New Pisgah Cemetery (black)


(African American)

Surveyed by Orlan Irons, 3 Nov 1989

To reach this cemetery turn north off Cox Creek Parkway onto AL 157 (Cloverdale Road). Go 6.0 miles to the cemetery. This cemetery is on the right side of the road. The cemetery is in the back of New Pisgah African Methodist Episcopal Church. The people buried in this cemetery are black. I was told by Amos Webser that in the back of this cemetery, right next to where the black people are buried, that there is a white cemetery there. He said the white people used this first, and that they traded with the black people the cemetery also know as Pisgah Cemetery,now used by the white people. He said he thought there also used to be a white church at this cemetery, and that they traded churches, or the land for the churches and cemetery. At this site where there is said to have been a white cemetery, there are not any markers, or sunken holes here but Mr. Webster said there used to be several sunken places. Amos Webster and his wife Eva (Wood) Wesbster have been living near this cemetery since 1948. It is listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description for the cemetery is NE4, NW4, S7, T2S, R11W.

    NAME                  BORN            DIED        COMMENTS
Woods, Louis E.        27 Apr 1878      3 Feb 1974
McVay, Anie            12 Jun 1891      2 Nov 1978
Woods, Ollie            8 Apr 1885     26 Mar 1970
Wood, Mahaley          10 Mar 1855      7 Oct 1924   wife of Felix Wood
Gresham (double)
    Alex               25 Mar 1883     18 Jul 1970
    Julia              12 Aug 1878      4 Jul 1964
Littleton, Arthur      14 Jun 1895     25 Oct 1959
    Alabama Pvt US Army World War I
Powers, Ida            16 Feb 1855      9 Dec 1889   wife of B. F. Powers
Lovelace, Mary                                1934   no other date
Powers, B. F.          10 Apr 1856      4 Nov 1925
Woods (double)
    Estella                   1894            1950   footstone: Mother
    Thomas<                   1889            1942   footstone: Father
Westmoreland, Amanda   17 Mar 1858       1 Sep1913
Duckett, John                 1896            1933

Mrs. Eva (Wood) Webster said that this cemetery is now filled up and is not being used anymore. There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery, some you cannot even tell that it is a grave. Mrs. Webster gave me the names of several people in these unmarked graves. She did this from memory, some names may be included in both places [here and above].

Johnson, Lelia          Malone, James          McVay, Charlie
Duckett, Ben            Duckett, Johnny        Duckett, Mary
Dean, Henry             Dean, Francis          Westmoreland, Sandy
Littleton, Nannie       Woods, Velma           Woods, Felix
Gilbert, Beulah         Woods, Turner          Woods, Willis
Woods, Larsie           Woods, Sarah           Williams, Ida
Lovelace, Will          Lovelace, Alexander    Reeder, Elenora
Jones, Louella          Ashford, Nelie         Ashford, Fred
Jones, Margaet          Jones, Dave            Malone, Eula
James, Middie           Anderson, Lena         Wilson - several of these
Chisholm - several of these

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