Paulk Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons, 11 Jan 1990

To reach this cemetery from florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn north onto AL 157 (Cloverdale Road); go 9.2 miles and turn right on Lauderdale 8; go 0.7 mile and turn left on a paved road; go 1.2 mile and stop where a dirt road goes into the woods, this is on the right side of the road. Walk down this road 45 yards and turn to your left and walk 30 yards to some of the markers. This cemetery covers a large area with some of the markers 30 or 40 yards apart. The cemetery has some large cedars near some of the graves. There are several other trees in this cemetery, and it is badly grown up. There are some sunken places throughout this cemetery without any markers. The best time to go to this cemetery would be in the fall or winter. The cemetery is listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description is NE4, NE4, Sec 24, T1S, R12W

NAME                     BORN          DIED               COMMENTS
Faires, Margaret       9 Jun 1809   18 Jan 1844    w/R. M. Faires;
                                                   footmarker "M.F."
Faires, William A.    10 Mar 1836   15 Sep 1836    son of R M & Margaret Faires
     This marker is broken into 2 pieces.
Darby, Richard         6 Oct 1777   27 Dec 1834    footmarker - "R. D."
Faires, Margaret V.    5 Oct 1848    5 Oct 1848    footmarker - "M.V.F."
Darby, Nancy          27 Jun 1825    1 Mar 1855    w/W.P.F.Darby; "N. D."
Paulk, Jonathan       11 Aug 1801   22 Aug 1870
Paulk, Elizabeth      16 Apr 1805   10 Oct 1880    w/Jonathan Paulk
The graves of Jonathan & Elizabeth Paulk have a concrete slab over them,
with the markers embedded into the concrete.
Cantrell, Mary Eliza  27 Nov 1834   12 May 1854    wife of L. W. Cantrell
no name or date. (this headstone is buried in the ground with about 4" showing.
    Name and date may be covered up.               footstone: S. O. C. D.
Jones, Rev. David     23 Nov 1809    5 Feb 1860
Jones, James W.       19 Aug 1838    4 May 1856    son of D J & H D Jones
Hopson, Rachel L.     24 Apr 1849   10 Aug 1854    niece of D J & H D Jones

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