Richardson Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons, 16 Jan 1989

This cemetery is shown on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map, but no name is given. All the people that are buried here, and have a tombstone are Richardson. To reach this cemetery, turn north off Cox Creek Parkway, onto AL 157 (Cloverdale Road), go 2.4 miles, turn right on Lauderdale 7 (Sharps Mill Road), go 1.1 mile, there is a mail box that belongs to Charles Watkins, at 1223 Sharps Mill Road, you will have to walk in an eastward direction for about 250 yards from this point. It is in back of Charles Watkins house. The cemetery is in a clump of oak trees, and it has an old rusty fence around it. There are 8 graves marked with stones. The legal description for the cemetery is NE4, SW4, S9, T2S, R11W.

    NAME                           BORN            DIED           COMMENTS
Richardson, Myrtle             13 Oct 1901      26 Jun 1903
Richardson, Sallie A.          16 Dec 1866      17 Aug 1905   wife of H. D. Richardson
Richardson, H. D.               9 Nov 1852      19 May 1932
     Note: Top is broken off of Sallie A. and H. D. Richardson's tomb, but the broken 
     part is still there by the tomb it goes with.
Irons, Nelson Eugene           19 Dec 1951      17 Mar 1973
Irons (double)
     Arthur                    14 Mar 1912       7 Mar 1981
     Bertha                     1 Jan 1921    no death date
Peden, Michael Cory             2 Mar 1988       9 Apr 1988   funeral home marker
Smith, Andrew J.                7 Jan 1863      22 Jul 1955   Artif 1 Regt Ala Inf Sp Am War
Smith, Minnie                   5 Dec 1878      18 Nov 1965

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