Richards Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons (no date)

To reach this cemetery, turn left off AL 20 (Savannah Highway) onto Lauderdale 14 (Waterloo road); go 10.3 miles and turn left on Lauderdale 6; go 0.8 mile, turn right on a paved road; go 2.0 miles, turn right on a logging or farm road. Follow this road for a short distance, until you come to a field that has a offset on the left, cross over this   field, keeping to your left, and go down the left side of this larger field until you reach the southwest corner. This is 9.4 mile from where you turn off the paved road. This cemetery is 50 yards from the corner of this field inside the woods. There are some large oak trees that can be seen from outside the woods that are right by this cemetery. If these fields are plowed up, you can walk from the paved road, and go this same direction. There are 10 to 15 holes (unmarked graves) in this cemetery. If you go there in the spring, there are some graves that have buttercups around them. The cemetery is not listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description for the cemetery is SW4, SE4, Sec 28, T2S, R13W.

RICHARDS, Sarah -  died 28 Oct 1881, aged 65 years
RICHARDS, John - 10 Jan 1825 - 30 Jan 1894, aged 69 yrs 20 das

John Richards' tombstone is broken and lying on the grave. There is a footmarker that has J. R. at the foot of the grave.

Some of the Richards family said that Rene Richards was buried in this cemetery. Rene is the father of John Richards.

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