Nolen Cemetery - 2002



Surveyed May 2002
by Bob Torbert

LOCATION: To reach this cemetery, turn north off Cox Creek Parkway, onto AL 17 (Chisholm Road), go 11.9 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 11, go 1.7 miles; turn right on a gravel road  [now County Road 139] and go 0.1 mile. the cemetery is on the right side of the road. The legal description for this cemetery is NW4, NE4, Sec 9, T1s, R11w.

NAME                     DOB       DOD     ROW    NOTES
GIVENS, James Myron   16Jan1938   8Feb1938  1  son of J.W. & Mary
GIVENS, James Walter  20Dec1914   8Oct1988  1  h of Mary
GIVENS, Mary Geneva    1Nov1920             1  w of James
SIMPSON, Betty Ruth    2Aug1936  11Nov1999  2  w of Joe
SIMPSON, Joe Charles  23May1935  22Oct1984  2  h of Betty
PRICE, Leona B.       12Jun1908             2  w of George
PRICE, George F.       4Apr1914   4Feb1969  2  h of Leona
PRICE, Carl D.        26Nov1948   3Nov1952  2  son of George
PRICE, Larry J.        3Nov1946  16Jun1947  2  son of George
PRICE, George's father                1921  2  no tombstone
WILKS, Bessie         26Jul1898   1May1926  2  w of J. T.
GIVENS, W. Austin      9Sep1877   8Sep1952  2  h of Mary
GIVENS, Mary L.       13Sep1876  23Nov1955  2  w of W. A.
BRYANT, Joe            4Apr1844  13Jan1930  2  h of Hester
BRYANT, Hester O.     25Dec1877   2Feb1922  2  w of J. T.
PHILLIPS, Eliza                    May1917  2
HILL, James F.        18Jul1928   4May1993  2
GIVENS, Gracie A.     10Feb1903  24Jul1903  3  dau of W. A. & M. L.
GIVENS, Willis R.      2Jan1904  29Jan1904  3  son of W. A. & M. L.
GIVENS, Yeuel         30Oct1896  27Feb1920  3  AL Pvt USA
VALENTINE, A.M.       10Mar1888   1Feb1966  3  h of Wilma
VALENTINE, Wilma      11Feb1896   1Jul1907  3  w of A.M.
GIVENS, W.F.          12Oct1865  25Jul1925  3  h of Lucy
GIVENS, Lucy          12Nov1868   1Jul1907  3  w of W.F.
HILL, Mary Lue         3Jul1926  25Feb1929  3  dau of M. L. & J. S.
HILL, Myrtle Lizzie   17Aug1893  14Sep1949  3
PHILLIPS, Johnnie     19Dec1860  12Jan1905  3
PHILLIPS, Joseph. R.                        3  71 yrs; wife of J. W.
PHILLIPS, Wesley      22Oct1838  18May1907  3
PHILLIPS, Mollie           1862     young   3
PHILLIPS, J. T.                             4  no stone found
THRASHER, Dewey       28Feb1899  13Jul1900  4
LINDSEY, Mary C.      10Feb1842  16Sep1916  4
PHILLIPS, J. M.       26Oct1840  26Nov1903  4
PARISH, Jennie L.     20Feb1866   5Aug1882  4  w of J. I. PARISH
PHILLIPS, Solon W.     5Sep1874   4Sep1877  5  son of A. T.
PHILLIPS, Isabella Carr    1837       1878  5
PHILLIPS, Absolum Tuck     1816       1882  5
PHILLIPS, Cal                               5  not found.
WILSON, Frank                     8Feb1957  6  64 yrs old.
UPDATE: 15 JAN 2005 BY David Montgomery
PRICE, Leona B (Bates) d 24 May 2004 [see above]
Price, Lewis Father of George F., d 1921 [see above]
[[note by Pat M. Mahan: according to the 1920 Census of Lauderdale 
Co AL, L. J. Price was 52 years of age, born in TN.]]

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