Pleasant Hill Cemetery



Contributed by Linda Johnston

Typed by Robert Torbert

LOCATION: From Florence, take Savannah Highway [Hwy 20] north, turn left on County Road 222; go about 1/4 mile. The cemetery and Pleasant Hill Methodist Church  are on the right of the road. A Historical Marker has recently been erected in this cemetery.  The cemetery and church are on the map, and is located in Section 15, Township 2, Range 12.

    NAME                        DATE        DATE       NOTES             SECTION, ROW
                               OF BIRTH    OF DEATH                        & GRAVE NO.
DeVANEY, Claude W.             03Aug1886  03Oct1955  h of Augusta           1-01A-01
DeVANEY, Augusta L.            09Oct1890  02Feb1986  w of Claude            1-01A-02
HAIRRELL, Hermage E.           27Sep1909  15Oct1995  h of Martha            1-01A-15
HAIRRELL, Martha L.            21Mar1913  01Jan1992  w of Hermage           1-01A-16
HAIRRELL, Merrill G.           16May1931  29Jan1981  s of H.E. & M.L.       1-01A-17
HADDOCK,                                                                    1-02A-03
HADDOCK, Essie D?              23May1908  07Feb1969                         1-02A-04
MORRIS, James Carl             16Feb1892  18Jan1957  h of Lila              1-02A-05
MORRIS, infant                 Jun 1924    Jun 1924  d of Carl & Lila       1-02A-06
MORRIS, Lila Warren            30May1890  28Dec1925  w of Carl              1-02A-07
MORRIS, Simon W.               22Mar1865  25Oct1935  h of Florence          1-02A-08
MORRIS, Florence E.            04Jun1863  11Nov1954  w of Simon             1-02A-09
MORRIS, Billy                  18Aug1938  24Sep1939  s of W.C. & L.L.       1-02A-10
MORRIS, Louise (Lovelace)      28Jul1912  04Jun1942  w of W.C.              1-02A-11
MORRIS, W.C.                   05Jul1898  23Feb1984  h of Louise            1-02A-12
CROWDER, John U.               03Oct1871  11Apr1962  h of Lucy J.           1-02A-13
CROWDER, Lucy J.               02Nov1873  09Apr1938  w of John U.           1-02A-14
THOMPSON, Martha Jane          09Jun1927  17Jul1962  d of H.L. & W.Crowder  1-02A-15
CROWDER, Howard L.             01Apr1901  23Aug1968  h of Willowdean        1-02A-16
LINDSEY, Carlos                17Feb1907  19Jul1974  Pfc USA                1-03A-01
McDONALD, Marvin Daniel        25Mar1931  17Apr1994  SN USN Korea           1-03A-03
McDONALD, William Ervin        10Nov1903  11Nov1990  h of Pauline           1-03A-04
McDONALD, Pauline Lindsey      15Mar1910  06Mar1964  w of Wm. E.            1-03A-05
LOVELACE, J.B.                                                              1-03A-12
KELLEY, Geraldine H.           08Aug1923             w of Wm. E. Jr.        1-03A-13
KELLEY, William E. Jr.         24Apr1916  15May1993  h of G.H.; Cpl USA W2  1-03A-14
FULMER, Ora M.                 24Oct1893  19Aug1988  w of J. Arnold         1-03A-15
FULMER, J. Arnold              28Oct1892  30Nov1952  h of Ora               1-03A-16
KELLEY, Nellie Fulmer          11Feb1881  30Apr1945  w of Wm. E.            1-03A-17
KELLEY, William Emmett         15Jan1885  08Apr1951  h of Nellie            1-03A-18
MITCHELL, John                 30Aug1869  28Feb1943                         1-04A-12
MITCHELL, Edna                 17Sep1881  01Apr1941                         1-04A-13
MITCHELL, James                23Jun1907  09Jan1941                         1-04A-14
MITCHELL, Brooks               08Aug1912  11Sep1939                         1-04A-15
CALL, Seletha E.               07Nov1885  30Aug1969  w of Arthur T.         1-04A-17
CALL, Arthur T.                01Jul1882  06Jul1945  h of Seletha           1-04A-18
PORTER, Jessie Call            20Feb1893  25Jan1982                         1-04A-19
CALL, William M.               09Aug1873  17Dec1933  h of Osie              1-04A-20
CALL, Osie Ola                 09Sep1879  10Jan1923  w of Wm. M.            1-04A-21
DARBY, Robert T.               26Mar1932  02Oct1973  AL SP5 USA Korea       1-05A-05
DARBY, Inez T.                 21Mar1912  13Oct1992  w of Robert B.         1-05A-06
DARBY, Robert B.               07Apr1907  10Oct1964  h of Inez              1-05A-07
SEATON, Annie Lee              30Dec1922  14Sep1994  w of J.C.              1-05A-08
RHODES, John Irvine            14Aug1894  28Jan1946  h of Maggie            1-05A-10
RHODES, Maggie Perkins         08Jan1901  27Feb1980  w of John I.           1-05A-11
RHODES, Samuel P.                1871        1948    h of Mary E.           1-05A-12
RHODES, Mary E.                  1876        1954    w of Samuel            1-05A-13
LOVELACE, Thomas A.            12Aug1874  13Apr1958  h of Mamie L.          1-05A-16
LOVELACE, Mamie L.             18Aug1881  16Jan1941  w of Thomas A.         1-05A-17
MATHENY, Louise Olive          26Sep1904  09Oct1960  w of Allen             1-06A-02
MATHENY, Allen                 23Jul1905  24Jun1962  h of Louise O.         1-06A-03
POMEROY, Margaret Ann          16Sep1869  02Aug1958                         1-06A-06
HOLLIMAN, Martha Jane          07Mar1867  26Jul1950                         1-06A-07
DARBY, Mary Frances            22Mar1864  07Jan1949  w of H.B.              1-06A-08
DARBY, Fred L.                 26Sep1889  01Nov1935  h of Nettie            1-06A-09
DARBY, infant                                        d of Fred & Nettie     1-06A-10
WEST, Virginia L.              30Apr1932             w of S.D.(m14Feb1955)  1-06A-13
WEST, Stanley D.               10Feb1926             h of Virginia          1-06A-14
McFALL, Louise D.              25Jul1903             w of James F.          1-06A-15
McFALL, James F.               07Aug1897  24Oct1983  h of L.D.; Pvt USA W1  1-06A-16
McFALL, M. Catherine           09Sep1923  10Mar1924  d of M.L. & J.F.       1-06A-17
McFALL, Nancy Ann              16May1860  24Mar1941  w of W.B.              1-06A-18
McFALL, W.B.                   30May1855  11Feb1925  h of Nancy A.          1-06A-19
CALVERT, Lucille C.            28Jun1921             w of Wm. J.            1-07A-05
CALVERT, William J.            11May1923  03Jun1964  h of Lucille           1-07A-06
NICHOLS, Joseph W.             14Dec1902  11JUn1951  h of Beatrice          1-07A-09
NICHOLS, Beatrice              15Nov1904  14Jan1942  w of Joseph            1-07A-10
HIPPS, Robert                  02Aug1902   May1957                          1-07A-13
HIPPS, Andrew                  25May1891     1943                           1-07A-14
HIPPS, Mattie                  14Sep1908  12Oct1939                         1-07A-15
HIPPS, Sallie S.               11Jul1869  30Dec1935                         1-07A-16
HIPPS, Thomas K.               27Dec1856  05Jan1933                         1-07A-17
HIPPS, Hattie Pearl              1916        1916                           1-07A-18
JOHNSON, Katie Lee             02Jun1917  03Nov1981                         1-07A-19
WALLACE, Ruby R.               06Jan1905  11Jul1988                         1-08A-10
FLYNT, Bayless M.              26Mar1905  04Apr1934                         1-08A-11
FLYNT, James Morgan            20Sep1928  22Jan1929  s of B.M. & R.M.       1-08A-12
HADDOCK, Ollie Mae               1885        1921    w of Mack              1-08A-13
FLYNT, John A.                 11Jul1887  27Feb1914  Woodman of the W.      1-08A-14
FLYNT, Jullious                                      s of John L.           1-08A-15
LANCASTER, Alice O.              1890        1949    w of James H.          1-08A-16
LANCASTER, James H.              1874        1957    h of Alice             1-08A-17
LINDSEY, Lydia Pearl           16May1920  08Aug1994                         1-08A-18
LOVELACE, Dever Clyde          23Apr1928  23Apr1928                         1-08A-19
BLACK, Willie                             17Dec1932  AL Pvt Anti-Aircraft   1-09A-04
PHILLIPS, Mary John            16Aug1873  26Feb1987                         1-09A-13
PHILLIPS, infant                             1904    d of Willis & Mary     1-09A-15
FAIRES, John A.                  1884        1931    h of Ann H.            1-09A-16
FAIRES, Ann Hipp                 1861        1909    w of John A.           1-09A-17
BURNS, Waymon B.               26Jul1899  15Jan1981  w of Marvin            1-10A-03
BURNS, James H.                07Dec1928  08Aug1935  s of Marvin & Waymon   1-10A-04
BURNS, Marvin A.               11Jun1899  03Mar1977  h of Waymon            1-10A-05
HADDOCK, Mary Gertrude         14Feb1924  28Jan1994                         1-10A-06
BURNS, Marvin Hollis           24May1926  14May1992  Sgt USA WW2            1-10A-07
BURNS, Rozanne Harbin          21Apr1926  08Nov1981  w of Marvin H.         1-10A-08
CRAMBLIT, Edith M.             18Oct1903  13Dec1915                         1-10A-12
McGEE, infant                             07Jul1910  infant of J.C. & A.L.  1-10A-13
PHILLIPS, Houston              06Oct1903  22Aug1905  s of C.T. & M.E.       1-10A-20
LOVELACE, Mary E.              04Aug1836  30Dec1927  w of John W.           1-10A-21
LOVELACE, John W.              22Sep1832  21May1901  h of Mary E.           1-10A-22
MITCHELL, Robert G. Jr.  (Rob) 22NOv1967  01Sep1988  s of Mary LOGAN        1-11A-02
LOGAN, Mary Ruth               24May1950                                    1-11A-03
LOGAN, Maurice R.              27Jan1900  03Oct1962                         1-11A-05
BLACKBURN, F.M.                  1873     29Jun1924  h of Tennie            1-11A-09
BLACKBURN, Tennie              25Jun1878  30Jun1911  w of F.M.              1-11A-10
BLACKBURN, Isaac                 1911                                       1-11A-11
BLACKBURN, Ray                   1911                                       1-11A-12
BLACKBURN, Samyra                                                           1-11A-13
BLACKBURN, Martha E.           16Mar1842  10Jan1930                         1-11A-14
BLACKBURN, S. Emmett           26Jan1883  19Dec1953  h of E. Nona           1-11A-15
BLACKBURN, E. Nona             12Aug1883  15Jan1975  w of S. Emmett         1-11A-16
BEVIS, Maude Blackburn         03Jul1907  18Mar1991                         1-11A-17
BLACKBURN, Ella                20Sep1868  25Dec1959  w of W.K.              1-11A-18
BLACKBURN, W.K.                13Sep1859  07Jul1920  h of Ella              1-11A-19
BLACKBURN, Hallie              01Nov1905  08Jan1906                         1-11A-20
MURPHY, Robert Odell           27Nov1912  30Jul1955                         1-12A-02
MURPHY, Edward R.              08Aug1901  07Nov1991                         1-12A-03
MURPHY, Emma Wallace           12Dec1866  17Sep1947  w of J.M.              1-12A-04
MURPHY, Jesse M.               02Aug1864  17Jan1952  h of Emma              1-12A-05
MURPHY, Lillian H.             11Apr1898  29Oct1986  w of J.O.              1-12A-06
MURPHY, J. Orland              31Jan1896  06Sep1944  h of Lillian           1-12A-07
MURPHY, Sophronia E.           06Mar1921  24Mar1936  d of J.O. & L.H.       1-12A-08
MURPHY, Horace E.              09Jun1918  17Dec1923  s of J.O. & L.G.       1-12A-09
MURPHY, Lloyd O.               09May1917  22Jan1918  s of J.O. & L.G.       1-12A-10
MURPHY, Bernice L.             18Apr1907  13Jul1915  d of J.M. & E.J.       1-12A-11
RUTLAND, Emma M.               25Aug1910  26Sep1910  d of M.L. & E.A.       1-12A-12
HENDRIX, Caroline              07Dec1876  23Jan1924                         1-12A-13
HENDRIX, D.C.                  11Sep1839  28Aug1927  h of Jimmie O.         1-12A-14
HENDRIX, Jimmie Oakley         11Dec1848  14Mar1919  w of D.C.              1-12A-15
HENDRIX, John Polk             21Mar1874  08Apr1950  h of Mattie            1-12A-16
HENDRIX, Mattie Mason          27Apr1871  25Sep1954  w of John P.           1-12A-17
DeVANEY, Barbara F.            01Aug1923  16Jul1927                         1-12A-19
HADDOCK, Evelyn M.             18Nov1924             w of Lendon            1-13A-05
HADDOCK, Lendon E.             04Jan1924  19Dec1992  Tec 4 USA WW2          1-13A-06
HADDOCK, Edgar James           18Aug1909  30Jun1944                         1-13A-07
HADDOCK, infant                01Oct1938  01Oct1938  infant of S.W. & A.M.  1-13A-15
HADDOCK, Walter M.             10Dec1914  19Oct1977  TSgt USAF WW2 Korea    1-13A-16
DAVENPORT, Luther Watson       12Jul1910  04Nov1911                         1-13A-18
DAVENPORT, Ira Joseph W.       22Feb1888  11May1906                         1-13A-19
HADDOCK, Denver C.             23Feb1892  10Jul1970  h of Blanche           1-13B-01
HADDOCK, Blanche B.            06Jun1893  27Apr1970  w of Denver            1-13B-02
HADDOCK, Lucinda               25Oct1854  17Dec1933                         1-13B-03
WESSON, Mary R.                20Mar1886  28Apr1936                         1-13B-06
HAYES, Emma J.                 09Nov1891  29Mar1988  w of Emmett            1-13B-07
HAYES, Emmett E.               27Jan1892  14Oct1975  h of Emma J.           1-13B-08
HAYES, Hershel                 28Jul1906  05Oct1908  s of J.H. & M.L.       1-13B-10
BURNS, Leo L.                  05Jun1905  27Nov1984  h of Clara L.          1-14A-01
BURNS, Clara L.                11Nov1905  13Feb1990  w of Leo L.            1-14A-02
HADDOCK, Maud                  04Aug1911  24Jun1984  USNR & USN             1-14A-03
HADDOCK, James T.              09Jan1877  07Jul1969  h of Mattie B.         1-14A-04
HADDOCK, Mattie B.             08May1886  04Sep1955  w of James T.          1-14A-05
HADDOCK, James T. Jr.          16Oct1917  17Dec1940  s of J.T. & M.B.       1-14A-06
HADDOCK, infant                           30Dec1919  s of J.T. & Mattie     1-14A-07
FULMER, Lillian                30Jun1911  30Dec1919                         1-14A-08
FULMER, James Smith            01Dec1912  11Jun1913                         1-14A-09
LOVELACE, Sallie               23Sep1860  11Jun1913  w of James             1-14A-10
LOVELACE, James                23Oct1860  10Jan1931  h of Sallie            1-14A-11
TUCKER, Annie Marks            13Jul1883  12Jun1956                         1-15A-07
MARKS, Jack L.                 21Jul1918  04Feb1961                         1-15A-08
HAYES, Naomia                  03Mar1886  25Jan1959  w of Otha              1-15A-09
HAYES, Otha W.                 01Sep1881  21Jan1959  h of Naomi             1-15A-10
MARKS, Mae Lovelace              1889        1948    w of Joshua            1-15A-11
MARKS, Joshua S.                 1886        1927    h of Mae L.            1-15A-12
BURNS, Mary E.                   1912        1913    d of John & Mary       1-15A-13
BURNS, Mary J.                   1877        1961    w of John D.           1-15A-14
BURNS, John D.                   1875        1956    h of Mary J.           1-15A-15
SCOTT, Amos                    25Jun1883  14Jul1910                         1-15A-16
WHITTEN, Nancy Jane            07Sep1829   unknown                          1-15A-17
WHITTEN, Frances Elizabeth     08Feb1836   unknown                          1-15A-18
WHITTEN, Sarah Lucretia        19Jan1838  05Apr1916                         1-15A-19
WHITTEN, Flora E.              03Aug1909  02Dec1936                         1-16A-12
WHITTEN, Emma S.               29Apr1907  06May1933                         1-16A-13
WHITTEN, Mary B.               25May1880  11Jul1960                         1-16A-14
WHITTEN, William T.            22Jul1877  14Jul1910                         1-16A-15
WHITTEN, Earnest R.            10Oct1879  14Jul1910                         1-16A-16
WHITTEN, Emma                  29Dec1881  23Jul1903                         1-16A-17
WHITTEN, Jakie                 19Aug1875  14Nov1877                         1-16A-18
JACKSON, Sue E. Whitten        09Oct1869  10Aug1946  w of L.G. JACKSON      1-16A-19
GIBBS, Cora Harbin             26Apr1919  21Jan1984                         1-17A-01
GIBBS, Russell W.              27Jun1913  30May1979  h of Cora H.           1-17A-02
HARBIN, Kathryn B.             17Oct1925             w of Lon;(m 25May1945  1-17A-03
HARBIN, Lon (Bud)              21Aug1923  21Oct1992  h of K.B.              1-17A-04
HARBIN, Charles B.             19Jun1888  10Apr1972  h of Florence          1-17A-05
HARBIN, Florence E.            17Jul1892  21Dec1947  w of Charles           1-17A-06
HARBIN, James F.               26Nov1913  12Jul1985                         1-17A-07
HARBIN, Vivian E.              27Jan1911  30Dec1980                         1-17A-08
DARBY, Robert L.               17Jul1855  21Apr1914                         1-17A-11
DARBY, Minnie W.               05Sep1871  06Sep1947                         1-17A-12
REED, Mary E.                  02Mar1867  27May1926  w of J.M.              1-17A-15
REED, J.M.                     19Nov1858  16Sep1905  h of Mary E.           1-17A-16
HARBIN, Charles H.             26Jul1915  23Jun1995                         1-18A-07
HARBIN, Myrtie L.              27Mar1923  03Jul1982                         1-18A-08
RHODES, Cathy J.               24Sep1949             w of Glen              1-18A-13
RHODES, Glen R. (Butch)        28Sep1946  07Apr1985  h of Cathy             1-18A-14
BEVIS, Bessie L.               27Nov1902  02Jun1903                         1-18A-16
McFALL, Howard                            25Feb1998                         1-19A-12
McFALL, Bessie D.              27Sep1897  20Sep1979  w of Pierce            1-19A-13
McFALL, Pierce M.              23Aug1893  19Oct1973  h of Bessie            1-19A-14
DUNCAN, Virginia McFall        21Nov1918  13Jan1960                         1-19A-15
McFALL, Marjorie L.            30Jun1932  14Oct1934                         1-19A-16
DARBY, infant                  18Sep1928  22Sep1928  s of J.W. & K.L.       1-19A-18
McFALL, Irene J.               08Jan1925  09Sep1993  w of Wesley            1-20A-09
McFALL, Wesley D.              12Sep1920             h of Irene             1-20A-10
CHYNOWETH, Neva Groff          12Aug1920             w of Russell           1-20A-13
CHYNOWETH, Russell James       29Nov1918  11Jun1984  TSgt USAAC WW2         1-20A-13
CHYNOWETH, Kevin Ray           02Sep1975  04Feb1992                         1-20A-14
ISBELL, Mary B.                13Aug1913  11May1998  w of Mervin            1-20A-18
ISBELL, Mervin E.              23Apr1915  09Mar1976  h of Mary B.           1-20A-19
JONES, Nadine H.               28Mar1924  10Aug1994  w of John M.           1-21A-15
JONES, John M.                 02Aug1918  08Sep1974  h of Nadine            1-21A-16
BROWN, Florence S.             08Feb1902  19Nov1988  w of Sam R.            1-21A-18
BROWN, Sam R.                  24Aug1887  26Sep1971  h of Florence          1-21A-19
ADRIAN, Walter H.              27Dec1950  08Dec1998                         1-23A-16
KELLEY, Evelyn F.              06Aug1942             w of Jonathan          1-23A-18
KELLEY, Jonathan Lee           20Aug1973  08Oct1990  s of Evelyn            1-23A-19
DAVIS, Fern Y.                 03Jan1905  20Jan1969  w of James E.          2-01A-05
DAVIS, James E.                07Jul1899  07Apr1981  h of Fern Y.           2-01A-06
MURPHY, Ada Hayes              17Jul1890  29Sep1953  w of Walter L.         2-01A-08
MURPHY, Walter Lee             27Nov1891  08Jul1974  h of Ada H.            2-01A-09
HOPSON, Gwenell                26May1928  15Oct1989  Pvt  USA               2-01A-10
BOX, Mary Ethel                10Jul1910  15Dec1991  w of John C.           2-01B-02
BOX, John C.                   15Sep1910  16Mar1965  h of Mary E.           2-01B-03
BROOKS, Esther R.                1901        1966    w of W. Dennis         2-01B-05
BROOKS, W. Dennis                1903        1952    h of Esther            2-01B-06
THRASHER, Leola W.               1892        1976    w of Dave              2-02A-08
THRASHER, Dave S.                1884        1955    h of Leola             2-02A-09
THRASHER, Thomas Leon          28Nov1919  13Dec1921  s of Dave & Leola      2-02A-10
BOX, Moody                     12Feb1879  28Nov1943                         2-02A-13
BOX, James W.                  24Sep1880  24Nov1925  double w/Moody         2-02A-14
BOX, Emma                      11Feb1867  12May1934  w of John C.           2-02A-15
BOX, John C.                   27Feb1857  08Dec1918  h of Emma              2-02A-16
McFALL, Parker D.              07Jan1896  08Mar1970  h of Selma             2-03A-01
McFALL, Selma Lee              16Dec1894  26Dec1983  w of Parker            2-03A-02
NEAL, Lester C.                16Jul1884  24Jul1970  h of Annie E.          2-03A-06
NEAL, Annie E.                 22Apr1889  27Feb1963  w of Lester            2-03A-07
NEAL, L.C. Jr.                 06Mar1914  19Oct1928  s of L.C. & A.E.       2-03A-08
HAYGOOD, Jessie J.             07Sep1891  04Jan1985                         2-03A-15
HAYGOOD, Mary Lusky            23Mar1894  22Apr1981                         2-03A-16
HAYGOOD, Leola                 16Sep1913  20Sep1948                         2-03A-17
CALL, infant son                                     s of W.M. & Osie       2-04A-01
CALL, Edgar                      1893        1896                           2-04A-02
CALL, Ada                        1879        1881                           2-04A-03
CALL, Elizabeth                16Jan1851  28Aug1908  w of E.                2-04A-07
CALL, E.                       24Mar1849  30Apr1926  h of Elizabeth         2-04A-08
SCOTT, Rubye Call                1896        1974                           2-04A-09
WALLACE, Ruth M.               19Oct1913  04Sep1916                         2-04A-10
DEUBERRY, Jabez W.             05Jun1846  29Jan1888                         2-04A-11
WALKER, Maude D.                 1900     25Jan2000  w of Thomas M.         2-04A-16
WALKER, Thomas M.                1896        1944    h of Maude             2-04A-17
LOVELACE, Cornelia             13Jul1905  20Jan1906  d of J.A. & Ida        2-05A-02
LOVELACE, infant son           20Jan1903  20Jan1903  s of J.A. & Ida        2-05A-03
LOVELACE, J. Ambrose           08Apr1878  22Nov1907  h of Ida               2-05A-04
ENGLAND, Jennette              06Jul1884  15Feb1960                         2-05A-11
ENGLAND, Shaler E.             01Oct1881  18May1959  h of Jennette          2-05A-12
ENGLAND, Olbda Rae             07Nov1926  26Apr1927  d of J.M. & S.E.       2-05A-13
ENGLAND, infant dau.           22May1913  25May1913  d of J.M. & S.E.       2-05A-14
SCOTT, Mary G.                 19Nov1843  04Apr1900  w of J.D.              2-05A-15
McFALL, George Elmer           06Mar1888  09Feb1919  At Coblenz GERMANY     2-06A-01
McFALL, Oral                   10Oct1886  24Nov1905  d of W.B. & N.A.       2-06A-02
DARBY, Bruce                   08Oct1913  22Nov1922  s of W.C. & M.B.       2-06A-04
DARBY, Edgar C.                05May1907  14Sep1910  s of W.C. & M.B.       2-06A-05
DARBY, Myrtle Lucile           18Feb1902  28Feb1904  d of W.C. & M.B.       2-06A-06
DARBY, Mollie B.               29Oct1878  22Aug1965  w of Wm. C.            2-06A-07
DARBY, William C.              10Aug1871  12Feb1945  h of Mollie            2-06A-08
DARBY, Jessie F.               30Oct1869  25Apr1922                         2-06A-09
DARBY, Fannie A.               30Jan1847  24Dec1898  w of H. Ben            2-06A-10
DARBY, H. Ben                  05May1843  24Jan1935  h of Fannie            2-06A-11
LOVELACE, R.L.                 24Jun1848  11Mar1923  h of M.B.               2-06-12
LOVELACE, M.B.                 25Feb1852  26Jul1891  w of R.L.              2-06A-13
McINTYRE, Annie Ruth           31Aug1924             w of Walton B.         2-06A-16
McINTYRE, Walton Brown         31May1923  11Aug1994  h of Annie R.          2-06A-17
LOVELACE, Mattie E.            30May1859  17Apr1938                         2-08A-06
LOVELACE, Almira               21Jul1820  10Feb1899                         2-08A-07
LOVELACE, H.                   18Nov1818  03Aug1897                         2-08A-08
LOVELACE, Joseph Ann           30Oct1842  29Jan1878                         2-08A-12
LOVELACE, John H.              03Nov1853  21Mar1916                         2-08A-13
LOVELACE, Parmelia A.          14Jul1855  04Mar1888                         2-08A-14
WHITTEN, Laroce                17Oct1855   Jan1927                          2-08A-16
LOVELACE, Amanda A.            22Sep1852  06Jun1928                         2-08B-01
LOVELACE, George W.            28Feb1837  21Feb1896                         2-08B-02
HOOKS, Bobby Lewis             14Sep1932  10Apr1982                         2-08B-09
HAYES, Ollie Mae               25Jan1879  24Mar1941                         2-08B-11
HAYES, Rebecca L.              31Jan1847  21Jun1931  w of John R.           2-08B-12
HAYES, John R.                 10Nov1853  07Nov1935  h of Rebecca           2-08B-13
QUIGLEY,                                                                    2-09A-01
QUIGLEY, William H.            15Oct1917  13Nov1992  Cpl USMC WW2           2-09A-02
LOVELACE, Bennett P.           09Mar1871  19Jul1941  h of Linnie            2-09A-03
LOVELACE, Linnie H.            21Sep1875  06Apr1962  w of Bennett           2-09A-04
LOVELACE, Edgar R. (Bill)      14Feb1903  30Aug1937                         2-09A-05
LOVELACE, Allious M.           28Jan1901  13Sep1967  h of Pearl             2-09A-06
LOVELACE, Pearl H.             16Jan1901  16Dec1995  w of Allious           2-09A-07
LOVELACE, James Murry          20Feb1935  22Apr1990                         2-09A-08
LOVELACE, Elizabeth Joan       23Dec1938  22Apr1990                         2-09A-09
SMITH, Margaret                21Jul1821  29Apr1880                         2-10A-03
PARRISH, William A.            22Feb1922  28Aug1996                         2-11A-04
WATKINS, Myrtle Brown            1899        1935                           2-11A-05
BROWN, Mary E.                 08Jun1900  01Jan1957                         2-11A-06
BROWN, Robert N.               20Oct1900  21Jan1964  h of Mary E.           2-11A-10
BROWN, Fannie L.                 1874        1966    w of Norman            2-11A-12
BROWN, Norman D.                 1876        1936    h of Fannie            2-11A-13
BROWN, Mary E.                 13Mar1836  29Jun1901  w of Elias A.          2-11A-14
RHODES, Lloyd G.               13Sep1922  29Nov1991  Veteran                2-11A-16
DeVANEY, Lucille D.            07Nov1904  22Jan2000  w of Wm. E.            2-12A-01
DeVANEY, William E.            14Nov1899  04Mar1971  h of Lucille           2-12A-02
HARGROVE, William L.           30Jan1903  27Jul1985  h of Bessie            2-12A-12
HARGROVE, Bessie F.            30Apr1918             w of Wm. L.            2-12A-13
BALENTINE, Robert L. (twin)    14Oct1939  14Oct1939  s of Bessie & Bruce    2-12-A14
BALENTINE, Edward Lee (twin)   14Oct1939  05Apr1965  s of Bessie & Bruce     2-12-15
BALENTINE, Eddie B.            11Jul1907  18Mar1966                         2-12A-16
DeVANEY, Robert Elmore         22Aug1896  05Aug1972  Pvt USA  WW1           2-13A-01
BROWN, Maude E.                21Jul1885  25Jun1966                         2-13A-02
DeVANEY, Sally F.              04Jan1865  07Oct1940                         2-13A-03
DeVANEY, C.H.                  18Mar1862  18Mar1932  h of Sally             2-13A-04
DeVANEY, Louis Emory           07Feb1908  31Jan1919  s of C.H. & S.F.       2-13A-05
DeVANEY, Inez                  11FEb1902  22Aug1902  d of C.H. & S.F.       2-13A-06
BROWN, Berdie                    1890        1973    w of Andrew            2-13A-07
BROWN, Andrew                    1883        1953    Woodman of the W.      2-13A-08
REEDER, David                  18Jul1768  14Nov1843                         2-13A-15
POWERS, Jane                   04Jun1839  03Dec1912                         2-14B-01
POWERS, William                02Aug1810  19JUl1890                         2-14B-02
POWERS, Rosanna                19Oct1820  25Sep1870                         2-14B-03
CAMPBELL, Sarah                15Mar1841  21Jun1925                         2-14B-14
BEVIS, Samuel                  01JUn1844  03Oct1862                         2-14B-15
HINES, Mary Jane               01Oct1843  12Sep1879                         2-14B-16
POWERS, Thomas J.              05Mar1843  07Nov1843  s of L.E. & Frances W  2-14A-08
POWERS, Joseph B.              16Dec1839  26Mar1862  s of L.E. & Frances W  2-14A-09
POWERS, Mary F.                05Apr1851  26Mar1862  d of L.E. & Frances W  2-14A-10
POWERS, James H.               20Mar1811  22May1812  s of L.E. & Frances W  2-14A-11
McFERRIN, Olin                 18Mar1895  18Mar1895  s of H.W.              2-14A-15
McFERRIN, Mattie Ruth          11Oct1898  22Aug1901  d of H.W.              2-14A-16
McFERRIN, Mary Estelle         28Feb1903  10Jun1904  d of H.W.              2-14A-17
GRESHAM, Susanna                GA1805    07Dec1892                         2-15A-05
GRESHAM, Jarred                 GA1801    20Apr1877                         2-15A-06
WHITTEN, Ida                     1882        1889                           2-15A-07
WHITTEN, Alice                   1860        1888                           2-15A-08
WHITTEN, Willy                   1867        1885                           2-15A-09
WHITTEN, Elizabeth Smith         1836                                       2-15A-10
WHITTEN, Mason                   1831        1895                           2-15A-11
WHITTEN, Joel J.               22Oct1839  20Jul1924  Co B 9 TN Cav CSA      2-16A-01
WHITTEN, Martha S.             09JUl1847  29Nov1933  w of Joel J.           2-16A-02
WHITTEN, Bennie C.             26Nov1890  28Dec1952  AL HS 306 81Div WW1    2-16A-03
GRESHAM, James P.              19Feb1831  13Jul1855  s of J. & S.A.         2-16A-04
GRESHAM, Elizabeth F.          23Apr1833  09Mar1849  d of J. & S.A.         2-16A-05
WESSON, Lura B.                09Mar1894  14Mar1937  w of Owen              2-16A-06
WESSON, Owen                   28Feb1891  21FEb1977  h of Lura              2-16A-07
WESSON, Laura A.               03Apr1858  14Apr1947  w of Henry             2-16A-08
WESSON, Henry K.               25Dec1852  18May1936  h of Laura             2-16A-09
SMITH, Minnie W.               20Feb1888  06Aug1988                         2-16A-10
WHITTEN, Vertie M.             29Mar1890  18Jan1979  w of Jesse             2-17A-01
WHITTEN, Jesse M.              06Jul1885  22Jan1964  h of Virtie            2-17A-02
WHITTEN, Mattie L.             08Feb1890  04Dec1972  w of J. Early          2-17A-03
WHITTEN, J. Early              29Aug1887  15Aug1952  h of Mattie            2-17A-04
KOONCE, Edna                   16Jul1874  27Jun1964                         2-17A-05
HADDOCK, Andrew J.             02Aug1860  29Mar1926                         2-17A-09
HADDOCK, Ellen R.              12Nov1880  18Mar1959                         2-17A-10
HADDOCK, George W.             24Dec1892  02Feb1967  h of Edna              2-17A-11
HADDOCK, Edna M.               15May1896  12Feb1989  w of George            2-17A-12
BEVIS, Emory                   28Sep1910  06Jun1911  s of S.B. & D.M.       2-18A-01
BEVIS, Sarah E.                11Apr1872  25Aug1955  w of Daniel            2-18A-03
BEVIS, Daniel M.               01Feb1862  25Dec1946  h of Sarah             2-18A-04
BEVIS, J.B. Jr.                04Dec1929  11Jan1930  s of J.B. & Vergie     2-18A-06
BEVIS, Vergie D.               11Sep1888  09Nov1966  w of John B.           2-18A-07
BEVIS, John B.                 07Jul1889  26Mar1946  h of Vergie            2-18A-08
HADDOCK, Leo                   09Sep1924  06Dec1926  s of M.R. & E.J.       2-18A-11
HADDOCK, Floyd                 08Apr1909  25Feb1910  s of M.R. & E.J.       2-18A-12
HADDOCK, Ethel B.              09Sep1886  23Sep1956  w of Marvin R.         2-18A-13
HADDOCK, Marvin R.             21Feb1885  02Sep1962  h of Ethel             2-18A-14
HADDOCK, infant son            21Jun1945  21Jun1945  s of M.L. & T.L.       2-18A-15
HADDOCK, Tessie Lee            29Jul1914  11Jul1946  w of Major Lee         2-18A-16
HADDOCK, Major Lee             10Sep1915             h of Tessie            2-18A-17
DARBY, Katie Lou               09Feb1890  23Oct1944  w of J.W.              2-19A-01
DARBY, Joe White               25Nov1884  20Jan1977  h of Katie             2-19A-02
WOMBLE, Derinda H.             14Apr1878  19Nov1958  w of James C.          2-19A-05
WOMBLE, James C.               25Nov1868  03Aug1950  h of Derinda           2-19A-06
IJAMS, Frances E.              09Sep1864  08Nov1949  w of Joseph            2-19A-07
IJAMS, Joseph H.               20Jul1862  08Nov1922  h of Frances           2-19A-08
MILES, H.M.                    28Jun1859  08May1926  w of H.W.              2-19A-09
MILES, H.W.                    27Apr1855  12Mar1926  h of H.M.              2-19A-10
PHILLIPS, Emery                05Sep1919  02Aug1988  Brother                2-19A-11
PHILLIPS, Willis K.            20Nov1870  21Feb1937  h of Sarah A.          2-19A-12
PHILLIPS, Sarah Alice          28Jun1891  29May1956  w of Willis            2-19A-13
GLAZE, Joyce                   07Mar1941  08Feb1971                         2-20A-03
FAULKNER, Bertha L.            23Jul1903  14Jun1963  w of W.F.              2-20A-04
FAULKNER, W. Frank             30Oct1886  28Aug1970  h of Bertha            2-20A-05
BRYANT, Annie Ruth               1919                w of Charles           2-20A-06
BRYANT, Charles Edward           1907        1989    h of Annie R.          2-20A-07
STAGGS, infant son (twin)      01Jul1959  02Jul1959  s of A.C. Sr.          2-20A-13
STAGGS, infant son (twin)      01Jul1959  04Jul1959  s of A.C. Sr.          2-20A-14
BROWN, Jackie M.               29Apr1939  24May1996                         2-21A-01
BROWN, J.M.                    29Apr1939  24May1996                         2-21A-03
BUTLER, Lorena W.              11Oct1912  10Jul1997  w of John              2-21A-07
BUTLER, John V.                08Feb1910  25Jun1978  h of Lorena            2-21A-08
FOWLKES, Alla Mae              27Feb1909  08May1976  w of John H.           2-21A-11
FOWLKES, John H.               15Dec1907  25Nov1985  h of Alla Mae          2-21A-12
FOWLKES, Edward                02Dec1879  16Sep1974  h of Jane              2-21A-13
FOWLKES, Jane                  04Sep1889  18Oct1970  w of Edward            2-21A-14
FOWLKES, Hattie M.             30Oct1910             w of Clarence          2-21A-15
FOWLKES, Clarence F.           18Apr1911  05Nov1967  h of Hattie            2-21A-16
PHILLIPS, Mary Hendrix         25Aug1899  08Dec1978  w of Wm. C.            2-23A-02
PHILLIPS, William Clarence     23Jan1897  08Dec1977  h of Mary H.           2-23A-03
WHITTEN, Clarence S. Sr.       07Dec1913  15Sep1985                         2-23A-05
MAY, Gregory Lee               28Sep1973  20Aug1993                         2-23A-11
JONES, Karen E.                10Jan1948  04Jul1992  w of Gary              2-23A-12
JONES, Gary P.                 05Feb1948             h of Karen             2-23A-13
CLEMONS, Julie A.              12Nov1971  12Sep1994                         2-24A-10
CULBERSON, Paul C.             24Feb1960  02Jan1994  Cpl USMC               2-24A-17
HAYES, Betty Joyce             08Nov1932             w of James             3-01A-01
HAYES, James Eldred            06Nov1927  21Aug1990  USA  Korea Vietnam     3-01A-02
RHODES, Earline (Jessie)       21Nov1912  21Aug1991  w of Rufus             3-01A-04
RHODES, Rufus Johnny           06Jul1909             h of Earline           3-01A-05
ALEXANDER, Gaila Ann           13Aug1949  15Feb1993  d of Donald & Lea      3-01A-12
WHITTEN, Myrtle B.             23Aug1893  03Mar1986  w of Early             3-01A-13
WHITTEN, Early V.              09Jun1888  22Feb1957  AL Pvt Co D WW1        3-01A-14
BROADFOOT, Thomas W.           31Mar1878  25Oct1961  h of Emily             3-01A-15
BROADFOOT, Emily D.            14Nov1884  18Jul1967  w of Thomas            3-01A-16
BROADFOOT, John Iben           05Aug1916  06Feb1962  AL Cpl AAF WW2         3-01A-17
FALLS, Myrtle Broadfoot        25Dec1925             w of John BROADFOOT    3-01A-18
FALLS, Lloyd Fletcher          25Dec1917  30May1988  h of Myrtle B.         3-01A-19
BROADFOOT, Dorothy M.          02Dec1923  21Jun1989  w of Thomas            3-01A-20
BROADFOOT, Thomas W. Jr.       04Sep1914  12Aug1982  h of Dorothy           3-01A-21
DAVIS, Laura M.                  1877        1962    w of Arthur            3-02A-01
DAVIS, Arthur Rufe               1863        1950    h of Laura             3-02A-02
DAVIS, Frank A.                07Apr1897  08Feb1972  US Corp of Engrs       3-02A-03
DAVIS, John F.                 08Feb1904  29Aug1981                         3-02A-04
DAVIS, Edith Floyd             26Jun1926  24Jan1986                         3-02A-05
ALEXANDER, Maxie L.            12Jul1917             w of Donald            3-02A-10
ALEXANDER, Donald W.           16Jun1915  07Dec1971  h of Maxie             3-02A-11
ALEXANDER, Douglas White       24May1963  26Feb1974                          3-02A12
BROADFOOT, James Ellis (Jimbo) 29Sep1948  01Jan1985  USN                    3-02A-15
HADDOCK, Carol Jean            26Nov1952  30Jun1953  d of J.C. & Joyce      3-02A-16
HADDOCK, Joyce                 22Dec1929             w of James C.          3-02A-17
HADDOCK, James C.              04Mar1930  03Oct1991  h of Joyce             3-02A-18
SMITH, John A.                 07May1889  28Jan1959  h of Mamie             3-02A-23
SMITH, Mamie V.                15Oct1895  12Oct1976  w of John A.           3-02A-24
SMITH, Rufus T.                22Mar1933  11Apr1995  USA                    3-02A-25
FULMER, Robert E.              09Feb1885  18Apr1917  h of Susie; woodman    3-03A-01
FULMER, Susie S.                 1880        1959    w of Robert            3-03A-02
YOUNG, Minnie M.                 1872        1953                           3-03A-03
YOUNG, W.B.                      1849        1917                           3-03A-04
ALEXANDER, Sanford             13Feb1912  24Sep1916                         3-03A-09
ALEXANDER, Fred                10Nov1909  12Feb1916                         3-03A-10
ALEXANDER, Bessie White        20Jul1890  01Jul1939  w of Henry             3-03A-11
ALEXANDER, Henry modrall       12Aug1882  11FEb1962  h of Bessie            3-03A-12
ALEXANDER, Nawita Ellen        30Aug1936  30Apr1937  d of D.W.              3-03A-13
ALEXANDER, Norma Joyce         24May1939  03Jan1941  d of D.W.              3-03A-14
DAUGHERTY, Clifford C.         21Jan1914  27May1968  h of Margaurite        3-03A-16
YOUNG, Emma S.                 09Apr1890  31Dec1974  w of T.H.              3-04A-01
YOUNG, T. Herbert              05Jan1883  04Nov1970  h of Emma              3-04A-02
HAYS, Minerva                    1836        1915                           3-04A-05
DARBY, infant                  10Jun1924  11Jun1924  d of R.E. & Mary       3-04A-08
DARBY, George Jack             13May1933  22Nov1953  AL Pvt Hq 8 Inf        3-04A-09
HADDOCK, Mary Darby            15Sep1905  26Oct1994                         3-04A-10
DARBY, Robert Edgar            24Nov1902  28Sep1960                         3-04A-11
BROADFOOT, Annie Virgilene Hil 07Aug1922  20Nov1988  w of James; (HILL)     3-04A-13
BROADFOOT, James Howard        10May1920  17Jul1991  h of Annie             3-04A-14
HAYES, Nancy Addline           22Aug1863  28Jul1935  w of David             3-04B-01
HAYES, David Huston            07Sep1861  09Nov1932  h of Nancy             3-04B-02
HINES, Charles                 26Jun1838  17Feb1898                         3-04B-03
ADAMS, Alsa                    26Dec1836  09Aug1913                         3-04B-06
ADAMS, Beardslee               06Feb1822  12Mar1901                         3-04B-07
ADAMS, Beardslee G.            20Jan1877  11Aug1884  s of B. & E.           3-04B-08
THEROUX, William McKinley        1896        1900    s of Elizabeth         3-05A-01
THEROUX, Elizabeth Helen         1867        1953                           3-05A-02
HAYES, Henry E.                16Jul1883  20Oct1906                         3-05A-03
McGEE, Essie                   16Oct1919  21Feb1973  w of Wm. F.            3-05A-08
McGEE, William F.              19Nov1919  22Aug1981  h of Essie             3-05A-09
FOX, Hettie C.                 14Jan1907  28Sep1986                         3-05A-10
MASTEN, Charles G.             24Feb1871  05Nov1936                         3-05A-22
ADAMS, George B. Jr.           28Jun1909  21Mar1964  AL Pfc USA WW2         3-05A-23
CLEMMONS, Ruth I.              24Oct1916  25May1964                         3-05A-24
ENGLAND, Bill                  19Feb1903  20Nov1944                         3-05B-01
BROADFOOT, Patricia B.         09Jan1952             w of Floyd             3-05B-02
BROADFOOT, Floyd Gary          07Oct1950  04Jan1994  h of Patricia           3-05B03
BROADFOOT, Rebecca C.          21Apr1911  09Feb1975  w of Floyd R.          3-05B-04
BROADFOOT, Floyd R.            20May1908             h of Rebecca           3-05B-05
HAYES, David R.                08Sep1912  02Dec1913                         3-06A-01
HAYES, Eulas C.                27Oct1909  09Dec1909  s of M.R. & M.W.       3-06A-02
HAYES, M.E.                    29Apr1815  27Dec1901                         3-06A-03
HAYES, H.T.                    26Jan1818  08Jun1893                         3-06A-04
HAYES, Veutelle                06Mar1907  24Jun1910  d of Luther & Emma     3-06A-05
HAYES, Maedelle                05Jun1909  21Oct1913  d of Luther & Emma     3-06A-06
HAYES, Luther Ray              21Aug1881  25Aug1968  h of Emma              3-06A-07
YOUNG, Pamphelia               13Jul1868  21Jan1924                         3-06A-08
YOUNG, William B.              15Mar1873  14Nov1941                         3-06A-09
DUNMIRE, Vivian Young          27Mar1910  22May1953                         3-06A-10
McGEE, Elizabeth A.            19Nov1924  04Oct1986  w of H.M.              3-06A-11
McGEE, H.M.                    18Sep1923             h of Elizabeth         3-06A-12
IRONS, Kenneth Lee             13Mar1967  11Dec1982                         3-06A-20
LOVELACE, F.L.                 15Sep1858  26Jun1924  w of R.L.              3-07A-10
FLYNT, Madgie                    1862        1906    w of Morgan            3-08A-01
FLYNT, Morgan                    1861        1946    h of Madgie            3-08A-02
MARTIN, William Hope             1867        1947                           3-08A-04
McINTYRE, Ronald Jeffrey       26Nov1962  30Jun1988                         3-08A-07
WORLEY, Allen C.               22Aug1887  11Dec1938                         3-08A-08
MILES, William W.H.            04Jul1920  06Feb1928  s of Eli & Mamie       3-08A-09
MILES, Earl                    03Mar1917  03Mar1917  s of Eli & Mamie       3-08A-10
WALKER, Olivia                 09Oct1922  09Oct1922  d of A.J. & J.D.       3-08A-11
WALKER, Jennie Miles           13May1899  20Feb1984  w of Andrew            3-08A-12
WALKER, Andrew John            08Apr1890  26Sep1970  h of Jennie            3-08A-13
WHITE, Elizabeth A.            12Sep1925  10Mar1993  w of Millard H.        3-08A-14
WHITE, Ilene C.                01Sep1914  30Aug1987  w of Millard H.        3-08A-15
WHITE, Millard H.              17Apr1911             (m 26Oct1934)          3-08A-16
BURTON, Mary Allen Broadfoot   28Jan1924  18May1994  w of Dennis            3-08A-17
BURTON, Dennis Clay            03Oct1922  21May1986  h of Mary A.           3-08A-18
WHITTEN, R.D.                  07Feb1861  28Jan1937                         3-09A-01
HILL, Emelia F.                17Feb1885  28Feb1901                         3-09A-02
HILL, William Oliver C.        31Mar1886  28Nov1901  h of Emelia            3-09A-03
PARISH, Edward                 16May1917  21Sep1917  s of W.T.              3-09A-04
McIntyre, W. Brown             21Jan1898  27Apr1971  h of Lena              3-09A-05
McIntyre, Lena B.              06Mar1905  27May1974  w of W.B.              3-09A-06
McIntyre, Ronald D.            25Mar1941  16Oct1971                         3-09A-08
BEVIS, Adell                   21Jun1930             w of Jack;(m 1Jun1970  3-09A-18
BEVIS, Jack                    21Feb1937  09Aug1997  h of Adell             3-09A-19
BEVIS, Iva Lee                 11Aug1916                                    3-09A-20
BEVIS, Carl                    26Mar1904  09Apr1985  h of Luda              3-09A-21
BEVIS, Luda N.                 02Jul1906  07Sep1950  w of Carl              3-09A-22
JONES, Larry D.                21Jan1955  22Jan1955                         3-09A-26
RAY, Minnie                      1908        1989    d of Noah              3-10A-03
RAY, Noah                        1878        1948    h of Leona             3-10A-04
RAY, Carl                        1911        1928    s of Noah              3-10A-05
RAY, Leona                       1882        1919    w of Noah              3-10A-06
WHITTEN, Jesse T.              30Sep1889  11Nov1946  AL Wagoner WW1         3-10A-08
DARBY, Homer A.                08Mar1909  06Oct1972  h of Clara             3-10A-09
DARBY, Clara G.                31Mar1907  21Jun1999  w of Homer             3-10A-10
KOONCE, Altha Darby            01Feb1912  27Jan1994  w of Robert            3-10A-11
KOONCE, Robert Estes           14Mar1909  14Dec1984  h of Altha             3-10A-12
HADDOCK, John W.               27Oct1871  18Jun1934  h of Alice             3-10A-13
HADDOCK, Alice F.              03Sep1875  26May1958  w of John              3-10A-14
PARISH, Jesse Newton            TN 1859   06Feb1936                         3-10A-15
POREMSKY, Elgenia Broadfoot    28Nov1910  14Oct1991  w of Paul J.           3-10A-16
POREMSKY, Paul John            29Jul1913  09Mar1989  CSP USN  WW2           3-10A-17
ENGLAND, Bruner E.             17Mar1911  27Aug1949                         3-10A-19
RAY, Frankie L.                  1902        1902    s of Noah & Leona      3-11A-07
PARISH, Rachel H.                1837        1907                           3-11A-08
PARISH, Orlando                                                             3-11A-08
PARISH, William Brown            1834        1883    1st Lt Co I 48TN CSA   3-11A-09
CLANTON, Martha Haddock        01NOv1876  03JUn1948  w of Samuel            3-11A-10
CLANTON, Samuel Riley          09May1876  09Jun1944  h of Martha            3-11A-11
CLANTON, James Martin            1901     29Sep1914                         3-11A-12
PARISH, Edith N.               20Oct1904  11Aug1989                         3-11A-13
PARISH, Mollie L.                1874        1953    w of Wm. A.            3-11A-14
PARISH, William A.               1861        1957    h of Mollie            3-11A-15
LLEWELLYN, Mary Hall           15Apr1932             w of Vernon            3-11A-21
LLEWELLYN, Vernon Lloyd        07Sep1930             h of Mary H.           3-11A-22
GRESHAM, Mary Ann                            1877    w of Wm. G.; (m 1865)  3-12A-01
GRESHAM, William George          1836        1920    Pvt Co B 9TN Cav CSA   3-12A-02
MARTIN, Lizzie J.              13Nov1856  19Jan1890  w of A.                 3-12A03
WHITTEN, William E.            25Oct1887  22JUl1942  h of Bessie            3-12A-06
WHITTEN, Bessie L.             25Oct1887  11Oct1949  w of Wm. E.            3-12A-07
WHITTEN, James E.              25Jan1913  18Sep1943                         3-12A-08
HADDOCK, Charles E.            21Dec1875  24Apr1909  h of Emma; Woodman     3-12A-09
HADDOCK, Emma F.               10Apr1879  14Jun1908  w of Charles           3-12A-10
HADDOCK, Clyde T.              09Feb1894  07Feb1918                         3-12A-12
HADDOCK, Ida Mae               19Sep1895  16Mar1923                         3-12A-13
HADDOCK, Alice J.              28May1870  30Sep1944  w of Joseph            3-12A-14
HADDOCK, Joseph W. (Rev)       04Jul1871  04Oct1951  Baptist Minister       3-12A-15
HADDOCK, Permelia              01Sep1863  10Jul1950                         3-12A-16
HADDOCK, Willowdean            13Apr1915             w of Claude            3-12A-17
HADDOCK, Claude W.             06Oct1910  -5Jul1999  h of Willowdean        3-12A-18
LLEWELLYN, Vernon              28Aug1895  17Mar1949  h of Bertha            3-12A-19
LLEWELLYN, Bertha              21Dec1897  19Dec1985  w of Vernon            3-12A-20
DELANO, Essie Mae              11Sep1903  26Jan1978  w of L.S.              3-12A-21
DELANO, L. Stanley             03Mar1908  26Mar1980  h of Essie             3-12A-22
HADDOCK, Alma B.               31JUl1913  09Feb1978  w of Orbie             3-12A-23
HADDOCK, Orbie E.              09Mar1912  19Jul1971  AL Pvt Co C Inf WW2    3-12A-24
GRESHAM, G.O.                  14Apr1885  02Jan1914  h of Zetha             3-13A-09
GRESHAM, Zetha M.              06Mar1885  05Apr1928  w of G.O.              3-13A-10
HADDOCK, Doyle E.              10Sep1905             h of Cora              3-13A-14
HADDOCK, Cora L.               01Jan1906  12Oct1987  w of Doyle             3-13A-15
HUGHES, Albert                   1904        1953                           3-13A-16
HADDOCK, Dorcus Corine         17Apr1928             infant d of Doyle      3-13A-17
GRESHAM, Emaline Lovelace                                                   3-14A-06
GRESHAM, J.H.                  21Sep1881  02Dec1895  s of W.C. & E.         3-14A-07
LOVELACE, Seales               02Jul1860  22Mar1916  h of Sue               3-14A-09
LOVELACE, Sue                  17Sep1867  22Sep1934  w of Seales            3-14A-10
McDONALD, James T.             27Apr1910  26Jun1988  h of June              3-14A-12
McDONALD, June R.              20Dec1919             w of James T.          3-14A-13
DENNIS, Earl B.                15Apr1913  08Feb1990  Sgt USA WW2            3-14A-14
DENNIS, Charlie A.             20Dec1911  14Sep1978  Tec 4 USA WW2          3-14A-15
PIERCE, Charles Anthony        19Jun1965  27Oct1993                         3-14A-17
HADDOCK, Carlton Lance         05Aug1954                                    3-14A-20
HADDOCK, Michael Dewayne       07Aug1955  09Aug1955                         3-14A-21
HADDOCK, baby boy              29Apr1956  29Apr1956                         3-14A-22
OLIVE, Hubert W.               18May1866  28Jun1914  h of Saphronia         3-15A-05
OLIVE, Saphronia M.            13Oct1875  20Feb1960  w of Hubert            3-15A-06
OLIVE, William A.              14Dec1859  10Jun1938                         3-15A-07
OLIVE, John Wesley             27Nov1852  07Nov1939                         3-15A-08
WHITTEN, Leland H.             01Jan1923  12Feb1923                         3-15A-12
HINES, Johnie                  10Sep1839  18Dec1883  s of J.E. & M.J.       3-16A-02
BEVIS, John                    12Jan1815  29Nov1886                         3-16A-03
BEVIS, Catherine Frances       10Mar1825  13Feb1899                         3-16A-04
POTTS, Fannie I.               26Nov1854  12Jan1890  w of John A.           3-16A-05
DOWDY, Virginia                27Aug1830  31Jan1910                         3-16A-06
FULMER, George W.              27Dec1858  24Jul1939  h of Alice             3-16A-07
FULMER, Alice N.               24Dec1856  16Jan1918  w of George            3-16A-08
BEVIS, Jessie J.               23Dec1849  19Jan1926                         3-16A-09
BEVIS, J.H.                    28Jan1861  13Jan1936                         3-16A-10
BEVIS, Maggie                  15Mar1866  08Apr1938                         3-16A-11
FOSTER, Margaret L.            15Jan1865  20Mar1935                         3-16A-12
FOSTER, James B.               13Dec1860  14Feb1939  h of Margaret          3-16A-13
FOSTER, Homer J.               26Sep1898  08Oct1950  Brother                3-16A-14
FOSTER, Bethel                 27Oct1890  03Oct1958  AL Pvt Co B WW1        3-16A-15
FOSTER, Bobby W.               02Jan1933  04Oct1986                         3-16A-16
FOSTER, Mamie B.               01Mar1896  12Oct1985                         3-16A-17
BEVIS, Maggie L.               28Jan1902  29Jan1962  w of Wm. (m25Dec1923)  3-16A-18
BEVIS, William D.              17Sep1898  09Jul1964  h of Maggie            3-16A-19
PARIS, Mattie M.                 1891                w of Richard           3-16A-20
PARIS, Richard E.                1888        1956    h of Mattie            3-16A-21
GARRARD, Vuie C.               20Sep1905  20Nov1971  h of Mattie            3-16A-22
GARRARD, Mattie P.             10Jan1890  16Sep1972  w of V.C.              3-16A-23
FULMER, Noah S.                23Jun1888  26May1966                         3-17A-03
FULMER, Mary E.                15Sep1879  06Aug1957                         3-17A-04
FOWLER, Willie Ruth            19Aug1944  24Aug1944                         3-17A-11
FOWLER, Bertha W.              19Feb1905  01Oct1989                         3-17A-12
WESSON, Anna B.                12Aug1889  06Nov1979  w of Thomas            3-17A-15
WESSON, Thomas P.              22Nov1880  15Nov1970  h of Anna              3-17A-16
WALLACE, Willie M.             03Mar1886  24May1970                         3-17A-17
HAYES, Flavil J.               23Aug1906  18Aug1961  AL Sgt USA WW2         3-18A-01
HAYES, John D.                 09Jun1877  27Feb1968  h of Lizzie            3-18A-02
HAYES, Lizzie Lou              29May1883  03Aug1953  w of John D.           3-18A-03
HAYES, Eugene                  26Nov1911  10Jul1939                         3-18A-04
MAY, Eula                        1898        1976                           3-18A-06
LASATER, Thomas D.               1900        1939                           3-18A-07
LASATER, Ira Mae                 1887        1954                           3-18A-08
LASATER, Otis N.                 1877        1954                           3-18A-09
MAY, Ruby                        1902        1975                           3-18A-10
RHODES, infant                 19Jun1940  19Jun1940  d of B.P. & Clara      3-18A-13
FRENCH, Dale Lynn              20Jan1953  04Apr1983                         3-18A-15
LOVELACE, Nancy K.             28Jul1947  23Apr1971                         3-18A-16
LOVELACE, Andrew M.            05Feb1906  25Sep1994  h of Jewel             3-18A-17
LOVELACE, Jewel B.             10Aug1922             w of Andrew            3-18A-18
BOY, James Kenneth             29Mar1941  28Apr1973                         3-18A-22
WALLACE, Wylodine              27Sep1910  18Nov1942                         3-19A-01
HAYES, Mary S.                   1890        1976    w of Minnis            3-19A-02
HAYES, Minnis R.                 1883        1959    h of Mary              3-19A-03
HAYES, Olan                    01Mar1907  28Nov1925                         3-19A-05
HAYES, Nodie M.                05May1899  -5May1951  w of Taylor            3-19A-06
HAYES, Taylor R.               08Mar1894  12Apr1972  h of Nodie             3-19A-07
DELONES, Slaten H.             03Apr1904  30Jun1969                         3-19A-08
YOUNG, Robbie Ragan            26Sep1916  06May1986  w of Sam               3-19A-17
YOUNG, Sam Jones               15Jul1913  29Dec1994  h of Robbie            3-19A-18
MILLER, Clara S.               14Dec1922  30Sep1989  w of Walter            3-20A-15
MILLER, Walter F.              10Nov1926             h of Clara             3-20A-16
RAGAN, Dora L.                 19Apr1881  26May1960  w of John              3-20A-19
RAGAN, John R.                 24Aug1872  14Sep1939  h of Dora              3-20A-20
RAGAN, Hollis C.               24Aug1909  24May1939                         3-20A-22
BALLENTINE, Frankie            10Apr1912  18May1973  w of Ellis             3-20A-23
BALLENTINE, Ellis              17Jun1911  02Sep1973  h of Frankie           3-20A-24
HAYES, Glenda F.               02Jul1955  19Oct1955  d of Raymond           3-20A-25
HAYES, Raymond W.              21May1913  18Mar1971                         3-20A-26
HARDIN, M.Elizabeth Quigley    12Jan1920  01Oct1981                         3-21A-02
QUIGLEY, John L.               08Sep1890  31Mar1931  h of Lena;(m30May1913  3-21A-03
QUIGLEY, Lena H.               18Dec1895  17Sep1980  w of John L.           3-21A-04
QUIGLEY, Clarence E.           06Oct1925  18Nov1942                         3-21A-05
DuPREE, Lela Condrey           18Feb1926  17Sep1990  w of C.G.              3-21A-06
DuPREE, C. Garland             02Nov1915  03Mar1970  AL Pfc Inf WW2         3-21A-07
DuPREE, Raleigh L.               1895        1961                           3-21A-08
DuPREE, Ruth E.                  1897        1958    w of Raleigh           3-21A-09
DuPREE, Velma M.                 1912        1973    w of John L.           3-21A-10
DuPREE, John Loyd                1911        1948    h of Velma             3-21A-11
DuPREE, Love A.                04Aug1873  21Apr1952  w of George            3-21A-12
DuPREE, George A.              13Feb1869  12Dec1936  h of Love              3-21A-13
DuPREE, W. Earl                30Jul1893  26Sep1955                         3-21A-14
MILLER, William H.             03Aug1933  01Sep1936                         3-21A-15
GRIDER, Thomas F.              12Feb1902  20Feb1985  h of Jennie            3-21A-16
GRIDER, Jennie C.              31Oct1907  11Jun1984  w of Thomas            3-21A-17
GRIDER, Bobbie                 25Sep1950  25Sep1950  s of T.F. & Christen   3-21A-18
GRIDER, James Lewis            10Jun1932  17Oct1982  SN  USN Korea          3-21A-19
JANES, Billie Staggs           -4Feb1938  20Oct1994                         3-22A-01
WYRICK, Danny R.               27Sep1965  08Nov1981                         3-22A-02
FLETCHER, Teri L.              12Mar1966  19Jan1967                         3-22A-03
DuPREE, Larry J.               08Sep1947  02Jun1981                         3-22A-04
PICKENS, Drew Roy              10Jun1914  01Dec1972  h of Edna              3-22A-05
PICKENS, Edna Naomi Ray        18Dec1916  28Sep1981  w of Drew              3-22A-06
ASKEW, infant                    1958        1958    s of Homer             3-22A-13
STUBBLEFIELD, Era May          02Oct1908  09Nov1979  w of Herbert           3-22A-16
STUBBLEFIELD, Herbert          18Dec1901  06Dec1947  h of Era               3-22A-17
SMITH, Odessa F.               28Dec1920             w of Leonard           3-23A-01
SMITH, Leonard F.              16Jan1919  01Aug1986  h of Odessa            3-23A-02
LINDSEY, Oliver                16Mar1923  13Jan1989  USA  WW2               3-23A-03
BORDEN, Terrell Jay            09Jun1975  26Feb1995                         3-23A-10
RHODES, Harold                                       h of Margaret          3-23A-11
RHODES, Margaret                                     w of Harold            3-23A-12
RHODES, Thomas H. Jr.          27Aug1954  25Apr1978                         3-23A-14
ARNETT, Mackie Barlar          24Mar1922  23Jan1992  w of John H.           3-25A-03
ARNETT, John Henry             20Feb1918             h of Mackie            3-25A-04
RHODES, Ila L.                 11Jan1915  20Apr1990  w of Hulet H.          3-25A-05
RHODES, Hulet H.               12Jul1910  21Jan1986  h of Ila               3-25A-06
BEASLEY, Jeannie               18Aug1952                                    3-26A-01
BEASLEY, Lois Ann              24Feb1930                                    3-26A-02
BEASLEY, Evie Lee Jr. (Buddy)  01Jul1927  23Jan1995                         3-26A-03
CULBERSON, Paul C.             24Feb1960  02Jan1994  Cpl USMC               3-26A-04

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