909     16  w of CS
HILL, Calvin Smith               09JA1832      04AP1911     16  CSA
KENNEDY, Luther Paschal           FE1847        DE1919      17  Pvt Co B 6 TX Inf CSA
KENNEDY, Fannie Hardwick          DE1848        JL1901      17  w of LP
KENNEDY, infants                                            17  infants of LP & FH
HARDWICK, Joseph B.              01OC1820      26DE1892     17  Pvt Co C 7 AL Inf CSA
BRETHERICK, Amanda                 1858          1951       17  d of Wm & Sarah
BRETHERICK, William D.           04AP1861      30AU1861     17  s of J & MJ
BRETHERICK, James W.             03OC1862      21OC1862     17  s of J & MJ
BRETHERICK, Martha J.            11AP1838      10MH1864     17  w of J
BRETHERICK, Robert D.            14DE1873      12JA1890     17  s of James & MC
CANHORN?, Albert C.              17MY1882      11AP1900     17  s of WW & MH
CAUHORN, Little Willie           24MH1901      26MH1901     17  s of WJ
CAUHORN, W. J.                   20DE1870      01AU1903     17
YOUNG, Gertrude                    18??          19??       17  Flat slab hard to read
YOUNG, Mamie                                                17  Flat slab hard to read
CAMPER, Andrew Jr.               10MH1848       JL1925      18  h of Mary
CAMPER, Mary Ann                 14DE1854      11DE1933     18
HAMMOND, infant                                06JE1923     18  s of JL & Sallie
LeMASTER, Samuel H.              05MY1836      26AU1919     18  s of Capt JW
LeMASTER, William H.             12DE1841      19AU1925     18  s/JW; Pvt Co E 29 Reg IL Inf
LeMASTER, R.E.                   07JE1845      07OC1905     18
LeMASTER, Robert L.              28JL1871      30SE1883     18  s of Wm H.
LeMASTER, Sophronia A.           05AU1827      07JA1879     18  d of Capt JW & NL
LeMASTER, Nancy L.               21JA1801      14MH1872     18  w of Capt JW
LeMASTER, J.W. (Capt)            21OC1793      09SE1876     18  Capt TN Militia War of 1812
WEATHERS, Nola Joyce             05DE1918      20MH2004     18  Eastern Star
PHILLIPS, Artie Mae Powers       17AU1928      08JL1947     19
GLOVER, Ida Dee                  18JA1909      01OC1989     19
KELLEY, William C.               26MH1879      15FE1946     19  h of Mattie
KELLEY, Mattie                   15AP1885      02MY1938     19  Double Stone
HAMMOND, Mary Ella               21OC1909      02MH1975     19
HAMMOND, J.L.                    02JA1868      05JA1931     19
HAMMOND, Sallie J.               15MH1878      05NO1967     19
KILLEN, John Milton              14OC1909      14SE1971     19  Mason
KILLEN, infant                                 27NO1937     19  d of Milton & Carolyn
CAUHORN, Mary H.                 13DE1846      16MH1921     19  w of WW
CAUHORN, William W.              07DE1845      02FE1932     19  Double Stone
RAY, Archibald D.                23JE1862      03DE1943     19  h of JE
RAY, Joannah E.                  25OC1868      29AP1961     19
SCOTT, Ruby May Ray              09MY1899      07OC1993     19  w of Coleman
SCOTT, Coleman C.                30AU1892      29SE1971     19  Pvt USA  WW-II
ROBINSON, Margaret Cauhorn       26NO1866      29JA1916     19  w of Thomas I.
HALL, H.E. Jr.                   07MH1918      14MH1918     19  s of HE
KELLEY, Trudy B.                 23AU1937                   20  w of JE
KELLEY, Johnnie Edward           11FE1932      17OC2004     20  USAF  Korea
DONALSON, Andy Joe                                          20  Age 37
DONALSON, Gregory M.                                        20

Additions Aug 2008, by Gail McMurray 
Row 1, Balentine, William (Bill) DOD 19JULY2007; 
Row 4, Burgess, Michael Lee DOD 11MARCH2008; 
Row 6, Torres-Burgos, Jamie A. DOB 05 OCT 1942 DOD 16 MAR 2008; 
Row 11, Isbell, Mary L. DOD 01JUL2007;
Row 11, Mitchell, Russell Lee DOB 28 Jun 1920 DOD 23 Jan 2007 World War II 
Row 21, Hare, Frank Stanley DOB 18 MA 1944, DOD 07July2008
[NOTE: Pictures of tombstones with file names that begin with 
McMurray were taken by Gail McMurray. Gail is working on getting
Tabernacle Cemetery a historical marker. Pictures with file names
that begin with Morris were taken by Laurie Morris. Laurie works
on the Hill family, and would like information on this tombstone for an 
unknown Hill.]

Notes on Tabernacle Church and cemetery contributed by Laurie Morris.

     According to William Q. Hill, there is no clear evidence where the 
name of this church and cemetery originated, but some have suggested that
the land was first established as a Hill Family burial place and later 
became a community cemetery.  The oldest grave in the church is that of 
Catharine Hill, first wife of Green Berry Hill, who died 8 June 1825, 
establishing Tabernacle as one of the earliest burial sites in the county.
The small white church now standing was built in 1869, but local tradition 
has it that there were two log church buildings prior to this that burned.
The first church supposedly burned when nearby woods caught fire; the second 
log church burned after a log rolled from the church fireplace following a 
service. The first church is thought to have been built between 1830 and 1840; 
the second church may have been built about 1842. Henry Hill was the minister 
for the first log church; his ordination certificate was recorded in the Court 
House of Lauderdale County on 29 December 1829.  The present church was built 
with building materials furnished by Henry Alexander Killen and others in the 
community.  One of those who did the carpentry work was Rev. Henry Randolph Hill
(Henry's grandson), who was also the first minister of the new church. Many 
early settlers are buried in Tabernacle Cemetery, a number of whom were related 
to the Hill family through marriage or whom had close ties with the family.1
     Tabernacle Church and Cemetery are located about 1/8 mile off US 43, at the 
intersection of CR 47 and CR 140, about 250 yards from Rogers High School.  The 
Hill graves are located at the back of the cemetery1.  In 19592, William 
Hill wrote that the church was being used only for funeral services and memorial 
services.  In June 20013, the church and grounds were in good condition, 
but do not know if the church is still being used in any capacity.  There is no sign
or marker for either church or cemetery.  

1. Hill, William Q. A History of Green Hill and Some Surrounding Communities in 
   Lauderdale County, Alabama with 54 Cemeteries of the County. William Q Hill,
   Florence, AL. 1978.
2. Garrett, Jill K. and Iris McClain. Some Cemeteries of Lauderdale County, Alabama.
   Jill K. Garrett, Columbia, TN. 1970
3. Personal visit to Green Hill of Laurie Morris in June 2001.

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