Simpson Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons (no date)

To reach this cemetery, turn off AL 20 (Savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 6 (Gunwaleford Road); go 5.7 miles; turn right on Lauderdale 15, go 1.0 mile; turn left on Lauderdale 4, go 0.6 mile; turn right onto a farm road and go 0.5 mile. At the end of this road there is a metal gate that leads into a pasture. Stop here and walk across this pasture in a northwesterly direction for 760 yards to the cemetery. It is on a little hill, in a clump of mostly oak and cedar trees, in the middle of the pasture. It is about 150 yards past a pair of transmission lines, that you will go under getting to the cemetery. All the grave markers in this cemetery are standing against two or three trees. There are not any that are by a grave. There are about 10 sunken holes here. This cemetery is shown on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway map. The legal description for this cemetery is SW4, NW4, Sec 9, T2S, R12W.

SURNAME        Given Names         Born          Died      Inscription/Comments
WILLIAMS       Coleman          16 Dec 1856    28 May 1874  Ftmkr: J. W.
WILLIAMS       Berry            10 Sep 1852    24 Dec 1880  Ftmkr: B. W.
SIMPSON        Lucy                    1883           1932
NOTE: The first letter on Lucy and the birthdate might be incorrect
       as they were not easy to read.
SIMPSON        Willie           31 Jan 1892    29 Sep 1906
SIMPSON        Alfonzo          19 Mar 1873  no other date  age 43 years
CANON          Willie                  1909           1933
No Name        no names            no dates                 Ftmkr: A. B.

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