Noel Cemetery (black)


(African American)

Surveyed 13 Mar 1989 by Orlan Irons

To reach this cemetery, turn off AL 20 (savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 14 (Waterloo Road), go 5.5 miles, turn left on Lauderdale 15, go 0.8 mile; turn right on Lauderdale 62,go 3.2 miles, then turn left on a gravel road, go 0.1 mile; turn left again on a farm road and go 0.2 mile to cemetery. The cemetery is on the right, on a little hill, in a clump of trees. There is an old junk truck that has been left here. There are probably at least 30 sunken holes and graves that have been marked with rocks and do not have any markers. This cemetery has not been used in a long time. The people that are buried here are black. The legal description for the cemetery is NE4, NW4, Sec 1, T3S, R13W.

     NAME               Born                 Died          Comment
BARNETT, Anna           Aug 1872          12 Apr 1909
NOEL, Clarence Jr.   20 Aug 1920           4 Nov 1951    Ala Pvt 3165__ Service Co 
                                                         World War II
No Name                 no dates                         marker is blank
ARMSTEAD, Willis     30 Aug 1833          26 Jan 1913
ARMSTARD, Marcie W.  21 Mar 1898          18 Aug 1904
McMEAL, Armstead V.  25 May 1907          20 Aug 1926
TURNLEY, John W.     13 Feb 1861           4 Mar 1919
PETERS, Jones        10 Mar 1923           only date      Missouri - RCT Ret Co
JACKSON, Nann         6 Dec 1871          17 Apr 1917

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