Oak Grove Cemetery



Completed January 13, 2001
Sharon L. Wood

Comments are not necessarily on stones.
There is one grave with an unreadable name & the date December 6, 1957.
There are 31 graves with rocks or stones for markers.

Oak Grove Cemetery is located in Lauderdale County, Alabama. It is in fairly good condition and is still open today. From Florence, Alabama, take Highway 20 (aka Savannah Hwy) west to County Road 14 (aka Waterloo Rd). Turn west onto County Road 14, go approx. 17 miles. Turn right onto County Road 129 (aka Bitter Branch Rd). Turn left onto County Road 121 (first road to left). Cemetery is 1 2 miles on right at top of hill.  The legal description is Section 5, T2 R13.

    NAME                       BORN             DIED          COMMENTS
WOODS, James                 11-Mar-1920      8-Sep-1983   h/o Linnie M
WOODS, Linnie M               6-May-1925   No death date   w/o James
WOODS, Doyle L                2-Sep-1915     22-Jan-1975   h/o Daisy M
WOODS, Daisy M               15-Jul-1913     23-Jun-1998   w/o Doyle L
WOODS, Daughter              29-Dec-1944     29-Dec-1944   d/o Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Wood
SHARP, Hubert                 5-Sep-1905     12-Jun-1989   h/o Beadie Mae
SHARP, Beadie Mae            12-May-1910     21-Jan-1997   w/o Hubert
BRUCE, Mackie                15-May-1875      6-Jan-1952
WOODS, Ethel L               29-Jun-1903     30-Apr-1943
WOODS, Albert W               3-Jun-1880     28-Aug-1957   h/o Nancy
WOODS, Nancy                 26-Jan-1877     22-May-1962   w/o Albert W
WOODS, Hurbert L             30-Apr-1892     23-May-1955   h/o Ella
WOODS, Ella                  13-Jul-1892      8-Jul-1964   w/o Hurbert L
THRASHER, Infant             26-Sep-1967     26-Sep-1967   infant of Joe & Mary Thrasher
THRASHER, Mary M             16-May-1928     29-Jan-1990
CRIDER, Ed                   28-Mar-1911      6-Apr-1978   h/o Joyce
CRIDER, Joyce                 2-Jul-1913     29-Jan-1973   w/o Ed
HILL, Rickey                 25-Jun-1965     30-Jan-1990
NOBLES, Ernest Jr            28-Apr-1927     17-Mar-1999   USA  WWII h/o Christine
NOBLES, Christine            12-Feb-1927   No death date   w/o Ernest
NOBLES, Charles L            26-Mar-1949     10-May-1999   USA  Vietnam
NOBLES, Barbara C            24-Aug-1947     25-Feb-1997
WOODS, Tiffany Brooke        22-Jun-1988      7-Sep-1988
WOOD, John                    7-Aug-1901     28-Jul-1970   h/o Ola
WOOD, Ola                    25-Jan-1908     29-Jul-1987   w/o John
LOWRY, Murrell D             27-May-1928      1-Jan-1982   PVT USA WWII h/o Sue W
LOWRY, Sue W                  3-Dec-1929   No death date   w/o Murrell
RAY, James Rufus              7-Jul-1903     19-Mar-1985
WOODS, Ruydof                 6-Aug-1929      2-Jun-1996   h/o Dorothy
WOODS, Dorothy L              9-Nov-1929   No death date   w/o Ruydof
ALLISON, Velty Hoover         4-Aug-1929   No death date   h/o Ethel I
ALLISON, Ethel Imogene       23-Aug-1933     27-Apr-1990   w/o V Hoover
HART, J. Howard              27-Aug-1922   No death date   h/o Ruby M
HART, Ruby M                 21-Aug-1926     21-Aug-1996   w/o J Howard
PARRISH, Maryland J          18-Sep-1935      3-Jul-2000   h/o Robbie L
PARRISH, Robbie L            16-Jan-1940   No death date   w/o Maryland J
CLEMENTS, Jeffrey Duane      28-Mar-1969     27-Sep-1987
PARRISH, Marjorelle          28-Aug-1932      8-Nov-2000
WOODS, Terry Wayne            6-Jan-1965      1-Sep-1999
ALLISON, Wm. Turner           3-Jul-1921     11-Feb-1999   h/o Neat Wood
ALLISON, Neat Wood            7-Jul-1924   No death date   w/o Wm Turner
WOODS, Arvle                  7-Nov-1930     13-Oct-1997
CRIDER, John Richard         12-Jan-1905      2-Jan-1995
WOODS, Hector Frank           2-Oct-1938     11-May-2000
LOWRY, Kenneth R             12-Sep-1960     19-May-1983
MITCHELL, Edward Lee         23-Sep-1908     17-Jun-1966   h/o Bessie E
MITCHELL, Bessie E            9-Sep-1914   No death date   w/o Edward Lee
MITCHELL, Russell T           8-Aug-1938     17-Apr-1965
WOODS, Cletus                19-Apr-1941     23-Jan-1966   h/o Marjorie
WOODS, Marjorie              31-Jan-1937   No death date   w/o Cletus
WOODS, Curtis                30-Jun-1917     17-Feb-2000   h/o Cordelia
WOODS, Cordelia               5-Apr-1914     24-Dec-1999   w/o Curtis
EDDY, Ashley E               20-Jun-1982     20-Jun-1982
MAY, David Wayne             23-Mar-1974     23-Mar-1974
MAY, Nancy Faye              12-Aug-1961      7-Feb-1962
MAY, Infant Daughter                1956            1956   d/o Wilburn & Katherine
MAY, Wilburn A, Sr           19-May-1929     30-Dec-1996   h/o Katherine E
MAY, Katherine E             30-May-1930      8-May-1982   w/o Wilburn A
WOOD, Eldred Thomas           6-Mar-1944     15-Jul-1944   s/o Lee & Inez
WOOD, Lelan                  13-Feb-1920   No death date   h/o Inez
WOOD, Inez                   18-Sep-1923     19-Jan-1982   w/o Lelan
FAULKNER, Mason Wood         28-Feb-1902      9-Sep-1955
WOOD, Judy Mae                6-Mar-1949     21-Jul-1949
WOOD, Charles W               9-Apr-1874     11-Sep-1955   h/o Mary E
WOOD, Mary E                 22-Jan-1873     28-Jan-1939   w/o Charles W
WOOD, Phillis Ann             3-Nov-1949      5-Apr-1952   d/o Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wood
WOOD, Leonard Earl            4-Jun-1919   No death date   h/o Beatrice W
WOOD, Beatrice W              1-Jul-1918      6-Nov-1987   w/o Leonard Earl
SMITH, Ollie                  2-Apr-1885     19-May-1967   w/o Clyde
SMITH, Clyde                  9-Jul-1895     29-Sep-1970   h/o Ollie
WOOD, Larry Ray              22-May-1944     22-Oct-1987
WOOD, Ellis                  26-Apr-1917   No death date   h/o Elizabeth L
WOOD, Elizabeth L             2-May-1920     13-Dec-1972   w/o Ellis
WOOD, Margie Ann              9-Aug-1893     26-Mar-1940
MELTON, Jim                   3-Dec-1894     11-Dec-1989   h/o Callie
MELTON. Callie               28-Feb-1899     17-Dec-1964   w/o Jim
MELTON, Irene                10-Feb-1935     14-Oct-1935   d/o Jim & Callie
WOODS, Mary                   8-May-1865     13-Feb-1937   w/o James H
WOODS, James H               20-Sep-1862      3-Aug-1944   h/o Mary
WOODS, Rassie                23-Apr-1937      7-Jan-1987
DEAN, Minnie                  3-Feb-1886     27-May-1937
SHARP, Mary B                12-Jun-1908     17-Apr-1974
WOODS, Clyde E               31-Jul-1948     16-Aug-1948
WOODS, Brenda Fay            28-Sep-1949     30-Sep-1955
WOODS, Clyde A               12-Dec-1903     23-Apr-1970   h/o Talma Ray
WOODS, Talma Ray              5-Jan-1903     26-Feb-1997   w/o Clyde A
SHARP, Clara S               12-Feb-1940     24-Jan-1994   w/o Franklin
SHARP, Infant Son            23-May-1958     23-May-1958   i/o  Franklin & Clara
WOOD, Infant Daughter        21-Jul-1937     21-Jul-1937   d/o Pauline
JONES, Ronnie Joe            19-Dec-1958      9-Nov-1960
WISDOM, Infant Son            1-Dec-1956      1-Dec-1956   s/o Tonis & Christine
HOLLIMAN, Viola               7-Jul-1915     12-Mar-1972
PITT, Linda Gean             24-Aug-1943      3-Oct-1943
PITT, Maggie Estelle          5-May-1892     26-Oct-1952
RICHARDS, Margaret Ann       10-Apr-1948     26-Nov-1963   m/o Helen Denise
RICHARDS, Helene Denise      26-Nov-1963     26-Nov-1963   d/o Margaret Ann
PITTS, Reba Helen            23-Feb-1931     21-Nov-1999
LOWRY, Lester E              28-Aug-1921      5-Apr-1977   SSPT, USA  WWII
EZEKIEL, Robert              17-Oct-1920    No death date  h/o Hazel Irene
EZEKIEL, Hazel Irene         29-Oct-1925     13-Apr-1994   w/o Robert
YOUNG, Jim (JC)               1-Feb-1921     16-Oct-1999
VAUGHN, Myrtle S             23-Jan-1905      5-Mar-1996
HILL, Fay B                  17-Apr-1944     17-Apr-1944
HILL, T Ray                  13-Apr-1935     13-Apr-1935
EZEKIEL, William A            2-Feb-1928     26-Dec-1995
ALBERT, Mary E Ezekiel       25-Nov-1931     13-Jan-1992
LAWRENCE, Melba R            13-Mar-1959   No death date   w/o Danny H
LAWRENCE, Danny H            27-May-1956      5-Sep-1987   h/o Melba R
EZEKIEL, Dewey L             17-Jan-1900      6-Nov-1971   w/o Jesse J
EZEKIEL, Jesse J             22-Feb-1894     19-Apr-1946   h/o Dewey L
EZEKIEL, William P           15-Aug-1891     25-Apr-1947
HILL, Pearly L                                             no dates
HILL, Jimmy R                                              no dates
HILL, Dorsie V                                             no dates
HILL, Mary A                                               no dates
HILL, Arthur L               26-Aug-1908     17-May-1978   h/o Lillie E
HILL, Lillie E               10-Jan-1914   No death date   w/o Arthur L
BROWN, Rebecca               28-Nov-1925   No death date   w/o Johnnie D
BROWN, Johnnie D             12-Sep-1926     26-Dec-1990   h/o Rebecca
EZEKIEL, George W            20-Dec-1921     25-Oct-1987
BALENTINE, Mattie Sue        29-Jul-1938      9-Oct-1981
EZEKIEL, William P           15-Aug-1891     25-Mar-1947   h/o Pauline D
EZEKIEL, Pauline D            9-Jan-1899      4-Oct-1969   w/o William P
SMITH, S D                   15-Dec-1861      1-Feb-1925
SMITH, Alice                  1-Nov-1872     27-Jun-1949
HILL, William Lee                   1887            1948   h/o Rosie Lee
HILL, Rosie Lee                     1887            1973   w/o William Lee
HILL, Kenneth Dale           11-Dec-1952      3-Jan-2001
HILL, Gary Wayne              7-May-1955      4-Mar-1967
HILL, J L                     7-Oct-1923     15-Mar-1989   h/o Hazel E
HILL, Hazel E                13-Nov-1924   No death date   w/o J L
HILL, Sherry G               10-May-1950   No death date   w/o J E Jr
HILL, J E Jr                 21-Jan-1943     21-Feb-1981   h/o Sherry G
MAY, Ludell Hill              4-Jun-1913      6-Apr-1997
HILL, Edward A               17-Mar-1944     21-Apr-1993
HILL, Charles A              29-Nov-1934     19-Nov-1983
HILL, Hansell                 6-Mar-1935     15-Oct-1966
HILL, W Arnold               13-Feb-1914     12-Feb-1946
HILL, Callie                    May 1851     29-Jun-1924
GREEN, Ella                  12-Dec-1878     23-Apr-1921   w/o Wm Green
GREEN, William M             31-Jan-1864     12-Oct-1942   h/o Ella
SMITH, Hilda Mae           No birth date     14-Jul-1941
WOOD, Fannie Elizabeth        5-Jul-1903     17-Nov-1993
WOOD, Paul D                 24-Feb-1930      2-Oct-1960   h/o Vita M
WOOD, Vita M                  4-Sep-1935   No death date   w/o Paul D
PARRISH, Ruthie L            23-Jul-1895     31-Jan-1968   w/o Varney W
PARRISH, Varney W            27-Apr-1895     22-Dec-1963   h/o Ruthie L
PARRISH, Emmett Woodrow      15-Nov-1924      1-Jul-1952
WOOD, Aslee E                16-Oct-1920      8-Sep-1988
HOLLOWAY, Rebecca                                          baby, no dates
HILL, Kathleen             No birth date     24-Apr-1949
HILL, Louise               No birth date     20-Jun-1940
HILL, Joe Charles            11-Jun-1921     20-Jun-1952
SMITH, Ramona E              28-Dec-1931   No death date   w/o H Porter
SMITH, H Porter              13-Apr-1925      9-Jul-1995   h/o Ramona E
YOUNG, Bart                   8-May-1918   No death date   h/o Aurelia
YOUNG, Aurelia               13-Jul-1908     10-Mar-1990   w/o Bart
YOUNG, Infant Daughter          No dates        No dates   d/o Bart & Aurelia
WOODS, Jim                    3-Mar-1890     30-Mar-1971   h/o Mildred S
WOODS, Mildred Sharp         15-Feb-1894     26-Nov-1964   w/o Jim
WOODS, Garlin                24-Jan-1914     12-Mar-1931
WOODS, Ben A                 15-Nov-1895     25-Aug-1969   h/o Mittie Lou
WOODS, Mittie Lou            28-Apr-1899      4-Mar-1962   w/o Ben A
ATKISSON, Goldie             17-Nov-1928     23-Dec-1996   mother
ATKISSON, Carl (C W)          3-Apr-1928     21-Jun-1990   father
ATKISSON, Charles            10-Mar-1952     26-Aug-1952   son
SMITH, D C                   10-Aug-1934     24-Jun-1962
BERRY, Carrie E                     1912            1955
PARRISH, Tennie           No birth dates      2-Feb-1930   w/o John
PARRISH, John             No birth dates      6-Mar-1936   h/o Tennie
WOOD, C H                    10-Sep-1903     12-Jan-1969   h/o Vergie
WOOD, Vergie                  6-Oct-1906     24-Oct-1966   w/o C H
CRIDER, W J                   5-Mar-1880      3-Dec-1963   h/o Roxie S
CRIDER, Roxie S              15-Jun-1882     25-Jan-1957   w/o W J
SHARP, Minnie                15-Apr-1884     22-Oct-1948
SHARP, Amarica               19-Apr-1860      2-Feb-1944
LUTTS, Myrtle                13-Mar-1912     29-Jan-1940   w/o Doil Young
INGRAM, Lige                        1884            1942   h/o Lue Ella
INGRAM, Lue Ella             27-Feb-1905     27-Apr-1905   w/o Lige
SMITH, Daniel M              18-Apr-1933      5-Mar-1994   h/o Lois E
SMITH, Lois E                 5-Nov-1932   No death date   w/o Daniel M
ALLISON, Harve H              2-Feb-1936     17-Jun-1991   h/o Tempie V
ALLISON, Tempie V            22-Dec-1937   No death date   w/o Harve H
ALLISON, Raymond A           25-May-1911      3-Mar-1977   h/o Bamma I
ALLISON, Bamma I             23-Jun-1909     24-Dec-1979   w/o Raymond A
ALLISON, Melvin              29-Jun-1935     15-Mar-1938
ALLISON, Jerry Lynn          21-Mar-1955     26-Jun-1969
HART, Ronnie Howard          13-Apr-1945     13-Apr-1945   s/o Mr. & Mrs. J H Hart
PARRISH, Kenneth              9-Jun-1938      9-Jun-1938
PARRISH, Clovis Ray          30-May-1937     30-May-1937
PARRISH, James Roy           25-Jan-1928      8-Aug-1994   PFC, USA  WWII
PARRISH, Marcelle            12-Sep-1955     12-Sep-1955
PARRISH, Jimmy               10-Apr-1944     10-Apr-1944
SHARP, Charlie               25-May-1879     16-Feb-1924
SHARP, Alice                 12-Aug-1877     10-May-1935   w/o Charlie
SHARP, Dorothy               21-Jun-1914     10-Jul-1937   d/o Charlie & Alice
SHARP, Infant Son            27-Jun-1959     27-Jun-1959   s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles S
GENTRY, William S                   1874            1948   h/o Viola Gentry Sharp
SHARP, Viola Gentry                 1913            1976
SHARP, Brother                      1903            1976   h/o Viola Gentry Sharp
SHARP, Infant Daughter       24-Jan-1936     27-Jan-1936   d/o Mr. & Mrs. Elmer S
SHARP, Mamie Lee             24-May-1897     11-Apr-1959   w/o Elmer
SHARP, Elmer                 29-Aug-1900     30-Jul-1962   h/o Mamie Lee
SMITH, Daughter (1)        No birth date   No death date   d/o Chester & Verna
SMITH, Daughter (2)        No birth date   No death date   d/o Chester & Verna
SMITH, Chester O              4-Nov-1885     17-Sep-1955   h/o Pearly V
SMITH, Pearly V              10-Aug-1890     17-Sep-1968   w/o Chester O
PARRISH, Margaret A          17-May-1922     25-Jul-1994   w/o Leonard W
PARRISH, Leonard W            8-Aug-1919     22-Jan-1995   h/o Margaret A
WOODS, Matthew D              9-Nov-1975     11-Nov-1975
PARRISH, Jim W               14-Dec-1905     25-Apr-1966
CRIDER, Infant                      1936            1936   i/o Mr. & Mrs. Ed Crider
WILHITE, Infant Son           4-Oct-1930      6-Oct-1930   s/o Bertha Wilhite
SHARP, Bud                   19-May-1887     17-Feb-1943   h/o Adar
SHARP, Adar                   9-Jun-1895     13-Jan-1960   w/o Bud
SHARP, Walter David          26-Feb-1946     10-Jan-1969
SHARP, Flora                  6-Mar-1910     22-Jan-1988   w/o Herbert
SHARP, Herbert               12-Oct-1909   No death date   h/o Flora
SHARP, Franklin (Duce)        8-Sep-1936      1-Oct-1999
SHARP, Sherry Joyce          31-Jul-1964      6-Feb-1965   d/o Mr. & Mrs. Millard S
DANIELS, Joey Clay            5-Oct-1970     13-Feb-1971   s/o Mr. & Mrs. Clay D
TALBOTT, Judy                19-Aug-1948      7-Nov-1964
WOOD, Wallace R              10-May-1929      1-Mar-1980   h/o Mabel E
WOOD, Mable E                18-Apr-1935   No death date   w/o Wallace R
WOOD, Tracy David             4-Apr-1967     14-Oct-1993
GREEN, Arnold Junior         12-Jul-1964     12-Jul-1964
GREEN, Melissa Jane          19-Apr-1967     17-Jun-1975
GREEN, Patricia Ann          27-Oct-1964     17-Jun-1975
WOODS, Infant                 9-Apr-1981      9-Apr-1981   i/o Kenneth & Rachel
GREEN, Cecil                  4-Jan-1916      3-Oct-1983
GREEN, W C                 No birth date   No death date   homemade stone
GREEN, Grady W               21-Mar-1941      7-Oct-1991
EATON, Jimmy H               25-Jul-1969      9-Aug-1972
ROGERS, Etta                  4-Mar-1892     31-Jan-1973   w/o Albert
ROGERS, Albert                2-Mar-1893     24-Mar-1986   h/o Etta
MILFORD, Laura Ann            4-May-1871     28-Mar-1934   w/o Thomas D
MILFORD, Thomas D             4-Mar-1861     22-May-1931   h/o Laura Ann
RAY, Carrie Vergie           10-Mar-1919   No death date
STRAWN, Mamie Francis        11-Aug-1911      1-Jan-1913
STRAWN, Mittie A             12-Jan-1878      1-Sep-1948   w/o Thomas A
STRAWN, Thomas A              5-Oct-1877      2-Jun-1956   h/o Mittie A
PHILLIPS, Kenny M            25-Jun-1904     18-Oct-1989
PHILLIPS, H Lucille          30-Mar-1933      1-Jan-1994
PHILLIPS, Velma C             7-Jul-1904     12-Sep-1991
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth          15-Feb-1886     24-Aug-1926   w/o E P Phillips
PHILLIPS, Thomas E           22-Jul-1879     20-Mar-1969
PHILLIPS, Leona               9-May-1907     17-Apr-1935   w/o E P Phillips
WOODS, Earline E              7-Feb-1927     13-Apr-1999   w/o Fred A
WOODS, Fred A                26-Jan-1923     29-Aug-1976   h/o Earline E
WOODS, Mattie L              29-Mar-1900      6-Nov-1993   w/o Floyde L
WOODS, Floyde  L              1-Mar-1897     27-Jan-1971   h/o Mattie L
WOODS, Floyde Virgil         15-Jun-1925      9-May-1984
WOODS, James Edward          22-May-1937     11-Sep-1990
PARRISH, Benjamin J          25-Mar-1944     15-Jan-1997   h/o Nancy L
PARRISH, Nancy L             23-Jan-1947   No death date   w/o Benjamin J
PARRISH, Benjamin D          15-Jan-1914     15-Dec-1973   h/o Gladys
PARRISH, Gladys E            28-May-1913     25-Sep-1999   w/o Benjamin D
PARRISH, Minnie B            29-Apr-1896     13-Oct-1978   w/o Barney W
PARRISH, Barney W            27-Apr-1895     10-Oct-1972   h/o Minnie B
PHILLIPS, Pamela Gail        26-Aug-1951     13-Mar-1998
PHILLIPS, Lady Carrie         4-Aug-1913     22-Sep-1996   w/o Emmett L
PHILLIPS, Emmett L           29-Jul-1909     14-Nov-1957   h/o Lady Carrie
PHILLIPS, Clara Dean         28-May-1911     28-Dec-1936
PHILLIPS, B Ralph            29-Jul-1939      4-Nov-1949
PHILLIPS, Carl D             30-Aug-1930     20-Aug-1934
PHILLIPS, Thomas A           17-Oct-1928     12-Aug-1967
WOOD, Hamp                          1838            1907   PVT, CSA, POW
PARRISH, Lizzie              27-Nov-1888     26-Feb-1976   w/o J M
PARRISH, John Mack                  1886            1966   h/o Lizzie
PARRISH, Michael D            5-Jun-1971     24-Jan-1972
PARRISH, Christopher J        9-Jun-1975      8-Jun-1976
MINTON, John R               22-Feb-1908     31-Jul-1989   h/o Merle
MINTON, Merle                16-Jan-1930   No death date   w/o John R
MOORE, Mary Virginia         14-Mar-1947     21-Jan-1981
MINTON, Wilma Ann             5-Jan-1955     15-Nov-1997
MINTON, Christopher James    20-Jul-1961      8-Nov-1998
SMITH, Mattie E               8-Aug-1883      8-Sep-1948
SEATON, Hirom Luther         29-Sep-1910     16-Oct-1941
SEATON, Collie Lee            7-Jul-1912   No death date
SEATON, Infant Daughter    No birth date   No death date   d/o Luther & Collie
SEATON, Margaret E           24-Jul-1859     23-Mar-1934
KELLEY, Mamie                       1894            1920
KELLEY, Wm Jack              26-Jan-1950     26-Jan-1950
BURNEY, G Lavone             16-Apr-1946     13-Feb-1976   w/o Bobby
BURNEY, Bobby S              15-Feb-1942   No death date   h/o G Lavone
PHILLIPS, Rhonda Kaye        13-Jan-1968      3-Feb-1968
CARTER, Dennis Ray           24-Jul-1970     20-Dec-1970
HOLLANDER, Aimee Elizabeth    5-Apr-1990     10-May-1990
MILLER, Dakota Thomas         6-Jan-1996      8-Jan-1996
McKRILL, Thomas D            29-Nov-1955     25-Apr-1999
WOOD, William Darin Ray       1-Dec-1999     11-Jan-2000   s/o Greg & Cindy
WOOD, Frances                19-Apr-1934    No death date  w/o Charles W
WOOD, Charles W               5-Apr-1927     21-Nov-1993   h/o Frances
WOOD, Lila Jean (Nan)        23-Nov-1939      6-Sep-2000   m/o Eric
WOOD, John Eric              23-Feb-1963     14-Feb-1986   s/o Lila Jean
SHARP, Danny Wayne            5-Apr-1956     20-Dec-1992   h/o Joan Rae
SHARP, Joan Rae               9-Oct-1956   No death date   w/o Danny Wayne
HARBIN, Ruby N               29-Oct-1941     23-Feb-1974   m/o Rocky
BALENTINE, Rocky Delano       4-Mar-1959     29-Oct-1992   s/o Ruby N.
SHARP, Paulette                     1947   No death date   w/o Donald
SHARP, Donald                       1947            1978   h/o Paulette
PHILLIPS, Randy L            11-Jul-1963     10-Jul-1982
PHILLIPS, Roger G             7-Aug-1965     10-Jul-1982
KELLEY, Jessie James         28-Jun-1920     27-Feb-1979   h/o Vernette
KELLEY, Vernette             30-Jun-1927   No death date   w/o Jessie J
KELLEY, Phyllis K            23-Nov-1955   No death date   w/o Ronnie S
KELLEY, Ronnie S              9-May-1954     29-Jun-1972   h/o Phyllis K
KELLEY, Randy                 6-Nov-1965     10-Jul-1982
KELLEY, Donnie               20-Oct-1968     28-Sep-1980
KELLEY, Elizabeth             5-Apr-1921      4-Apr-1998   w/o W Colonel
KELLEY, William Colonel      28-Oct-1916      3-Aug-1990   h/o Elizabeth
SMITH, Vellie D              26-Aug-1916     11-Apr-1982   h/o Susie E
SMITH, Susie E               28-Feb-1916     24-Aug-2000   w/o Vellie D
TERRELL, Edgar Clinton        4-Nov-1939      8-Apr-1984   car accident
GREEN, Maggie Moore          27-Mar-1945      8-Apr-1984   car accident
GREEN, Milton C               9-Nov-1976      8-Apr-1984   car accident
MADRY, Jenny Marie           28-Sep-1983      9-Nov-1983   d/o Jimmy & Nancy
STRICKLIN, Jennifer Rose      7-Apr-1976     16-Apr-1976
KELLEY, Linda Kay            17-Oct-1951   No death date   w/o W C (Doug)
KELLEY, W C (Doug)           15-Jun-1951     21-Mar-1988   h/o Linda Kay
CROMWELL, Jessica            16-Jul-1974     22-Jan-1987
KELLEY, Danny Ray             4-Nov-1967     26-Jul-1994
SHARP, Elizabeth             13-Jul-1923   No death date   w/o Lawrence
SHARP, Lawrence E            22-May-1922     14-May-1994   h/o Elizabeth
SHARP, Juston Leverll        19-Nov-1953     21-May-1999
KING, Jennifer F             13-Jun-1910      5-Aug-1997
PARRISH, Donald David         3-Aug-1951     18-Jul-1987   unable to locate

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