Price Cemetery - T2R10



Surveyed by Orlan Irons (no date)

To reach this cemetery, turn east off Cox Creek Parkway onto US 72, go 1.5 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 30 (Bailey Springs Road), go 0.9 mile; turn right on Lauderdale 20, go 1.2 miles to the cemetery. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. It has a metal gate at the road, but there is not any fence around it, except at the back and on one side. There is a large area here with trees scattered in it. All the graves that are marked as close together. I could find only one sunken hole, away from the marked graves. The cemetery is shown on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description for the cemetery is SW4, NE4, Sec 21, T2S, R10W.

   NAME                  Born           Died          Inscription/Comments
PRICE, Louise         13 Aug 1927        Jan 1929     dau of Jim & Cornelia Price
PRICE, Maxie A.        6 Oct 1859     24 Jun 1924    
GRESHAM, William H.    9 Oct 1884      5 May 1950
No Name                  no dates                     stones at head & foot
GRESHAM, Bessie Mae   23 Dec 1913      1 Oct 1915     dau of W H & G B Gresham
GRESHAM, Marley Don    7 Dec 1946   no other date     son of L E & W M Gresham
GRESHAM, Gary Lance   18 Nov 1947   no other date     son of L E & W M Gresham
MUSSLEMAN, Ella Lee   19 May 1915     22 Jun 1918     
MUSSLEMAN, Isaac T.    3 Dec 1866     30 Jul 1936)     double 
  ", Callie           23 Nov 1882     11 Jul 1969)     stone
No Name                  no dates                     marked with a rock
STORMENT, James M.    21 Mar 1938   no other date     small grave with footstone

UPDATE by Paul K. Rikard
GRESHAM, George H.*   16 Jun 1917      8 Jan 2005)    double
   ", Vernaicelle     26 Jan 1926     14 Jul 1994)    stone
GRESHAM, James E.     21 Oct 1918     18 JUn 1996     Precious Lord take my hand
TALBOTT, Edna Tate    23 Oct 1913      6 NOv 1999     In Our Hearts You'll Always Be

*Son of William Henry Gresham and grandson of Maxie Amelia (Reynolds)
Price and John A Gresham


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