Surveyed by Orlan Irons, Buster and Joyce Carroll - 17 Mar 1989

To reach this cemetery, turn left off AL 20 (Savannah Highway) onto Lauderdale 14 (Waterloo Road); go 10.3 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 6; go 0.8 mile; turn right on a paved road; go 2.0 miles; turn right on another paved road; go 1.3 miles to the cemetery. The cemetery is on the left side of the road, on a high embankment. One marker can be seen from the road. The legal description for the cemetery is NW4, NE4, Sec 33, T2S, R13W.

SUMMERHILL, Hannah - no dates, wife of Henry Summerhill
SUMMERHILL, Elizabeth - 17 Aug 1866 - 8 Jan 1914
SUMMERHILL, Millie - 31 Aug 1868 - 3 Oct 1926, wife of R. L. Summerhill
OLIE, John** - no dates
     **Listed in 1937 by TVA as being reinterred here from cemetery no. 9.
       There is no marker.

We were told by some people that the graves had been moved here by TVA; other people said that the graves had always been there.

We found 10 to 15 holes with no markers or names. Annie (Summerhill) Cooper, age 81 years, told us that Robert Summerhill (her brother), Millie Summerhill (her grandmother that lived to be 112 years old), R. L. "Bob" Summerhill's first wife, Millie (Jordan) Summerhill, and Ester Lee Hampton and her son are buried here.

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